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Weekend Recap

It was such a beautiful weekend! I will take this sunny, mild November for the snow in October since this only makes winter seems shorter to me.


A morning Starbucks date to have a holiday beverage and treat then an afternoon run in the sun followed by a park trip.





Chad and I had a date night that night to a small, local event that was a revue of music from the 60s and 70s. The show was so good, and all the singers were amazing. I hope they do more!



Chloe had swimming and loved it again, Avery did not cry this time when they were watching us so it was a good morning!

Oh and check out this sun rise!


During naps I decorated the mantel for Avery’s birthday week – a new tradition I decided to start 😉 And Chad put up Christmas lights. After naps we went for a walk to the park.



Funny story, a little boy was at the park with his pretty spiffy power wheels SUV – it even had subs! Anyways, he totally “picked up” Avery with it and wowed her. Before he left in it he shouted “see you later Avery” and then she cried that he left…kids.

I had a girls supper and night out so made Chad and the girls supper and went out for the evening. We had supper and then went to the local escape rooms which was so much fun! We went in the padded room one and it turned out to be one of the harder ones with only 15% of people escaping. I cannot wait to go back!



Avery was never affected by daylight savings time but we did not get that lucky with Chloe and she was up before 6am – YAWN. That meant I had a productive morning and then we headed out for a 9km run and were home at 10am.


Chad wanted waffles and since I am slacking on brunch these days I could not say no!


During naps I ran out to do some kid free errands. My Mom, brother and his girlfriend visited in the afternoon. And I made banana muffins. By 6pm I felt like a zombie so after blogging I called it a night!



Now I am hoping to keep away Chloe’s cold for a busy birthday week for a certain almost 3 year old!


Foodie Friday

This week we welcomed back the SUN! It also seemed to be the week of appointments


Halloween! In the morning we went to my work and Chad’s work. Avery was over the moon that she got to wear she costume all day! The best photo I got of them together…


After naps we went to the girl’s dayhome then to see my Mom at work since she worked late. We had an early supper then I headed out with the girls while Chad handed candy out. Avery was done after our block but after a quick stop at home I convinced her to do another street. I was so impressed with some of the houses in our area – they went all out!

Once we got home Avery helped hand out candy – she said she liked this more than trick or treating – I agree kid 😉 We only had 60 kids, I thought we would have closer to 100!


I am blogging this day as a day in the life – SAHM edition next week so will skip Tuesday!


Chloe came down with congestion Tuesday night and slept until 8am – Avery too – this never happens! Anyways, it put us at a much later start to our day.

I decided to run on the treadmill and managed 5km before Chloe has enough.


I had promised Avery we would go to the museum so could not pass even though it was after 11am before we left the house. We made a quick trip there and I learnt they have crafts Wednesday mornings too! We will be going for that for sure.

20161102_114346 20161102_142756

After naps we went to our chiropractors appointments then came home and just hung out – I gave Avery the option to go to the park but she chose Playdoh instead.

I sorted through gifts that evening to decide what Avery would get for her birthday versus Christmas and worked on blog posts for next week.


We ran a few errands in the morning which included picking up Avery’s birthday gift from Chad’s Mom at the post office…



Chad took a half day at work so that I could go to a hair appointment, I thought I wanted to stay light for awhile longer but a few weeks ago decided to go back dark:


I came home to the girls napping so once they were up we went for a walk to the park since it was 19 degrees out!

20161103_163147 20161103_155850 20161103_155948 20161103_161416 20161103_163209 20161103_161201

After supper I met up with a friend’s Mom to start baby shower planning – so fun!

Okay meal planning:


Saturday – Pizza

Sunday – Chicken Pad Thai – Cooking Classy

Monday – Crockpot Lasagna – Gimme Some Oven

Tuesday – Chunky Lentil and Vegetable Soup – Budget Bytes

Wednesday – Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos – Belle of the Kitchen

Thursday – OUT – Avery’s birthday choice!

Friday – Asian Chicken Wraps with peanut sauce – Well Plated by Erin

This weekend is pretty quite, party prep, a date night and a girls night out!




