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Weekend Recap

Since we had a busy weekend I am going to jump right into it and share too many photos 😉


We played outside after work since the sun was out and I was feeling a tad tired and hoped the sun would help me too.

After supper I started to feel a headache coming on so I went for a run in hopes it would help – and it did! We ended the night with a movie which I did not even finish and then went to bed early.


We left mid morning to head to Calgary to see some friends and their kids and babies – insert squeal here – it had been WAY too long since I saw them all so I was so happy to make the trip and meet the newest additions. The kids had so much fun together, a huge thank you to Alison for hosting!

We got home, had more backyard time then had my Mom over for supper before heading to a local market and getting some awesome goodies – I forgot to take photos but we got hair bows, a little wood picnic table for girls and Avery got a mala bracelet.

Avery at the market:

Hanging out on the picnic table:


We came home and visited with my brother, his girlfriend and Mom before getting the girls to bed. Since we did not want to stay up late we watched some Netflix and called it a night.


We had a 18km run on the agenda. No matter how many of these do I find anything over 17km to intimidate me! It was a perfect morning for a run though we were not sure how it would go since the storm took out a lot of trees on the trails.

These two goofs before our run:

A few kilometers in we came across a race, which we have many times before. The first volunteer said there was a race on and to stay on the sidewalk which we were. The next one repeated that and semi hinted we should not be on the path. Then a guy came up on a bike saying he was on the organizing committee and we had to leave the path – UMM WHAT? Chad basically told him it was a public path and we were being respectful, but he kept following us and harassing us. I have never been so angry at a race organizer. Anyways we shared the path with them for 500m and only saw 4 runners which we kept pace with. Okay rant over 😉

We had a great run and saw some really sad areas where the trees were leveled by the storm. This area below a tree took out the fence on the path and we had go under and around it carrying the double stroller!

After we made our way for iced coffees & pancakes for the girls then walked home.

I gave Avery three options for the afternoon, the beach, a bike ride & new parks or set up the pool in the yard. She picked the beach so after C napped we headed out. We had a great couple of hours and Chloe loved the lake (and eating mud!).

We stopped for ice cream on the way home and ran into my Grandma – small world!

And that was our weekend!


Weekend Recap

While it is not officially summer yet this weekend felt like it so I am already using #summerlovin 🙂


We met my friend and her two boys at the beach in the morning, we are lucky to live 20 minutes from two beaches. This one is great for little kids since it is so shallow!

20160603_113857 20160603_111609 20160603_111349

Avery told me after how fun the boys were 🙂 Both girls fell asleep on the way home and I thought this was perfect…

I got home thinking I would workout since both girls were asleep – NOPE. Both woke up so I fed them, got them happy then worked out. Later my Mom came over and we went and met Chad at a SPCA fundraising garage sale. We scored – well Avery did, and got a Tickle Me Elmo (urgh), 4 books, a DVD and a Dora poster sized puzzle of Canada.


After the girls were in bed we watched Daddy’s Home which was just okay, not as good as last week’s pick!


We picked up my Mom early to head to the zoo for the day, both girls slept on the way there – very weird for Avery to nap at 9:30am – so we had a easy drive so no complaints.

Chloe is usually really good about napping in her stroller and it was too hot to wear the Ergo so we had her in the stroller and guess what? She was so cranky unless I carried her – sigh. But we made it work. Avery loved the zoo until she saw a penguin mascot lol.

We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed that right when we got there, Avery liked the peacock that more or less joined us for lunch.

20160604_111553 20160604_120822 20160604_121138 IMG_8514 IMG_8464 IMG_8486 IMG_8471 IMG_8458 IMG_8450 IMG_8438

After the zoo we stopped at Village Ice Cream since I had heard awesome reviews and lets say it is that good – and I am not an ice cream fan since most of it makes me sick.

Add New20160604_155918 20160604_155519

We made the trip home in time to make supper, bath the girls and get them to bed. After I decided to do a solo grocery trip – wild Saturday night.


Our new thing Sundays is family runs and I love it. We got out around 8:30am and did 13.5km in an hour and 20 minutes (5:55min/km pace) – not too bad! Chad even ran up a huge hill with the stroller. We actually run to McDonalds after to get free coffee or $1 iced coffee then walk home.

IMG_20160605_112343 IMG_20160605_100637


The girls waiting for Dad outside McDonalds, Chloe was happier than she looks 😉

Once home we refueled with egg bagel sandwiches and protein smoothies.


