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I see currently posts all over the blog world and not sure I have ever done one! I semi missed this week in blog post planning so it freed up a day for me to finally squeeze one in Smile

Currently Reading…this book:


It is our next book club read, it sounds really good, but I have yet to start it, hopefully this weekend!

Currently Wearing…too many dark clothes! I need to find some spring/summer work tops BAD. But have had no luck. I have lots of great coloured and neutral pixie pants so now just need to find some tops. In the mean time I am wearing my colour on my toes:


Currently Excited for…EASTER! I love Easter *almost* as much as Christmas and cannot wait to share it with Avery this year. Here is her Easter basket, I went a tad overboard…


A bubble wand, Mess-free Colouring, Animal Facts book, Lil’ Shopper Play Set, a watering can, Easter straw cup (Target), sidewalk chalk and Alpha Block book.

My plan is to a trail of plastic eggs from her bedroom with the purple basket and have the rest in the livingroom. If the weather was nice I would do an outdoor egg hunt too, maybe next year!

Currently Drinking…water, coffee and tea. I am trying to only drink those things and coffee in moderation Smile My Camelbak water bottle saves me here, my daily goal is four a day.

Currently Dreaming… of the YOGA WINE + UNWIND I booked for this summer! Guys, I could not be more excited about this. As soon as my studio announced they’d have a summer retreat I knew I would go no matter what. Turns out we will be in the area (Osoyoos, BC) that week at my Mother-in-laws so I will just head a bit south for a couple days then come back and we will all head home. This also checks off three things on my 30 before 30 (now 31) list – girls weekend (a good friend is joining!), a yoga retreat and stand up paddle-boarding.

Currently Watching…Big Brother Canada! Amongst too many other shows, if I am being honest.

Current Workout…whatever I feel like! I am taking a couple weeks to just go with the flow before I start a 4-5 week 10km training plan to attempt and kick my PRs butt at a May race.

Currently Wanting…This water table for Avery. I had planned for it to be an Easter gift but its on sale the week after so will be a tad late. It will be great for her to play with on the deck while I am cooking supper Smile

Step2® - Tropical Island Resort with Umbrella


What are you currently excited for, watching and dreaming of?


I always ready other people’s “currently” posts and want to do one then forget, but this week I remembered Winking smile Its the small things. These days I am lucky if I remember my name – Mommy brain is a real thing I tell you.

Currently eating… My “power cookies” with a special ingredient…lentils! I combined a few recipes to make these on Monday when it was raining out. Rainy days = baking in my world.

Power cookies

Currently reading… The Rosie Project. I am only a few chapters in and liking it so far, but it is different from my typical reads.

Currently loving… Is this even a question?! This little girl:


Even with teething I love spending my days with her, we have so much fun together Smile

Currently looking forward to… Holidays next week! Well, Chad and my Mom are on holidays so we have a few day trips planned. I have a much needed massage booked, and am going to get to a couple solo yoga classes.

Currently drinking… Water, so much water, and of course coffee every morning in this mug:


Currently watching… Big Brother and True Blood. Love BB and while I was not that into the last couple seasons of True Blood this is the last season so I had to watch it.

Currently listening to…Nothing really. I have got out of the habit of running to music and driving around I just listen to a Top 40 radio station. I do not even really know what the top summer song is!


What are you currently looking forward to?

What is your current favourite song?