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Book Club Reads

This post has been months in the making, well kinda of, in my head it has been. Thinking back now I should have drafted a review after each book, since now I barely remember all the books we read! But I wanted to share my thoughts on some of the reads from my book club. I will keep this short and simple since I really do not want to give too much away and more just share my thoughts.

Also, if you like to read and are not currently on goodreads, get on there, it is a great place to look for books and read reviews!

Up first, Girl on The Train. This comes first since it is my favourite book club read thus far. I read this book in a weekend which for me is unheard of. It is a mystery/suspense book that will keep you flipping pages. One thing I did not like about it was the characters, I never ‘really’ liked any of them, and they mostly annoyed and frustrated me. But the constant suspense kept me sidetracked enough to get past that. Enough about this book, just go and read it before I give it all away.

girl on the train

Yes Please by Amy Poehler. Going into this one I was not sure what to think, first of all non-fiction is usually not my thing and I really do not know a lot about Amy Poehler. But this book surprised me, not only was it pretty funny but I also had quite a few clever take aways from it. From motherhood, to her career, marriage/divorce she talks about it all! There were parts I skipped, like the divorce part since it just did not resonate with me. She is very down to earth in this book and tells it like it is. I never felt in a hurry to read this book though, which was probably a bad thing since it also meant I never fully finished it.

Yes please

A Sudden Light. Where to start with this one? It was written by the same author that wrote The Art of Racing in the Rain and why it was choosen for our book club. It was long, or felt really long but I was determined to finish it. The first 300 pages were SLOW, the last 100? Total page turners. In the end I really liked this book but there was a lot to follow, after all the book did start one with a huge family tree. If you like books about the afterlife and ghosts you might enjoy this book. I got really hung up on all the details that a lot of the time  found useless to the story. But that is just not my book style.


Big Little Lies. This was my pick and of course I loved it, totally a girly read which are my type of books. But do not let the word girly throw you off on this book, it is classified as suspense, which I am not realizing are my type of books. While this book did follow a few different characters it was the right amount without getting too confusing but kept the book moving along at a good pace. I always love books that bring together the different characters since I spend my time trying to figure out how they will do this and then get excited when I figure it out. This author also has a couple other great books I have read since, The Husband’s Secret and What Alice Forgot.


Mosquitoland. I was really surprised to find this in the teen section of Chapters and if I am being honest still do not know what to make of this book. One word comes to mind for sure – quirky. It is about a teen girl that leaves home on a Greyhound bus and her journey. Of course that description does not do it justice but since it was not my favourite that is all I will say. Check out the reviews, others in my book club liked it!


I have to say being in a book club is pretty awesome, I get to hang out with great ladies once a month, we drink and talk about the books a bit, and it forces me to read and go outside my comfort zone in books I might not usually pick up.


Do you like to read? Best book you have read lately?

Foodie Friday

Happy Friday! How is it Friday and HOW is it August in two days?! Sigh.

Yesterday we continued our stay-cation and went to a zoo, it is a smaller “wildlife” zoo but only about 45 minutes from us. I like that there is a ton of open space so it never feels too congested.

Avery loved the monkeys and was pretending to be one when she saw them:


The jaguar show is always awesome!




Trying to get a decent photo with my little:



Watching the racoons, she likes climbing the fence more I think:


Chad trying to intimidate the llama.


Avery and my Mom watching:


I had book club last night at my favourite local pizza place, no pizza for me but their drink menu is just as good! Last month’s book was A Sudden Light. In the end I really liked this book, though it felt long at times. In August I am hoping to talk more about my book club reviews so far. My pick was up next, I brought two books for the group to choose from and they picked The Vactioners.


Moving on to meal planning!

foodie friday

Saturday – Eating out

Sunday – Oprah’s Favourite Grilled Cheese & kale salad – oh sweet basil

Monday – Easy Flounder Brocccolini Bake  with couscous (I will use Sole instead) – Skinny Taste cookbook

Tuesday – Chicken Fajita Quesadillas with guacmole – jo cooks

Wednesday –  Greek turkey burgers & salad —> need to use garden veggies!

