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Chloe – One Year Old!

Man, oh man I have no idea how we go here but here we are, today Miss. Chloe is ONE. When I say I feel like I just had her it is no joke, I remember the week before I had her like it was last week.


  • Getting into trouble
  • Anything that is Avery’s
  • Her walker
  • Phones
  • Books


  • Being told no. End of the world.


We had a tough couple of weeks, not sure if it was her teeth or she was testing us but our great eater did not want anything – thank goodness for food pouches! But she is back to normal now. She eats anything, some favourites are: blueberries, peanut butter sandwiches, Cheerios, smoothies, and bananas.

We have transitioned to lactaid milk and she is doing great on it! I am still hopefully she will be able to tolerate lactose in the future. But for now she still pukes, and it is almost instantly now 🙁


No big change here. She goes to bed at 7:30pm, sleeps until 6:30-7:00am. She naps twice a day still, one mid morning and once after lunch.


  • Stands unassisted
  • Took first unassisted step
  • Goes down stairs on her own
  • Says “thank you” or something that resembles it 😉
  • Points at what she wants – which means she points all day long!

To celebrate we did a donut smash with Chloe for her first birthday photos. This was the BEST 15 minutes of her life! She was in heaven and it was so fun to watch!

You better bet she ate almost two donuts with her cheeks stuffed full the entire time:


I am so excited to see what the future brings with Chloe, she is a total goof mixed with a little trouble and she knows it. Chad and I say that our kids are opposites, Avery looks like him but has my personality and Chloe looks like me and acts like Chad 😉 I cannot say I will miss the baby stage a ton, as much as toddler-hood brings it owns challenges I actually really love it, and well, I also love my sleep 😉


Foodie Friday

It was such a beautiful fall week. I love fall so much and weather that makes mid afternoon seem like summer is even better but with cooler mornings and evenings 🙂


Was my 32nd birthday –> how?! Anyways, the girls and I started the day with some yoga, then Starbucks and grocery shopping.

20160912_081518 20160913_065147

Chloe was not in the best of moods in the afternoon so we stuck close to home.


Chad came home early so we could get ready for an evening out. His Dad and Step-Mom watched the girls so we could go for supper and to a local pub to hear Coleman Hell.

Supper – so good!


I always tell myself to remember a photo of us and then forget but I did take a selfie to remember what I looked like at 32 – haha


Funny story, we sat near the back of the venue and after the opening act another band came on and we figured it was Coleman Hell though kept wondering why they were playing other cover songs… We wanted to get home by 10:15pm for Chloe’s dream feed so just before 10pm we went up by the stage and realized the band that had been playing for 45 minutes was NOT Coleman Hell – WHAT?! Then they said they would be on in 15 minutes. Boo. So yeah, we did not get to see them. It started at 8pm so we thought 2 hours would be enough time but they did not go on until after 10:30pm. But we still had a good night out.


My Mom joined us for yoga playground so we chatted and have coffee while Avery had her class.

Locals – check out the new cafe (T’s Bakery) at The Breathing Room – so good!

Chloe hit a big milestone Tuesday and started to sit on her own, she does so good and has only had a few spills!


I had not planned to run much this week but the weather was too nice not to so after nap time we headed out and then stopped at the playground.

screenshot_20160915-112448 img_20160913_163022


We met my Grandma for coffee in the morning and of course Avery spotted the smile cookies…


The girls have had great naps all week – about 90 minutes to 2 hours together! I usually have a few to do items then just watch TV or go on social media – VERY productive 😉

Avery is obsessed with being a doctor or nurse so my friend picked this up for her:


Oh Chloe…


After naps we headed out for a walk and took some fall photos. Oh fall we love you.

img_9011 img_8953 img_8971 img_8984

We came back home to meet my friend and handed off all my maternity clothes to her! Then got to work on supper since we had friends coming for supper. We had a great supper though it has changed a lot from 4 years ago, they also have a little girl who is 3 months old so these days our supper dates are done a lot earlier and involve way less wine!


