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Christmas 2017

How does 5 days fly by so darn fast?! I swear it was just December 21st!

The cold weather came just as Christmas did which meant a couple days of hibernation for Christmas, it was not until Christmas night I realized I had not left the house in two days!

Some highlights over the past few days, Avery’s pre-school Christmas concert (kinda..she decided NOT to sing/participate but did tell me she was not going to…), playing in the snow, looking at Christmas lights (best year yet I think!), and of course Christmas.

The days leading up to Christmas were a tad crazy but who can blame the kids?! And I had wine so all is good 😉

Christmas this year was something I have dreamt about for a long time. Avery is so into it all and was beyond excited. Chloe seemed to understand a ton and if you asked her if Santa was coming she said yes and fed off Avery’s excitement.

Christmas Eve we had family over, ordered Chinese food, did a little gift exchange of one gift each. I tried hard not take only a few photos but for the most part had my camera and photo away for a few days 🙂

Our 2017 Christmas photo, after to many attempts we settled on this one – Chloe would say cheese for one click and then try to run – so much for the 3 photos from the self timer!

One of many outtakes:

I got to work once the girls were in bed and got everything set out.

I was up at 5:30am – maybe I was excited too – and laid in bed until Avery woke up at 6:30am.

The girls were so excited to see their unwrapped gifts from Santa they had no desire to open much else, so they payed with those gifts, we got our coffee ready and then convinced them to open the rest of their gifts – over an hour later we were done!


I said after we should like they wanted to play with each gift and take their time versus rip it all open in 10 minutes!

My Mom and brother joined us for breakfast, we opened gifts with them then my Mom and I got to work on turkey dinner. The day always goes by fast with so much to do but we agreed it gets easier every year with more and more down time in between things. We had my whole family over for the afternoon and turkey supper. Which meant to world to me – I think it is all I really want for Christmas every year 🙂

By 8:30pm everyone was gone and Chad and I were ready for bed!

Boxing day morning my Mom and I went out for our annual shopping trip – Avery joined us too, brave girl with the weather! I forgot photos of my loot! I bought new lamps for our bedroom (seriously I owe you guys the makeover update but it is taking me a long time to find the right pieces!), two pairs of boots, a sweater, shirt, work pants and online a Lululemon tank. I did okay 😉

That afternoon and evening we went to my sister-in-law’s for Christmas which is always fun too. I left feeling thankful again (and very full).

Now it is back to regular life! This week I have a lot on my “to-do” list and since it is darn cold our it forces me to stay home and get things done!