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Weekend Snapshots

Our weekend seemed extra long – and not just by a day or two. Chad said it was since we actually did something Friday night – HA.

Highlight of our weekend was participating in a curling bonspiel with my work Friday and Saturday.

The theme was denim on denim which made it extra fun 🙂 We also had my brother and his girlfriend babysit on Saturday night and went to the after party, I took one lame photo 😉

Saturday was also Avery’s 5th birthday! We had coffee and treats at a local coffee shop in the morning, then coloured at home before going to the curling rink.

Family photo, a big win – I never remember them on birthdays!

We spent all of Sunday at home! We made waffles, worked out, baked, cleaned, set up the girls new Christmas tree and did a lot of colouring and crafts.

Avery is colouring obsessed – she coloured this all by herself!

Monday was pretty awesome too – a stat holiday where kids go to school and adults have the day off?! Yes! We had Chloe home with us so ran errands – including the mall, which she never gets to go to and I was reminded of why. But we had lunch and one on one time with her which never happens. Later she boycotted her nap so we picked up Avery and painted more:

Finally she passed out on the couch at 3pm – thankfully since we had a family birthday supper out.

Our unicorn lover had to have her picture in this:

And Chloe trying on my brother’s hat and glasses:

And that is a wrap to our long weekend!


Weekend Recap

Party weekend!! I am relieved the birthday celebrations are over – they left me tired! Now we have 5 months before we have another one 😉


Since it was a holiday Chad was home, we worked out in the morning, ran party related errands then came home for lunch and naps. During naps we did cleaning and yes, more party stuff. I decorated cookies and made cake #2:


After naps we walked to Starbucks and the park. Crazy how the sun is almost down at 4pm now!

20161111_161710 screenshot_20161112-211524 20161111_163753

Chloe dressed in her poppy shirt for Remembrance Day:


I was SO tired that night but managed to stay awake after the girls went to bed to finish the cake and watch I Love You Man with Chad.


My Mom came over in the morning and helped out with the girls while Chad picked up food and the balloons and before we knew it guests were arriving!

I am super bummed that I forgot to take photos of all the party details – fail. This is only because I love planning parties and really think of these things so when I remembered it was too late I was pretty mad at myself but life goes on.

The good news? The party was awesome, Avery had a blast and all the kids got along great. After the party I felt so grateful for all the love we are surrounded by from both family and friends. I will recap the party later this week.


It was 5pm by the time everyone was gone we had leftovers for supper and called it a night!

Our princess:



We slept until 7am – a win in our house! I ran 7km on the treadmill while Chloe played in the gym – she is getting better at playing alone so I can workout while she is up easier now. Since we did not get to Costco Saturday we went there then grabbed groceries.

Nap time involved us finishing up Christmas lights and hanging out – as much as I wanted to jump into Christmas decor I also wanted to rest.

We had family birthday supper out for my brother and Avery, I was so full I did not get dessert – which never happens!

I only took three photos all day so will share the random three photo I took, Avery’s “morning after party” photo, Chloe’s newest obsession – the ball tent and my supper:

screenshot_20161113-184010 20161113_092437 20161113_173902


A Day In The Life – Photo Session

Okay guys, I am SO excited for this post. A few months ago, a friend of mine, Tawnya contacted me about doing a “day in the life” photo session with her through her photography business Tawnya Nicole Photography. I was so excited since I had chatted about her doing photos with me but she is a few hours away so I never knew we could make it work. She is beyond talented and almost daily I swoon over her photos on her personal and business Instagram accounts.

I first met Tawnya a couple year ago when she opened up her house for me and my family to stay at while we were going to a race in the city she lives in (Lethbridge). While we knew each other through blogging we had never met! I am still thankful to this day that she did that for us! I remember that first night after we went to bed I instantly wished we lived closer. She is a wife, a busy Mom of two, a nurse, blogs and does photography! Amazing, right?! Oh and her kids are super adorable and so stylish!

Back to the photo session. I was excited to do this very candid session since while posed photos are great  those are not reality in our daily lives – these days are crazy mostly but filled with more love than I ever could have imagined. Tawnya captured this perfectly. I ran across a quote the other day and it was perfect to describe this type of photo shoot:

“We don’t remember the days, we remember the moments”

This photo shoot was all about that for us, remembering those moments, no matter how small they might be. And as you will see it did just that.




_mg_1109 _mg_1088


One thing I never imagined these photos doing as much as they do is capturing the girl’s personalities perfectly. Avery in her “threeanger”, giddy, everything princess stage and Chloe who is the sweetest, calmest baby but also is showing her sassy side more every day.

