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Chloe’s Rainbow Themed Party

It is no secret I love party planning so when I saw a rainbow cake on Pinterest and fell in love I knew that would be the theme for Chloe’s party. After all, I can only get a way with picking the theme (and having theme parties) for the girls for so long 😉

For the mantel I kept it simple with her monthly photo banner, a rainbow pillow, wooden ONE letters I covered in craft paper and a photo of Chloe from her photo shoot.

The monthly photo banner is my favourite, I did one for Avery too and will keep them both as a keepsake – I don’t keep a lot!

Treat bags for the kids was also simple, sidewalk chalk and candy bags with gold foiled

Of course we had to do a “1” balloon bouquet which Chloe loves and plays with daily:

I had a later afternoon party to accommodate Chloe’s nap so food was a lot easier than a lunch party. The food:

Rainbow bars

Sugar Cookies

Candy “buffet”

Fruit Tray

Veggies & dip

Assorted Chips


And then there was the cake! I have no words for this cake and it was amazing (and huge!), the time that went into this was huge I am sure (no, I did not make it).

She even made a little banner on top – which I also kept:

We did a backdrop behind the food table (thank you Pinterest again) which was super easy but a tad time consuming – thank you to Chad for tackling this!

The fabric banner on the table was a Michaels clearance item that I am hanging up in the playroom now. I thought it came down but turned out it did not, so I spent a hour knotting on the fabric and then my Mom finished it for me 🙂

Food table all set-up, I am so happy with how it turned out!

I made a fake chalk sign with Chloe’s one year stats for on the table as well:

My last banner I made was a “ONE” banner for Chloe’s seat that lasted .2 seconds before she ripped it off. Sigh 😉

Chloe had a blast with the cake, and got right into it:


It was a relaxed party, and a smaller crowd than usual but it was nice to talk to everyone more than most parties we have with 40+ people. Even though we said no gifts, some people brought some so we ended the party with opening those up:

Chloe and some of her party guests:

The best part of the day was seeing how much Chloe loved it all, she is an attention lover like her sister so all the attention on her was her jam!


Weekend Recap

We had such a fun and busy weekend hosting Chloe’s first birthday party! I am actually going to recap the party in another post in a couple days but will share some photos today.


After work the girls and I spent some time outside until Chad came home, Chloe loved riding the scooter – hopefully this will convince Avery to ride her bike and not it, or do the opposite 😉

We spent the rest of the evening party prepping, exciting Friday night!


We were up at Costco right as it opened to get groceries and party stuff:

We had Chloe’s party from 2-4pm so that she had her second nap and was in a good mood. She was the happiest kid ever, not a single fuss for over three hours and all the smiles. But with family, friends, cake and presents who would not smile?!

Princess Avery dressed up for the party (of course):

Family photo – I am getting better at remembering these! Even if it isn’t a great photo of me 😉

By the time everyone left, we cleaned up it was time for baths and bed while I headed out to “work” at a food & beverage expo. By work I mean my co-worker and I enjoying food and drinks while watching our booth we had set up.

My outfit, I bought this shirt Friday and love it – never thought I would get into the cold shoulder trend!

I was home at 10:30pm and went straight to bed!


The lack of water, a couple drinks and a lot of sugar meant I felt hungover in the morning but it was nothing water and a run could not fix!

After our workouts we took Avery to yoga, which meant coffee for me and a lot of walking around with this one:

She wants to walk everywhere but refuses to do it on her own! My poor back, good thing I am short 😉

Our afternoon was spent decorating for Easter, colouring and Avery cut up a ton of apper – she is oddly obsessed and then passed out after.

Later we watched some of Sing since Avery asked and I was too tired to do much else – ha.

Be back tomorrow in honour of Chloe’s first birthday!