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Weekend Recap

It was a fairly low key weekend over here but no complaints about that!


More snow you guys! We had lunch with my Mom, then after naps went into my work for a bit. I cannot believe I am back in less than three months now. I am excited to go back!

The one photo I took all day:


I think we folded laundry that night and watch a couple TV shows – party animals!


Morning errands as usual, the we headed to Liam’s birthday party. Avery was so excited to wear her party dress, HAD to have her hair curled and bring a present.

img_20161015_124818 20161015_130243

The party was awesome, it is puppy themed, Dalmatians specifically, check out these cupcakes!


At one point I was laughing so hard I was crying thanks to the kids and the Marshal pinata. Lets just say Avery might need therapy after seeing Marshal (Paw Patrol puppy) ripped to pieces. To funny.

After we stopped at Winners to jean hunt – and I found some for $25 – score and a mirror for Avery’s room! Avery passed out on the drive home and slept on the couch for a bit at home while Chloe took advantage of the play time with Avery’s toys.

20161015_163330 20161015_164133

Another quiet evening for us at home.


The girls had us up at 6:30am – yawn. I ran 10km on the treadmill, it is just so much easier than going outside and I find speed work easier on it too.


Though it is WAY more boring.

We had to run a few errands and then convinced Chad to go out for brunch. He realized fast that two hangry girls was worth the money eating out.

20161016_115551Β IΒ had my new favourite at Brown’s, the social salad.

Chloe slept most of brunch then woke up and stared me down since she was not eating too:


Our afternoon was filled with chores, play time, a SPCA visit and ice cream at McDonalds.

20161016_144159 20161016_173644

Chloe’s favourite face these days.

We set up Avery’s new mirror in her room and added the lights we bought for it.


It turned out just as we pictured!

And that was our weekend!





Weekend Recap

It was such a perfect fall weekend, I hope it was not the last!


The photo-less day! We went to yoga playground in the morning but it was a bust. Avery was off that morning and when we got there is was already packed and 20 minutes in she came out saying it was too loud. There was a ton of older kids so I think it was just too much. We stayed for a bit to see if she would go back but it was not happening.

We met up with Becky at Food Truck Friday – the last one of the year πŸ™ We had a delicious lunch despite Avery being cranky still. After we ran a couple errands and headed home for naps. The girls napped at different times but I like that sometimes since then I get one on one time with them. After naps we visited my brother for a bit then headed home to make supper and Avery hauled out all her craft stuff.


I think we just had a quiet evening at home that night – mom brain πŸ˜‰


Our typical Saturday morning, pancakes, Costco and groceries before heading to our niece’s first birthday party.

20160917_1225340-1 20160917_130728 20160917_122354


When we got home the girls napped, I did some cleaning and Chad ran errands then once he got home we swapped and I did errands – kid free!

Chloe duck:


Funny story – we bought this years before we had Avery and then her timing was off for the costume size but I kept it anyways. And the one time I tried her in it she freaked. Fast forward to this year and it is the perfect size for Chloe this year and she LOVES it.

After the girls we to bed we made popcorn and watched Neighbours 2 πŸ™‚


Chad’s knee is bugging him so we decided not to run and workout at home instead. AND it was our 6th anniversary – later this week we also celebrate 14 years of being together – crazy!


We typically do not exchange much for gifts but this year we got each other a few small things.

My flowers, and I got a spa gift card:


I got Chad a gift card, beer and gifted him this JORD watch – more to come on this!


I proposed brunch at Browns after our workouts so we did just that. I love being able to walk there. I had the best brunch meal ever:


Though Avery’s waffles looked pretty awesome too!


Avery takes brunch seriously.


We stopped at Starbucks on our way home and took a walk through our favourite area – ack, I love fall.

screenshot_20160918-142621 screenshot_20160918-142545


Poor Chloe, tell us how you really feel πŸ˜‰


Chores, laundry and naps were on the agenda next before heading to our community BBQ.

