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Weekend Recap

I think I am still in shock that the long weekend is over and it is July 4th – and happy 4th of July to my American friends!


Chad was off Friday which was nice and messed me up all weekend as to what day is actually was! We made a big breakfast, did a Hard Corps workout in the morning then walked to the small spray park by us:

20160701_070336 20160701_100855 20160701_104015

Since it was Canada Day we all wore our Canada gear:


20160701_092057(0) 20160701_091743

I cannot get a photo of the two of them that is decent these days!

During nap time I got groceries and we enjoyed a drink on the deck:


Afterward we went to my Mom’s since there are nearby saskatoon bushes and did some berry picking. Avery ate as much as we picked I am sure 😉

20160701_15111620160701_155225 20160701_152513 20160701_152956

Our evening plan was to head out to the lake for fireworks after supper since I prefer theirs to the cities so we did just that, the weather looked iffy but we went for it. We grabbed some ice cream and found a perfect spot:


It started to rain a little and we thought it would pass but then it started to pour, after 15 minutes we saw the sky and did not think it would let up so left…well it did stop or almost and the fireworks went – boo. I thought for sure they’d be cancelled! Avery was pretty excited for them too.


We headed out to another lake in the morning for a birthday party. We go to this lake (Gull Lake) often but never to this beach which is nice and SO quiet – it was awesome and a new spot for us for sure.

20160702_111149 IMG_20160702_113655

We left around lunch, both girls fell asleep in the car so we  grabbed lunch and ate it on the front lawn while they slept more – parent life! Eventually the woke up and we re-packed up to head to Chad’d Dad’s land for a family get together they have every July 1st weekend.

We had a great afternoon and evening there, Avery was a tad hyper which made me happy I decided not to stay overnight and we left about 8:30pm since both girls were very tired.

20160702_164911 20160702_161523 20160702_161202 IMG_20160702_150915


I think I am doomed to ever sleep past 6:30am again, good thing I am a morning person! Anyways, our morning consisted of a 14km run and McDonald’s breakfast (I know, ironic).

IMG_20160703_102245 20160703_102131

We had a quiet afternoon of house chores, naps and movie watching before meeting friends for beer at Troubled Monk brewery. The rest of the day went un-photographed as we unwinded from the busy long weekend.


Canada Day Recap & Workout Wednesday

How was everyone’s Canada Day? I always feel like it is officially summer after Canada Day Smile We had a great day, it was low key and relaxing.

Our little family all dressed up in our Canada gear (I only had red on though):




After our morning workouts I used the Kodiak Powercakes mix to make waffles, they turned out great – love this mix even more now.


After brunch we ran some errands, grabbed slurpees and headed home for Avery’s nap, but window and she ended up napping in the car – boo! I hate car naps because the only last while we are in the moving car so rarely long enough, and she never seems rested ever – side rant!

We wanted to set up her pool again for her so decided to set it up right away before she was ready for a real nap. She had a lot of fun for about 30 minutes Winking smile




Thankfully she played herself out and afterwards had a 2.5 hour nap! Me and Chad enjoyed drinks on the deck while soaking up the sun.

Our Canada Day tradition is always going to Sylvan Lake for the fireworks. They never disappoint so it is worth the 10 minute drive. We were there quite early so grabbed ice cream and hung out on the beach:


At this point it was already an hour past her bedtime but she was being SO good! About an hour later, shortly after 9pm, Avery started to get grumpy so I put her in the stroller and took a 5 minute walk and she was out. She slept all the way till 11pm when the fireworks started.

We enjoyed the beautiful views before the fireworks:


Can you believe this photo is from Chad’s phone and UNEDITED.

And the fireworks:


There was a smiley face and star one! But I missed them with the camera. It was a late night, we were home around midnight. Avery was a trooper and went straight to bed when we got home Smile

Now, finally onto this week’s workouts:

This week I was week 1 of training for the Lethbridge Half, nothing too different but I am back running 3, sometimes 4 days a week till race day now. Here is this week’s plan:

Sunday – 6 miles

Monday – Yoga Meltdown and Abs

Tuesday – 500m x 6 speed work at 4:30km/min pace and Strength circuit

Wednesday – Focus T25 Cardio

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 5 miles – stroller run

Saturday – Rest

I made a plan for training too, something to loosely follow since we already know that flexibility is key these days. From Calgary I did learn that I might need a tad more miles on my legs before race day so do have myself running 4 days a week some weeks IF I can swing it.

