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Weekend Recap

I looked back on photos from a year ago and we were out at the park, no snow in spring coats. HA. This weekend was so cold and we got so much snow you’d think it was January!


Family movie night since Sing was finally available to watch!


I had no desire to go anywhere fast so we had a quiet morning then headed out for groceries and errands.

Our afternoon was filled with many activities lasting a few minutes each 😉

We had a quiet evening of doing the most exciting thing ever…taxes!


We planned to take Avery to yoga but she has a cough so we told her next weekend instead.

I got in a 7km run while watching This Is Us. I have barely ran the last two weeks and am enjoying the break to be honest.

The girls and I spent the morning doing meal prep and baking for the week.

Chloe is getting too fast with her walker!

Avery all dresses up for the party later:

We had my Grandma’s birthday party with family that lasted until 8pm so that was a wrap to our weekend! I totally slacked on photos except these two:

Oh and I cannot forget the cupcakes, as usual from Cuppitycakes. My Grandma loves picnics!


Weekend Recap

I cannot get over the weather we have had lately, makes March so much better when you can get out and enjoy the sun!


We rented a couple movies after work, The Good Dinosaur and Fast and Furious 7. Supper was enjoyed while watching The Good Dinosaur which Avery loved.


The morning was spent running errands, and a pit stop for Booster Juice (I am on a smoothie kick in this warmer weather).


During Avery’s nap Chad and I worked on our little projects (livingroom tables) and once she was up we headed to a birthday party.

Avery LOVES parties, mainly because of the cake…


Becky and I tried to get a photo of Avery and Liam and this was as good as I got:


It was a fun afternoon!

By the time we got home it was time to start supper, then after Avery was in bed we watched Fast and Furious 7 – which had me confused since I am not sure I watched 5 or 6!


Daylight Savings Time made me feel like I slept in until after 7am – woot woot! Avery was up just after me, then we woke Chad up around 8am 😉

My Sunday workout was a 4km treadmill incline walk and some weights. Miss. C is sitting quite low so walking too fast is just not possible these days!


When I was done Avery and I had our weekly baking date. This one got a tad messy…

IMG_7734 IMG_7739

We made oatmeal fudge bars and chocolate chip banana yogurt bars.


Brunch (not pictured) was Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and Avocado Sunrise Smoothies – might be a new favourtie! All was good until Avery dropped hers and it went everywhere! Sigh.

I think I jinxed Avery’s good napping abilities lately since she did not nap, we put her in her room at 11:45am and she played in her bed until 1pm when she came out. While she does still need to nap I was fine with this since it still was quiet time and she did not whine or anything. And I got my house cleaning done in peace 🙂

After a snack we headed out for a walk and to the park.

20160313_140910 20160313_142846

Like I said above walking can suck right now so we did not make it too far! We came home and played outside for a bit so we could finish up our painting on the tables – just have final touch ups now!


The rest of the day was spent BBQ’ing, installing carseat bases, doing laundry and blogging 🙂


Weekend Recap

We had a low key weekend and I think I finally shook my headache…for now.


Why do I even talk about Fridays? I am always so tired and usually end up in bed by 9pm, this night was no different.


Our usual morning errands, Avery somehow convinced us to get her a Bubble Guppie DVD set at Costco, she is currently obsessed. Anyways, I debated making her pay for it since our rule is she pays for things she wants if it not her birthday/Christmas. I asked her if she was using her money and she said yes without whining – smart kid, then I did not take her money…

Avery fell asleep during errands so we let her sleep while I ran in and our of stores, way quicker without a toddler!

We came home and had lunch and a lazy couple of hours before Avery and I headed to a second birthday party. It was at a gym and she had a ton of fun, she is at the “everything is mine” stage which is super fun…or not.



After snacks and cake we headed home to get Chad and grab Famoso pizza for supper since I had another party to get to.

In a month it is one of my best friend’s 30th birthday so some other friends, her Mom and boyfriend all schemed to pull off a surprise party for her. It worked!!! She had no idea and was really shocked. I somehow managed to stay away until midnight before calling it a night.




Sunday morning came WAY too quick. Yawn. We spent a couple hours laying around before I decided to go workout.

I got in a very slow 4km run in 24 minutes,  which was physically really good but mentally tough, my legs and mind want to go faster. I followed it with some weight.


Avery and I baked some pumpkin muffins afterwards and then made pumpkin oatmeal for brunch. Eating all the chocolate chips…


I had a ton of chores to do, including my least favourite one, cleaning the showers. Urgh.

