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Interview with Avery

So instead of a typical update on Avery I thought I would let her give her own update in interview form 🙂 We took the interview in Chloe’s room one morning last week and she giggled the whole time. She is such a little girl these days, while she LOVES girly things like dresses, princesses and pink she is a little daredevil and keeps us on our toes. She continues to be a social butterfly and strikes up conversations with anyone that looks her way. I have become more and more aware of how much she listens to us with all the things she picks up and repeats – so far we have not any of “those” words come out of her mouth though!


What is your favourite colour? Pink

Who is your best friend? Meghan (Most of you know this but she is one of mine lol)

What is your favourite book? Olivia (the pig books)

What is your favourite store? The toy store with lots of babies (Mastermind Toys which she has been to once about 6 months ago!)

What is your favourite summer activity? Playing in the sun

What is your favourite treat? Smarties and gummies

What is your favourite food? Chicken

What is your favourite drink? Chocolate milk

Where do you live? Canada – hockey (she always relates the two from singing the national anthem at hockey games)

What do you want to be for Halloween? A princess like Cinderella, with a blue dress, ballet hair and pink shoes (clearly she has thought about this a few times ;))

What is your favourite TV show? Charmers

What is your favourite toy? My kitchen, I make cookies (we clarified this is her play kitchen)



Avery – 28 Months

Kind of an odd age to do an update at but I wanted to talk about this little gal before Miss. C arrives and SO much has changed since she turned two!

I find this age/stage so challenging you guys, do not get me wrong, she is a ton of fun, has all the personality but man can she be a handful –> I hear this only gets “better”, not. She knows what she wants, when she wants it and then changes her mind .2 seconds later – typical toddler.

You do not sit still for photos or give me your really “nice” cheese face.



Since turning two she has had a ton of milestones!

  • Potty training! Woot, woot! So proud of Avery, she did very well considering she was only 25 months at the time we started. We are almost three months in now and she has become very independent with going potty.
  • Talking in sentences. I swear she went from 2-3 words to full sentences over night.  And the things she says is hilarious.
  • Comprehension – the level of their comprehension at this age scares me! I have to really watch what I do and say since I know she understands it all!
  • Memory – this kid remembers everything. We had gone to a hockey game once a few months ago and she shared ice cream with my brother then the other week we went again and when I told her we were going she said “Ice cream with Uncle Dar?” – Umm, what!?
  • Counting! She had NO interest in counting and would say “1,2,1,2,1,2…” then one day she counted to 12. Apparently it was a ploy before.

Like I said above she has all the personality and I know we are in trouble when she is a teen! I get the hair flip and foot stomp already 😉 Or if I call her from another room I get “What now Mom?”.


She is 100% girl! She loves pink and purple, dresses and princesses. So yeah, even with me not pushing girly things on her it still happened.

She is such a great eater still. I am happy she has never been too picky and as long as she is in a good mood she will eat almost anything. Our rule is that she eats what we eat and has to try one bite of everything. But she does have a sweet tooth – just like me and Chad. “Mom, I love chocolate” – yeah me too kid. She loves to bake with me…and steal all the chocolate chips…


I have been working on getting her to play more independently since this will be key when the baby arrives and she does great, I even send her upstairs or downstairs to play while I cook or whatever since we are trying to keep most toys not on the main level. She loves to colour – we just introduced markers (not sure on this idea yet, at least they are washable!) and look at books. She is also getting into Lego more and more.


After months of us trying she FINALLY said I love you to me and Chad a couple weeks ago! Before she just stared at us or would kiss us. haha. Which melted our hearts 🙂

I know she is going to rock the big sister thing and be my little helper.



Weekend Recap

Having a long weekend was nice, we caught up with friends and Avery and I got an extra day together 🙂


A friend visited us in the morning with her boys and brought Starbucks – best ever! Avery loved having the visitors and told me after “fun with friends!”, she likes playing with boys more than girls… I hope that changes in 10 years 😉

During Avery’s nap I got in my workout, which now is just walking on the treadmill and weights.


Once she was up we headed downtown to get cupcakes – just in time, they only had 6 left! We took one to Chad at work and headed home to enjoy ours outside.


