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Introducing Chloe Marie Knudson!

Today we welcomed Miss. C as you all know her into this world. Or as she is now called Chloe Marie Knudson.

20160404_093413 20160404_14354620160404_164256 20160404_163746

Weight: 7 lbs 12 oz (3105 g)

Length: 19.5 inches (49 cm)

Mom and baby are doing well, you can stalk us on Instagram until we are back to a regular blogging schedule!

Chad, Lindsey, Avery & Chloe

C’s Nursery Reveal

Unlike with Avery’s nursery I had no idea where to start with C’s nursery. With Avery I had a piece of art that drove the nursery design and I knew I wanted something simple, modern and that she could grow into. This time around it took awhile to find that one piece that spurred on the nursery design.

And that piece is, C’s crib sheets:


I loved the print and colours right away, not to mention it made for an easy design since the tribal theme and colours are in right now.

My vision was not tribal though, more natural and simple.  I had planned to stick with the navy and peach as accent colours but the navy in the sheet is very dark and hard to match. But then mint green was easy. Mint green and peach soon became the accent colours.




All the furniture you will recognize from Avery’s nursery, the crib, side table, dresser and rocking chair – made it a lot easier reusing these things.

I only had two DIYs for the nursery, both were really easy and I am pretty happy with how they turned out. This arrow:

IMG_7822 IMG_7827

And the picture frame with the ultrasound photos.

The artwork above the arrow was also off of Etsy.

Art. This was tough! I wanted something that went with the nursery but was not too matchy.

I purchased these two tribal animal prints off of Etsy and knew I wanted a wood pallet sign as well and just the person to make one…my Mom!


The only thing missing is the mobile I ordered off Etsy, I guess it takes up to 10 weeks to get it, so  it still might be May before I see it. Here is the one I got.

I am pretty happy with how it turned out and like Avery’s I think it is a room C can grow into for the next few years with little updating.


Baby K-2 – Weeks 37 & 38

Well everyone it has been a slice BUT this is my last pregnancy update with Miss.C since in 6 days this little girl is going to make her appearance!

What is Baby K up to? C does not stop moving. I mean ALL day long – total opposite of Avery in pregnancy. I am guessing she weighs at least 6.5 lbs by now if not more from what the doctors have told me.

How am I doing? I am so ready to be done. Evenings can really suck right now and I am uncomfortable due to Miss. C being pretty low. Saturday morning I was not doing so good, and thought possibly there could be a baby arriving soon but thankfully everything let up.

Weight gained: 19lbs. Still climbing even though my appetite these days has gone out the window!

Workouts: 4-5 a week but just prenatal workouts – Tracey Anderson and Beachbody Active Maternity series and treadmill walks.

Movement: See above, this girl loves to move. I get arms and legs poking out of my stomach a few times a day!

Food Aversions/Cravings: Nothing, I am so done with food right now, I can barely eat/drink anything without feeling over full and uncomfortable.

Sleep: As good as it gets at this point, 2 wake-ups to pee usually. I cannot wait to sleep on my tummy again!!

Miss Anything? YES – everything if I am being honest.

Maternity Clothes: I am done to two pairs of pants that do not bother me, and maybe 6 shirts that fit okay. Again, I am counting down to when I can wear my normals clothes again and have already packed away 70% of my maternity clothes.

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing!

Other Things from the Week: My Mom and I spent Good Friday stocking my freezer with meals and baking which will be nice to have after baby. At my doctor’s appointment they confirmed she is in position 2/5 which explains the pains I get all the time now. I have one more doctor appointment today and that is all!


38 weeks edited



Baby K-2- Weeks 35 & 36

What is Baby K up to? Growing LOTS, moving LOTS, the usual.

How am I doing? I am so ready to be done. Evenings can really suck right now and I am uncomfortable due to Miss. C being pretty low.

Weight gained: 18lbs.

Workouts: Well I called running quits at 35 weeks. I am happy I made it that long and crossing my fingers that it only means a 8 week break versus the 4.5 months when I had Avery. I still aim to do 4 hours a week which is 5 workouts usually, weights, walking on the treadmill, and yoga now.

Movement: ALL THE TIME.  She moves so much it hurts sometimes, Avery was not like this so it is all new to me.

Food Aversions/Cravings: Ice! I craved it with Avery too.

Sleep: Not bad, on a good night I have 1-2 wake ups, a bad night is 3-4.

Miss Anything? Oh man, at this point a lot! I am dreaming of wearing all my clothes again, running and wine.

Maternity Clothes: Yes and I am sick of them. I am ready to burn them all haha. I have put away a lot at this point and living in a very limited wardrobe. Thankfully my regular pants with a belly band fit and feel great still.

Baby Items Purchased: Some sterilizing pouches for my pump and bottles – really exciting things 😉

Other Things from the Week: I did mention this before but Miss. C has a birth date – April 4th! As long as she holds out until then 🙂 I am working until the 31st so have three days off and then will have her. Crazy!

Photos – two this week since Avery wanted to give her sister a kiss!

36 weeks edited Avery 36 weeks edited

Baby K-2 – Weeks 33 & 34

What is Baby K up to? Well according to our ultrasound last week Miss.C is around 5lbs and measuring about a week ahead – lets hope that means an earlier c-section date 😉

How am I doing? Not bad. Evenings can be rough, I get some pains and aches and just miserable some nights. Poor Chad! Sadly sitting on the couch or laying down only make it worse. And I am TIRED – some days I just cannot shake it all day long!

Weight gained: 16.5lbs.

Workouts: Funny enough I get winded going up stairs but can still pull off a 2.5 mile run/walk. I am sticking to 21 Day Fix workouts and yoga as well.

Movement: Seriously are babes not supposed to move less at this point? It is all day long! And she loves wedging her feet in my ribs.

Food Aversions/Cravings: Craving – ice cold water!

Sleep: Not bad, I still seem to get stuck with insomnia one night a week but in realy that is not that bad.

Miss Anything? At this point I miss a lot but the end is near! Did someone say wine?!

Maternity Clothes: So I am running out of work clothes… well shirts. I really have not idea what I did last time but I am down to maybe 10-12 work appropriate shirts and still have 3-4 weeks of work left.

Baby Items Purchased: Some summer clothes for C and I think that is all! Oh and new bottles since all of Avery’s went MIA.

Other Things from the Week: I had two baby C appointments this week, an ultrasound and my 34 week check up. The ultrasound was pretty cool to see her at this stage, and the estimated her around 5lbs – ahead of the game…then at my check-up the doctor told me she is sure this baby will be bigger than Avery – all I can say is thank goodness I have a c-section! I am booking my c-section date tomorrow – woot woot! It will either panic me or excite me not sure which yet 😉 Either way I am so much more at ease this time knowing how things will “go down” and hopefully not end up in an emergency c-section again.

UPDATE: Mommy brain moment and my surgery consult was TODAY, luckily they got me in an hour late when they called me asking where I was…Anyways, all looks good, baby is posterior like Avery so a repeat section is in fact a good idea. Also, my placenta is anterior which I never knew before! I have two tentative dates booked and will get a confirmed date next week, right now it looks like we will have a March 30th baby though 🙂


34 weeks edited