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Weekend Recap

I really wish we had an extra two months of summer – I mean I love all seasons but summer is the best 🙂


After work I went for a quick 5km run before company came over and we hung out in the yard. My brother and girlfriend showed up later and we had a fire and made s’mores so Avery got to go to bed extra late.

“Hey girls – can I take your picture?” – “Yeah right Mom…”


It was the kickoff pancake breakfast for our local fair. It is always busy but this year was crazy – it took us over an hour to get through the line! Good thing they had a lot to do for the kids waiting 🙂

Chloe’s first pigtails:

Avery checking out the firetruck:

We had our pancakes, went through the mall to see the Paw Patrol characters that were there and it was another huge line SO Avery took a peek and was happy – mom win.

Chad golfed in the afternoon so the girls, my Mom and I did some exploring downtown and went to Starbucks.

Chloe’s shorts are from an Alberta company she is a new rep for – Prairie Mountain & Co – are they not the cutest?! Yes, I finally decided to take the plunge into rep world!

Later we headed to supper with my family for a few birthdays (there are too many now so we combine!) and well lets say Chloe is not going out to eat for a long time!

I asked Avery to pose for a photo in her dress – she always picks tree pose 😉

We had a quiet night at home watching TV 🙂


Avery woke up not feeling too hot (she blamed supper – lol) so my Mom watched them while we did our long run – 19.6km. OY. I am ready to race!

Since Avery was not feeling too great and the weather looked iffy we called the beach off and hung out at home. I was kind of relieved since I had a long to do list and managed to get some things done at home.

Avery’s request was painting and well I will not let Chloe near paint so mess free painting for her!

Chloe and I played in the yard while Avery had a rest:

Supper was my favourite in a long time, grilled chicken, garlic toast and Caprese Salad with Barilla pasta!


Budget Friendly Dinner Challenge

I have a fun post for you all today! It is no secret I love to be in my kitchen, and being a full time working Mom I have a couple requirements for our suppers these days:

  • Healthy
  • Budget-friendly – now more than ever with a mat leave coming up!
  • Quick!

I am lucky that neither Chad or Avery are picky so most meals are easily family friendly for us, but one of Avery’s favourite meals is “noodles”  aka pasta. Barilla pasta contacted me to see if I wanted to create a budget-friendly dinner using their products and I was more than happy to take on the challenge.



The budget for this challenge was $15, so I set out to the grocery store to buy some ingredients…


What did I buy?

  • Frozen butternut squash $2.50
  • Chicken sausage with bacon and cheddar $3.50 (used half a $7 package)
  • Red pepper $2.80
  • White mushrooms $1.00

Had at home:

  • Parmesan cheese $2.00 (estimated for only using part of the package)

Total of above ingredients $11.80

I used the Fettuccine Barilla pasta, as well as some other kitchen basics you will see listed below.

Creamy Butternut Squash Fettuccine with Sausage, Red Pepper & Mushrooms


1 box of Barilla fettuccine pasta

1 package of sausage – any kind you desire would work!

2 cups of chopped frozen butternut squa

1 red pepper – chopped

6 white mushrooms – chopped

1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese

1/4 almond milk

1/2 tsp of paprika

salt and pepper to taste

olive oil


Chop up red pepper,mushrooms and sausage. Add 1 tbsp of olive oil to a pan, add in sausage and pepper, heat to medium-high. Stir every couple of minutes, cook 7-8 minutes until sausage is brown. Add mushrooms into the pan, cook another 3-5 minutes until mushrooms are cooked.



In a pot add 2 cups of butternut squash and 2 cups of water, heat to medium and cook for 7-9 minutes or until the squash is tender (test by piercing with a fork). Drain excess water and add into a blender, I used my Magic Bullet. Add back into the pot with milk and stir to combine, bring to a boil then simmer for 5-10 minutes until desired consistency is reached. Make sure to stir often! Meanwhile cook the pasta according to the directions. Add Parmesan cheese into the squash sauce and stir to combine, remove from heat.



Once the pasta is cooked, drain and add into the pan with sausage etc and add the sauce, stir to combine. And voila you are done!


We really enjoyed this meal, it was on the table in under 30 minutes and even provided us with leftovers for lunch the next day! Without the price of the pasta included I estimate the cost per serving at $3.00/serving, not too bad at all!


What is your favourite budget friendly recipe? Favourite pasta recipe?