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Weekend Recap

Summer slow down! Only a couple summer weekends left Sad smile Do not get me wrong I love fall and September is my favourite month BUT this fall means I go back to work and then yes, winter…

Lets chat about our weekend…


Me and Avery went to Sylvan Lake to meet a friend and her boys at the market, it was bigger than the last time I went and so much there I wanted to buy but seeing as we leave this week on holidays I restrained.

Avery at the playground:


After the market we went back to their cabin to meet up with Chad and her husband. We made supper (or I should say our hosts did!) before heading out for a boat ride. Chad was brave and wake surfed:


I am not a water gal, so stayed dry on the boat cuddling this beauty:


She was SO good all day and night, we were up way past her bedtime (10pm) and she did not even fuss. The little boys adore her and are so great with her. I love it. They even helped feed her supper Smile 


We all slept in past 7am, took our time getting ready before heading out to run errands, Costco, Target ad groceries. At Costco I found some awesome workout leggings and found Chad an outfit for our family photos this fall. Anyone else have great luck for their husbands there? We always do! But all their clothes for me (besides workout ones) are all way too big Smile

We chilled out at home till the late afternoon when we had to leave to Calgary to GlobalFest. This was out second year going and it once again was great. However, this year we bought VIP tickets at twice the cost thinking we could sit in a tent and on chairs…not the case. All the tents and chairs were for sponsors, but we did get a great view:



Miss. Avery was really good too, she cuddled up on Chad’s lap with her headphones and enjoyed the show:


It was another late night for us, we did not get home till midnight. Ack.


My alarm went off at 7am to wake me for my long run, Chad and Avery stayed asleep till 7:45am when I woke them up so I could feed Avery before my run. As I said last week I hate long runs these days, so I was so happy when my friend, Heather, texted me Friday to see if I wanted company for part of my run!

We met at 8am and did one of my favourite longer loops, it is along main drags but it keeps your mind off the time. At 15km Heather headed home and I finished another 4km. 19km for the win! I felt really good, just a tad tired. I am so surprised at how well training has gone for me this year since prior to that I had not trained in a couple years. *Knocks on wood* T-minus 3 weeks till my next half!

When I got home Chad rode her bike to the gym, I did some laundry and prepped brunch while Avery napped. Brunch was French Toast today – my favourite and apparently Avery’s too, she could not get enough!

I have been putting off buying new runners for a while now. I bought some Nike’s a couple months ago and turns out my feet HATE them, I have high arches and these have little support there. My Mizuno’s cost me a pretty penny so I really did not want to spend more money on running shoes. But we all know that having good running shoes that are not too worn is very important so I grabbed these beauties today:


I am thinking I might try and sell my Nike’s now since I have only worn them a few times, all indoors.

Since Avery was so good all weekend with the late nights and all we took her for ice cream afterwards. Yes, it was all for her Winking smile 

The rest of our day was spent doing chores, and keeping Avery entertained, she is so busy these days!


Canada Day Recap & Workout Wednesday

How was everyone’s Canada Day? I always feel like it is officially summer after Canada Day Smile We had a great day, it was low key and relaxing.

Our little family all dressed up in our Canada gear (I only had red on though):




After our morning workouts I used the Kodiak Powercakes mix to make waffles, they turned out great – love this mix even more now.


After brunch we ran some errands, grabbed slurpees and headed home for Avery’s nap, but window and she ended up napping in the car – boo! I hate car naps because the only last while we are in the moving car so rarely long enough, and she never seems rested ever – side rant!

We wanted to set up her pool again for her so decided to set it up right away before she was ready for a real nap. She had a lot of fun for about 30 minutes Winking smile




Thankfully she played herself out and afterwards had a 2.5 hour nap! Me and Chad enjoyed drinks on the deck while soaking up the sun.

Our Canada Day tradition is always going to Sylvan Lake for the fireworks. They never disappoint so it is worth the 10 minute drive. We were there quite early so grabbed ice cream and hung out on the beach:


At this point it was already an hour past her bedtime but she was being SO good! About an hour later, shortly after 9pm, Avery started to get grumpy so I put her in the stroller and took a 5 minute walk and she was out. She slept all the way till 11pm when the fireworks started.

We enjoyed the beautiful views before the fireworks:


Can you believe this photo is from Chad’s phone and UNEDITED.

And the fireworks:


There was a smiley face and star one! But I missed them with the camera. It was a late night, we were home around midnight. Avery was a trooper and went straight to bed when we got home Smile

Now, finally onto this week’s workouts:

This week I was week 1 of training for the Lethbridge Half, nothing too different but I am back running 3, sometimes 4 days a week till race day now. Here is this week’s plan:

Sunday – 6 miles

Monday – Yoga Meltdown and Abs

Tuesday – 500m x 6 speed work at 4:30km/min pace and Strength circuit

Wednesday – Focus T25 Cardio

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 5 miles – stroller run

Saturday – Rest

I made a plan for training too, something to loosely follow since we already know that flexibility is key these days. From Calgary I did learn that I might need a tad more miles on my legs before race day so do have myself running 4 days a week some weeks IF I can swing it.

