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Weekend Recap

And like that we have one last day in July – boo. We have been enjoying summer so much that I cannot even think of it not being summer these days!


I ran after work and got caught in some rain so settled on 7km and headed home. Later we had my family over for my Mom’s birthday.


We ran errands in the morning, came home for lunch and nap time then headed to the beach. The usual beach we go to was full but that was lucky since we headed to another that was less busy and spent a few hours there. My Mom joined us as well as a bunch of Chad’s family. It worked out that they were all out at their cabin and camping at the lot so they all came then we headed back to the cabin and stayed for the evening. It was the perfect day!

Chloe beach ready:

Typical I forgot to get a photo of me!

We got home about 9pm and while I wanted to put the girls right to bed they needed baths bad! Baths it was then bed for us all!


We are down to the last two Sundays of long runs for Sea Wheeze! And guess what!? We ran a fast 15km and forgot a photo! Chloe and I snapped a photo after while Chad and Avery was grabbing coffee:

We did not have afternoon plans but my Grandma fell last week so we went out to see how she was doing. We are pretty sure she broke she arm and is banged up but she will be okay 🙂

By the time we got home it was supper and then dessert outside:

Four more days of work and then we are on holidays!!


Escaping the Heat

Another wonderful summer weekend in our books and it was a HOT one.


We went to my work BBQ, it is our 120 year birthday so they hosted it downtown on an old rail bridge. It was great to see everyone and Avery of course got TONS of compliments. After we met my brother at Food Truck Friday since he was off work and had nobody to go with, I didn’t complain and we shared this


That night at supper we got a little surprise when we found a TOOTH in Avery’s mouth! On the bottom the little tooth in peaking through, yay! Explains why she is stuffy and a little more grumpy than usual these days.


We were up and out the door around 8am to go to the pancake breakfast, it is the largest one held to kick off Westerner Days and we go every year. Avery wore her chambray dress/top and her headband that kind of looks like a bandana:


She was refusing to look at me

After we grabbed coffee at the mall since before we went to one of our favourite local coffee shops only to find it closed. What? After 8am on a Saturday and your coffee shop is closed? FAIL. I love to support local but not when their hours are not convenient. Food for thought.

We made a few more errands then headed home for lunch and so Avery could have a nap since we had a busy day planned later.

After Avery’s nap we headed out to Gull Lake, we figured the main beach would be closed due to being full and were right so we headed around the other side of the lake to a newer development and found a great little beach. We spent time there and Avery experienced waves for the first time – she LOVED them!




After about an hour we packed up to head to our friend’s 30th birthday party. It was also at the lake but about a 20 minute drive from where we were. His wife planned this surprise party quite a few months ago and she pulled it off without him knowing anything! It was lots  of fun seeing people we had not seen in a long time. We left around 8:30pm since we had one tired little gal and did not want her to get too grumpy.


I was up just after 6am thank to my alarm clock (Avery). I cannot complain since I like mornings and anything after 6am is fine with me. This also meant I was out for my long run of the week by 7:30am to beat the heat. My run went good, I got in 8 miles and was home by 9am, I had a little crazy run in you can read about on Becky’s Sunday Runday here.

I came home to a napping baby so showered and got ready while Chad went to the gym. Avery slept for 2 hours which meant I got some cleaning done too. When Chad was home we made brunch, oatmeal and lattes:


I was left stuffed after that! Heavy, hot oatmeal on a hot day might not have been the best idea.

After yet ANOTHER nap – between teething and the heat Avery has had to nap every 2 hours and sleeps for 1.5-2 hours – we headed out to my Moms to visit and get strawberries since her garden is over run with them. We also made a slurpee stop and they had my favourite – banana!

Her new thing is climbing all over me and burying her head in my legs:


We came home hoping to get Avery to have her last nap so we could get yard work done but she had other plans, mainly crying. I spent a good hour in the basement playing with her non-stop to either try and tire her out or just keep her happy when I told Chad I had enough and we had to get out stat. I texted his Dad to see if they were at their camp site and luck had it they were so we packed up and headed there. His step-sister and her fiancé were also there so it worked out great. We had a good visit, they insisted we stayed for supper (no complaints there) and Avery had a nap outside! Win-win.

That pretty much wraps up our weekend. And now for the Jamberry winner, congrats Mandy!

Jamberry winner

And a update on my Jamberry toenails, I just had one peel off yesterday, that is almost a month, they looked great the entire time, despite all my runs, the beach/sand etc. If you want to try them out for yourself you can pop over to Lani’s site to check out all the designs.


