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Currently – Workouts

It has been over a month so I ran my last half marathon, and while I came off of it on a running high I knew it was best to scale back for a bit before I am back into half training for my August race. Just a quick update on where I am today with my workouts.

I have been running once a week – the least I have ran in 9 months, I usually do a 5 mile run on Sundays and that is it, but I am starting to want to run more so am going to add another run in soon. For other cardio I am going to spin once a week and so in love with it! It is so motivating and gets my heart pumping! Locals, make sure to check out My Revolution!

Yoga is still going strong with my weekly lunch class that I also love, core connect at The Breathing Room. Maybe this class will get me that six pack 😉 HA

I did a round of 21 Day Fix Extreme after the race, and was so sore my first week back at it. I love Beachbody videos and they keep my motivated so I am going to repeat Hard Corps again before my next half training starts.

I am a huge believe that being a strong runner is much more than the kilometers ran, and my last race was proof. Which is why I am focusing on other cardio and strength, And well, beach season is coming up and I can use some toning up.


What are your current workouts?

PiYo- Thoughts

After my half marathon in September I wanted to work on cutting back running for a short break and toning – mainly my core. I knew the program I wanted to try was PiYo from Beachbody since they say it is designed to burn fat and get intensely toned fast.

PiYo is a 8 week program and like all Beachbody programs it lays out the entire 8 weeks for you. It is a 6 day a week plan, which for me it hard to follow since I still run and go to other fitness classes. I decided to do PiYo 4-5 days a week then added in a few cardio days as well.

As the name suggests it is a combination of pilates and yoga moves and all moves have modifications so it is for any fitness level. You can expect to use bodyweight resistance a lot, as well as stretch a lot! You also need no equipment, just a yoga mat!

I had fairly low expectations going in if I am being honest. I am such a cardio junkie that I still struggle with lower intensity workouts doing anything. Though I know this is VERY wrong. And this program proved that.

There are a series of workouts that range from 20-45 minutes, lower body, upper body, sweat, core, buns, strength intervals, drench, sculpt, full body blast and strong legs. As a few of the names suggest these workouts are no walk in the park and leave you sweaty! My personal favourites were sweat and drench 🙂

I had a love-hate relationship with PiYo in the end. I saw pretty good results which I did not expect but cannot say I would do another 8 weeks of this program, though I would add the workouts into my routine here and there.


  • No equipment needed
  • Low impact
  • Great for toning
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Good variety of workouts


  • Some workouts are 45 minutes – I am used to under 30 unless it is running!
  • Takes a lot of concentration and coordination to do the moves properly

The moves can be hard when you are first learning them and I believe that the correct form is very important to see results. I found myself almost overthinking at times if I was moving right, holding my core tight etc which I was not a huge fan of. I am not a coordinated person though so this would not be the case for everyone 😉

I knew I got results as I lost almost 1″ for my waist but had no idea how much until I took an after photo – a week after I finished as I almost forgot! PS I need my tan back!


I gained way more definition in my core! I still have a ways to go for my goal but was pretty happy with these results. I did no modify my diet at all and if anything ate a tad more “junk” than usual too. So I think eating more clean I could have seen even better results. As for the rest of my body I would say everything stayed the same, or even lost a tad of muscle in a couple areas that is not visible in photos but I lost 3-4lbs which I would say was muscle.

Overall, it is a program I would recommend based on what your goals might be!


22 Minute Hard Corps Review & Results

Since I know what everyone wants to see is photos in these posts lets start with that. I have included three photos below. From left to right: one year ago, 8 weeks ago (6 weeks postpartum) and a few days ago (14 weeks postpartum).

three before and after

I wish I had taken the before photo (middle) one in the same bathing suit to see apples to apples but I think the photos still do some justice.

Side views of 8 weeks ago and a few days ago:

side views

My goal: My goal with this program was to fit back into my summer shorts. It was that simple for me, I did not care about my weight number and knew fitting into my shorts meant loosing inches.

My results: My shorts fit with room! I think I lost about 4-5″ total, mainly from my waist, hips and some from my chest and I lost 2lbs which leaves me about 2lbs over pre-pregnancy weight which I am sure in muscle due to this program. I gained muscle in my shoulders and arms for sure, possibly my legs too since my jeans are tighter in the legs it seems.

20160716_072737 20160716_073013

What I did: I followed the 22 Minute Hard Corps plan for the 8 weeks. I did make some changes so that I could also run. What this meant was 3 days a week of their resistance workouts (22 minutes), 3 days a week of core (11 minutes) and 3 runs a week in place of their cardio workouts. I ran anywhere from 6-15km on my run days in place of the 22 minute cardio workout. Despite my runs being longer I think my results are about the same as if I would have done the cardio workouts and not ran.