Foodie Friday

Another Friday. Already. Where do the days go?! Oh right, I run around after the girls all day 😉


A morning library trip, some play time there for Avery then home for the afternoon and we baked squash brownies and muffins. I am not good at being at home for more than a few hours but am slowly working on having slower days.

20161017_100437 20161018_162355 20161017_161722 20161017_160009


Yoga in the morning for Miss.Avery and I started on some work things. I decided to use the hour to prep for my return to work in January and get my brain back into work mode. After we ordered A’s birthday cupcakes.

My Mom came over during naps and Avery heard her so did not nap. I do not deal well with no nap days and neither does Avery. Our afternoon was spent checking out Once Upon A Child then watching the Shrek Halloween movie and hanging out at home.

20161018_170821 20161018_121100-1

I thought I was ready for fall but these days I really miss spending our days outside, going for walks and to the beach! I need to suck up the cooler weather and get out more!


We ran a few errands in the morning, booked eye appointments for the whole family and wore Halloween gear – I got suckered into shirts for the girls this year.

20161019_114627 20161019_113307

During nap time I decided to start the playroom re-do and then got caught up re-doing a small rocking chair and chalk table for the playroom. Oh and I added 100 more DIYs to my list…

We spent some time in the yard since the sun was out after naps, I snapped some photos of this girls:

img_9805 img_9802 img_9799

Once Chloe went down for her 4pm nap I got ready for my work gala. Felt good to dress up, do my hair and makeup for a change!

20161019_135426 20161019_170607 20161019_170626  I left the house for the evening and did not get home until 10:30pm. It was a great evening and made me realize how much I miss my work. I keep telling myself in 6 months I will wish I was home some days so just be happy for now.

Pictures from the evening:

20161019_194105-1 20161020_072040


I decided to take the girls for an afternoon run which meant an open morning! We met my Grandma for coffee and a visit:

20161020_100851 20161020_101211

After naps the sun was out so we went out for a quick 6km run. Avery told me a few days ago she wanted to be a runner like me since it makes her strong. I was happy to hear that and know all those hours she was spent watching me run and running with me have been worth something 🙂


The last bit of our run I let her run with me:


We also made a park pit stop”

screenshot_20161020-162755 screenshot_20161020-162703

Onto meal planning:


Saturday – Asparagus & Potato Salad – Oh She Glows & grilled chicken

Sunday – Crockpot Chicken noodle soup (this never got made last week) – Cooking Classy

Monday – Salmon burgers & salad

Tuesday – Spinach & Feta Pasta – Six Sisters’s Stuff

Wednesday – OUT

Thursday – Crockpot Stuffed Pepper Soup – Sweet Tooth Sweet Life

Friday – BLTs & sweet potato fries

This weekend we have photos with Tawnya, and I am not only excited to have her photograph us but also for a visit – it has been too long!



Foodie Friday

This week brought cooler temps and I am not a fan yet. I know I will struggle once it is harder to get out daily since this summer we spent most of our days outside but I am going to make the best of it.


I weighed Chloe that morning for her 6 month post only to find she has not gained much since mid August. Sigh. I just do not want the health nurses to get all worried next week at her immunizations. I know she is fine, she is ahead developmentally and well she just pukes a lot but otherwise happy.

It looked to be the nicest day of the week so we went for to take some photos. It ended up being chilly so we did not last long!

img_9590 img_9582 img_9516

After naps we headed to our dayhome for a visit, Avery told me to leave and go to work so she obviously will not have issues going back there full time 😉

Somehow we finished supper by 6:15pm so packed up and went for a walk. Avery wanted to jump in leaves so Chad brought our rake along:






Yoga playground morning! I look forward to this morning every week, Avery gets some play time and Chloe and I get to hang out and drink a chai latte.



We ran some errands after came home had lunch and then the girls had naps. Nap times went good all week 🙂

I convinced myself to take the girls for a run and then regretted it for the first km since it was cold and windy. Thankfully we hit the trails and it was way better! I tell myself that my decent weather runs are limited now so I just get out when I can – my goal is 1-2 times a week.



Both girls fell asleep – guess they did not have long enough naps!