Foodie Friday

Hi Friday – nice to see you again! I have to say time could slow down, not only did our little girl turn 8 months yesterday but I really only feel like we get 8, maybe 10 Fridays of summer so I do not like the fact that they are coming so quick.

The heat wave continued Wednesday and we took advantage of the beautiful weather and had Mom’s group at the lake. It is crazy that we have been doing this little get togethers for almost 6 months, but so fun to see all the babes grow!


moms and babies

For supper we went to visit my in-laws who are staying in town at a RV park. When we got there the clouds started to roll in but we figured we had time to eat and then head into the RV. When we were almost done Chad’s Step-Mom said we should go in I turned around to see fast moving dark clouds and instantly grabbed A who was sitting on a blanket and went in, leaving my food and everything, well within seconds a scary fast wind hit and Chad and his Dad scrambled in grabbing everything. The wind was so fast and intense, I was pretty scared for a few minutes but VERY happy I grabbed Avery seconds before. The storm passed pretty fast and the it was just barely raining.

Yesterday, we did not do much, went for a couple walks, played in the yard since it was not as hot out and just had a quiet day.

Okay onto meal planning. These days lots of my meals are chosen around if Avery can eat a portion of it. Since we have not really ever made baby food for her, I like to chose meals that we can share or she can also eta the ingredients in it so that I am not making a separate meal for her. I also look for meals that introduce her to new foods, for example this week a new food for Avery will be mahi mahi.

Saturday – Out

Sunday – Chicken Fajita Kabobs & garlic toast

Monday – Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos

Tuesday – Loaded Strawberry Fields Salad – Iowa Girl Eats

Wednesday – Crockpot Pulled Chicken and Taco Coleslaw Salad (salad recipe from Alison)

Thursday – Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese & kale salad – two peas & their pod

Friday – Southwest Quinoa Salad & Chicken Fingers

Weekend plans – well its supposed to be really hot, so anything that is not inside! The market, the lake, a birthday party, maybe a pool afternoon

And because I know why everyone stopped by today, the winner of the Cheerios giveaway is Alison, congrats! I will be in contact with you with the details.

cherrios winner

Enjoy your weekends Smile


Long weekend Happenings

How is everyone’s long weekend’s going? Pretty good here! Since most of our friends and family are out of town for the long weekend it has been very low key for us.

Backing up a couple days
 Friday evening we headed to the Rock N’ Red Deer car show. It comes every three years and is a favorite event of Chad’s. Friday night is the portion that all the vintage cars line the downtown street, it was estimated that there were 600 this year!

car show

Saturday morning we had a leisurely morning, went to the Farmer’s Market, grocery shopping and then headed home to figure out a plan for the day. Like I said with most people gone we did not have too much on the agenda so we decided to take the day and head to Calgary. I needed to go to Sephora! haha.

Since we had to real plans other than Sephora I took the advice of some Tweeps and we checked out Canada Olympic Park. We we very close to trying the zip line but at $60 a person decided not too. They say it is the fastest zip line in North America! Instead we saved our money and went mini golfing for $10 a person.

Chad mini golf

mini golf course

It was a fun course and really pretty!

After mini golf we were headed to the mall when we drove by Peter’s Drive-In. A place famous for their milkshakes, seeing as I had never been Chad made the call we would stop. I tried a banana-coconut milkshake and Chad had a Oreo-coconut. It was super yummy but also very sweet and I only finished half.

Next we headed to the mall and a natural foods store – always a stop of mine when we go to the city! I only made my necessary Sephora purchases (this and this) and refrained from doing other shopping – Chad was proud.

Last night we had my Mom over for supper since my brothers are gone this weekend and after supper we got into the adult drinks

Sat Aug long

It was a beautiful night, and we stayed outside chatting until it was dark.

This morning we went to the gym, I did a 50 minute treadmill walked and read not one but two magazine! I have to do something to pass the time. Then I did some stretching since my one calf is really sore these days for some reason – maybe I over stretched it in yoga?

I prepped brunch and used our oven timer to get it cooking while we were at the gym so that it was ready as soon as we got home
 best idea ever! Chad picked today’s brunch off of Pinterest
Baked Oatmeal with Strawberries, Bananas and Chocolate. And I am being lazy but not getting the photo off my camera. haha

I topped mine with plain Greek yogurt and almond butter. It was yummy and we still have enough leftover for tomorrow. Perfect.

