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It has been awhile since I did a :currently” post so here we go :

Currently Reading

The Astronaut Wives Club, it is my book club book and I have to get moving on it since book club is next week. In my defense I just got it this week but so far I like it!

Currently Drinking

I never thought I would say this one but – Kombucha. I have tried some grocery store brands and was never a fan but our local Wild Brew is so good!

Currently Excited for:

Planting my garden! I missed it a lot last summer and at the end of last summer I had two raised beds built so now I need to get moving so I can plant this weekend. Avery is equally excited to tackle this project with me so we are going to have a fun summer with it.

We started our strawberries on the deck already:

Currently Obsessed with:

It is a tie here, Younique Detoxifying Mask and Lash Food. I just started using the mask but really like it so far and the eyelash enhancer is ah-amazing. I have naturally thick lashes but they are pretty darn short. In just over a month they are noticeably longer and results are over 16 weeks so I am thinking I will get great results.

Currently Wearing

This tank from The Lucky Pineapple. I mean how perfect?! I picked this up at a market a couple weeks ago after eyeing it up on Instagram for a very long time.

Photo credit: Avery

Currently Eating

All the Larabars. Enough said.


What are you currently excited for?


Some “currentlys” from my life these days…

Currently reading... We picked a new book club book last week, The Little Paris Bookshop.

Currently eating…I talked about this last week but I am getting back on track with all the salads, smoothies and healthier treats.


Currently wanting…a massage, but I think I still need to wait a few weeks to be comfortable having one done.

Currently excited for…Summer!! This package from Alba Botanica last week got me even more excited, stay tuned for when we try out this new to us sSettingsunscreen.


Current “project”… garage sale prep for the long weekend, so much stuff we are getting rid of! I am excited to have a clean garage after this.

Current workout…technically I am not working out yet BUT I do walk almost daily for 20-30 minutes and have started a stretching routine and VERY light core work for 10 minutes in the evenings.


Currently thankful for… A LOT. But these days I am so thankful for another content baby (how did I get so lucky twice?!). Seriously though, she only cries if she is hungry every few hours and can self soothe in the middle of the night even without her soother. Yes, this is a brag post 😉 She is the perfect second child and knows Mom cannot be everywhere at once!



What are you currently reading? eating? thankful for?


My “currently’s”:


Eating – Small amounts every 2 hours! haha. And all the sea salt dark chocolate possible 😉

Drinking – Not mojitos, though i did request a yummy virgin drink for Valentines Day – I have high demands 😉 I have also started drinking Shakeology almost daily and have a ton of thoughts around it that I do need to share soon.


Excited…To decorate the house!  I want to hang all the photos etc now, or well yesterday (poor Chad) and found the perfect entry table last week and am planning a small gallery wall above it.


Wishing…For summer! Okay, spring would do too. It just has hit me that I am not working this summer and get my summer off with my two girls – gah, how lucky am I?! I have been buying both girls all the summer clothes – thank you Old Navy for stealing all my money.


Missing…My usual workouts, long run, headstands, just going all our for a workout. But the time will come when I can work my butt off again, I am ready to sweat!

Reading…Sharp Objects. This is a book that given the time I could read in a weekend, pulls you in and is an easy read.


Thankful…For all my wonderful friends and family and most of all Chad for all the help moving etc. People took the day off work to help us and worked their butts off and I owe them all. Chad has not only worked hard to move but on top of it dealt with my crazy type A, pregnant self…I owe him big time.

Loving…my own tub! At our old house the main bathroom was attached to Avery’s room and had the bathtub SO having a bath after she was in bed was a no-go. Bu now I have one in the ensuite and take advantage every single night!



What are you currently loving and drinking?


Currently Eating… Not as good as I would like. Blame Halloween candy and these:


I never buy cookies or junk food but could not resist these a few weeks ago when the Girl Guides approached me at the grocery store.

Currently Reading…Or supposed to be reading:


This was book club book from the end of August and I still have not finished it. I need to get my reading motivation back!

Currently Loving…Halloween decor! We do not have a ton but a few things. My Mom made this sign and sent me a photo of it, then I stole it 😉



Currently Excited for…Halloween! haha. i actually really like the holiday and my favourite has always been handing candy out. This year we will take Avery somewhere that day and to a few houses that evening. Now lets hope she will wear her costume!

Current Workout…Everything! I am still running very slow, yoga, spin class, and 21 Day Fix workouts.


Current DIY…Birthday party prep! I am also dreaming of 100 projects for the new house, including this for Avery’s room to display all her artwork that I never know what to do with.

Some recent pieces:


Currently Drinking…Water, SO sick of water. And this tea which I love:


Currently Watching…Scorpion, love this show!!

Currently Wanting…A new diaper bag. Or well a diaper bag, I never had one with Avery and that was fine but with two kids I want something I cane carry both their things and still be organized. I love Little Unicorn bags! This was my one Christmas request to Chad.



A little “currently” update on life right now:


Reading Mosquitoland. It is our book club book this month and so far it is just okay. I like the story but not so much the writing, it is hard for me to follow and I lose interest easily.


I am also reading this book:


My Mom found it for $1 and it is awesome. I loved the baby version and this is giving me a lot of great toddler “tips”!

Listening to – I mainly listen to the radio and love the song “Cheerleader”, on the flip side I am not listening to Maroon 5’s song, “This Summer’s Going to Hurt Like a…” – cannot stand it! I also listen to Songza at work and love the “soft pop” playlist.

Eating –  ALL the fruits and veggies! Since we are in the middle of a two week clean eating binge we have pretty much eliminated sugars, some carbs and are sticking to whole foods.

Guilty Pleasure – Of course there has to be come kind of saving grace with our little challenge, so I am having a piece of dark chocolate most days:


Watching – Nothing, can you believe it? I cannot. BUT Big Brother starts on the 24th!

Current (toe) Nail Colour – Bright pink , which screams summer to me!


Drink – Going also with the clean eating thing, ALL the water. I add lemon juice and a bit of Stevia if I get really sick of plain ol’ water.

Excited for – Holidays! We are going to see Chad’s Mom in southern BC this month AND I am going on a 3 day yoga retreat nearby. I cannot wait!

Wanting – I have been on a hunt for brighter summer bag, but had no luck. I really do not even know where to look, I want to keep it affordable since chances are it will be a one season type of bag. Suggestions?

Work Out – I am back doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme (with some running) for the next few weeks. I LOVE this program, the workouts are fast and dirty and make you work! Even better news? They are on sale this month, and my girl, Alison can hook you up (she has details in that link).


Wearing – A lot of dresses. I have way too many summer dresses, still over 20 probably after my huge purge. Anyways, here are some current favs:




What are you currently…Excited for? Wanting?