We also decorated some styrofoam Easter eggs, which is not the same at all so next weekend I will boil real ones to decorate before Easter.



We spent all morning running errands, grabbed lunch out and went and picked up a lawn mower we bought online the headed home for nap time. Avery has been so good at going for naps lately, fingers crossed this sticks around!

Starbucks stop in the morning’


During her nap we tackled our to do list:

  • Stain coffee table wood boards
  • Set-up baby swing
  • Sanitize breast pump parts
  • Prep blog posts for the week (me)
  • Pack hospital bags
  • Buy new baby monitor – ours died Thursday, well the cord broke and then Chad fried it trying to “fix” it. Thankfully Costco online had them on sale

When Avery was up we walked over to a nearby pet store to return some stuff we got for Scarlet, I love being a walkable distance to a commercial area! We stopped by the park on our way home, since we cannot go past the park without stopping!


We had an early supper then headed to a hockey game. Avery loves it and for the most part does really good. I am probably more tired than her by the end!


Without the monitor we are now woken up to Avery crawling into our bed – there are worse ways to wake up that is for sure!

My morning workout was a 4km treadmill incline walk and some weights. I am trying to keep on top of workouts since I am two weeks away from having a 4-6 week break from any!


During Chad’s workout Avery and I made Easter cookies for dayhome then some cookies for my work treat day.

IMG_7776 IMG_7780

For dayhome we keep it simple buying the pre-made cookies for special holidays. Well this time Avery decided to eat one raw when I was not looking – YUM. Or not…

Brunch was just pancakes with berries – so happy berries are coming back in season!


Avery napped while we tackled our house work and woke up just as we finished. We had a snack outside then played bubbles and looked for ladybugs and found two which made Avery’s day!


Avery giving Chad kisses:


My Grandma called to meet us at Tim Horton’s so we picked up my Mom and headed for a visit. Avery of course wanted a sprinkle donut and apple juice and there is no way I can say no with Grandma and Oma there…

The rest of the day was spent having supper, working on this post, editing photos, doing laundry and watching Big Brother. T-minus two weeks today until we meet Miss. C!


Weekend Recap

Such a fast weekend, I did not get everything I hoped to done but close 🙂


Hmm… I always have problems remembering back only two days! I think we caught up on some PVR shows and I was out by 10pm.


We were up early as usual. I truly do not mind being up early, I am just a morning person. Even better is when I have some time to myself, I was able to read a couple chapters of my book before Avery was up. We got ready and headed to the last Sportball class.

Quick Sportball review – it was good but we probably will not do another for a year. Avery would be hit or miss if she cooperated in the activity, and while she enjoyed it she would benefit from going when she is older. I am thinking gymnastics in the fall, since I do not want a class commitment for the summer.

Avery and her Sportball ribbon:


I ran errands while they were at class – Click & Collect at Superstore again! Win. After we went to Costco and then Chad wanted McDonalds for lunch. We went to the one by our house and it was almost weird for a McDonalds, they brought out the food to you, you had a buzzer so they could find your table and check out the presentation:


Chad did a build your own burger and said it was better than $20 burgers he has had! Crazy. I enjoyed some of Avery’s fries and a free coffee lol.

My goal for the afternoon was to sand and get started on a side table I wanted to re-do for the livingroom. I have had the table for years and just have not got around to refinishing it.


I will hopefully finish it this week and can share it, covering up that green is no easy task!

Once Avery was up she got out her bike and went up and down the street a bit – it was so nice out!


Since we need to do a fence this year we decided to go to the home show that was on. My Mom joined us and spoiled Avery with ice cream:


My Mom stayed for supper, then we got Avery to bed and watched Sisters which was hilarious.

Avery in the fireman hat she got at the home show, such a ham:



6am wake up again 🙂 This time Avery was up just after me so we watched one Bubble Guppies show – our house rule, only one at a time or else if makes her too grumpy! After a slow-ish morning I headed down to workout.

I think it was my last run for a couple months…It is my legs, I think the extra weight is getting to them and no matter how much a stretch and foam roll they are always tight, even tighter when I run.

2016-03-06 15.44.46

I am super happy to have made it to 35 weeks and hopefully I am back at it in another 8 weeks but with a double running stroller – OY.