Thoughts: I LOVED this program. I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially those wanting to loose some inches and have limited time. 22 minutes a day is so easy to fit in, I did the workouts at 7:30am and 8:30pm just to get them done. The workouts are what I call bootcamp style and leave you sweaty – again, totally my type of workout. Most moves are total body moves to get the most out of the 22 minutes. I noticed a huge increase in strength after the 8 weeks especially considering I had not worked out the 6 weeks prior due to my c-section recovery. In 8 weeks I am confident saying that I am back at the strength level I was a year ago.

My diet: I did not follow any specific diet plan but did work hard to clean up my diet over the 8 weeks and reduced processed foods, sugars and carbs while consuming more veggies, healthy fats and moderate protein. I was far from perfect and fell off the train more than a few times but that is life. Diet wise I became a lot more aware of what I am eating in order to fuel my body the best I can which for me is important while working out and breastfeeding.


Any questions for me on the program?

Current Workouts

I had huge plans to run far into my pregnancy this time around. With Avery I had to quit running cold turkey to GET pregnant so running was kept a minimum and I called it quits at 7 months. Well as it turns out my body is not wanting to run much any more and as much as my mind wants to my baby and body come first. So I wanted to talk more about what I am doing these days!


So I am taking this day by day, right now a 4-6km run happens once a week with 4 minutes run, 1 minute walk. I cannot say I am too sad about this since I will mostly being pregnant in the winter and running inside is not really appealing and running on ice outside is not safe.

21 Day Fix

You guys know I am a huge fan of all the Beachbody workouts. This week I joined a friend & Beachbody Coach,(Priscilla – find her blog here!) with a challenge group for 21 Day Fix. I love the idea of doing the program with a group to keep my motivation up and this way you have others to talk to and exchange thoughts and ideas with. My goal is 4 days a week for these workouts right now.


With the absence of running I needed a cardio fix so when a friend invited me to join her at a new to me spin studio (My Revolution) last week I jumped on it. Needless to say I loved it and am planning to go weekly now. I am hoping this is something my body likes for at least a few more months!


Oh yoga! I go to lunch classes weekly and love that my studio (The Breathing Room) is a short walk away from my work. I did prenatal yoga with Avery and right now am planning on not going this time and just modifying at regular classes since it works better with my schedule. I still am loving flow classes that keep me moving. I have looked up some modifications to do as the belly grows as well.


What is your current favourite workout?

Les Mills Pump – Month One

Now that a month has passed since I started Les Mills Pump 90 program I wanted to do an update for everyone. I am super happy that I started this program over the holiday season as it helped keep me accountable to my workouts. At the same time I decided not to track results by taking photos or measurements because with all the holiday indulgences I think I just balanced it all out Smile 

I have been following the program fairly closely for the last month, I have made a few small changes to suit my schedule:

– I workout 5 days a week, not 6.

– I swap the walks for shorter runs.

– I go to yoga class or do the Yoga Inferno DVD instead of the Les MIlls Flow DVD.

The first month worked perfect for morning workouts still, as most workouts are under 45 minutes. Month two looks like there are longer workouts so I might have to wake up a tad earlier. But I am really looking forward to trying new workouts since there are still a few I have not done.

Like I talked about in my first post on the program every workout is done to music. At the start of the DVD it asks if you want the pump music, the first week or so I always said yes but was annoyed that then I did not hear the instructors speak at all. Especially because you need to hear them to know what move or tempo to follow. Then I decided to choose the no music option and guess what? There is still music! It is quieter so you can hear the instructors. WIN.

Probably my favourite part of this program so far is how the workouts are structured. Because you workout to songs (they call them tracks) you get a break every 4-5 minutes before you move onto the next song/track. For me the shorter time frames before a break is key to keep my focus and put all my energy into the workout.

The workouts I have done so far are total body workouts (except the ab one) so in 20-35 minutes you are engaging every body part. Even on a day when I am tight for time I can find 30 minutes to get in a workout and know I have got in a full body workout. Another win.

I have tried to think of cons or areas of the program I do not like at this point, but honestly cannot come up with any. Anything I did not overly like I changed to suit me, which is key when you are doing any workout program.

I am excited to see what month two brings, and plan to take photos and measurements to compare from day 30 to day 90, and will update on any changes at the end of the program.


If you are interested in learning more about this program of any other Beachbody programs make sure to contact Alison, she is very knowledgeable and has completed many of their programs.