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Weekend Recap

Welcome to June! The last weekend of May brought at least a little sunshine so we cannot complain!


A couple weeks ago Brie contacted me saying she would be coming through Red Deer this afternoon so I decided to get Avery early from dayhome so we could meet up. We met her and Sully at Cool Beans for coffee and so the kids could play in the sandbox.


It was so nice to meet them both! Like I told Brie it was like we had had already met Smile 

That evening my Mom brought over a book she bought me, The Happiest Toddler on the Block so I spent most of the evening reading it. I loved the baby version so hoping I get some tips from this one too. Around 9pm I started to have a bad pain near my left hip bone but thought nothing of it (blamed cramps) until I went to sit up and could barely walk it hurt so bad. It hurt to lay on that side as well. I hoped it would pass in the night.


I woke up with the pain still, but since it was no worse I knew it was nothing too serious. Since it only hurt to touch and when I used certain muscles I came to the conclusion that I somehow must have pulled a muscle.

We packed up early and headed to the market, it was a tad chilly and poor Avery had shorts on – Mom of the year here Winking smile After we went to a couple garage sales, and returned my running shoes again – I am not crazy, the arch was off in the one shoe!

Playing around with her current favourtie toy:


After Avery’s nap we headed down to Kerrywood Nature Centre to go for a walk and to Imagination Grove.



We wanted to rent a movie and stopped by the video store, where they happen to have ice cream…


That night we had a family movie night and made a floor bed, Avery last almost 30 minutes before she went to bed  and we watched the rest of the movie (The Interview).



I woke up with only a little pain so knew it was nothing too serious. But decided I better run inside just in case. I also wanted to test out the new shoes (Mizuno Wave Riders 18) inside before taking them outside.

The first few km’s my right foot was hurting but it got better after that. I was SO hot, even though our basement is cool and I had a fan on me. Hence the minimal clothing.


10km in just under 53 minutes.

Brunch was pancakes, so easy! I doubled the batch when I didn’t need to so we have pancakes for days now.



We baked muffins then spent time in the yard, I had more seeds to plant (I usually plant a couple times a few weeks apart) and we brought the water table into the yard for Avery.


It did not last long, she was not herself most of the day and very whiny. So she went for an early nap while I cleaned the house.

Another short nap meant Avery was still cranky so we spent some time cuddling and playing before supper. Supper was southwestern salad, so good! The dressing made it, just avocado, garlic, cilantro, lime juice and plain Greek yogurt.


Since we had an early supper we headed to the park and Avery was finally happy, maybe she was stir crazy?!


We ended the night with a semi successful bath time. It has been over a week of bad fights and fits over bath time, she went from loving them to hating them so we have been trying everything to help the situation and hoping it is short lived.


Weekend Recap

This weekend was go-go-go, but we had a ton of fun, and got to hang out with lots of great friends!


A low key weekend at home was just what we needed since our weekend was going to be busy. I cannot even remember what we did! So nothing too exciting Winking smile


Avery started Duck swimming lessons that morning, it is our third set of lessons since I want to keep her in the water. I signed up for the 9am class since we like to run errands Saturday mornings but did not really think that this meant us actually moving it on Saturday mornings! Chad took her for the first class since we decided to swap her went in the pool, it was nice to sit back and watch.

Saturday afternoon I headed to a yoga workshop on headstands with Becky. I started to self teach myself how to headstand about a month ago so wanted to learn the proper technique and tips on how to improve. It was a great class and worth the $25. I learned how to get into a headstand as well as crow. Going in I could do a tripod/three point headstand but not one on my forearms.


We also used the headstand helper which is a great core workout and helps you to find your balance.


I am excited to do more workshops in the future, hint, hint Becky Winking smile

That afternoon I had to take some photos of Avery’s shirt which I LOVE. This is a 2T shirt, HOW?! It says “Good Vibes Only”, and this is a typical Avery face:



That evening we went to my friend’s house for a belated 30th birthday party for her – she is the last of my high school friends to turn 30! How times have changed, with 8 kids  the party is a lot tamer! Avery had SO much fun playing with all the kids and chasing them around. She was also obsessed with their dog:


He was so good with her! We stayed till 9pm, Avery was doing great but I did not want to push her since she usually is in bed at 7:30pm.


