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Foodie Friday

Another long weekend ahead of us! I am off for four days for Easter and then only have THREE days of work left – how is that possible? I wrapped up most of my work yesterday though so next week will just be doing a few small things and helping out where I am needed at the office.

This week went by fast, we did not do a lot Monday and Tuesday, I started to do more workouts in the evening again since it helps me feel better before bed, but I am slowing down a lot at this point due to being uncomfortable and Braxton Hicks contractions.

I really do not think this belly can get any bigger… Speaking of which, my Dr does think C will be bigger than Avery (6lbs 9oz). Any guesses? I am going for 7lbs 2oz.


Wednesday after work we joined Becky and Liam at an Easter Egg Hunt…


Onto meal planning – the key the next week? EASY.

foodie friday

Saturday – Creamy Chickpea Avocado Salad (Ceara’s Kitchen) & Chicken Smokies

Sunday – Edamame Quinoa Salad  (The Girl Who Ate Everything) & Turkey Burgers

Monday – Super Easy Skinny Crockpot Lasagna – Pinch of Yum

Tuesday – BBQ Chicken and Mango Quesadillas – Jo Cooks

Wednesday – Asian Garlic Noodles – Damn Delicious 

Thursday – Quinoa Enchilada Casserole – Damn Delicious 

Friday – Turkey, Bacon & Avocado Paninis & sweet potato fries

This weekend we have no big plans. Usually I host Easter and we attend a family Easter on Chad’s side but this year we decided we wanted to lay low before baby and enjoy our family as three time. Today my Mom and I are doing all my freezer meals and baking so that is out of the way. Sunday morning I will do another egg hunt for Avery which I am very excited for – I actually LOVE Easter as my Mom always made it a really fun holiday. Monday I am off so Avery and I plan to visit a friend and I will do some cleaning.


Baby C weight guesses?!

Easter Weekend Recap

Since I have a ton of fun and photos to share I am just going to jump right into it:


I woke up with the urge to clean and decided to kick start my spring cleaning list, I spent two hours cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom and it felt good (yes, I really do like to clean!).

My helpers:


Avery putting up her Easter decals (after she attempted to eat them and put them on the cat…):


After Avery’s morning nap we decorated Easter eggs.

I bought her paintable eggs and watercolours, total fail, the eggs were not for this type of paint! Instead she decorate with stickers and played with her finger paint.



I was battling a sore throat and wanted something cold so we decided to head to where my brother works for gelato for an afternoon treat Smile After I made the mistake of going into Superstore and spent $50 on clothes for Avery…Oops.

Since Friday was looking to be the only decent day out we went for our first family run of the year then stopped at the park. Avery did really good on the run which was a relief since we had not ran with her in it since the early fall.

That night I started my book club book (The Girl on the Train) and was hooked…


Our initial plan was head out later morning for an outdoor Easter egg hunt and lunch but they weather was not looking good so Chad suggested doing something indoors. I quickly checked a few places on Facebook and saw Cafe O Play was having one from 9-11am. We got ready and headed there so we could get there before it got busy.

We were the first ones there! Avery liked playing and people watching more than finding eggs Winking smile


Once Avery was played out we went to run errands, buying me a new laptop (which still has not been even taken out of the box!), some returns and groceries.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, I read more of my book, cleaned and prepped for Easter brunch. I fell asleep watching TV by 9:30pm.


I had not put out any Easter stuff the night before since the cat would have just stolen it all, and we usually wake up before Avery so figured it was fine. Of course, Avery woke up at 6:30am so I scrambled to set everything up before grabbing her.

The lighting was not great at 6:30am, but here are some photos:

These wood bunnies my Grandpa made over 20 years ago, he used to put them out every Easter for us (he passed away in 1996). Avery loved seeing them and yelled “bunny” a few times, made my morning Smile


Checking out her Easter basket:


I set up the eggs a few times for her, she enjoyed picking them up and putting them in the basket:


Her favourite gift? The $1 bubble wand…


I started to prep for brunch and set everything up, my fancy centerpieces Winking smile


My Mom came over early to give Avery her gift:


Brunch was enjoyed by everyone, and Avery loved all the extra attention (of course).