The BBQ was a ton of fun and I even booked the lady that was face painting there for Avery’s birthday party. And the best part? She also dresses up as a princess! Avery will die.

20160918_174825 20160918_164655 20160918_173037

It was so nice to not re-clean my kitchen all day! I spent the evening doing this post and party planning since you can never plan too early πŸ˜‰



Long Weekend Recap

And just like that our little staycation is over and it is August. Craziness. We had a great long weekend and I took way too many photos…


We took a mini trip to a zoo that is only 30 minutes away, Discovery Wildlife Zoo. I love this zoo, there is so much space and all the animals seem to be out and about more. This was probably our best trip yet, we got there right when it opened so it was not busy at all and all the animals were out and close to the fences.

Screenshot_20160729-141625 Screenshot_20160729-141322 IMG_20160729_111742 IMG_20160729_111157 20160729_141814 20160729_141537 20160729_141443 20160729_141411 20160730_210049

Avery was only disappointed she could not pet the bears and wolves – believe me if she could she would! That girl has zero fear.


She is also climbing obsessed these days:


After we grabbed Vietnamese food for lunch then headed back home.

It was a hot afternoon so after naps we set up the pool and enjoyed some cold beverages in the yard.

IMG_20160729_154427 20160730_210332

Since long weekends are all about indulging (am I right?!) we went to the video store after supper to rent movies and got ice cream there – brilliant to sell ice cream there! Avery got a princess movie and we got Dirty Grandpa – great for some good laughs, not child friendly πŸ˜‰


A farmers market trip was a very successful trip since I found someone to build me new garden boxes!! I know I could do it on my own but these days some things are worth paying for. After we grabbed groceries and headed home.

After naps we decided to take a trip down to Bower Ponds, at first we planned to bike down but I did not trust the clouds so we drove. We played on the playground, Avery insisted she needed a hot dog, checked out the pollinator area and well played Pokemon πŸ˜‰

20160730_151915 IMG_20160730_161828 IMG_20160730_162510 20160730_151425


Later we helped my brother move, and of course it poured rain right as we did so then we checked out their new place and headed home. Once the girls were in bed we played some Scrabble and stayed up too late doing so.


I had the worst letters the entire time…


15km run to start our day:


I thought we were having bad luck with the running selfie but then realized my phone was doing burst shots so I had a ton of photos. Oops.

I finally got back in the brunch game with cinnamon waffles and peach compote from the BC peaches my inlaws brought us.


Chad wanted to get our shed built so I took the girls downtown to a street performers festival (Centrefest) with my Mom, then my brother and girlfriend met us there too.


Avery loved this gymnastics area, made me wish the classes worked for us (only during the day, parented and I cannot bring Chloe):


Then Avery spotted a girl with her face painted and that was her next mission, $9 later this was one happy girl.

20160731_165157 IMG_20160731_164431Β Our long weekend tradition is to have a fire and s’mores so once Chloe was asleep we did just that. Avery insisted on doing hers all by herself:

20160731_195851 20160731_195442


Our plan for the day involved finishing the shed, well that was Chad’s πŸ˜‰ So we just hung out at home all day, my Mom came and helped for a bit too which helped a ton!

These cheeks kill me:


IMG_20160801_105800 IMG_20160801_132623

After supper we hit the park and Chloe went for her first park swing:


I swear she did not hate it!

And just like that the weekend was over!



Long Weekend Recap

Not going to lie here this weekend was pretty lame. Dang rain! Though in Alberta we should expect it if not snow πŸ™ After four days of rain I am ready for sun this week!


Day one of the rain. We baked, went and bought craft supplies, made pom pom caterpillars and kept busy inside singing “rain, rain, go away”.

20160520_094212 20160520_105818 20160520_155315

That evening I met up with Becky and LauraΒ at the new Orange Theory Fitness which is a couple minutes away from my house. Review coming this week!


After we had a drink at Browns then headed home.


The rain let up for a few hours, just enough time to have a short garage sale, which actually was pretty busy for a bit. My in-laws brought up lunch over and watched the girls while we got things ready.