I finished up my workout with a quick weights circuit and some stretching.

Avery and I had our weekly baking date, banana chocolate chip muffins. I think she tastes each ingredient, flour, salt and of course chocolate…


After we made these waffles which are now my go to. SO good and it made 16 so I froze a bunch too.


Since we had plans for about 1:30pm I got Avery down by 11:30am – not to jinx it but she has been napping so good these last few weekends, usually 2+ hours and no fighting. Lets hope this continues.

Our afternoon plans was going to a bowling fundraiser with Chad’s work. They were short people so Avery and I bowled. She loved it!

2016-03-06 15.43.56

By the time we got home I only had time to wash the floors, play with Avery a little before it was supper – thankfully that was ready for us in the crockpot!

Our evening consisted of laundry, blogging and watching Big Brother 🙂


Weekend Recap

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I am going to jump right into what we got up to:


I slept? haha. It was not a fun evening, just a series of small things lead me to doing our taxes to be distracted and less annoyed. Thankfully, the taxes did not annoy me more 😉 After I watched a couple PVR’d shows and went to bed early –> story of my life these days!


While Avery and Chad went to Sportball I went to pick up groceries using to a new to me service, Superstore Click and Collect, I loved this! It was easy from the start to end and I know I will use this again i the future. Typically I would not have time to drop off Chad and Avery and get groceries but this allowed me to do that, wash my car and still see the last 10 minutes of Sportball.

Avery fell asleep on the way home which lead to a two hour nap – winning! Since Saturday is usually her nap strike day. Once she was up we coloured (I bough her markers – lets say thankfully they are washable…) and played with Lego – a new obsession.

IMG_7663 IMG_7641 IMG_7639

I was SO tired at this point, thankfully Chad read my mind and asked if I wanted to go for a walk to Starbucks – yes please! We have one really close to us now 🙂

20160227_142208 20160227_143002

Once we got back home we got ready to have a family supper for my Grandma’s birthday. We ordered pizza to keep it easy since I have no desire to make food for 8 people these days!

My Grandma (79) and Avery:


Avery had a blast with everyone! I was thankful it allowed me to chat and sit down a bit. Toddlers don’t stop do they?

I was asleep by 8:30pm so there went my evening!


I guess when you go to bed at 8:30pm waking up before 6am is to be expected. Sigh. Anyways, to ward off the zzz’s I decided to get in a workout early – and it helped! Sadly my running these days is more like 5 minutes of running, 1-2 minutes walking. I did that for 4km then some weights and foam rolling since my calf has been tight lately.


34 week bump!

After my workout Avery and I coloured and cleaned. She helps me for an “allowance” aka $0.25 – cheap labour! Brunch went unpictured but was egg sandwiches and Avery ate two eggs. I really do not get toddlers, one day they hate something the next they love it.

We did some work in C’s room (I almost typed her name out there!):


And now just need to hang 4 more things and the room is ready – it was so much easier than Avery’s for some reason!

Funny story, it was just after 11am and I said to Chad it is someones “n-a-p” time since if I say nap she freaks sometimes. Avery said “yup, Avery’s nap time” – and went to her room. I think it had something to do with the flashlight she found and wanted to use in a dark room.

I had a bath, and cleaned while she napped. When she got up she asked to go to the park – she can see it from our kitchen table so it is a constant request now. Chad decided he wanted to skate while we were there since it was the last day the outdoor rinks were open, so off we went.

20160228_134221 20160228_134538

I planned to run errands after but wanted to go home, sit on the couch with some tea. So we did that, made popcorn and watched Aladdin 🙂


I saw there was a pj sale at Once Upon A Child and Avery needs pjs bad – she still is wearing some 12 month ones – oops! Not pictured is a Dora nighty – we figure if we have to make the concession on wearing character clothing it can be for pjs 😉 We went there and found her pjs, an outfit plus clothes for C…


When I went through Avery’s clothes I realized all her newborn-3 month clothes are of course winter ones, so fleece sleepers, sweater dresses etc so we needed to get her some clothes for spring and summer.

We had a low key day from there, supper, watched some of the Oscars, finished laundry and got ready for another Monday!