My Grandma brought this stuffed bunny for Avery and she loved it!


That kid is too spoiled…

It was a little chilly out but that did not stop us from going on a walk to the park since Avery cannot get enough of the swings.




I spent a couple more hours cleaning baseboards and blinds, and reading my book while Avery was napping. After Avery was in bed we finally watched the finale of Glee and I finished my book, yup in 48 hours!

We both are still off work today so enjoying another little family day before heading back to work Tuesday.


Foodie Friday

Happy Friday! I am happy to report that as this is posted I am probably still lounging in my pjs since it is a long weekend Smile 4 days off!

This week was kinda crazy, lets start back on Monday…

I did the latest Android update on my phone Sunday, and well it did some not so great updates, like messing with my alarm. Monday morning I woke up 90 minutes later than usual, somehow we managed to get ready and everything in time and were actually early to work. That night we tested my alarm a few times and it worked…Tuesday morning it did not, again. So I missed my morning workout and had to rush once again. Thankfully, I figured out from Google my problem – before if I silenced my phone the alarm still went off, now that is NOT the case. Sigh.

Tuesday afternoon I got a text from dayhome that Avery had got a paper cut that morning doing crafts but 4 hours later and 4 bandaids later it was still bleeding to the point it was dripping blood. I had no clue what to do or say, I went and got her and took her home to clean her up and see for myself, within minutes it was dripping blood again. I had a work event that I was supposed to be at and figured I could get to walk-in and to my event in time if I left right then. An hour later (and a major meltdown in the waiting room) the doctor said it is kinda normal to have paper cuts bleed like this, and since she had had cuts before that did clot it was all a-okay. I told her I felt crazy and ridiculous but just did not want to end up in the ER that night. Oh and the kicker? It stopped bleeding when we were waiting. Kids. We rushed to my event, Avery ran around while I set up, then Chad and my Mom came so I could work a little, though Avery kept all of us running!

Wednesday we had crazy winds all day to the point it blew down a portion of our fence – poor Chad has another project on his list now. Thankfully it was not a huge portion and I think it won’t be too hard to fix. Finally, yesterday Avery had a little fall and ended up with a nice goose egg above her one eye. Poor kid! And now it is Easter!! How?! Here is the meal plan for this upcoming week:

foodie friday

Saturday – Butternut Squash Risotto (Iowa Girl Eats) & lemon garlic sole

Sunday – Tuna with hummus wraps

MondaySouptacular Crockpot Soup

Tuesday – Strawberry Avocado Couscous Salad (damn delicious) & grilled chicken

Wednesday – Cheesy Mushroom and Broccoli Quinoa Casserole – Iowa Girl Eats

Thursday – BBQ chicken pizza

Friday – OUT?

This weekend we have little formal plans besides Sunday when we will do Avery’s Easter hunt and have my family over for brunch. Today we are painting our Easter eggs, tomorrow if the weather cooperates we might go to an outdoor Easter egg hunt just outside of town, we have a ton of spring cleaning to do (inside and out) and hopefully we get in some workouts and a family run as well Smile


I see currently posts all over the blog world and not sure I have ever done one! I semi missed this week in blog post planning so it freed up a day for me to finally squeeze one in Smile

Currently Reading…this book:


It is our next book club read, it sounds really good, but I have yet to start it, hopefully this weekend!

Currently Wearing…too many dark clothes! I need to find some spring/summer work tops BAD. But have had no luck. I have lots of great coloured and neutral pixie pants so now just need to find some tops. In the mean time I am wearing my colour on my toes:


Currently Excited for…EASTER! I love Easter *almost* as much as Christmas and cannot wait to share it with Avery this year. Here is her Easter basket, I went a tad overboard…


A bubble wand, Mess-free Colouring, Animal Facts book, Lil’ Shopper Play Set, a watering can, Easter straw cup (Target), sidewalk chalk and Alpha Block book.