_mg_1080 _mg_1087



We were still in PJs when Tawnya arrived and as any of you know I am not a fan of character clothing – what was Avery in? Her Dora PJs! But they are her favourite and I reminded myself this photo shoot was not about being perfect in any way so I rolled with it.




We got ready, we played, we baked, and went to the park. Basically what you will find us doing around home these days!












From the moment Tawnya posted the first photo from our shoot I knew she had nailed it like I knew she would and I am still in awe of every photo we received. I went to use the photos for our Christmas card and had the hardest time picking only eight to use 😉 Tough problem to have right? Now to plan my newest home project and create a gallery wall with these photos!


Weekend Recap

It was such a beautiful weekend! I will take this sunny, mild November for the snow in October since this only makes winter seems shorter to me.


A morning Starbucks date to have a holiday beverage and treat then an afternoon run in the sun followed by a park trip.





Chad and I had a date night that night to a small, local event that was a revue of music from the 60s and 70s. The show was so good, and all the singers were amazing. I hope they do more!



Chloe had swimming and loved it again, Avery did not cry this time when they were watching us so it was a good morning!

Oh and check out this sun rise!


During naps I decorated the mantel for Avery’s birthday week – a new tradition I decided to start 😉 And Chad put up Christmas lights. After naps we went for a walk to the park.



Funny story, a little boy was at the park with his pretty spiffy power wheels SUV – it even had subs! Anyways, he totally “picked up” Avery with it and wowed her. Before he left in it he shouted “see you later Avery” and then she cried that he left…kids.

I had a girls supper and night out so made Chad and the girls supper and went out for the evening. We had supper and then went to the local escape rooms which was so much fun! We went in the padded room one and it turned out to be one of the harder ones with only 15% of people escaping. I cannot wait to go back!



Avery was never affected by daylight savings time but we did not get that lucky with Chloe and she was up before 6am – YAWN. That meant I had a productive morning and then we headed out for a 9km run and were home at 10am.


Chad wanted waffles and since I am slacking on brunch these days I could not say no!


During naps I ran out to do some kid free errands. My Mom, brother and his girlfriend visited in the afternoon. And I made banana muffins. By 6pm I felt like a zombie so after blogging I called it a night!



Now I am hoping to keep away Chloe’s cold for a busy birthday week for a certain almost 3 year old!


Foodie Friday

This week we welcomed back the SUN! It also seemed to be the week of appointments


Halloween! In the morning we went to my work and Chad’s work. Avery was over the moon that she got to wear she costume all day! The best photo I got of them together…


After naps we went to the girl’s dayhome then to see my Mom at work since she worked late. We had an early supper then I headed out with the girls while Chad handed candy out. Avery was done after our block but after a quick stop at home I convinced her to do another street. I was so impressed with some of the houses in our area – they went all out!

Once we got home Avery helped hand out candy – she said she liked this more than trick or treating – I agree kid 😉 We only had 60 kids, I thought we would have closer to 100!


I am blogging this day as a day in the life – SAHM edition next week so will skip Tuesday!


Chloe came down with congestion Tuesday night and slept until 8am – Avery too – this never happens! Anyways, it put us at a much later start to our day.

I decided to run on the treadmill and managed 5km before Chloe has enough.


I had promised Avery we would go to the museum so could not pass even though it was after 11am before we left the house. We made a quick trip there and I learnt they have crafts Wednesday mornings too! We will be going for that for sure.

20161102_114346 20161102_142756

After naps we went to our chiropractors appointments then came home and just hung out – I gave Avery the option to go to the park but she chose Playdoh instead.

I sorted through gifts that evening to decide what Avery would get for her birthday versus Christmas and worked on blog posts for next week.


We ran a few errands in the morning which included picking up Avery’s birthday gift from Chad’s Mom at the post office…



Chad took a half day at work so that I could go to a hair appointment, I thought I wanted to stay light for awhile longer but a few weeks ago decided to go back dark:


I came home to the girls napping so once they were up we went for a walk to the park since it was 19 degrees out!

20161103_163147 20161103_155850 20161103_155948 20161103_161416 20161103_163209 20161103_161201

After supper I met up with a friend’s Mom to start baby shower planning – so fun!

Okay meal planning:


Saturday – Pizza

Sunday – Chicken Pad Thai – Cooking Classy

Monday – Crockpot Lasagna – Gimme Some Oven

Tuesday – Chunky Lentil and Vegetable Soup – Budget Bytes

Wednesday – Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos – Belle of the Kitchen

Thursday – OUT – Avery’s birthday choice!

Friday – Asian Chicken Wraps with peanut sauce – Well Plated by Erin

This weekend is pretty quite, party prep, a date night and a girls night out!