The rest of the day went unpictured! We did chores while the girls napped, my brother visited, and we went with him to a tattoo fundraiser for a bit. Both girls were fast asleep by 7:30pm and I spent the rest of the evening blogging, editing photos and foam rolling.


Weekend Recap

It is a long weekend over here and the last day of our holidays but I thought I would recap our weekend so far since there is a lot to share!


We spent the afternoon at the lake with my Mom as well. It was awesome. Such a perfect day and Avery had a blast as evidence from these photos:



That night we went to a car show/cruise night downtown that comes once every few years. It is pretty cool to see our entire downtown lined with all sorts of cars. This year had the best turnout I have seen in years. We also ran into Becky and Liam there so visited (Liam shared her carrots with Avery) with them for a bit too. Photo from Becky:





We ran errands in the morning and finally got down to the market for our Humble Hummus and then Chad convinced me to get mini donuts…twist my arm.

Chad was going out camping for the for the night so he packed up and headed out around lunch. My Mom came over since we had a mini road trip day planned. We really did not know where we would end up but wanted to take advantage of the day to just do as we please. It was such an awesome day with my Mom and Avery!

First up was Olds to check out this book store.


It was so cute inside as well. A ton of used books for great prices. Of course only Avery got books, 3 for under $3. We checked out a few more shops but Avery was being a tad crazy so we decided to go search for food. Once in the car Avery had a meltdown and then passed out so we decided to head out of town.

Next up we headed to Bentley for their farmers market and to go to our favourite little shop there. We bought some baking and the best spring rolls, for a small town market it is hopping!

It was close to supper time so we decided to fplinally check out a cafe in another town we had heard a ton about, Carvella Cafe. This did not disappoint, locals go now! So adorable, great food and the atmosphere could not be any better.




My Mom promised Avery ice cream so we decided to head out to the lake for ice cream but made a detour home first to get my brother. Then had ice cream on the beach to end our day:


I think by 7pm I was ready for bed! I spent the night getting blog stuff done and waking up 10x since I do not sleep well alone.


Avery has slept so good our entire week off, sleeping till after 7am every day! I was up just before 7am so I had time to eat breakfast and make coffee before getting her up.

I did some cleaning and came out to find Avery pushing all her stuffed animals around in the laundry basket and then she put them all under the stools and went and hung out there.

By 8:30am I realized it was gong to be a hot day and we had to get out for a run. It was not an easy run, we had to take a different route (thanks to a sidewalk closure on a busy street with NO detour – smart planning…), it was getting hot and Avery was fussy. But in just over an hour we got in 11km.


Funniest story, I was showering at home and Avery was watching TV on our bed, next thing I knew I heard her say “Mommy, shower” and she was in the shower with me, clothes and all! She has never even been in a shower! Crazy kid.

We spent the morning doing laundry and baking banana bread before it was nap time.

Chad came home around lunch then we headed out to Heritage Ranch to see the horses, and go to the playground.




Our only family selfie of the weekend…


And Avery would not look – I blame the horses!

After we headed to some friend’s house who have a brand new puppy. Guess who was in heaven?? And her latest obsession is wearing her hat backwards.


By this time we were all done and tired – and I was sick of the sun – imagine that! We spent the rest of our Sunday inside watching a movie and then Big Brother.


Foodie Friday

Happy fourth of July to my friends to the south! Hope you all have a fun and safe holiday weekend. Around here it officially feels like summer with a mini heat wave this week. We have had a great couple of days with lots of great friends, Wednesday we went to the beach for the first part of the day:

beach day

Avery loved the sand a little too much, trying to eat it….

Yesterday we went to Calgary to see Nicole, Alison, Leigh and meet Ashley who was here visiting from Ontario. And of course see all the little ones Smile


Thanks to Nicole for the photo!

Avery did so good on our job, only getting upset the last 10 minutes or so of the drive.

Last night when I was meal planning  was trying to avoid any indoor cooking since the house already gets pretty hot I do not want to stand in a even hotter kitchen cooking. But after when I looked at my meal planning I pretty much failed doing so.

Saturday – Superfood Salad & Grilled Chicken – Iowa Girl Eats

Sunday – Toasted Coconut Tilapia with Mango Salsa & Kale Salad

Monday – Friend’s house for supper

Tuesday – BLTs & Sweet Potato Fries

Wednesday – – Mini Mediterranean Meatloves, & Greek Salad – Iowa Girl Eats

Thursday – Chicken Skewers & Kale Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette – Damn Delicious 

Friday – Curried Chickpeas with Couscous

Our weekend plans include a market trip, Costco trip, and a third birthday at the lake. Fun times for sure Smile