It was a beautiful morning so we took a 6.5km run.


That pond is probably one of my favourite places to run around!

We spent the morning at home, I edited photos, the girls played and watched TV. Some days I feel like we go go go so I am trying to spend more time at home just hanging out.


The girl’s schedules were off so I decided to just roll with it which meant Chloe napping late morning when Avery was not ready for a nap. Then Avery had a short nap before we headed out for an appointment and to get our weekly veggies.

Onto meal planning! My veggies are piling up in the fridge so this week in operation use them all up!

foodie friday

Saturday – Easy Stuffed Cabbage Casserole – Wonky Wonderful

Sunday – Community BBQ

Monday – Slowcooker Butternut Squash Soup – Skinny Taste – I am using buttercup squash

Tuesday – One Pot Coconut Curry Shrimp – Plating Pixels

Wednesday – Sweet Potato Broccoli Chicken Bake – The Real Food Dietitians 

Thursday – OUT

Friday – Turkey bacon BLTs & kale salad

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Weekend Recap

First the good news, after a rough go Friday my ear is no longer painful (I actually compare the pain to child birth for people that have never had “swimmers ear”) but still pretty swollen, at this point that is better than nothing! Now to find preventive measures to stop these infections!


Avery and I took a sick day, I was in a ton of pain and she had a doctor appointment so we hung out all day 🙂 She knew I was not feeling great and even told the doctor “Mommy ear hurt”.

She is doing great health wise, I always feel so blessed to have a healthy child. She is 24.2lbs and 31.75″ which puts her in the 10th percentile as usual – she is consistent! I had my ear looked at again but nothing changed in what I could get for it.

We stopped by my work for a bit so I could grab some stuff to work from home, got coffee and headed home for nap time – which did not happen so instead Avery coloured while I worked.


I decided to get out for a bit so we went to the library, Avery loved played the Dora game, of course.


We quickly stopped to buy soup for supper since I could not chew without pain (again, dumb ear) and headed home. The rest of the night was very uneventful!


I woke up with only a little pain!! Woot woot. Since Avery does not cooperate for Chad at swimming lessons I went (though I cannot get my ear wet at all) and it looks like I will for the rest of the lessons too – when are these unparented?!

We ran errands, including Costco which was NUTS. Usually I like to be there by 9:30am but with swimming right now that does not happen.

Our afternoon consisted of movie watching, cuddling and a little photo shoot for baby’s gender reveal next week! No, we do not know yet, I am just over prepared 😉

Sneak peak…

edied 10 edited 11

Avery did so good! The key? Smarties and the balloons.

I was supposed to go for supper with some friends but due to my ear I cancelled since not hearing and not being able to chew = no fun at a girls supper. Instead we quickly visited a friend after supper and headed home for another early night.


Becky asked me Saturday to join her for a run in the morning and I was pretty excited to run outside! The weather was decent so we hit the trails for a 5km run or so (we both did not have our watches!). It felt great to run outside versus the treadmill 🙂

And I only took one very blurry photo before my run:


At home we made banana pancakes for brunch, my helper requested “hot chocolate milk”:

IMG_7165 IMG_7167

I was a tad too ambitious and decided on top of chores I would put out all the Christmas decor which also meant packing up things for the move…I cannot believe we are actually moving in a couple months but am also pretty darn excited.

Some of the decor, the tree was finished later on so no good photos…yet.

IMG_7168 IMG_7170 IMG_7171


We left mid afternoon to meet my family for my brother’s birthday supper at a new to me place called Meatheads. It was pretty good, I had pork tacos and sweet potato fries. Avery enjoying her ice cream with Grandma after:


Once home I finished decorating the Christmas tree and was so tired after I debated going to bed at 7:30! Instead I got this post done and finished laundry…now for Monday!

One last one of my “helper” while decorating the tree. Spoiler alert, she was not a great one 😉



Weekend Recap

This weekend we run the Super Spartan, it was my 31st birthday and we got ready to head on holidays!


