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Fall Hometown Hunt

I always knew that my hometown was where I wanted to live most of my life, so it is no surprise to me at 32 years old I have only not lived here for 2 years while going to University. Our city (Red Deer, AB) is pretty darn awesome. Located in the Alberta prairies it is beautiful year round with so much to offer.

Our trail systems are some of the best around with beautiful fall foliage that I wish would stay around another month…or two.

Just look at these colours:

img_9075 img_8961 img_9661

My list of why I love my hometown could go on forever but today I wanted to share a few of our local favourites for fall in and around Red Deer.

1- Cool Beans bus. This is one of the most unique features to our city and downtown. We have been regulars there for years now and it never gets old.


Their coffee is my favourite, they have awesome baking (and pumpkin everything right now!) and on nice days you can enjoy lunch on their patio. They are seasonal and close soon for the cooler weather (tear) BUT they are opening up an indoor shop close by so we can enjoy them year round!

2 – The Jungle Farm. 


3- Heritage Ranch/Westlake Grill. Westlake Grill has a family style brunch they serve every Sunday and it is hands down one of the best around. It is always a treat to go! And after you can take a walk through the trails, let the kids play on one of the playgrounds or visit the horses!

screenshot_20161005-113001 screenshot_20161005-113234

They offer a variety of seasonal experiences as well – coming up soon is their Flashlight Pumpkin Hunt!

4 – Kray Family Farm. Located about 20 minutes from the city this is a must visit farm from August to October! They have so much to do, their massive corn maze, play houses & structures, farm animals, mini golf, jumping pads, corn bin, stalk car raceway,  and more!

20160903_165959 20160904_142816

We were there a few weeks ago and I am hoping to get back before they close for the year!

5- Cuppitycakes Bakeshop. She posts her daily specials on Instagram and leaves me drooling daily! She always has seasonal favourites too 🙂 It is the cutest little bakeshop in our downtown but go early, she is usually sold out early afternoon!

6- Farmers MarketOur local Farmers Market is the most popular spot on Saturday mornings, with a couple hundred vendors you are sure to find something you “need”. We like to go get coffee, mini donuts (for Avery of course) and visit our favourite vendors. It runs until Thanksgiving weekend so you can get all your fall produce for Thanksgiving locally!

If you are looking for things to do in your town/city check out Eventbrite’s event management site,  where you can find information on more local events happening. It is easy, you just enter your location and voila! They event have tools for creating and selling tickets to events of your own! See local events for Red Deer here!


What is your favourite fall things to do or place to visit in your hometown?

Weekend Recap

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We had perfect weather, it felt just like a July weekend. Which meant we spent as much time outside as possible and a very tired little girl!


I was leaving to go out of town for work mid morning but before that I took Avery downtown for a morning date to Cool Beans.


She loved the sandbox there and was dancing away to the music. I loved the coffee Winking smile It almost made up for missing the first Food Truck Friday of the year.

The rest of my day went like this: Drive 2 hours – lunch stop – drive 3 hours – check into hotel – have some drinks – work event/supper – bed (midnight). And I probably had one too many drinks!


I had a work breakfast to be at for 7am, so woke up about 6:30am feeling a tad tired! Luckily, we were able to head back home earlier than we thought and I was back home by 2pm. Chad and Avery had a great time while I was gone which was good to hear.

Me and co-workers on giant chairs at 7am, we are thrilled Winking smile


In the afternoon we spent time on the deck at the water table since it was really hot out.



A few of Chad’s family members were supposed to come by (they were here from out of town) for a short visit before supper, but before we knew it we had 14 people here! A ice cream birthday cake, lots of beers and 3 hours later everyone was gone. It was unexpected by awesome Smile


Avery loved all the attention…of course.

After everyone left we headed to a friend’s house for a fire for a couple hours (aka until Avery was done). She did not fall asleep on the way home which was weird but settled in no time once she was in her crib.


It was Chad’s 32nd birthday! While we did not get him his gift yet (he wants new dress shirts so we will go shopping), Avery did make him this:


I wanted to get outside for my run since it was so nice out, and managed to get out but 8:30am despite us all sleeping in. It was perfect running weather, besides a bit of wind. It also reminded me how bad I need new runners…which lead to this purchase later in the day:


Wave Rider 18s…please do not disappoint!

While Chad was working out me and Avery made him his favourite waffles for brunch:


After brunch we ran errands, including Costco – I hate going here in the afternoons, so crazy!

We spent more time on the deck, and in the garden in the afternoon, and while Avery napped we caught up on cleaning – exciting, I know.


For supper we had Chad’s birthday supper with my family. Let me tell you going out to supper now is not relaxing. Avery is in a “I do not sit still in restaurants” phase. She hates the highchairs, climbs off chairs or stands on them and climbs onto the table. Sigh. The good news? She eats good. I am hoping this passes fast!

At supper they sang Chad happy birthday, he was embarrassed, Avery hated it and my brother could not stop laughing…


On our way home from supper we stopped at the park since Chad told me Avery loved the big slide now. After these pics she got brave enough to go down alone too!


She could go up and down this for hours I am sure. The rest of the night we spent fighting bath time (her new thing), doing laundry, packing lunches and blogging.


Weekend Recap

Hey there! Well this was such a fun weekend, not sure I wanted it to end! Friday can sometimes overwhelm me thinking of all the things we have to do in just two days but then the weekend comes, and we get it all done and have fun time too. Lesson learned – just relax Smile

Here is what we were up to this weekend:


Why is it always so hard to think back to Friday? Oh yeah, I had a pancake craving Winking smile So we went rouge on the meal plan and had green smoothies and banana pancakes – delicious. Then we started to set up Avery’s water table, but beforehand she used it as a trampoline, or tried to:


It turned out to be an all night project for Chad!


