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Weekend Recap

Party weekend!! I am relieved the birthday celebrations are over – they left me tired! Now we have 5 months before we have another one 😉


Since it was a holiday Chad was home, we worked out in the morning, ran party related errands then came home for lunch and naps. During naps we did cleaning and yes, more party stuff. I decorated cookies and made cake #2:


After naps we walked to Starbucks and the park. Crazy how the sun is almost down at 4pm now!

20161111_161710 screenshot_20161112-211524 20161111_163753

Chloe dressed in her poppy shirt for Remembrance Day:


I was SO tired that night but managed to stay awake after the girls went to bed to finish the cake and watch I Love You Man with Chad.


My Mom came over in the morning and helped out with the girls while Chad picked up food and the balloons and before we knew it guests were arriving!

I am super bummed that I forgot to take photos of all the party details – fail. This is only because I love planning parties and really think of these things so when I remembered it was too late I was pretty mad at myself but life goes on.

The good news? The party was awesome, Avery had a blast and all the kids got along great. After the party I felt so grateful for all the love we are surrounded by from both family and friends. I will recap the party later this week.


It was 5pm by the time everyone was gone we had leftovers for supper and called it a night!

Our princess:



We slept until 7am – a win in our house! I ran 7km on the treadmill while Chloe played in the gym – she is getting better at playing alone so I can workout while she is up easier now. Since we did not get to Costco Saturday we went there then grabbed groceries.

Nap time involved us finishing up Christmas lights and hanging out – as much as I wanted to jump into Christmas decor I also wanted to rest.

We had family birthday supper out for my brother and Avery, I was so full I did not get dessert – which never happens!

I only took three photos all day so will share the random three photo I took, Avery’s “morning after party” photo, Chloe’s newest obsession – the ball tent and my supper:

screenshot_20161113-184010 20161113_092437 20161113_173902


Weekend Recap

I cannot believe it is August 15th! I love summer but fall is my favourite so I am already a tad excited for that. As well this week marks my half way point in my maternity leave – SO crazy!


We went out to Ellis Bird Farm with my Grandma. Long story short, we were there still at nap time and that did not go over well for anyone. But Avery still had a ton of fun, from petting goats and catching minnows (with her bare hands – YUCK).

20160812_115150 20160812_114730 IMG_20160812_113852 Screenshot_20160814-143503

20160812_115507 IMG_20160812_120252

That afternoon we returned some stuff to Old Navy, and tried to find some things for myself which was a fail. I feel like all their clothes doubled in size or the styles are really baggy. Even Avery said “too big, maybe not Mom” to everything I tried on. Boo.

A beautiful evening called for a walk and park trip:



My brother hooked us up with Netflix so after the girls were in bed we watched The Do Over which turned out to be a good movie.


We made an early trip to the market and once I got there I remembered the hummus guy was not there 🙁 Avery got mini donuts and picked out flowers for her Grandma since it was her birthday party later on.

Oh and total Mom win – I semi did her hair with a cute side braid. This is a big deal to me, I cannot do hair whatsoever so this made my day:


The rest of our Saturday was filled with parties, first a friend’s daughter turned one and then Chad’s step-mom turned 60.


It was a great afternoon and evening and by the time we got home it was after 9pm so we called it a night!


My training plan called for a long run of 18km, I told Chad he and the girls did not need to join for all but he was up for it so off we went. We had no idea how far to go and when to turn around so we ended up doing 19.92km! Poor Chad pushed the girls up the massive hill (below) and then I made him take a photo with me at the top, wife of the year 😉

IMG_20160814_105811 20160814_103136

I was SO proud of Chad and the girls – such great training partners!

Our Sunday was then filled with garage organizing now that our shed is built, house chores and having my Mom for supper – and no photos!