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Weekend Recap

I cannot get over the weather we have had lately, makes March so much better when you can get out and enjoy the sun!


We rented a couple movies after work, The Good Dinosaur and Fast and Furious 7. Supper was enjoyed while watching The Good Dinosaur which Avery loved.


The morning was spent running errands, and a pit stop for Booster Juice (I am on a smoothie kick in this warmer weather).


During Avery’s nap Chad and I worked on our little projects (livingroom tables) and once she was up we headed to a birthday party.

Avery LOVES parties, mainly because of the cake…


Becky and I tried to get a photo of Avery and Liam and this was as good as I got:


It was a fun afternoon!

By the time we got home it was time to start supper, then after Avery was in bed we watched Fast and Furious 7 – which had me confused since I am not sure I watched 5 or 6!


Daylight Savings Time made me feel like I slept in until after 7am – woot woot! Avery was up just after me, then we woke Chad up around 8am 😉

My Sunday workout was a 4km treadmill incline walk and some weights. Miss. C is sitting quite low so walking too fast is just not possible these days!


When I was done Avery and I had our weekly baking date. This one got a tad messy…

IMG_7734 IMG_7739

We made oatmeal fudge bars and chocolate chip banana yogurt bars.


Brunch (not pictured) was Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and Avocado Sunrise Smoothies – might be a new favourtie! All was good until Avery dropped hers and it went everywhere! Sigh.

I think I jinxed Avery’s good napping abilities lately since she did not nap, we put her in her room at 11:45am and she played in her bed until 1pm when she came out. While she does still need to nap I was fine with this since it still was quiet time and she did not whine or anything. And I got my house cleaning done in peace 🙂

After a snack we headed out for a walk and to the park.

20160313_140910 20160313_142846

Like I said above walking can suck right now so we did not make it too far! We came home and played outside for a bit so we could finish up our painting on the tables – just have final touch ups now!


The rest of the day was spent BBQ’ing, installing carseat bases, doing laundry and blogging 🙂


Cosmic Cookies

Something a little new today, a recipe! I used to post a ton of recipes and then a couple years ago I stopped. It is something I want to get back into here and there though. Up today is a cookie recipe, because who does not love cookies?! I know they are a staple in our house. And Avery LOVES them, hence her newest word “cookie”. Because we all love them I look for healthier recipes so if we have a couple a day I know we are not loading up our body with sugar.

This is a recipe a coworker shared with me, I made some of my own modifications since I did not have everything on me when I decided to bake them. I will state both recipes with the regular recipe in brackets.

cosmic cookies image

Cosmic Cookies

30 cookies

2 14 cups quick oats 

2 cups whole  wheat pastry flour (spelt flour)

1/3 cup chia seeds

1/3 cup hemp hearts

Note: Original recipe called for 1/2 cup of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, I didn’t have any so subbed in the above two ingredients.

1/2 cup shredded coconut, unsweetened

1/4 cup flax seed 

2/3 cup maple sugar

1 tablespoon cinnamon

2 14 teaspoons sea salt

1 1/2 cups dark chocolate chips (or carob)

1 14 cups raisins 

14 cup water

1cup molasses

34 cup unsweetened apple sauce (canola oil)

1 cup almond milk 

Preheat oven to 350 and line baking sheets with parchment paper.  Mix together all the dry ingredients, through to the raisins. In a separate bowl mix the wet ingredients. Combine wet into dry ingredients. Use a tablespoon to scoop dough onto sheets, the cookies do not spread so they can be placed fairly close together. Bake 24 minutes, let cool 2-3 minutes on the sheet before moving to a cooling rack.



Weekend Highlights

Another fun, and festive weekend Smile I love this time of the year so much, and as much as I want Christmas to be here tomorrow I also do not want the holiday season to be over. Lots went on this weekend, but I am not in a typing mood so lets stick to the highlights and photos.


After supper me, Chad and Avery headed out to look at Christmas lights around the city. I started a list a couple years ago and every year I add to it based on houses we find. We brought Christmas cards with us and did some deliveries along the way. This one close is probably the best in town:


For more photos or local people if you want the addresses check my Instagram.


A quiet morning around home before heading to a triple birthday party for some little friends who all turn 1 this month. Of course, Avery found her BFF, Evan and stuck with him:


She played so well with all the kids, my little social butterfly.

Saturday night we all headed out of town to see an amazing light display. I am sad that this is the last year they are doing it! 120,000 lights total.



Avery was in AWE. Her head did not stop moving and she kept saying “Oooo”. There was a dog in front of us going through and she is currently dog obsessed so she also kept yelling out “pa-pa” aka puppy the entire time.


We could not get her to look at the camera for anything!


After our typical morning (workouts and brunch) we decided to ice some sugar cookies I baked Saturday. I did not look at the recipe till I was half way through and realized it made 50 plus cookies! Ahh.

Avery playing peek-a-boo with us:


To keep Avery busy we gave her a cookies and icing in a bow. She was a fan…of course:



The end result:


Now to get rid of some of them since my belly needs no more sweets already!