Once Avery was up from her nap my Mom came over and we went for a walk and to the playground since it was another beautiful day. But we both forgot our phones so no photos!

While I was making supper Chad and Avery did a Halloween craft, she was pretty proud of it:


$3 at Michaels, you cannot go wrong! I am not creative enough or have time to think up my own things!

Oh and we made a “tent”, another obsession of Avery’s:

IMG_6865 IMG_6864

After a long streak of no days without tantrums I think we finally had a day without any! Great way to end our weekend 🙂


Weekend Recap

Hey there! Well this was such a fun weekend, not sure I wanted it to end! Friday can sometimes overwhelm me thinking of all the things we have to do in just two days but then the weekend comes, and we get it all done and have fun time too. Lesson learned – just relax Smile

Here is what we were up to this weekend:


Why is it always so hard to think back to Friday? Oh yeah, I had a pancake craving Winking smile So we went rouge on the meal plan and had green smoothies and banana pancakes – delicious. Then we started to set up Avery’s water table, but beforehand she used it as a trampoline, or tried to:


It turned out to be an all night project for Chad!


We were up and out of the house early to get groceries and head to Avery’s hair appointment. We chopped off almost 2”! We are trying to get it to be all one length in a little bob, and avoid her having a mullet Winking smile It is getting so close to being a bob, I am too excited about this.

After her hair appointment we took her to Cool Beans for a treat and coffee for us (local people, they got new beans and WOW, you have to get there asap!).


It was so windy out, I have no idea how Avery was not blown away.

Our afternoon was spent out of town at a first birthday party. It was at a indoor play area which was craziness but Avery loved it, luckily there was a toddler area that was a little less crazy for us so we hung out there most of the time.



We planned to go over to our friend’s for drinks after by Avery fell asleep so we grabbed more coffee and headed home.

Our evening was low key and spent catching up on PVR shows.


Our usual Sunday morning, a run and workout followed by brunch, crockpot banana french toast with turkey bacon.


We finally had a nice and not windy day and took full advantage of it, we took the water table outside (it was a hit all day!), set up the deck, baked cookies, did yard work, and had my family for a BBQ.






And before I knew it it was 8pm and I was getting ready for another week.


Weekend Recap

One thing I have learned about kids is they are strangle little creatures Winking smile Surprising you daily and constantly making you guess about everything. Good thing they are worth every single second! Around Christmas Avery decided she’d walk…for about a week. Then she HATED it. If anyone even said the word walk she would get mad and have a tantrum. For real. So we stopped pushing her to do it and she would walk here and there but not a lot. Yesterday we went to a first birthday and lots of the little kids Avery played with on my year off were there and almost all were walking. About two-thirds into the party Avery decided to walk. And not just a few steps, across the room and just wandered around! What?! Well, once we came home it was ALL she wanted to do. She did not even want to eat supper, just wanted to walk around. So we might finally have a kid that will walk her way into Kindergarten Winking smile

Now, onto our weekend:


Just a night at home but I will leave it there since I have a post coming this week more on Friday.


We grabbed groceries bright and early so Avery could have a good morning nap at home before meeting my Grandma for lunch. My Grandma is semi crazy and acts if she does not see us in 10 days that it has been months and Avery will hate her. Sigh. Well, Avery does play shy right now so of course that does not help our case. Thankfully, she warmed up after a bit.

After lunch we ran out to find Avery running shoes. All her shoes are soft soled and I wanted something more structured with regular soles for outside. I had Nike Frees in mind since they are still light weight and of course fell in love with a color online. We found some but not in that color:


At least they are not pink! And no white since that just shows all the dirt. Now to find rain boots!

Blurry walking photo, I am definitely doomed now to ever get a clear photo again…


That evening we had a couple friends over who we had not seen in awhile so just caught up with them.


I woke up wanting to run, and though it would have been the perfect day for an outside run I was not feeling it at 8am, still way easier to hit the treadmill. I got in 8km! I have only been running one day a week for the last 6-7 weeks since my focus has been pump so every once in awhile I like to get in a few extra kms over my usual 5-6km run.

I spoiled Chad (and Avery) with their favourite brunch, multigrain blueberry waffles:


Sadly, something was off and the waffles looked pathetic, but they tasted the same as usual!

After brunch we rushed around to get house chores done before heading to the birthday party:


The party was a ton of fun! It always amazes me how well all the kids can play together. I am not even sure I saw many tears.

Avery giving me the “no more photos” look at the party:


We had a low key evening at home with Avery walking everywhere. I see lots of bruises in our near future now!