11 Week Half Marathon Training Plan


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6


Week 1

6 miles

6 x 500m at 5km pace &



Easy run – 4 miles

Focus T25


Week 2

7 miles

30 min tempo run & strength


Easy – 4.5 miles

Focus T25

3 miles


Week 3

8 miles

6 x 500m & strength


Easy – 5 miles

Focus T25


Week 4

7 miles at race pace

35 min tempo & strength


Easy – 5 miles

Focus T25

4 miles


Week 5

9 miles

7x500m & strength


Easy – 5.5 miles

Focus T25


Week 6

10 miles

40 min tempo


Easy – 6 miles

Focus T25



Week 7

11 miles

8x500m & strength


Easy – 6 miles

Focus T25


Week 8

10 miles at race pace

40 min tempo run


Easy – 7 miles

Focus T25


Week 9

9 miles

9x500m & strength


Easy – 7 miles

Focus T25

3 miles


Week 10

12 miles

45 min tempo


Easy – 6 miles

Focus T25



Week 11

6 miles



Easy – 4 miles




Since this is turning into one long post I will leave it at that.


Fireworks fan?

YES! We are also going to GlobalFest again this year and bought VIP tickets to it.

How did you celebrate Canada Day?

Sun’ed Out

I love long weekends for a couple reasons, one the obvious – one extra day to have fun and the other because a four day work week seems to be way more productive and go by way quicker than a five day work week. Don’t you agree? I am (secretly) hoping and planning to only go back four days a week after Baby K…

Back to our long weekend Monday. It started off with a run for me. I wanted to get out early to beat the heart. Well my 8am run was not early enough and it was hot already. I came home really sweaty after 4.5km. Post run I had the perfect green smoothie, with my favorite combo – banana, blueberries, flax, Vega protein, spinach and almond milk. So, so good. I lot smoothies on hot days.

After my run we got ready to head out to the lake. For those of you that live by me you already know this but we are really lucky to live close (within 20 minutes) to two lakes. Today we went to Gull Lake for my friend’s son’s second birthday. It is so nice to be able to have parties outside, seems way less hectic Winking smile Too bad Baby K will never have that.

Birthday party photos:

Cutest two year old ever!


He loved dipping his chips in the cake icing:


We got out there about 10:30am and the lake was already fairly busy. After lunch, cake, presents and a bit of water time we headed back home mid afternoon.

Since it was smokin’ hot out, we grabbed slurpees and hibernated in our basement for a couple hours, some of us slept:

2013-07-01 15.45.51

While I watched T.V. – daytime T.V. is less than desirable.

After supper we headed out to the other lake (Sylvan) to see the fireworks. They are usually way better than the ones in town but due to the firework supply place being wiped out by floods I knew they were scaled back this year. But we (Chad, my and my Mom) still decided to make the trip out there, and we met my friend and her two boys out there as well.

Some photos of the night:

me and Jo

boys at the lake


They were not that great as we already knew but it was still fun to go out there for the evening. It was a late night for us – midnight before we were home and in bed! Thankfully I am not too tired today.


What did you do on Canada Day?

How did you escape the heat this weekend?

Fireworks, Friends & Fun

The last 24 hours were busy! But in a good way, and we finished off our (extra) long weekend in just the right ways.

Backing up to yesterday – Canada Day. After supper we picked up my Mom and went on a mission to find Screamers (soft serve vanilla ice cream and slush). I had a serious craving, odd since I have never had one. But Chad has one every time we go to Calgary Zoo and I somehow got one stuck in my head yesterday. We had no idea where to find one locally but thanks to Tweeps we got a answer and were not disappointed. They had my top 3 slush flavors to choose from – Coke, banana and root beer. It was a tough decision but I choose banana.