11 Week Half Marathon Training Plan


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6


Week 1

6 miles

6 x 500m at 5km pace &



Easy run – 4 miles

Focus T25


Week 2

7 miles

30 min tempo run & strength


Easy – 4.5 miles

Focus T25

3 miles


Week 3

8 miles

6 x 500m & strength


Easy – 5 miles

Focus T25


Week 4

7 miles at race pace

35 min tempo & strength


Easy – 5 miles

Focus T25

4 miles


Week 5

9 miles

7x500m & strength


Easy – 5.5 miles

Focus T25


Week 6

10 miles

40 min tempo


Easy – 6 miles

Focus T25



Week 7

11 miles

8x500m & strength


Easy – 6 miles

Focus T25


Week 8

10 miles at race pace

40 min tempo run


Easy – 7 miles

Focus T25


Week 9

9 miles

9x500m & strength


Easy – 7 miles

Focus T25

3 miles


Week 10

12 miles

45 min tempo


Easy – 6 miles

Focus T25



Week 11

6 miles



Easy – 4 miles




Since this is turning into one long post I will leave it at that.


Fireworks fan?

YES! We are also going to GlobalFest again this year and bought VIP tickets to it.

How did you celebrate Canada Day?

Long Weekend Snapshots

It was a great long weekend, we had little plans, made major headway on the nursery, and enjoyed a very nice weekend to end summer. I will keep words to a minimum in the post and share some photos of our weekend:

I busted out my first can of pumpkin of the season and made pumpkin bread, this loaf is already half gone!

2013-08-31 16.09.02

Nursery progress was made! Shelves in niche are done and the dresser is 98% done – just need to wait a couple weeks to do last coat of semi-gloss to seal it.

2013-09-01 19.51.01


Me, Becky and my Mom walked a 5km walk/run in the Chocolate Chase. It was a great race with lots of chocolate goodies – frozen chocolate banana before and chocolates and chocolate covered pretzels afterwards. Chad joined us after for the pancake breakfast.

Me and my Mom:

2013-09-01 10.30.01

We went out to Sylvan Lake for their fireworks, which were really good and check out this awesome sunset:


2013-09-01 21.42.02

And we enjoyed pumpkin for the second time this weekend and had pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast yesterday.


That photo reminds me I really need to use my Canon camera more and phone camera less.

In other news I also finally found skinny black maternity pants for work! Yes this was a huge thing for me, I have only looked for a pair for 6 months and being that fall is almost here I was in desperate need of maternity dress pants – I only had leggings before.


What was the highlight of your long weekend?

Ever done a chocolate race before?

Weekend Things

Can I just say one little thing? Going to bed at 1am three nights in a row at 30 weeks pregnant is a bad idea. This girl was dragging yesterday! However, all three late nights were for good causes.

Our weekend:


– Supper at Gull Lake with Chad’s family – delicious stuffed chicken, quinoa salad and more!

– Drive-in movie night, honestly a highlight of my summer every year now, we made the back all cozy, bought some candy and snuggled in to watch Avengers:



– Morning Market trip – they are getting limited now and I got to get in my French toast balls while I can!

– Fall/Winter preview sale at Once Upon A Child – bought Baby K’s costume for next year for $7! And it is like new, plus a few other cute tops J

– Downtown car show & a visit with Chad’s Mom and Step-Dad

– Homemade tomato, basil pizza with real mozza for supper, before the oven cause after it was demolished too fast!


– Drinks (for everyone else and water for me) at the Canadian Brewhouse


– Usual gym trip and brunch in the morning. Brunch was pancakes with combos of apricot syrup, berries, Greek yogurt and almond butter.


– Cleaned all three showers and bath tubs – yes this is a highlight since we needed to get it done!

– A trip to Calgary for GlobalFest – an amazing musical fireworks competition. Sunday was finale night with France. Some photos – which does not do them justice it was unbelievable! We already decided to go back next year. I also have two videos uploaded, this one is at the start of the fireworks and then this is a short clip of the finale.



Without a tri-pod taking pics was a tad tricky!

And that was our weekend, a fun but tiring weekend.


Have you ever been to a fireworks competition?

When do you typically go to bed?

These days it’s a tad different for me. But usually during the week I go to bed at 9:30pm and asleep around 10pm and weekends might be an hour later if we are at home.

Sun’ed Out

I love long weekends for a couple reasons, one the obvious – one extra day to have fun and the other because a four day work week seems to be way more productive and go by way quicker than a five day work week. Don’t you agree? I am (secretly) hoping and planning to only go back four days a week after Baby K…

Back to our long weekend Monday. It started off with a run for me. I wanted to get out early to beat the heart. Well my 8am run was not early enough and it was hot already. I came home really sweaty after 4.5km. Post run I had the perfect green smoothie, with my favorite combo – banana, blueberries, flax, Vega protein, spinach and almond milk. So, so good. I lot smoothies on hot days.

After my run we got ready to head out to the lake. For those of you that live by me you already know this but we are really lucky to live close (within 20 minutes) to two lakes. Today we went to Gull Lake for my friend’s son’s second birthday. It is so nice to be able to have parties outside, seems way less hectic Winking smile Too bad Baby K will never have that.

Birthday party photos:

Cutest two year old ever!


He loved dipping his chips in the cake icing:


We got out there about 10:30am and the lake was already fairly busy. After lunch, cake, presents and a bit of water time we headed back home mid afternoon.

Since it was smokin’ hot out, we grabbed slurpees and hibernated in our basement for a couple hours, some of us slept:

2013-07-01 15.45.51

While I watched T.V. – daytime T.V. is less than desirable.

After supper we headed out to the other lake (Sylvan) to see the fireworks. They are usually way better than the ones in town but due to the firework supply place being wiped out by floods I knew they were scaled back this year. But we (Chad, my and my Mom) still decided to make the trip out there, and we met my friend and her two boys out there as well.

Some photos of the night:

me and Jo

boys at the lake


They were not that great as we already knew but it was still fun to go out there for the evening. It was a late night for us – midnight before we were home and in bed! Thankfully I am not too tired today.


What did you do on Canada Day?

How did you escape the heat this weekend?