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Stocking Stuffer Ideas (for the whole family!)

Growing up the stockings was always my favourite part of Christmas morning. My Mom always killed it with our stockings and dare I say they sometimes were better than our gifts?! Okay not quite but close.


Now shopping for stocking stuffers is my favourite but it can also be very hard for certain people (cough, cough Chad). I also try *hard* to stay within an acceptable budget as it is easy to get carried away fast with stocking stuffers I find.

I have put together a list of some items I have bought my family for their stockings – yes, this is your warning family – stop reading now – and some of my favourites when it comes to stocking stuffers.

For her

Live Clean products – from bubble bath, shampoo, hand soap and more you cannot go wrong with these products in stockings.  All these products are environmentally friendly, natural and plant based! My current favourite is their Vanilla Peppermint hand soap:


Tea – I love all the seasonal teas but this sweet green tea is my favourite and I have to hunt for it!


Slippers/socks or anything cozy for the feet. I almost always receive and gift these in stockings. I picked up these at Costco this year:


Chocolate – Okay, this is really under the anyone category and a must have in my opinion but I always try and find something a little different, either a new brand or a seasonal special.


For him

Live Clean Men’s shampoo – Chad has been using this for months and loves it so naturally he needed more in his stocking this year.


Gift cards – iTunes, PlayStatation, liquor stores/local breweries – another easy idea to please the guy(s) in your life!

Socks & underwear – I am the only one that swears men never buy these themselves? Good thing because it makes for an easy and needed stocking stuffer!

Magazine – I love going to Chapters since they have a ton of specialty magazines and one for every guy!

Specialty snacks – this is anything he might like but does not buy regularly, protein bars, coconut chips or performance snacks. With marathon training in swing Chad will be seeing some Clif products in his stocking:


For the kids

Books! I had to limit myself to only a few per girl but they are a stocking necessity. One of our favourite authors is Karen Katz so Chloe is getting this one in her stocking:


Snacks. I try to keep it healthy for the kids, so puffs for Chloe it is! Avery will get one chocolate item in her stocking.

Small toys – I really try to stay away from toys in stockings but or Chloe options are limited so I picked up this ball for her:


Small shop products – I love supporting small shops! I actually bought these felt donuts for the girls and then won some as well, I know they will be a great addition to the play kitchen:


Bath products – these can be needed items or fun items, I am doing a mix of both for the girls. Avery is getting bubble bath (a need in her life!) and this kid friendly nail polish set since she has to always have her nails done :



What do you like to see in your stocking?

Currently Loving – Holidays Edition

These have to be one of my favourite posts to read and write, this month I have lots to share, from holiday loves to gift and stocking ideas afterall this is my favourite time of the year!

November sunrises

Ok so not part of the holidays but with unseasonally warm weather for the first two weeks it brought amazing sunrises that we can see from our bedroom window. Perk of waking up early 😉

screenshot_20161109-072645 screenshot_20161105-142335

Love Child products

I have become obsessed with this line for Chloe, from their crackers, bars and pouches it is the only line of packaged food she eats! These would be a great idea for stocking stuffers for babies and toddlers!


Pumpkin Spice Triscuits

Usually I do not buy snack crackers but I saw these on sale and had to try them. Chad is a pumpkin spice hater (I know, I know) and even he liked these!


Tiny Prints Christmas Cards

This was my first year using Tiny Prints and I was blown away. There are so many way to customize your product. There are hundreds of designs ready to go so even if you are not the creative kind you can put in some photos (or not) and your card looks amazing.

I wanted something different this year from the usual flatlay Christmas card I do so narrowed it down to a year in review larger card, a tri-fold card or an ornament card. I did designs in all three and got Chad to help me choose. And the ornament card won!


Back to the custom options – you can choose upgraded paper for your card (I picked a shimmer stock), and then you can customize your envelopes – insert squeal. From colours to insert designs, even custom addresses printed on them I did not know what to choose.


I settled on a tree insert in a green to match the cards and love the final product.

20161115_134301These cards shipped within days, I think a week after submitting my order I had them on my doorstep. The quality of the cards is the best I have seen. Typically on non-photo paper you get the photos looking fuzzy but these are not at all!

20161115_134209 20161115_134233

As a design nerd I had to share this experience with everyone since it was very easy and the end product is perfect 🙂

Clif Products

Hi, I am Lindsey and I am Clif addict. No joke. Clif sent me their seasonal bars (my favourite!) along with other goodies that are going to come in very handy with half marathon training.

