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Avery’s First Week

Hey! Thank you for all the congrats, comments on here, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I honestly am not sure I can respond to everyone’s kind words it is so awesome to know how many people already think this little gal is pretty awesome..

As you can all probably guess the past week has been a complete blur, completely crazy but we are head over heels in love and so happy with our little family.

I am working on a birth story to have up this week but I will warn you first, it is no short story lasting about 68 hours total. But with the best ending ever.

In the mean time I will leave you with a photo bomb, which is only a fraction of the photos we’ve taken of Miss Avery in the past week…









20131114_134918 (1)




What else is new?

– We have had Avery out and about, to Costco, both our works, the mall, out for brunch (my brother turned 24 three days after Avery was born) – yes, we are crazy but she is such a great baby we figure why not.

– She sleeps like a champ at night, almost too good which makes night time feeding almost impossible.

– Her cranky time is anywhere from 5pm to 11pm.

– I am doing good, the recovery has been really good and since I have nothing to compare it to I am a happy camper.

– We LOVE visitors, in case anyone was wondering Winking smile

– We had a massive snow storm this weekend so took advantage of it and had some down time at home.

Hopefully I can get back into a groove soon here with posting, so in the mean time sorry I might be more absent than usual!


Natural Mom’s and Babies – Live Clean

A couple months ago I got asked to participate in a really exciting opportunity, the Live Clean Natural Mom’s and Babies Program. You guys all know how much I love their products and have used them for years, way before I even had a blog so I knew this was the perfect opportunity since I was also about to be a new Mom.

So what does this mean? Well, I will be sharing a couple posts a month about being a new Mom, using Live Clean products and other helpful tips Smile And of course it means fun giveaways for my wonderful readers!

I cannot wait to share these posts with you all, and already have been busy brainstorming great ideas, as well as sharing my experiences with Baby K and Live Clean along the way.

Today I wanted to share this exciting news with you all and share my current favourite Live Clean products. I picked my current top favourites:

First one is this shampoo and conditioner:

                      Live Clean Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Restorative ShampooLive Clean Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Restorative Conditioner

I have tried other natural brands and nothing compares, and the Exotic Nectar, Argan Oil is by far my favourite with Live Clean. For me I notice a huge difference in how soft my hair is and how long I can go without washing and it not looking greasy or dirty. If you are wondering usually I do wash every other day but with these products I can do every third day if needed. Might come in handy with a new baby! Also, all Live Clean shampoo and conditioner is Petroleum, Paraben, Phthalate, and Phosphate Free – I have found this makes a huge difference in keeping my colour in my hair as well as keeping it looking healthy.

Suggested retail on these is $6.99 each for 350mL size.

Second is another product from the Exotic Nectar line, the replenishing hand cream.

Live Clean Exotic Nectar Body Lotion

I also love the smaller size this comes in, so handy to toss into my purse (or diaper bag) and since the smell is not girly Chad can use it too. Boy has horribly dry hands! The 227mL size retails for $6.99.

Product three is the Live Clean baby wipes. Which comes in the regular ones (blue package) or the soothing ones (purple package). Both kinds retails for $6.99 each for a package of 56 wipes.

I have been told that wipes are a huge MUST with a baby so know my love for these will only grow. But before baby I still used them, for quick wipe downs after workouts to a must have on road trips for spills or hand washing.

 Live Clean Baby Baby WipesLive Clean Baby Soothing Relief Baby Wipes


If anyone has any questions on the products please let me know and I will do my best to find you answers!

While I am being given then products at no charge, all the opinions expressed are my own.

Introducing Baby K

Hi everyone! Yesterday we welcomed Baby K into this world. We cannot even begin to describe how in love we are. Without further ado say hello to Avery Dawn Knudson.



November 10, 2013, 2:19pm 6lbs 90z and 19.5 inches in length.

Mom and baby are doing well and I am sure Lindsey will be back soon with more updates.

Daddy Chad Smile

Baby K – Weeks 39-40

Yes the post is early this week since TODAY marks 40 weeks!!

Funny story about my due date, I originally dated myself at November 10th, but the dating ultrasound said November 6th or so I was told. Yesterday at my Dr appointment we realized it was put into the notes wrong and my due date is actually the 7th, so today! Not that one day makes a difference but found it funny.