Chloe had a 2.5 hour nap in the garage in a snowsuit – thankfully I kept Avery’s – never thought Chloe would need it!


We ended the day with tacos – I think this is a new Saturday tradition and watching hockey.



I started my day with a treadmill run! 5km in just under 30 minutes πŸ™‚

20160522_083218 IMG_20160522_075619

After Chad’s workout we headed for brunch with friends that ran the Woody’s Marathon, they are all brave, it was so rainy and cold out!


The rest of our day was spent doing things around the house, watching Zootopia, eating popcorn and hanging out.

20160522_121852 20160522_143641 20160522_134354


I felt like I was coming down with a cold Sunday but thankfully woke up okay. I took advantage of Chad being home since it was a holiday and worked out. A 2 mile run followed by my first Hard Corps workout.

20160523_083746 (1)

Avery and I ran out to do a couple errands late morning then since the rain stopped we came home and opened up the garage sale again. It was a slow start but picked up and we made a decent amount of money. Chloe once again loved her snowsuit and slept for 2.5 hours in it.


Later we had some craft time and then it was supper!


I had been craving a kale an quinoa salad for awhile – soo good!

And that was our May long, not how I thought it would be with all the nice weather lately but that is okay!


Easter Weekend 2016

So like I mentioned Friday we did no t have a lot planned for this weekend, turns out that was a really good thing since Chad was sick. But we still had to have my Grandma over for a visit – apparently she wants to catch the flu.


It was nice to have the extra day off! We worked out in the morning, then my Mom came over and we spent the rest of the day baking and cooking to stock the freezer. It was tiring but nice to do all at once, I have 4 dozen cookies, a dozen muffins, homemade granola, and 7 suppers in the freezer now. Win!

After we finished that we took Avery to the park since she was a tad grumpy from being inside all day.

20160325_155914 20160325_155219

I say a tad grumpy but mean she was a complete bear when she woke up from her two hour nap. This continued all weekend until we saw she finally cut her last molar – emotional outbursts explained!

That night we visited friend’s but Chad had started to not feel well so it was a early night.


The morning was spent running some errands, and getting Chad some medicine to kick this cold. Elderberry you guys – it is magic, my whole family swears by it! They have kid safe stuff that I credit to Avery not having a single cold or illness this winter!

Avery struggled to go down for her nap, but finally fell asleep and slept until 3:30pm when I got her up. Chad had a nap too so I did yard clean up, house work and some supper prep.

After nap times we headed out for a walk, got Starbucks, went to the bank and the park.

20160326_160403 20160326_164825

I love living so close to so many amenities! My Mom joined us for supper, and we did not do anything else except play Easter bunny after Avery was in bed.



Growing up I loved Easter so I was really excited to see Avery in the morning. Right away she was excited when she saw the basket outside her door and an egg. When she looked at the trail of eggs down the stairs and in the livingroom she said “Oh bunny, you are funny” & “Easter bunny made a mess”. She collected all the eggs, emptied the Smarties from them and ate a good ten before 7am.

IMG_7800 IMG_7802 IMG_7811

Her Easter basket theme was “things for Avery to do”, with C’s arrival right away I wanted to find more things Avery would do on her own if I was busy with C. So she got bubbles, Duplo, washable markers, a couple activity books and of course candy. I also threw in a new cup and pjs for her. My Mom added a tool and garden kit for her as well. She is obsessed with tools!


I worked out afterwards, then made brunch, coconut french toast casserole.

20160327_083430 IMG_7817

Chad and Avery checked out all the new goodies, she dressed herself to go outside…


To be a toddler!

During nap time I did house work and blog work. Avery had another two hour nap!! After my family came over for a little visit. Everyone ended up coming in shifts between 3-6pm but I cannot complain since it kept Avery happy!

Avery and Uncle “Dar” – still her nickname for him:


By the time my brother left it was time to get Avery to bed, finish this post, do laundry and catch up on Big Brother.

Tomorrow I am off work so Avery and I are planning visiting some friends and just enjoying our day!