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C’s Nursery Reveal

Unlike with Avery’s nursery I had no idea where to start with C’s nursery. With Avery I had a piece of art that drove the nursery design and I knew I wanted something simple, modern and that she could grow into. This time around it took awhile to find that one piece that spurred on the nursery design.

And that piece is, C’s crib sheets:


I loved the print and colours right away, not to mention it made for an easy design since the tribal theme and colours are in right now.

My vision was not tribal though, more natural and simple.  I had planned to stick with the navy and peach as accent colours but the navy in the sheet is very dark and hard to match. But then mint green was easy. Mint green and peach soon became the accent colours.




All the furniture you will recognize from Avery’s nursery, the crib, side table, dresser and rocking chair – made it a lot easier reusing these things.

I only had two DIYs for the nursery, both were really easy and I am pretty happy with how they turned out. This arrow:

IMG_7822 IMG_7827

And the picture frame with the ultrasound photos.

The artwork above the arrow was also off of Etsy.

Art. This was tough! I wanted something that went with the nursery but was not too matchy.

I purchased these two tribal animal prints off of Etsy and knew I wanted a wood pallet sign as well and just the person to make one…my Mom!


The only thing missing is the mobile I ordered off Etsy, I guess it takes up to 10 weeks to get it, so  it still might be May before I see it. Here is the one I got.

I am pretty happy with how it turned out and like Avery’s I think it is a room C can grow into for the next few years with little updating.


Recent Home DIYs

I am the first to admit I am not that crafty. It makes me a ton of time to even commit to crafts or DIY projects. And then the process, never goes as planned and takes ten times longer. BUT in the end I am always happy with the results. This past month I finished two DIY projects to share.

First up is something I tried to do last summer. Painting our front door. Last year I had a million samples and we could not find “the one”, before we knew it the project got pushed aside. This year it was back on my summer list but I knew I had to just pick a colour and not over think it. One evening we went to Home Depot with Avery and limited time –> talking about forcing a decision?! But it worked!

This project took me a good week to complete. Long story short, I should have been more careful painting and not got paint on the trim – which in turn I had to re-paint. Then I decided to paint out side window too, which was trickier.

Must have – supplies, foam roller, foam brush (not pictured), painting tape, sander, paint and stir stick.


I prepped the door by lightly sanding it and then cleaning it well. This step took maybe 10-15 minutes.

The type of paint we used, colour was “Voyage”.


Next up, taping time! Tip – take your time and get it perfect! It will save you time and hassle later Winking smile I did not remove the hardware and taped around it.


I first painted the squares with the foam brush, getting in all the lines. I rolled over it after to smooth out the paint.


After coat #1. I did two coats then touch ups since I always seemed to miss spots!


A few days after I finished the doors I painted the trim which was a huge pain, but if you are more careful than me you can skip this step. Chad liked the contrast of the white trim on the blue door which is why it was kept white.

Before and After!


I am still getting used to it and while I love the colour I am so indecisive too, “maybe green was a better choice”! I think it brightened up our porch since our siding is darker. Now to find a new front mat!

Project #2 was a little less work for me, thanks to my wonderful husband! In our house we have a hallway from the kitchen to the bedrooms and bathrooms. I used to have a frame I loved there but a few years ago clumsy me ran into it and broke it. Since then I have not been happy with what was on the wall.

Then it came to me, it was where I could so a small gallery wall! I started by going to Winners and buying all the frames! I think I bought 8 total. I had no plans to keep them all but wanted to take them hope and lay everything out to see what worked best.

I took no photos in this process!

I already had a couple canvases I wanted to use and had found a great centrepiece as well. I found having a centrepiece to be key. It gave me a starting point and helped with colours as well.

Once I found a layout I really liked I then pulled out all our photos and laid them out how I thought they would look best. I found I had to be aware of the colours I was already using to make the photos fit the gallery wall.

Next up was measuring. I had the frames all laid out on the floor and wanted some consistency in measurements. I made a drawing of all the frames, their sizing and the spaces in between everything in every direction. I also did this since I knew I would not be the one hanging it all Winking smile

Okay, now for some photos:


I was really happy with how it turned out. I kept some consistency with the measurements on all the bottom pieces. I then centered the top pieces above the bottom ones. Everything was hung to more or less be centered to the middle piece. The mirrors were dark brown from Ikea and I painted them with chalk paint for the wall.

I wish I could have done more on this wall but this is all that fits on it. I think I caught the gallery wall bug though and now want to do another! Now to find the room…