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Technology Hater & Clean UP Winner

While I am sure I could not live without technology, it sure can get on my nerves and is a huge source of my anxiety. Chad always tells me I need to put away my phone. He is VERY right too.

Anyways, with the blog switch there has been glitches the two major ones being all my comments are still in cyber space and number two (which effects you guys!) is that I will no longer show in your Google Reader if you subscribe to my blog as It is a easy fix but it requires your help. To get my posts in your reader again enter in this to “Subscribe” in Google Reader:

So silly I know. I am still trying to find a work around for this so that I magically appear back in the feeds without my readers needing to do anything…

I finally finished updating my wedding pages today as well! Make sure to check out all the tabs, there are tons of photos on there.

Today is a stat holiday in Alberta called Family Day, such a nice break to have between Christmas and Easter. We had little plans for the day, a 9am gym trip (when it opened), some blog work, laundry and hanging out with my family.

This morning’s gym trip consisted of a 4km treadmill walk. I have been trying new (and sweaty) treadmill walks for when I am not in the running mood and will share them with you soon. Today’s was very sweaty! After my walk and sufficient celebrity gossip magazine reading I moved onto today’s weight workout of back and biceps.

3 sets of 12 reps:

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown –35lbs

One Arm Dumbbell Row – 12lbs

Narrow Grip Underhand Lat Pulldown –35lbs

Seated Cable Row – 20lbs

Hammer Curls – 8lbs first set, then down to 5lbs

21’s – Bicep Curls – 5lbs each hand – Do you remember these from high school gym class? They remind me of it for some reason!

Preacher Curls – 5lbs

And lots of stretches, especially hip openers, like Pigeon Pose. I had very achy hips last night so wanted to make sure I stretched them out.

For brunch we took it easy, banana bread with almond butter, fruit salad and shakes made by Chad with protein, coconut almond milk, spinach, flax and blueberries. Sadly I was starving and had the camera out but inhaled it before I could take a photo.

Now for some fun, remember the Clean UP Challenge? Well it is draw day!


Congrats Amie you are the lucky winner, we will be in touch with you!

This afternoon we met my family at Cone Castle, a local ice cream place turned cafe. They had some really good looking pies but I am not a pie fan so after seeing everyone’s pie I wanted something so I opted for the $8 banana spilt if everyone promised to share.

2013-02-18 15.56.18

2013-02-18 16.00.18

Share they did! My brothers demolished it.

We had a very full fridge tonight after a weekend of leftovers so I opted to use some of them up. I took the leftover filling from the Quinoa Stuffed Peppers (The Healthy Wife) and put them into wraps with some shredded cheese and baked them at 350 for about 20 minutes. Along with them I made my latest obsession and craving, kale chips.


My plans for the night now involve watching two week’s worth of the Carrie Diaries, I love AnnaSophia in it and her hair, to die for.


Anyone a Sex and the City fan?

I have never seen the show! I read the Carries Diaries books but that is it.

What is your favorite hip stretch?

I Need Your Help

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for your comments on the new layout. It is not too different, the biggest difference being that I am self hosted on WordPress now versus Blogger. So much more options now, I love it. I also have updated all the above pages/tabs so make sure you take a peek through. I have not fully proof read everything yet so if you find errors let me know.

The only thing that is still missing are my comments Sad smile I hope to resolve this this week still. In the mean time though I need YOUR help. A few weeks ago me and Becky put out a challenge to our readers to eat clean so hat we could all feel a little bit better after all the holiday indulging. We kept the challenge to three weeks and it ended Valentine’s Day so you all could enjoy come treats that day! Now that the challenge is over we have put together some eat clean goodies and are doing our giveaway. This is where I need YOU guys. Since I have lost my comments I want to know who made a effort these past few weeks to eat clean so I can enter you into the draw. If you did so, leave me a comment today and we will draw tomorrow afternoon. Even if you did not accept the challenge before but tried to eat clean these past few weeks comment away, we have some awesome goodies to be won!

Now for my weekend recap…

Friday – My Mom and I went to see Safe Haven. Loved it. Julianne Hough was exactly how I pictured her character when I read the book. I have slowly watching all Nicolas Spark’s movies…I have Dear John left to watch & it is on my PVR waiting for me.

Saturday – Ran errands in the morning, then went out the Sylvan Lake to watch some brave souls jump into the lake for the Polar Dip. To be honest it looked fun! Cold but fun. They were lucky to have a nice day at around 4 degrees. Last night we got together with some of my friends for a birthday, I was a party animal, had one cooler and was home by 10pm.

I broke out my denim shirt yesterday, one piece I love but am still scared to wear thinking I look too much like a farmer:

Denim short

I found this adorable scarf at the Sylvan Farmers Market for $10!


Today – We did the usual, gym trip, brunch, cleaning and laundry. My gym trip consisted of a 4km treadmill walk and chest & triceps plus some playing around on the TRX straps.

Chest & Triceps workout, 3 sets of 12 reps:

– Push-Ups

– Flat bench fly – 20lbs

– Chest Press (on bench) – 30lbs

– Standing triceps extension – 15lbs

– Tricep pulldowns – 15lbs

TRX straps…have you ever used these? To be honest they always intimidated me. But today I thought they might be able to help me strengthen the right muscles to be able to do a chin up. I was only able to do 3-4 reps at a time but I figure if I keep practicing I will slowly get there.

Brunch was French Toast. The key to the best French Toast? Thick sliced bread.


I used to sway between French Toast and pancakes are my favorite brunch food but now I know its French Toast for sure.

This afternoon I wanted to do some baking and after reading Paige’s post this morning, I knew exactly what to make…Giant Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Yes, they are giant and very good! I made 10 versus 7 and they are still huge! Almond butter always amazes me, these cookies are gluten free, no oats, flour or anything.



Served with a glass of almond milk made for the perfect afternoon snack.

Now I have some blog posts to start prepping for when I am on holidays, which even includes a book review!


Ever used TRX straps? If so, what exercises did you do on them?

French Toast or Pancakes? Favorite topping?

Clean UP Challenge

We are now a couple weeks into January which means the holiday indulgences have come to an end. Some of you may have started new diet plans for the new year but some of you might still be thinking of cleaning up your diet.

Becky and I are here to help! Getting your diet back on track doesn’t have to be extreme. It’s amazing how much better you feel just by cleaning it up a bit. We will be making a point to cut out sugar, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water and include more healthy fats. That’s not so bad! We want you to join our challenge!

From now until February 14, we challenge you to clean up your eats. Link up to use to join in and we will randomly draw a participant to win a prize at the end!

The rules are simple:
1) Eliminate all food with added sugars. Fruit is ok, cookies are not!
2) Eat more fruits and vegetables. Include them with every meal and snack!
3) Include more healthy fats. Avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, etc can easily be added to every meal.
4) Drink more water! Instead of drinking pop, juice, or those delicious lattes, drink an extra glass of water!

Hopefully this little challenge will help to get you back on the healthy eating train and have you feeling better! Good luck!


PS Be back later today with my usual weekend recap 🙂