It started to rain a bit on our way out to the lake but that did not stop us, we were ready with umbrellas, rain coats and blankets. Our first stop – the candy store, I picked up my favorite gummy penguins, dark chocolate mint M&Ms and maple candies. We also went into a another store (Nomads) to check out the clothing, I really liked a super soft Billabong hoodie but it was not in my size. I was also kind of looking for new, fun sunglasses, I love my current ones but they are more fancy, and thought I’d spend $30 or so on a cheaper pair. But then Chad pointed out a pair for $100, I tried them on and instantly loved them…urgh, twist my arm 😉 Chad is being blamed for this one!

Here I am sporting the new glasses:

me sunglasses

After we enjoyed the quiet beach for a couple hours, and I had some fun on Instagram:

Chad sylvan

sunset sylvan

I never really thought about it in the past, but we are very lucky to live within 20 minutes of not one, but two beautiful lakes 🙂

Just before 11pm the fireworks started and after a few photos my phone died 🙁


They were great fireworks as usual! I thought the rain had kept away most of the crowds until our walk back to the car afterwards… it was busy, lots of people partying, made me feel extra old to be going home to bed. haha

We had today off since Canada Day fell on a Sunday and had a fairly busy day. It started with sleeping in till 7am, then a gym trip – legs day… It was new legs workout for today, 3 sets of 12, except the single leg deadlifts – we did 10 sets.

Leg Extensions – 40lbs

Wide Stance Barbell Squat (bar only)

Walking Barbell Lunge – 20lbs

Single-Leg Dumbbell Deadlift – 8lbs

Lying Leg Curls – 30lbs

Seated Calf Raise – 45lbs

Standing Calf Raise – 100lbs

The workout did not seem that hard but fast forward 10 hours to now, and I am dead tired. I also ran 3km as a warm up on the treadmill in my Merrell’s.

Once home I made a mini brunch I had seen on Oh She Glows – toasted english muffins with peanut butter, sliced banana, and homemade chia blueberry jam.


So easy, and a great combo. The jam was very tasty and not too sweet like most jam. We rounded off brunch with green smoothies – spinach, vanilla protein, almond milk, frozen blueberries, half a frozen banana, flax and water.

On the agenda for the afternoon was my friend’s son’s first birthday at the lake and then golfing. Since there was the chance of rain we packed up our rain coats and umbrella and headed out.

Well no rain came, and there was plenty of sun which means both me and Chad are a tad red now.

A few birthday party photos:




Cutest kid ever. We bought him some clothes and TOMS.

After the party wrapped up we headed out to the golf course. Before we even started I knew it would not be a great game for me. My legs were starting to get tired and I was just not feeling like golfing. I managed to last all 9 holes, only skipping hole 8 for a break. But lesson learned – legs day and walking 9 holes of golf do not mix too well.

For supper I wanted something light and summery and decided on the Fruit & Grain Salad from Iowa Girl Eats. I made a few changes based on what we had – no cantaloupe, or green onions, and added a diced beach, avocado and cucumber. A great salad indeed.


On the side, cottage cheese. I have been really wanting it lately but Chad OD’d on it a few years ago and is not the biggest fan any more.

We ate supper while watching last night’s True Blood episode. After I had to peel myself off the couch to write this post and finish laundry.

I am pooped now and am truly debating going to bed at 8pm.


What did you do for Canada Day? Or for my American friends – what are your plans for July 4th?

Hello July 1st

I cannot believe I just typed that… I remember last Canada Day like it was only a few months ago, not one year ago.

Yesterday afternoon we headed out to Chad’s Dad’s land about 25 minutes out of town, it is where Chad grew up till he was 9. Can you believe in 10 years of dating I had never been there? Anyways, it was a couple family member’s birthdays so they hosted a Mexican themed birthday bash.

I will save you from the photos – things may have gotten crazy during Margarita hour – but here are a couple photos we took on a walk down to the river and from the view where everyone was camping.

Chad river

view top Alix

It was a great afternoon, awesome weather, good company and a yummy Mexican potluck. I was on DD duty so only had a few sips of Margarita and one cooler (PS – Fellow Albertan’s remember the alcohol legit limit changes today to .05, for me that is ONE drink). We decided we were not camping since it was a short drive and got home about 11pm and crashed.