20161031_134524 20161031_134832

Their shot bloks are so easy to chew up while running and I love gummy candy so it feels like a treat to me as well! It has been awhile since I have used gels but will use them on long runs here very soon! Both of these can be consumed before or during activity to help support your body during your workouts. Avery’s favourite bars also just happen to be the Clif Kid ZBars – she will not eat any other brand, like mother, like daughter 😉

Christmas Decor

After 8 Christmas’s in our old house decorating was a lot harder this year. It also made me want all the things but well my current gig does not pay well so I had to pick and choose what I could “upgrade” and after a week I finally had the main floor done – HA. The rest of the house and the tree will get done this weekend I am hoping.

img_20161115_143220 screenshot_20161116-133843 screenshot_20161116-133748 20161114_154046-1 20161115_155407

Sweat Society 

My Revolution had a pop up shop this week so we stopped by, I could have spent a few hundred dollars on their stuff – I loved it all and it was SO SO soft but stuck to this one tank I eyed up on their website. Make sure to check out their website for Christmas gift ideas for the workout guru in your life!



What are you currently loving?

Christmas Baking Round-Up

I love to bake. And throw in the holiday season and I love it even more. A few years ago I would make containers full of cookies all month long – yes, overkill. These days time is a bit more limited so I try to stick to my favourites and the holidays classics. Today I am sharing some recipes I have tried and loved and some that caught my eye and made it onto my 2015 baking list.

Starting with my all-time favourite, gingerbreaad cookies. I have tried a ton of recipes and usually have good luck. This year I found yet another new recipe from one little project called The Best Gingerbread Cookies and had to try them. Well, you guys we LOVED these. Most went to Chad’s work but a dozen remained frozen for the holidays.

Another tried and true recipe, Chocolate Turtle Cookies from recipe girl have become a household favourite and are requested every year. These cookies are soft with a yummy caramel center,, and a pecan to top it off. I first thought the caramel would be a pain to do but it was actually really easy!

Bark is one of those things I feel the need to make every Christmas. I usually try and mix it up on what I put in the bark and this year liked this sweet and salty combo that reminds me of Trader Joe’s Cowboy Bark. Dark Chocolate Oreo Pretzel Bark from This Gal Cooks.

For a healthier treat I picked out these Cranberry Almond Energy Bites from the Creative Bite for my 2015 baking list. Any no bake, quick item always wins in my book!

I usually try not to do too may of one kind of cookie but I found a new chocolate cookie this year and just have to try them, after all it combines two of my favourite things, chocolate and mint. Frosted Peppermint Brownie Cookies from Cooking Classy look irresistible with the brownie based cookie and cream cheese icing. These might be made sooner rather than later so I can “taste test” them 😉

I have already had major eggnog (and rum) cravings and might attack anyone drinking that combo around me, so instead of that happening I looked for an eggnog cookie recipe and found the perfect one. Melt-In-Your-Mouth Eggnog Cookies from Cooking Classy will be my alternative to drinking eggnog and rum this holiday season. I am sure that their deliciousness will make me semi forget about my favourite drink!

And that completes my 2015 Christmas baking list! I try to bake weekly and save a few treats for right then and then freeze the rest for the week of Christmas. Avery takes after her Mom and my sweet tooth so having most of the baking frozen is in all our best interest. Or at least until we figure out some cookies are just as good frozen 😉


Love Langauges

I find the love languages concept really interesting, a few years ago I posted about it too. Now that we have Avery I am constantly reminded of my love language and how it shapes the way I raise her. Being that me and Chad have different love languages I could see this being a point of contention as well but at the same time it creates a good balance. Here is why:

My love language is receiving gifts. This means that not only do I feel loved when I receive gifts but I also show my love this way. This could cause major problems when it comes to raising kids. HELLO spoiled! But thankfully this is not Chad’s love language (his is words of affirmation) so Miss. Avery does not get every toy under the sun Winking smile

Case in point – this Christmas before we bought anything we said we would not go overboard with Avery. Of course I wanted to buy her everything but knew that was not a good idea for many reasons. Instead we set limits that we plan to stick to every year. A Christmas Eve gift (pjs and a movie), one gift from us, one from Santa and her stocking. I have to admit as Avery gets older this will be tough but I really need to remember that giving and receiving gifts is only a VERY small part of how you can show love.

Avery with her Christmas gifts, she loves the few toys she got! Seeing her play with them reinforces she did not need even one more!


