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Weekend Highlights

Another fun, and festive weekend Smile I love this time of the year so much, and as much as I want Christmas to be here tomorrow I also do not want the holiday season to be over. Lots went on this weekend, but I am not in a typing mood so lets stick to the highlights and photos.


After supper me, Chad and Avery headed out to look at Christmas lights around the city. I started a list a couple years ago and every year I add to it based on houses we find. We brought Christmas cards with us and did some deliveries along the way. This one close is probably the best in town:


For more photos or local people if you want the addresses check my Instagram.


A quiet morning around home before heading to a triple birthday party for some little friends who all turn 1 this month. Of course, Avery found her BFF, Evan and stuck with him:


She played so well with all the kids, my little social butterfly.

Saturday night we all headed out of town to see an amazing light display. I am sad that this is the last year they are doing it! 120,000 lights total.



Avery was in AWE. Her head did not stop moving and she kept saying “Oooo”. There was a dog in front of us going through and she is currently dog obsessed so she also kept yelling out “pa-pa” aka puppy the entire time.


We could not get her to look at the camera for anything!


After our typical morning (workouts and brunch) we decided to ice some sugar cookies I baked Saturday. I did not look at the recipe till I was half way through and realized it made 50 plus cookies! Ahh.

Avery playing peek-a-boo with us:


To keep Avery busy we gave her a cookies and icing in a bow. She was a fan…of course:



The end result:


Now to get rid of some of them since my belly needs no more sweets already!

We finished our weekend with a pizza supper out with my Mom, perfect way to end the weekend Smile


Weekend & Birthday Party Recap!

What a fun weekend! We went to the corn maze, I had my 30th birthday party (finally) and had an awesome night with all my friends Smile


Me and Avery braved a color Costco trip for party supplies, had lunch with friends then spent the afternoon just browsing stores. I am almost done her Christmas shopping, we are not buying her a lot, one Santa gift, one from us and then one to open Christmas Eve and of course her stocking. But it feels good to have a good start.

We watched a couple new shows we had on the PVR the night – Gotham and Scorpion – both are really good but we are only going to choose one to continue watching.


After Avery’s morning nap me, my Mom, Chad and Avery headed out to the corn maze. It was pretty chilly out so we were all bundled up!


We did one part of the maze which took us a good hour so decided to not do any more. The corn was all dead Sad smile


They had a fun little who done it game along the way so we of course played along.


There is SO much to do at the farm for kids, playground, animals, trampolines, playhouses, little cars for the kids to drive (though Chad did too) and more. I can imagine with older kids you could spend a whole day there. We checked out a few things then headed home since it was still chilly.

Avery in “jail”:


Me and Avery:




In the afternoon we got ready for the party, around supper guests started to arrive so from then out we spent the night visiting with everyone. It is always so hard to chat with everyone!

I did not take photos all night long. At first I was bummed about this but then realized that I obviously was having too good of a time to even think about photos so got over it. I have the memories Smile

A couple photos I DID get:

My AWESOME cupcakes Chad ordered me,


how perfect are these? Running, vampires and wizards Winking smile And some other decor:


I have to say I am a really lucky girl to have such great friends. I feel fortunate to have tons of friends too and most celebrated last night, from elementary school friends to friends I met in the last few years. While not everyone knows each other really well they all get along and I love having everyone together. I am the first to admit that sometimes I go months without seeing some of my friends, which is sad but life gets busy and we all understand that so nights like Saturday where I can see almost everyone at one are really special to me. Thank you to all my friends for making the time to celebrate (I know a few of you read this blog!).

Also, thank you to Chad for planning this party without my help! All I did was pick up some snacks for him, everything else he did and planned and kept me in the dark. Such a great husband.

I stayed up much later than usual drinking with a good friend, and it was SO worth it, we had such good laughs together. We have been friends since the age of 8 – crazy!


I woke up at 8am, slightly panicked that Avery was awake and upset (even though I did not hear her) so I went into her room, she was awake but not upset. I brought her into bed, got a bottle and we hung out there for a bit. I was actually feeling OK despite my drinks so drank lots of water before going down for a run.

After a workout, a nap for Avery we ran some errands, picked up Avery a few new (to her) toys and got coffee. I am finding she is growing out of some of her baby toys we will pack away a few things this week to make room for some other toys.

The rest of our day was low key, house cleaning, and chores. We had an early supper then Chad told me to go have a bubble bath! I used to have them daily but have not in a long time since I had them in Avery’s bathroom which is attached to her room so after she is in bed I do not like to use the bathroom. It was a nice treat Smile