I managed to sleep till 7am this morning, but might have over slept – I woke up very groggy, and still VERY sore. I relaxed before Chad woke up and we headed to the gym.

Today we got to switch up to a new LiveFit workout! I enjoyed the first two weeks but one more week of the same workouts might have gotten old.

Week 2 still follows a similar plan but adds one more days a week of legs, then a day for chest & triceps, back & biceps, legs, and shoulders & abs. I started to laugh when I saw today was legs day… not likely. So I asked Chad if we could swap for day 2 and do back & biceps, which he was fine with. Lets hope my legs are ready tomorrow..

Today’s workout started with a 15 minute elliptical warm up then 3 sets of 12 reps of:

Hammer Strength Lat Pulldown – 40lbs

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown – 35lbs

Seated Narrow Grip Cable Pulls – 20lbs

T-Bar Row

Back Extensions

Barbell Curl – 20lbs

Incline Dumbbell Curl – 10lbs

Alternate Hammer Curl – 14lbs

I think the only thing that got me through this workout was the thought of brunch after, cinnamon raisin bread french toast.

I had two plates, here is the first one, topped with Greek yogurt, pure maple syrup and berries:


For plate two I cut the toast in half and did half PB & syrup and half Greek yogurt and berries. I am stuffed now but planning not to eat till a early supper tonight.

Being July 1st I took some time this morning to reflect on my June goals:

1- Stick to one extra special dessert a week. Not the end of the world but I give myself a “B” here, some weeks were okay, others not so much, and I am sticking with this goal for July.

2 – Limit carbs, I know I am crazy but I want to watch my serving size here (that is all) and focus on eating more veggies and fruit. “A” here, I have been eating way more salads with lots of protein and healthy fats, smoothies, and tons of veggies.

3 – Start a new workout plan, maybe its Crossfit, maybe it is Live Fit Trainer (more on that this weekend), I am not sure at this point. But I know I need something new! Done! We tried CrossFit, Kettlebells and on week three of LiveFit.

4 – Work on our summer fun list, no bored days allowed! We completed a couple items on the list – picnic & bike ride, and a hike – I think July will be a busy month with more items 🙂

5 – Volunteer in my community, I have something in the works and will make sure to keep everyone posted, all I will say for now is that in involves a favorite activity of mine… I started to plan this in June, but it has not happened yet, VERY soon though now!

And my added goal was Courtney’s June Yoga Challenge – my goal was Yoga Meltdown twice a week. I was soo close but last week was tough and I was worn down and only got in one session, so close though!

Now for July’s goals:

1- I am changing the treat goal a bit – new goal is follow the 80/20 rule. Eat clean, unprocessed and healthy foods 80% of the time and the other 20% indulge and enjoy summer 🙂

2- Keep loosely following the LiveFit workouts. I like our current 4 day a week gym routine, with 15 minutes warm-up and 45 minutes or so of weights, so I will use LiveFit as a guideline to keep this routine for July.

3 – Listen to my Body. This means, rest when I am tired, eat more when I am hungry, be lazy when I feel the need to, and being more aware of what my body wants and needs.

4 – Keep moving on the Summer List.

5- Golf once a week. I need to do this to pay for my pass and get the most used from it!

6- Enjoy our holidays. We booked off one week at the end of July. We have no huge plans, and will stick close to home. I need to learn to relax more and not book or plans things every single day. Living in the moment more 🙂

I think that is enough for goals!

On today’s agenda: bake these muffins, do house chores, laundry, yard work, a few errands, then after supper me, my Mom and Chad are heading to the lake to see fireworks. Oh and I have a huge craving for a Screamer and must find one today. The only place we’ve ever had one is Calgary Zoo and we are not going there. If you are crazy and do not know what a Screamer is, it is soft serve ice cream and slush mixed. So good.

And a few Instagram photos from our hike day… our drive there, the Ink Pots and Canmore.

drive to hike

Ink Pots



What is one goal you have for July or this summer?

Have you ever had a Screamer?