We finished our weekend with a pizza supper out with my Mom, perfect way to end the weekend Smile


Too Much Cookie Dough

Hope everyone has had a great weekend and all my friend’s to the south are staying safe and dry Smile Today our state of emergency was lifted as the water had started to retreat. Yesterday we went and took some photos of the flooding here:



Hard to see without before photos but in the top one the water is usually about 10 feet below that bridge, and in the second you can see in the top middle where it is flooded overt the bank. It is high and fast for sure, but for our city we were lucky and only had some flooding in parks, trails and a couple roads close to the river. Nothing compared to the other communities like High River, Calgary and Canmore. I think now the water everywhere is starting to go down and the focus is on recovery efforts.

Yesterday we had a busy day – market in the morning with my Mom, then a morning full of errands and finally we spent the rest of the day getting ready and starting to move our office downstairs to make room for Baby K’s nursery. We made progress and probably have another couple days of work before the room is ready to start setting up the nursery. By supper last night I was so tired so we just hung out at home for the night.

This morning I was woken up to rain and lots of it and thunder! Which was odd, usually we do not get thunderstorms in the morning. Anyways after Chad woke up he headed to the gym. I have been ignoring my workouts on here lately because they rarely change but I am thinking I might start sharing my weekly workouts in one post once a week. Today was the usual – 30 minutes on the elliptical and the back and triceps exercises.

Yesterday Chad requested something with egg for brunch so I took a look at Pinterest for inspiration and found these breakfast egg tostadas. I made my own version on think buns with turkey bacon, scrambled egg, tomato, avocado topped with marble cheese.


Soo yummy! But unfortunately for the rest of the day my stomach felt off, not sure if it was the food or what…I am hoping it passes for tomorrow since I have our annual work BBQ.

Sunday is also the day I try and make sure I bake at least one thing for the week, this week I made Vegan Chocolate Cookies with Avocado from Two Peas and Their Pod. Note to everyone – if you make these better ready to eat too much cookie dough…and then too many cookies. They are awesome!


I am sure all the cookie dough I ate REALLY helped my tummy…

I will also make Banana Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake from Natalie at The Sweets Life tomorrow for my work treat day Tuesday.

This afternoon we spent at a prenatal yoga workshop. It was put on by the teacher that teaches my weekly class and was designed to teach you and your partner about the stages of labour, how yoga can help and then other poses that can help with common pregnancy symptoms.

We both agreed it was a great class and now Chad knows a bit more about what can help me etc. Plus I got a free massage from him during the class Winking smile 

Not much else on the agenda for tonight, I have to put away laundry still (a task I hate) and then probably just watch True Blood before bed time. Another weekend gone just like that!


Do you bake weekly? If so are they usually healthier items?

Should I post my weekly workouts in one post?

A Day To Myself

Has everyone has a good weekend? It has been pretty great over here. The weather has been cold-ish, well too cold for me but it is supposed to get into the plus temps this week!

Friday night we went for supper and to a film festival with some friends. It was a good time. There was nine films in total, all 5-40 minutes long. My favorite was called Crossing the Ice. It was about two Australian guys that decide to take the trek from Antarctica to the South Pole and back. 1100km of ice and snow … it was quite the experience to watch!

Yesterday Chad and some of his friends headed to the mountains for the day to snowboard and ski which meant I had the day to myself. It was kind of nice to have the day to myself! It had been a while. So what did I do? I baked vegan banana break from Ashley at (never) homemaker, went to sweaty power flow yoga and had my butt core kicked, went on a solo Starbucks date, went shopping and bought a pink blazer, and another new pillow, bought groceries, washed my car, took photos for my Mom (of her), and then got ready for a supper/night out with the girls! A great day.

Supper was a follow up to our 10 year reunion supper we had in the summer. The girls that got together decided that at least twice a year we need to get together, and not let it be 10 years again!

I tried to take some self photos before I left but did not have much luck..



Last attempt..


After a hour wait at the restaurant we got seated, had our drinks, supper and dessert. We all agreed we ate too much and I was stuffed. No photos but supper for me was a long island iced tea, a veggie burger with salad and sweet potato fries, then shared cookies and milk for dessert. Too much food.

Afterwards we went to a friend’s house for drinks and a gift exchange. It was great to catch up with everyone again! I was home just after midnight to a snoring husband 😉

This morning I slept into almost 8am and figure I might be on my own at the gym today and I was right, Chad was too sore! At the gym I spent 40 minutes on the tmill running, sprinting, walking at a incline and just walking. I am slowly getting back my running legs and lungs, the 30 second sprints are helping my lungs 😉 I need to get back into it for this summer when I am back doing a few 10km races. Soo frickin’ excited.

For brunch we had some of the banana bread I made yesterday which was amazing, egg muffins with asparagus and turkey bacon:


During brunch we decided to watch a movie and found New Years Eve on, anyone seen it? It was pretty good, and cute! I am a sucker for any love-ey movies.

This afternoon I cleaned the house, started laundry, baked Coconut Chocolate Quinoa cookies (these and the banana bread are for my work treat day this week), and really just took it easy. Mid afternoon I started to feel a tad sick, but it has seemed to pass now. I am crossing my fingers for me and Chad here, it seems like everyone has had a cold or the flu and we have not yet. I hope this does not jinx us!

Here are the yummy quinoa cookies:


I just looked at the time..almost 5pm?! I guess that means almost time to start supper. And Monday tomorrow…sigh…


How was your weekend?