My plan is to a trail of plastic eggs from her bedroom with the purple basket and have the rest in the livingroom. If the weather was nice I would do an outdoor egg hunt too, maybe next year!

Currently Drinking…water, coffee and tea. I am trying to only drink those things and coffee in moderation Smile My Camelbak water bottle saves me here, my daily goal is four a day.

Currently Dreaming… of the YOGA WINE + UNWIND I booked for this summer! Guys, I could not be more excited about this. As soon as my studio announced they’d have a summer retreat I knew I would go no matter what. Turns out we will be in the area (Osoyoos, BC) that week at my Mother-in-laws so I will just head a bit south for a couple days then come back and we will all head home. This also checks off three things on my 30 before 30 (now 31) list – girls weekend (a good friend is joining!), a yoga retreat and stand up paddle-boarding.

Currently Watching…Big Brother Canada! Amongst too many other shows, if I am being honest.

Current Workout…whatever I feel like! I am taking a couple weeks to just go with the flow before I start a 4-5 week 10km training plan to attempt and kick my PRs butt at a May race.

Currently Wanting…This water table for Avery. I had planned for it to be an Easter gift but its on sale the week after so will be a tad late. It will be great for her to play with on the deck while I am cooking supper Smile

Step2® - Tropical Island Resort with Umbrella


What are you currently excited for, watching and dreaming of?

First Easter & Weekend Recap

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. I remember one year ago hosting Easter brunch, being so nauseous but hiding my pregnancy from most of our guests still. So tough! One year later and we celebrated Avery’s first Easter and our first Easter as a family of three.

This weekend was truly perfect in every way Smile


Chad had the day off, I had planned for us all to go on a run outside but Mother Nature had other plans:


We got probably 6-8” of snow!

Instead I did my run on the treadmill, while dreaming of summer.

Mid morning we decorated Easter eggs:



I have decided single color eggs are the way to go in the future, all the sticker ones or other “fancy” techniques never work out for us!


In the afternoon I went shopping with my Mom because she needed new Spring work clothes. We did not have a ton of luck, she got a shirt, belt and a dress and I bought a plain white tank, a grey t-shirt and another shirt that I am still undecided about. I find tops do not fit me well right now because of my chest, the loose style that is out right now hangs like a tent Sad smile


Because we hosted Easter brunch Sunday my long run for the week got moved to Saturday morning. Again, I had planned to go outside but was not running on snow covered sidewalks (remember, I am a wimp now) so the treadmill it was. 16km & 90 minutes later I was done, and very proud of myself. I am so happy with my training progress so far and feeling great about my upcoming half marathon.

Chad treated me to an Ice Capp and a chicken wrap from Tim Hortons after my run before we headed to grab groceries. Made the run worth it Winking smile

Saturday afternoon we headed out of town to a Easter supper with Chad’s Step-Mom’s family. His Dad and Step-Mom are still south so we missed them but it was great to see everyone else. I ate tons of yummy food to fuel my body back up – love having other people cook on long run days!

Avery’s Easter dress:


Saturday bedtime was ROUGH. Avery did not want too go to bed. With it being lighter out she does take a little longer to settle right now (maybe 20 minutes), but it was about 80 minutes this night! And she’d go from asleep to screaming in seconds. I started to think about sleep training but decided to hold off until we know if this is really an issue or if it was just a bad night. She slept all night with her one wake up.


I was up by 7am to get brunch into the crockpot, Chad and Avery woke shortly after and we had a small breakfast and exchanged Easter baskets:



My basket, pretty excited to watch Frozen!


The morning was busy getting ready for brunch, and I forgot to take ANY photos, not of the food, the people, the decorations… fail. But it was a great time! My Mom, brothers, Grandma, her “boyfriend”, Chad’s Mom and Step-Dad joined us.

Avery had on a pretty cute outfit:


I want this outfit!

After everyone was gone, we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned —> or it felt like we did! I munched way on way too much chocolate while doing so.

Because the weather was amazing we went for a little walk and stopped at the park:




Avery was pretty indifferent to the whole park thing.

Such a great way to end a wonderful weekend Smile


How was your Easter weekend?