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Bad Blogger

So who read this post the other night? Yeah I totally forgot the PHOTOS. Frick. You can tell where my brain is this week… not here. Its been a crazy busy week, trying to wrap up work stuff before we leave and with Christmas functions. I have barely read any blogs this week, been basically MIA on Twitter and been crashing by 9pm. A crazy life I lead these days. But in t-minus 2 days I will be NYC. Sorry I had to say it one last time.

Borrowing Leigh’s idea I am going with Three Things Thursday today. Ready?


Three things I have ate this week:

1- Dove Sea Salt Caramel Chocolates from a VERY lovely friend

2- My favorite holiday tea, Candy Cane!

3- Some yummy fajitas for supper tonight:



Three exciting things that happened this week:

1- We got tickets to the Letterman Show next week. For those of you wondering, we are there Tuesday and on Live with Kelly and Michael Wednesday 🙂

2- I went to the FP Reach Conference and the keynote speaker rocked, Gary Vaynerchuk. If you are at all into marketing check him out and follow him on Twitter.

3- It has not happened yet but will tomorrow – our staff Christmas potluck lunch and office decorating day. Easily a favorite day of the year for me!


Three workouts that happened this week:

1- A 5km treadmill walk

2- A 6km treadmill walk/run – 20 minutes of running!! I am slowly getting it back 🙂

3- Number #3 has not happened yet…. like I said crazy week.


Three things I have to do before we leave – FYI there are way more than 3!

1- Get US cash.

2- Bake and send my cookies Great Food Blogger cookie swap.

3- Prep blog posts for while I am gone.


What is one exciting thing that happened this week for you?