What is Baby K up to?  Well she can make her appearance any day now! Baby is fully cooked and developed Smile She definitely has a busy time of the day, 7-9pm, so it will be interesting to see if she is fussy or busy during that time when she comes out.

How I am doing? Really good. I say really since I hear so many people at this point who are just done, they are not comfortable and just want baby out. While I do want baby out I cannot complain. Yes, I can get uncomfortable but in the bigger scheme of things I feel really good.

Labour Symptoms? Well this is going to be TMI but here it goes… I lost what I think was my mucus plus last Friday morning, but that can still mean labour is weeks away. This happened two days after I had a membrane sweep done which is common, I had a second sweep done yesterday as well. I  had not had any contractions and only minor cramping (mainly at night) and a little low back pain until after sweep number 2 last night which made me feel like crap. Chad was like “maybe this is it?”, must have been motherly instincts because I said nope and sure enough woke up this morning as good as new.

Weight gain? I stopped weighing myself and am assuming I have topped out around 17-18lbs.

Workouts: As you’ve seen from Workout Wednesday yesterday pretty good. I miss yoga, last two classes I could not make it due to Dr appointments.

Movement: A couple days little girl scared me but moving quite a bit less, but then I realized she is very tight for space in there. I can make her move if needed most times of the day then like I said she is busy from 7-9pm still.

Sleep: Pretty good, still in bed about 8-9 hours a night waking up every 2-3 hours to pee.

Stretch marks? No change, yay!

Miss Anything?  Being able to lay on my tummy and put on boots!

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  I love people’s responses and expressions when they ask when I am due now. So funny! People have been really kind to me and always tell me how “cute” I look Smile Chad’s friend’s have even told me how great I look so I am happy gal with all the nice comments.

Baby Items Purchased: Breast pump parts – exciting, right?

Nursery Update: You already saw the reveal!

Looking Forward To: Meeting this little girl!


Since there are a couple feet of snow outside and I wanted to get a daylight photo these were taken with my self timer. I looked like a convict in a couple of them so this one was a good as it gets.


And because I think a 40 week post deserve a bare belly shot, from this morning’s workout, excuse the no makeup, messy hair look Smile



Our Hospital Bags

I started to pack our hospital bags about 8 weeks before Baby K was due (again, yes I over plan sometimes) but figured it was better to be safe than sorry. I then slowly added items as I purchased them and had the final bags packed about 3 weeks out, with the exception of a few last minute items.

Baby K’s bag was much easier to pack than mine, as they don’t need as much as us Moms!


On the right is her take home outfit in newborn size. We went for something with long sleeves since she is due in November. We also packer her medium weight snowsuit just in case it is colder out – never know what our weather will do here in Alberta! And of course a toque and mitts.

The only other two things that we packed was a receiving blanket for Chad to take home to give to Scarlet to smell before we come home with baby and a travel sized live clean baby lotion – because lotion is always handy!

Onto my bag:


Starting on the left:

– Robe – I bought this one at Target, it more sweatshirt material and buttons and ties up.

– Nursing tank, bra and pads

– Snacks – for me and Chad Smile

– Underwear – We were told to bring dark coloured underwear we did not care about.

– Toiletries (body wash, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash) hair brush, elastics, headband, deodorant, and some makeup.

– Mirror – don’t know why I wanted to pack this but I did, guess to fix my hair from bed? Lol

Live Clean baby wipes – yes for me! Great, and easy to wash my face or hands from my bed if needed.

– Slippers and socks – again, we were told to bring ones we do not care about

– Go home outfit for me – Lululemon pants, tank top and hoodie that has some extra space for my postpartum tummy Smile

– Random sheets on labour etc and a black pen to sign papers

Not pictured but will be packed:

– Pillow – Hospital suggests this, guess they are saying theirs are not comfy?

– Water bottle

– Camera

– Cell phone and charger


– Change of clothes for Chad in case he feels like changing

I will do a follow-up post on what we used, did not use and what we may have wished we packed after Baby K is here.


Mom’s what was your one must have in your hospital bag?