We were up and out of the house early to get groceries and head to Avery’s hair appointment. We chopped off almost 2”! We are trying to get it to be all one length in a little bob, and avoid her having a mullet Winking smile It is getting so close to being a bob, I am too excited about this.

After her hair appointment we took her to Cool Beans for a treat and coffee for us (local people, they got new beans and WOW, you have to get there asap!).


It was so windy out, I have no idea how Avery was not blown away.

Our afternoon was spent out of town at a first birthday party. It was at a indoor play area which was craziness but Avery loved it, luckily there was a toddler area that was a little less crazy for us so we hung out there most of the time.



We planned to go over to our friend’s for drinks after by Avery fell asleep so we grabbed more coffee and headed home.

Our evening was low key and spent catching up on PVR shows.


Our usual Sunday morning, a run and workout followed by brunch, crockpot banana french toast with turkey bacon.


We finally had a nice and not windy day and took full advantage of it, we took the water table outside (it was a hit all day!), set up the deck, baked cookies, did yard work, and had my family for a BBQ.






And before I knew it it was 8pm and I was getting ready for another week.


Foodie Friday

Okay that was one quick week! How is it only 19 days till Christmas? I have a few last errands to run for presents but am 95% done. I am hoping next week I can get those errands done. Today our temperature with wind is –41 – YUCK. So me and Avery are not going far, for lunch with a couple friends and that is about it.

Yesterday we spent a few hours at my work for our Christmas potluck lunch and office decorating. Avery (of course) slept the entire time. She is making me look crazy by saying she can be grumpy at times. But I think being cuddled by all the office ladies helps her stay happy.

My yummy plate of food:


Avery all ready to head out:


Avery has gotten into a routine with night wake ups this week and I cannot say I love it. Usually she goes to sleep between 8:30-9:00pm, does a dream feed around 11pm, up between 2-3am and then up again at 5:30am, but back to sleep from 6-8am. The only wake up I would like to change is 5:30am but then I do get those two hours to eat breakfast, get ready and blog so I guess it is not too bad. I won’t complain since she is not up every hour!

Okay onto meal planning…

Saturday – Avocado Chicken Caprese Salad – Iowa Girl Eats

Sunday – Thai Fried Quinoa – my recipe

Monday – Coconut Curry Chickpeas and Quinoa (never for made last week)

Tuesday – Turkey meatball subs (meatballs were a freezer meal) and salad

Wednesday – Roasted Veggie Mac and Cheese

Thursday – Minestrone Soup (freezer, recipe from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life) and cornbread muffins

Friday – BBQ Chicken Nachos with salsa and guacamole

This weekend we have lots going on, tomorrow there is a Downtown North Pole Stroll that I want to check out, I have a few stores I’d like to go to and Cool Beans for a latte. Sunday we have a baby shower and a 3rd birthday to go to. Hopefully Avery is happy that day!

Well I should go, I have a few blog posts to work on for next week, including a one month check in for me and Avery since on Tuesday she is already a month old! Crazy.

AND I got our newborn photos back, SO IN LOVE. A huge thank you to Whitney for these and our maternity ones. Local people (Red Deer-Calgary) I highly recommend Whitney! A few sneak peeks (if you have not seen them on Facebook yet).

Avery (1 of 1)-25

Avery (1 of 1)-28

Avery (1 of 1)-32

Avery (1 of 1)-5

Avery (1 of 1)-51

Avery (1 of 1)-75

Avery (1 of 1)-88

Avery (1 of 1)-110

You can see more on Whitney’s blog here.


What Have I Done?!

So for some reason this did not go up yesterday, so just pretend it’s Wednesday, ok?

Two more days of work until holidays!! Sorry had to brag there 😉

A few days ago Chad started bugging me about joining him in the Spartan Race that is here this summer. Being that it was 14km (or I thought) and a obstacle race I had not signed up originally but when he asked me again my wheels were turning, then yesterday another friend asked me to do the race….Fast-forward to today and Becky asked me too. Third time is a charm? Anyways, I decided to visit their website, always a bad idea, and saw two things; 1- early bird registration was only for another couple of weeks and 2 – It was 12km not 14km which made it even more appealing.

Next thing I knew this was on my screen:


EEEK. I think I am at my race max. I want to do one more 10km race but not sure if I will, so far I have the following booked:

May – Woody’s Marathon 10km

June – Color Me Rad 5km

August – Mud Hero 5km

September – Spartan 12km

The last race I am looking at is the Energizer Night Run, but no details for this year are up yet.

Its shaping up to be a busy summer already, and its only (almost) March!

With operation eat up all our perishable food this week, lunches are getting sparse and random:


Spinach (what was left), arugula, a mini cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, a hard boiled egg and about ¾ of a avocado. Then for a snack around 2pm I had a Coconut Cream Larabar. It was my first time having this flavor and it was AMAZING. I enjoyed lunch at work since I had a afternoon coffee date with Becky and Amie at Cool Beans.

At the gym today I decided to make a new treadmill incline walk up from one I saw on Peanut Butter Fingers earlier this week, but swapped out the run portions to make it a 50 minute sweaty tmill walk:

climbing high

Supper was nothing fancy, but I did spruce up the regular BLTs a bit with adding turkey breast too. On the side we had waffle fries which caught my eye at our last Costco trip – a random craving since I am usually not a potato/fry fan. My craving paid off, they were tasty!

We are down to very little food in our house so meals the next few days are going to force me to get creative. Soon I will be in Arizona eating all the Chobani and Trader Joe food I can get my hands on.


Someone reassure me that the 12km Spartan won’t kill me!

What race are you most excited for this summer?

Though I won’t admit it, the Spartan. I love a challenge!