I got in a 7km run and some stretching since I was a tad sore from the workshop before getting ready to head to Calgary for the afternoon with Amie and Becky for Leigh’s baby shower that Alison and Nicole hosted.

It was great to see all the girls, it had been way too long! Leigh’s little girl (Amelia) is a perfect mix of her Mom and Dad and such a chill little girl!  Makes me miss having a tiny little babe. Avery had running around with Alison’s little girl, Delainey since they are only 6 weeks apart.


Avery look for Delainey after she went for a nap.

Leigh looks awesome!


The girls did such a great job hosting with all the details:


Thank you again for having us! And thank you to our driving buddies Smile

The rest of our day was spent playing, reading books and doing some chores from the weekend.

Avery loves to read in her closet since she has a bookshelf in there so I decided to put her comforter and pillow down in there to make it comfy for her:


Now to kick start our busy week!


Foodie Friday

Happy fourth of July to my friends to the south! Hope you all have a fun and safe holiday weekend. Around here it officially feels like summer with a mini heat wave this week. We have had a great couple of days with lots of great friends, Wednesday we went to the beach for the first part of the day:

beach day

Avery loved the sand a little too much, trying to eat it….

Yesterday we went to Calgary to see Nicole, Alison, Leigh and meet Ashley who was here visiting from Ontario. And of course see all the little ones Smile


Thanks to Nicole for the photo!

Avery did so good on our job, only getting upset the last 10 minutes or so of the drive.

Last night when I was meal planning  was trying to avoid any indoor cooking since the house already gets pretty hot I do not want to stand in a even hotter kitchen cooking. But after when I looked at my meal planning I pretty much failed doing so.

Saturday – Superfood Salad & Grilled Chicken – Iowa Girl Eats

Sunday – Toasted Coconut Tilapia with Mango Salsa & Kale Salad

Monday – Friend’s house for supper

Tuesday – BLTs & Sweet Potato Fries

Wednesday – – Mini Mediterranean Meatloves, & Greek Salad – Iowa Girl Eats

Thursday – Chicken Skewers & Kale Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette – Damn Delicious 

Friday – Curried Chickpeas with Couscous

Our weekend plans include a market trip, Costco trip, and a third birthday at the lake. Fun times for sure Smile


A Colorful Weekend

This post really should just be a Color Me Rad recap since I really did not take much photos to share besides of the race, and even those photos are mostly courtesy of others!


We had my family over for supper, then my brother stayed the night and me and Chad went to see X-Men. Before Avery was born we promised each other we would go on monthly date nights without Avery and I am so proud to say we have stuck with that every month Smile The movie did not start till 9pm which meant I did not get to bed till midnight, not too smart since I had a 5:30am alarm for Saturday.


5:30am alarm for the race. Of course a mandatory Starbucks stop before we hit the road to Calgary for the race, I drove down there with a few friends.

Pre-race photo:


I bought this outfit over a year ago for this race since last year it was rescheduled due to the floods and I could not make it for the new date.

The race was at Canada Olympic Park, and they said there was not on site parking (unless you had a VIP pass) so we parked across the street and walked over. Once on site we grabbed our packages which included really awesome t-shirts and sunglasses – you will see these hot nee orange sunglasses below Smile I had planned to meet up with some blogger friends and we located each other fairly quickly at check-in.

There was tons of tents with vendors there so we checked out most of them, Clif was there with yummy samples, McDonalds with free coffee, Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water and more. At one tent they were challenging people to a two minute plank and Kaella thought we should all do it! I have been practicing my planks nightly so that helped me hold it for the two minutes.

They had a stage set-up where the Color Me Rad crew was tossing out color bombs, so before we hit the start line we headed there get colorful and bust out some dance moves.


