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Summer Escape

One of my favourite things about blogging, aside from meeting so many awesome people is the things I get in the loop on and get to try.  Last weekend was one of those times when I went to the fair and we tried to “Escape the Bank” with Servus’s mobile escape room. I have done one other escape room before and was hooked so jumped at the chance to try another.

Servus partnered with The Locked Room to design the mobile escape room to be like an old bank, complete with a vault, safety deposit boxes and more. Once in the room you have 10 minutes to figure out the puzzles and escape!

Chad, Avery and I went into the escape room where we were given a quick explanation on what to do and handed our initial clue. There is a timer on the wall so that you are always aware of how much time there is left to escape!

I have to give Chad credit, he was working hard while I was taking photos – total teamwork 😉

In the escape room you have to use your problem solving skills and gather different financial information in order to escape.

I have to admit that timer got to me when I looked and saw less than three minutes left! We were hustling but got stuck on the last clue and the timer went off. There is a buzzer to buzz for help, which we did and found the last piece we needed and escaped in about 14 minutes – not too bad!

While in the escape room you are introduced to some of the products and benefits that Servus offers to their members – so clever! Using this fun and informative challenge shows how they are different from banks. And from my first-hand experience  as a Servus member I can say that they are one awesome financial institution!

The mobile escape room is travelling around Alberta this summer so make sure to check out if they will be at an event near you, you can also follow their fun on social media using #ServusSummer!

And with that we are off on our own summer escape for the next bit so the blog might get a bit quiet, I will be back soon enough though!


Thank you to Servus for making this post possible. Servus is a member owned, community based financial institution. They are Alberta’s largest credit union, and anyone can be a member for only $1. They believe that education is the key to improving Albertan’s financial well-being and are committed to providing their members with information and expert advice they need to make smart financial decisions.