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Party Weekend Recap

We had such a great weekend despite the snow and cold temps – which I think are here to stay.


Chad and I stayed up too late watching Stranger Things and now only have one episode to go!


I ran errands for Avery’s party first thing and Chad and the girls stayed home – where it was warm!

This year I decided to not host Avery’s party at our house to save us the work and mess. I love a good theme party with all the details but it is also a ton of work and time is limited these days. We had the party where she goes to preschool and it was perfect! For the first half we had a room where they had a bouncy house and other things to do and then we had a separate room for cake and gifts. We had a 10 kid limit which was also pretty nice 😉

Why does she look so old?!

Avery did not want a candle or for us to sing happy birthday to her (4 year olds – cough, cough) but she certainly enjoyed her cupcakes:

Miss. Chloe – always eating!

It was great to come home after to a clean house but with way too many new toys. She was spoiled! It took me an hour to take everything out of packages etc.

That night Chad and I went out with my co-workers to a charity bonspiel after party which was a lot of fun!


Time change had us all up by 6:30am – yawn. Since it was pretty cold out we opted for treadmill runs. I have to admit 16km on the treadmill had me wondering what I signed up for but I reminded myself I have not ran more than 10-11km the past few months.

One thing I love about winter is the light in our house – the snow reflects and makes it so bright! So I took a few photos of uncooperative Chloe.

Avery enjoying another birthday cupcake:

After lunch we went out to look for a new mirror for our room (no luck) and skates for Avery. She had spotted Frozen ones but thankfully they were heavy and not comfy so we went with the girl hockey skates. At one store Chad and Avery spotted this cardboard playhouse you can colour for half price, so guess what came home with us?!

We spent all afternoon painting it while the girls played in it. I taped up some battery operated lights in it and they girls moved in pillows, furniture and more.

We spent all afternoon painting it while the girls played. They are in love with it!

Now onto our crazy week, I have a few long days plus it is Avery’s birthday Friday! Oh and we are heading on a special little day trip for Avery Thursday in lieu of a birthday gift.