Before long we were looking pretty colorful! A few pre-race photos:




The course itself was not easy, the first half was all uphill, since it was a fun race we all stuck together and walked and ran as we felt like it.

Before we knew it the finish line was in sight – I have no idea our time since that was not the point of this run Winking smile



Post race photos, top photo is with my friends I went with and bottom is with my blogging buddies – and a couple of photo-bombers Winking smile After we went to the beer gardens for a drink and tried the new Bacardi Coconut Water coolers which were pretty good but also pretty sweet for me.

Side note – I love that I got to meet up with Kaella, Tawyna, and Becky for this race and I met Jen for the first time! Blogging has allowed me to make some really great friends all over the place and I am so thankful I started this crazy little blog for that reason.

Sadly I could not join the girls for a post-race brunch since I had to get home so we could head to another commitment – next time for sure!

After I was home, showered and back to normal color we packed up to go out to Chad’s Dad’s land for a family BBQ. Thankfully, Mother Nature somewhat cooperated and while we saw no sun we also did not see rain. We enjoyed visiting with everyone, ate too much dessert (we also celebrated three birthdays) before heading home since it was past Avery’s bedtime. We had planned to stay over night but were just not organized enough to do so. The only photo I got was of Avery and her “cousin” Titan:


I was in bed by 10pm and out like a light!


I woke up to see 7:54am on the clock! What?! We all needed extra sleep I guess. Me and Chad both got in our workouts when Avery went for a morning nap then we decided to go out for brunch since we had a gift certificate.

We went to the Black Knight Inn for brunch and it was not bad, no Heritage Ranch but your typical brunch buffet. Avery of course loved it, anything with food and people makes her happy…She is such a social butterfly.

Our afternoon was pretty uneventful, it was raining out so we did chores, watched TV, played with Avery and I did blog work.

I find this weekend odd, it is kind of the long weekend but not really since Canada Day falls on the Tuesday so Chad works today and has tomorrow off. Be back tomorrow with a fashion post of Avery’s mini shopping trip.


Weekend Recap

We had such a fun weekend, you already heard about the race recap. We also met up with a few awesome ladies, went to the zoo, Avery had her first hotel stay, ate tons of yummy food, visited with friends and finally made our way back home.


My brother, Chad, Avery and I made our way to Food Truck Friday to enjoy a sunny lunch. In the afternoon we played in the backyard and took one too many photos:






After a quick market trip and grocery shopping we headed to Calgary.

Our first pit stop was at the race expo, we only grabbed my package and headed out since we were on the way to the zoo to meet up with Kaella, Becky and Tawyna. It took us a bit to get organized there but we got in, and found everyone. It was so great to meet Kaella and Tawyna since I follow their blogs. Both have adorable little kids with great style Smile Unfortunately, Liam was not able to join us but we still loved to see Becky!


We took our time wondering around the zoo, Avery had a nap (and did not care about most of the animals), but it was fun seeing the older kids react to the different animals.





Avery did love the penguins:


Thank you to Chad for taking photos!

After the zoo we checked into our hotel downtown, Avery loved the king sized bed!


We decided to take the short walk to Milestones for supper, I had the tilapia and of course dessert – a giant double chocolate chip cookie with gelato:


Avery enjoyed the wine menu:


The rest of the night was low key, a one room hotel room with a sleeping baby at 8pm does that Winking smile


RACE DAY! I will skip over the race part since you have already read that.

After the race we went back to the hotel, I cleaned up and we packed up. We went on the search for somewhere to eat, found a brunch place but with the wait we decided to find something fast – I was starving. We made our way to our friend’s place and grabbed Subway and Tim Hortons close by.

We had a great visit with our friends and got to meet there 6 week old baby Smile

On the way back to Red Deer me and Avery got in naps – both of us needed one!

I spent the rest of Sunday unpacking, cleaning, doing laundry and typing up my race recap before calling it a night. It was a long day!