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Weekend Recap

Currently we have snow – again. I am hoping this means we are going to skip straight to summer 😉 Spring we miss you!


At lunch I went to a thrift store and found some books for the girls. I am trying to focus on more lesson based books for them now, and found some great ones. Avery has always loved books:

We had a movie night and watched the (old) Disney Beauty and the Beast.


We had plans to go to an outdoor event for Earth Day and even though it was not too nice for it Chloe’s favourite place to play – Avery’s bed:

We had a quiet afternoon, I did housework and made muffins while Chloe napped and Avery played. We ran some errands after Chloe’s nap and that was our day!

This girl is so crazy at meal times, well all the time 😉

Later we had friends over to watch the hockey game 🙂


Like every week I said I was going to run outside and then did not…

6 miles on the treadmill instead.

You all should be VERY jealous of this girl’s hair these days..HA

After I tamed it:

Chad had a work thing all afternoon so the girls and I hung out at home, Chloe napped then we headed to the library.

Lunch snack plates are the best:

And I set up these files for the girls to organize artwork and anything I want to keep – all the way up to grade 12! I am such a nerd 😉

One of the things I miss about being at home – frequent library trips!

And like that the weekend was over – only a week until May!




Earth Day (& A Giveaway!)

Happy Earth Day! Earth Day is celebrated April 22nd every year and is the largest, most celebrated environment event worldwide. You can find out more here about the day.

Last week my friends at Live Clean contacted me to see if I was interested in reviewing some of their products from their Live Clean (baby) line, and of course with my recent news I was more than happy to do so.

They once again spoiled me with all these goodies:


They just announced seven new additions to the Live Clean (baby) family so wanted to spread the word. All of the products from this line are made with natural, gentle ingredients and every product is tear-free, hypoallergenic, pediatrician tested and infused with Certified Organic Botanicals.

Now to introduce the new products – the Live Clean (baby), baby powder, creamy head to tow wash, baby wipes, foaming wash, soothing relief foaming wash, soothing relief baby wipes and a Live Clean (baby) & mommy bath and massage oil.

I have already started to use the massage oil because it is enriched with natural Cocoa Seed butter which is a deep nourishing oil to help moisturize a growing belly and help improve the appearance of stretch marks. Before this oil I was also using extra virgin organic coconut oil on my belly daily. And I cannot wait to spoil Baby K with the other products starting in November Smile

Live Clean also wants my readers to be able to try these news products, and for Earth Day has offered a giveaway! They are offering my readers a chance to win a Live Clean (baby) prize pack valued at $50. All you have to do is go to the Live Clean Facebook page and “like” them and come back here to comment and let me know you did so. Even if you are not a Mom yourself these make for great gifts!

The Live Clean (baby) line is available at Superstores, Shoppers Drug Mart and WalMart.


Go like Live Clean on Facebook and comment when you do so!

Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Did you know it was Earth Day? Well if not, it is the most celebrated environmental event worldwide, and it even has its own website if you want to learn all about the history.

A few weeks back I was contact by live clean about trying some of their new products. Since it is the only shampoo & conditioner I  use (and have for a couple years) I was excited to say yes.

I was even more surprised when I received all of this:


live clean (baby) – soothing relief baby wash, soothing non-petroleum jelly, and soothing relief diaper ointment, live clean enviro-kidz berry burst and fruit explosion 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, live clean (green earth) invigorating body wash, live clean (purple jewel) wave enhancing defining mousse, live clean (sensitive skin) body lotion, live clean exotic nectar argan oil treatment, live clean (exotic shine) bali oil soothing shampoo & conditioner, live clean professional damage therapy spilt end cream.

I cannot stop there though, and have to tell you more about live clean and why I use and love their products. I started using their pink fire shampoo and conditioner because it is sulfate free. Because I color my hair (and pay good money to do so) I wanted to use sulfate free products to help keep my color and reduce the dryness that sulfates and alcohols can cause. After buying the products I learned a lot more about the company and products and even more reasons to love them. Here are some of the reasons:

– Pure vegan

– Made with 98% plant ingredients

– Sulfate/phosphates/petroleum/DEA free

– No animal testing – directly or indirectly

– Made with certified organic botanicals

Over the past 6 months we have also being trying to make our home more environmentally friendly and chemical free. And while we are not perfect, all the little changes do make a difference. We no longer use any harsh chemical cleaning products, and instead use vinegar, lemon and baking soda for most of our cleaning. If I do buy cleaning products I tend to only buy ones that are chemical free and environmentally friendly. Long and short of this – using live clean only helps us to further these goals.

The one line I received was the live clean (baby) line. I cannot wait to give this to someone with a baby! So, friends you may see these coming your way. The reason why I bring this line up is because I think it is so important to make sure you are only using these natural, plant based products on babies. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and many baby products have ingredients such as parabens, DEAs, phthalates, and sulfates all which have been linked to side effects and irritations on baby’s delicate skin.

You better know it that when there is a baby K on the way we will only use chemical free and environmentally friendly products. Yet, another reason we have chosen to lessen the amount of chemicals we use in our house.

And one last thing the exotic shine with bali oil shampoo and conditioner smells so good since it contains coconut oil. Love it 🙂

Yesterday was gorgeous out, so we took full advantage and enjoyed supper on the deck with a drink:


I tried this new drink:


(also yesterday’s photo of the day – “bottle”)

It said it was made with sparkling water and natural flavors, and not too sweet. I gave it a try since usually I find coolers way too sweet. Verdict? It was not too sweet and very good, but still one was more than enough for this light weight.

This morning I had planned to do 30 minutes on the elliptical but seeing as my legs were very sore from Friday’s workout I decided to do a very easy and light run (6.6-6.8mph). I find that this helps work out and loosen my sore muscles better than anything else. A upper body workout followed, I increased a few of the weights, and lowered the reps, which I am sure will make me very sore tomorrow. Here is a quick run down of the exercises I did – fireman row, skull crusher, shoulder raises, hammer curls on bosu ball, upright dumbbell row, overhead lift & press, bent over lateral row and chest press.

Because I cannot eat enough avocados today I knew brunch had to include one. Egg, turkey bacon, light Havarti cheese, avocado, spinach and tomato sandwiches – phew that was a long one, with fruit salad featuring my new Costco buy – pre-cut mangoes! I die.


Not sure we have too much on today’s agenda now – cleaning, laundry, doing my brother’s taxes (best big sister I know…),enjoying the sunshine (high of 23 today!) and possibly taking a walk to Starbucks for free Earth Day coffee.

Oh and let this little brat outside before she drives me insane!



Does living environmentally friendly and chemical free matter to you?


Disclaimer – I was provided with the live clean products at no charge, to try & review on the blog. However, the comments above are all my own opinions on the products.

Don’t forget

That tomorrow is Earth Day and to honor it Starbucks is offering free coffee or tea to anyone that comes in with their reusable mugs! All their reusable mugs will also be 20% off. So make sure to hit up Starbucks tomorrow, I know we will!

Do you like coffee or tea better?

This is a tough one for me – I love tea and drink it daily but coffee is more of a treat for me! Tomorrow my plan is to try Starbucks coffee (I have only ever had lattes and their instant coffee) and then take it home to add my own almond milk and some sugar free vanilla syrup – the same way I drink their instant VIA coffee.

I will be back bright and early tomorrow morning with Foodie Friday, stay tuned!