Today was our beach day! I love beach days. But Chad does not, he finds them boring. Luckily, I convinced him to go and we spent a few hours at the beach relaxing and tanning.

It worked out perfect to be at the lake today since we also were invited to my Great Aunt’s 70th birthday which is on our way home. We stopped by my Grandma’s to meet her and my Mom, and I took this photo of her sunflowers. She always has such a nice flower garden.


Since we had a light supper at the party I don’t think I need to make supper tonight, but probably will at least make us some smoothies to cool down. It is hot in the house!

Only one more day of holidays 🙁 I think it will be spent cleaning the house and golfing.


What is your favorite flower?

I love hydrangeas!

Where To Start?!

So this is what happens when I take 1.5 days off of blogging, so much has gone on I don’t know where to start! Let’s hope this doesn’t get too lengthy!

Friday was Canada Day! After a yummy supper of black bean burgers we headed to Sylvan Lake for ice cream and fireworks. But before even getting to the ice cream shop we found a store, not just any store though – Candy Kingdom! Me and my Mom were instantly excited, Chad a little less so… Oh and I forgot my camera on this trip so photos are few and far between via camera phones. I went with Strawberry Banana Laffy Taffy, Chad some sour Skittles and my Mom got a few goodies -gummies, maple candies, candy coated peanut and more! We decided to take a walk along the beach before going for ice cream, it was surprisingly quiet and we found a nice area with no people and sat down to snap some photos via our camera phones:

Next up was ice cream time! We headed to the local (and very popular) ice cream shop – Big Moo. Me and my Mom went for the one scoop in a cup, Chad – two scoops in a cone. I ordered my ice cream of choice – banana chocolate fudge and was handed approximately two tablespoons of ice cream in a tiny gelato cup. I wish this was an exaggeration, but it is not, I could have ate the entire “serving” in two spoonfuls. FAIL. My Mom got the same (pathetic) amount. Chad’s two scoops in a cone? Yeah, probably easily five times the amount we had. To make matters worse, $3.25 for that “one” scoop. Okay I am done, just needed to vent. Needless to say I won’t go back there this summer! Good thing we had our candy 🙂

After more walking we decided to go somewhere for drinks, and drinks turned into an appy too – “pochos”. Never heard of them?! Me neither! They are “lattice cut potatoes” made like nachos, and pretty tasty if you ask me! Since it was almost time for the fireworks we headed back to the beach to snag good seats. And then we waited, and waited. Finally the fireworks started and they were AMAZING, the best I have ever seen – they made up for the wait and almost for the ice cream fiasco too!

Caution – side tracked here – Want to know what really made up for the ice cream fiasco? This…

My dream ice cream. Enough said.

Saturday morning I woke up around 7am (sleeping in for this gal) and immediately craved cereal for breakfast:

Multigrain Cheerios, Nature’s Path Pumpkin Raisin Cereal, a sliced banana, dried cranberries and almond milk. The other reason I had cereal for breakfast? We had no other food in the house…

After our usual Saturday morning activities (farmers market, Starbucks and groceries) we packed up lunch, reading material and a Frisbee. Can you guess why?! Beach day!

We spent the next 3 glorious hours lake side, eating PB&J sandwiches, reading magazines and suntanning – or in Chad’s case sun burning!

Since Chad gets antsy easily we decided to move on from the beach and go cross off one of our Summer (Fun) items – Mini Golf! This is by far one of the better Mini Golf places around!

Check this hole out….

You had to push the log so it moved and then try and get your shot timed perfectly to get the ball into the hole. Yes, I did this is in TWO shots. Mini golf pro 😉 We won’t talk about the fit I had about five minutes after this when I declared the next hole “incomplete”.

Chad concentrating:

Pretty stoked about my shot, camera posing?

Chad’s Dad lives out at the lake so we decided to go and visit for happy hour to be nice. Happy hour did happen:

And so did supper! Secret time – we had no supper plans and really hoped they would invite us for supper – I had already declared I was not cooking 😉 Supper was ham, cheesy hashbrowns (Chad ate half the dish of these), salad and then dessert too – angel food cake with berries. I am not a cake fan usually, but angel food cake? Yes please!

After being stuffed of drinks and food plus too much sun (we are both sporting some wicked tan lines and burns), we headed home to be in bed just after 10pm. It was the perfect summer day!

Today’s agenda, 10-12km run, Costco, house cleaning and laundry and hopefully some time to even out these tan lines!