There is a book on the 5 love languages of children as well which I want to read as Avery grows up to learn more about her love language. But above all I want to teach and show her that all love languages are important and even though we all have our own (that we mainly use) we need to remember to show love in all 5 ways.

Next weekend is Valentine’s and the last few years we really do not buy each other anything. We simply spend the night together, usually at home, just enjoying each others company. This would be the quality time love language – which is probably my #2. But of course I managed to pick up a couple small things for Avery already, a book and a sippy cup. While I know this is not needed and heck she has NO idea about Valentines yet my love language takes over and I feel this need. I used to even buy my Mom and brothers gifts! This year since it is also Family Day weekend I plan to shift my focus away from gift giving and to quality time to show my love to my family.


Have you ever heard of the love languages? If so, what is yours?

Christmas 2014

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas with your loved ones Smile We had a busy past week with lots of family time, and it was pretty perfect. The only downside is Miss. Avery has been sick since the start of last week with a bad cold and cough.

Every year we host my family from Christmas Eve through Christmas Day. Christmas Eve my Mom, and brothers come over, we have appetizers, watch movies and play games. Oh, and of course open a Christmas Eve gift.



Avery got Christmas pjs and a movie. She got VERY possessive over her pjs, which was pretty funny.

After Avery went to bed we all stayed up till midnight playing Cards Against Humanity. Which of course came with many laughs! My Mom went home for the night and my brothers stayed overnight.

My Mom and Avery, she LOVES her Grandma so much:


Christmas morning my Mom came back over and we waited for everyone to get up. By 8am we were all downstairs opening gifts.



Me and Chad are pretty set on never over doing Christmas for Avery. We stuck to our plan this year and she got a Santa gift, a gift from us and then her stocking items. I am so happy we did this, she does not care to have a hundred gifts and I certainly do not want MORE toys in my house. After a couple gifts she could have cared less about the rest.

My Mom and brothers spoiled her, getting her a sled, Mega Blocks and some other smaller items.

I have a confession – EVERY year I know almost all my gifts. Lame, right? It has been like this for a long time to be honest but this year I knew Chad had one surprise for me and had no idea what my family bought me. I was completely shocked when I opened everything!

A new purse and wallet (I knew about these), a memory card already installed in my phone (Chad hears me curse at my phone too much), a Garmin watch and a new design program that I really needed! Plus all my stocking goodies, including matching scarves for me and Avery.


Sorry for the blurry photos!

Our traditional Christmas morning breakfast is overnight French Toast so after gifts we sat down to enjoy it:


My brothers started to put together Avery’s Santa gift and then finished it when she was napping – such great Uncles!


Even though we host the holidays at our house my Mom does 95% of the work which is a blessing. My Mom got to work on dinner while I cleaned up gifts and got ready.

My Grandma and her “friend” joined us for dinner, which was very yummy, thank you again Mom! After supper everyone headed home and we had some quiet time Smile

Our family photo, this was the best out of 20 takes…


That glare…

She did a bit better for our generation photo:


Oh and we got one awesome gift…Avery walking! She still crawls mostly but is up to 10 steps on her own so a video will be coming soon!

Boxing Day we were up early and out to do our annual shopping trip. We did pretty darn good this year:


I finally got ankle boots! A new coat, leggings, jeans, a couple sweaters and my yearly supply of Bath & Body Works. Avery got a couple outfits that probably were not needed Winking smile Chad treated himself to a TV and PS4, both were well deserved.

On the 27th we had another Christmas get together. This time we were hosted by Chad’s Step-Sister with Chad’s Dad, Step-Mom and her family. Sadly, Avery was still not feeling great, add in a house full of people and then an over tired baby = a rough time. At least she looked cute:


The hair bow lasted approximately 25 seconds…Then I put on her shoes that lasted 5 minutes:


We spent most of the day there then headed home around supper time to get Avery to bed. The poor girl had been so busy for the past few days her cold had not had a chance to get better! Thankfully she had a good night and woke up yesterday MUCH better.

Yesterday, we finally got in a couple good workouts, did much needed cleaning, found a new duvet cover (I wanted something to brighten up our room), did laundry and hung out at home.

I am off all week with Miss, Avery so we have lots on our list, get togethers with friends, reorganizing the kitchen cabinets and storage room and finally organizing all our photos, plus I have some contract work to get going on! So I might not be back to regular blogging till next week Smile