Thursday – Healthy Tuna Casserole – Reveal Natural Health

Friday – Pizza night since we skipped it last week!

Today we are headed to the beach since it is going to be a perfect day for it. Tomorrow the plan is to take a little tour to smaller towns and check out some different shops and cafes. We still have a few looming to do list items as well which will keep us busy. The one I am dreading? Staining our porch!

Enjoy your long weekends Smile



A little “currently” update on life right now:


Reading Mosquitoland. It is our book club book this month and so far it is just okay. I like the story but not so much the writing, it is hard for me to follow and I lose interest easily.


I am also reading this book:


My Mom found it for $1 and it is awesome. I loved the baby version and this is giving me a lot of great toddler “tips”!

Listening to – I mainly listen to the radio and love the song “Cheerleader”, on the flip side I am not listening to Maroon 5’s song, “This Summer’s Going to Hurt Like a…” – cannot stand it! I also listen to Songza at work and love the “soft pop” playlist.

Eating –  ALL the fruits and veggies! Since we are in the middle of a two week clean eating binge we have pretty much eliminated sugars, some carbs and are sticking to whole foods.

Guilty Pleasure – Of course there has to be come kind of saving grace with our little challenge, so I am having a piece of dark chocolate most days:


Watching – Nothing, can you believe it? I cannot. BUT Big Brother starts on the 24th!

Current (toe) Nail Colour – Bright pink , which screams summer to me!


Drink – Going also with the clean eating thing, ALL the water. I add lemon juice and a bit of Stevia if I get really sick of plain ol’ water.

Excited for – Holidays! We are going to see Chad’s Mom in southern BC this month AND I am going on a 3 day yoga retreat nearby. I cannot wait!

Wanting – I have been on a hunt for brighter summer bag, but had no luck. I really do not even know where to look, I want to keep it affordable since chances are it will be a one season type of bag. Suggestions?

Work Out – I am back doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme (with some running) for the next few weeks. I LOVE this program, the workouts are fast and dirty and make you work! Even better news? They are on sale this month, and my girl, Alison can hook you up (she has details in that link).


Wearing – A lot of dresses. I have way too many summer dresses, still over 20 probably after my huge purge. Anyways, here are some current favs:




What are you currently…Excited for? Wanting?

Foodie Friday

Friday!! This week actually felt a bit longer than the last couple. I have been on the tired side which does not help, it is a shock if I am still awake at 9pm.

Did I ever mention I joined a book club? I am pretty cool. I want to read more and knew this would get me into reading more but I got behind this week, and not have 10 chapters to read in less than a week. Oh boy. See, going to bed ta 9pm basically cuts out my reading time which usually would be between 9-10pm so I might need a new plan…

Want to know what else I do NOT do during the week now? Take photos. I blame the fact that we leave to work in the dark and get home in the dark and are left with bad lighting. I do manage to get some Instagram photos up though if anyone wants to see our smiling (or not) faces Smile

Now that I am feeling all over the place with this post I will move onto meal planning for the next week:

Saturday – Crockpot Maple Dijon Chicken (Skinny Taste) & Asparagus and Potato Salad (Oh She Glows)

Sunday – Birthday Party for a friend’s little girl

Monday – Slow cooker Thai Chicken Soup –(foodie crush)

Tuesday – Tuna wraps & sweet potato fries

Wednesday – Gourmet mac & cheese

Thursday – Baked Honey Lime Taquitos (Six Sisters’ Stuff)

Friday – Chicken Quinoa Chili – (freezer meal since I am at a event that night so Chad and Avery are on their own!)

I basically now refuse to spend more than 30 minutes cooking supper during the week which can make meal planning challenging. So if you have quick ideas send them my way!

Weekend plans? I feel like we are entering the holiday season starting this weekend. Saturday we are going “festival lights the night” downtown where they have ice sculptures, light City Hall park and other things, Sunday I am going to a Christmas craft sale with my Mom and then we have the birthday party that evening.

Have a great weekend and make sure to get in your entries for my holiday gift guide giveaway with Urban Cowgirl and Modern B Boutique. Both are awesome local shops you will LOVE!