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Currently Loving

I love almost everything about the holiday season! Except maybe the cold 😉

This first one is not holiday related but a few products I have quickly grown to love from Beautycounter, their concealer pen, blush and charcoal mist.

My friend, Brie is a consultant so if you have any questions check out her site here.

Our new sprinkles from The Sparkling Pantry:

I bought these at the market my Mom and I went to last weekend and now want all the sprinkles off their Etsy site!

Speaking of the market, my Mom bought me this mug there:

So obsessed with it and it is perfect for me!

Getting outside in this nice weather! Winter is not so bad when it is not -20 and we can get outside and enjoy it. We have a rink behind our house and I hope to get out a lot to go skating – it was one of my favourite childhood activities 🙂

Creating Christmas traditions with the girls, from baking cookies, decorating our gingerbread house, donating toys, making Christmas crafts – all these little things add up.

Our yearly family photo book from Mixbook:

I started creating these for us and our family members 4 years ago and not only do I love putting them together but looking back through them.

Our joint (early) Christmas gift to each other – Google Wifi. For some reason we have struggled to get decent Wifi in our entire house since moving in. So I am very happy to have Wifi in our entire house now!


What are your currently loving?