Urgh, pregnancy sickness likes to hit me in the evenings making me very unproductive. So yeah that was my Friday night. My Mom and brother did come and visit for a bit though.


We picked up my Mom and brother early to head to the Spartan race. They came and watched and watched Avery 🙂 So lucky!

Before photo of me and Chad:

20150912_093456A race recap will come this week BUT you guys this was HARD. But now I know what to expect and you better bet I will be more prepared next year. I think I will “feel” this race for days.

After I cleaned up I met Brie and Becky for a late lunch. I went with chicken tacos (thank you to Becky for lunch!).


The photo that took a solid 10 minutes to get someone to take… well worth it!


I came home and guess what?! I ate more! haha. My family came over for pizza and cake and we had a low key evening.


SO SORE you guys. Since I was not working out (I somehow thought I would be!) we took our time in the morning, packing and trying to finalize other trip things.

In the afternoon we headed out of town to a friend’s son’s third birthday. Avery had a ton of fun, we had cake, visited and came home to you guessed it, pack. We stopped at my Mom’s on the way home and Avery picked all her flowers like usual.


And with that we are out of here! I will hopefully check in later this week!


Weekend Recap

I am sitting here writing this while it is pouring rain out. There was some sun this weekend but the rain and storms have been daily. I hope this week gets nicer out!


After a quick supper we picked up my race package and had Menchies – oh I ate too many sweets this weekend, time for a sugar detox. I feel like we did more that night but forget now!


My race did not start till 9:30am which was nice so we did not have to be up quite as early. Going into this race I did not expect much. When I signed up I decided to only do the 10km because I did not feel committed enough to run a half marathon. BUT the downside of that was I just did not train at all. 10km is a pretty comfortable distance to me and I usually run 10km every Sunday now.

Pre-race with Avery:


The race itself was a small town race, we were placed weird at the start, 21km first the the 10km then the 5km started after. This was a tad annoying but being that it was a smaller race it did not cause issues for me. The cool part was we started the parade off, so the first 1-2km was ran along the parade route! Cool BUT at the same time it got everyone going a little too fast off the start – me included. Soon after we got off the parade route I settled into a 5 minute a km pace. My friend ran with me for over 6km which was awesome to pass time by. I noticed a huge difference in how fast the race went by versus my last 10km race because of this.

The last 1km I saw two ladies in front of me and made it my mission to pass them. But I just could not get them! Until I saw the finish line, then I got passed one but not the other. This is when I realize how competitive I can be.

My official race time was 50:43, which was 2nd in my category and 6th for gender overall. All in all I was pretty happy with this. One day I will break 50 minutes!

While I was running Chad and Avery met my Grandma for the parade. YES My child has the messiest hair ever – I give up.



Afterwards we stuck around for the prizing…I got socks. LOL.


By that time it was way past naptime for Avery so we hit  a drive thru for coffee and headed home.

The rest of our day was spent doing errands, getting groceries, getting stuck in a storm at the grocery store, having a dance party since it was raining out and baking cookies.



Later that night we watched Mom’s Night Out which I thought was a cute movie about motherhood.


Our morning was spent doing our respective Pump workouts and watching our little tornado aka toddler – seriously how is the dayhome always SO neat? She tears about our house in seconds. I decided on french toast for brunch, made with help from Avery.


Avery had a short nap (only an hour) and after we went and ran more errands, picked raspberries at a friends and checked out a showhome which I am in love with.

My little berry lover:


I owe this girl for all the raspberries we stole!


AND we found Miss Avery her big girl bedding. It was exactly what I wanted, not too girly and still matches her room:



It was my Mom’s birthday supper and I knew it would be a challenge with Avery not having a great nap. She goes into complete crazy mode and nothing stops her. I was right and supper was well, a challenge but we made it through – just with no photos! I only had one drink but almost wished I had more Winking smile