A double PiYo workout first thing then I had to go take some photos for a post so we hit up Cool Beans one last time before they close until the Spring. But good news, they have a indoor shop now too!


I am in complete part planning mode here for Avery’s third birthday next month so we took a trip to Michaels to use our weekly coupon after naps. I bought glitter tulle and instantly regretted it…

What else? We made thankful turkeys for a crafts and played with Playdoh:

20161005_145650 20161005_150313 20161005_113357

Oh and I spent time reading my book club book – this one might deserve a review on here.


I got some new makeup in the mail and Avery loved jumping on the bubble wrap, okay I did too 😉


Once Chloe was down for her first nap I hit the treadmill and run my fastest 5km yet – 23:13! I have to say I am still unsure if I will hit my goal for Phoenix in February but am going to try my best! Oh and we booked our flights for a great price 🙂

Our morning was spent at home , playing and just hanging out.

Miss Chloe’s newest obsession? Apple chunks.


In the afternoon we headed out to get our last veggie box of the year, I cannot believe I went out to The Jungle Farm every week for 16 weeks! I will miss our trips for sure. The haul:


Onto meal planning…


Saturday – Chicken fingers & roasted veggies (we have our Thanksgiving box to use up!)

Sunday – Thanksgiving

Monday – Leftovers

Tuesday – Hoisin Bowls with spicy peanut sauce – Budget Bytes

Wednesday – Salmon tacos

Thursday – Chicken Pot Pie soup – Skinny Taste

Friday – Bison Cabbage Casserole (freezer meal)

Weekend plans…we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house Sunday and that is about it! I have a few things I want to get done at home and then we will see how the weather is to plan much else.

Happy (early) Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!



Fall Hometown Hunt

I always knew that my hometown was where I wanted to live most of my life, so it is no surprise to me at 32 years old I have only not lived here for 2 years while going to University. Our city (Red Deer, AB) is pretty darn awesome. Located in the Alberta prairies it is beautiful year round with so much to offer.

Our trail systems are some of the best around with beautiful fall foliage that I wish would stay around another month…or two.

Just look at these colours:

img_9075 img_8961 img_9661

My list of why I love my hometown could go on forever but today I wanted to share a few of our local favourites for fall in and around Red Deer.

1- Cool Beans bus. This is one of the most unique features to our city and downtown. We have been regulars there for years now and it never gets old.


Their coffee is my favourite, they have awesome baking (and pumpkin everything right now!) and on nice days you can enjoy lunch on their patio. They are seasonal and close soon for the cooler weather (tear) BUT they are opening up an indoor shop close by so we can enjoy them year round!

2 – The Jungle Farm. 


3- Heritage Ranch/Westlake Grill. Westlake Grill has a family style brunch they serve every Sunday and it is hands down one of the best around. It is always a treat to go! And after you can take a walk through the trails, let the kids play on one of the playgrounds or visit the horses!

screenshot_20161005-113001 screenshot_20161005-113234

They offer a variety of seasonal experiences as well – coming up soon is their Flashlight Pumpkin Hunt!

4 – Kray Family Farm. Located about 20 minutes from the city this is a must visit farm from August to October! They have so much to do, their massive corn maze, play houses & structures, farm animals, mini golf, jumping pads, corn bin, stalk car raceway,  and more!

20160903_165959 20160904_142816

We were there a few weeks ago and I am hoping to get back before they close for the year!

5- Cuppitycakes Bakeshop. She posts her daily specials on Instagram and leaves me drooling daily! She always has seasonal favourites too 🙂 It is the cutest little bakeshop in our downtown but go early, she is usually sold out early afternoon!

6- Farmers MarketOur local Farmers Market is the most popular spot on Saturday mornings, with a couple hundred vendors you are sure to find something you “need”. We like to go get coffee, mini donuts (for Avery of course) and visit our favourite vendors. It runs until Thanksgiving weekend so you can get all your fall produce for Thanksgiving locally!

If you are looking for things to do in your town/city check out Eventbrite’s event management site,  where you can find information on more local events happening. It is easy, you just enter your location and voila! They event have tools for creating and selling tickets to events of your own! See local events for Red Deer here!


What is your favourite fall things to do or place to visit in your hometown?