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Chloe’s Rainbow Themed Party

It is no secret I love party planning so when I saw a rainbow cake on Pinterest and fell in love I knew that would be the theme for Chloe’s party. After all, I can only get a way with picking the theme (and having theme parties) for the girls for so long 😉

For the mantel I kept it simple with her monthly photo banner, a rainbow pillow, wooden ONE letters I covered in craft paper and a photo of Chloe from her photo shoot.

The monthly photo banner is my favourite, I did one for Avery too and will keep them both as a keepsake – I don’t keep a lot!

Treat bags for the kids was also simple, sidewalk chalk and candy bags with gold foiled

Of course we had to do a “1” balloon bouquet which Chloe loves and plays with daily:

I had a later afternoon party to accommodate Chloe’s nap so food was a lot easier than a lunch party. The food:

Rainbow bars

Sugar Cookies

Candy “buffet”

Fruit Tray

Veggies & dip

Assorted Chips


And then there was the cake! I have no words for this cake and it was amazing (and huge!), the time that went into this was huge I am sure (no, I did not make it).

She even made a little banner on top – which I also kept:

We did a backdrop behind the food table (thank you Pinterest again) which was super easy but a tad time consuming – thank you to Chad for tackling this!

The fabric banner on the table was a Michaels clearance item that I am hanging up in the playroom now. I thought it came down but turned out it did not, so I spent a hour knotting on the fabric and then my Mom finished it for me 🙂

Food table all set-up, I am so happy with how it turned out!

I made a fake chalk sign with Chloe’s one year stats for on the table as well:

My last banner I made was a “ONE” banner for Chloe’s seat that lasted .2 seconds before she ripped it off. Sigh 😉

Chloe had a blast with the cake, and got right into it:


It was a relaxed party, and a smaller crowd than usual but it was nice to talk to everyone more than most parties we have with 40+ people. Even though we said no gifts, some people brought some so we ended the party with opening those up:

Chloe and some of her party guests:

The best part of the day was seeing how much Chloe loved it all, she is an attention lover like her sister so all the attention on her was her jam!


First Birthday Party!

Where to start?! The last few days have been full of so much fun with friends and family celebrating Avery’s first year. I am so thankful for all our wonderful family and friends and the love they have all shown Avery not only over these past few days but over the past year, thank you.

On Sunday we hosted Avery’s first birthday party. At first we had planned to have it at a hall but changed our minds to have it at the house since it might be the only year we can do so. I am so happy we did this since we received a ton of snow starting Saturday afternoon.


Less than a day before this there was NO snow!

Party set-up and prep started Saturday night, putting up banners, blowing up balloons and laying everything out. I am not a decorator by any means so these things take time for me! I am so happy with how it all came together. I only did a few smaller projects, sewing a few banners (this is so easy!), did a monthly photo project, designed a chalk print and then the party favours.

For food I kept it really simple. We ordered sandwiches from Costco, had the very talented Cuppitycakes make cupcakes then did fruit kabobs and hummus and veggie cups.

In the livingroom I hung the “Happy Bday” banner that I made a few hours before the party since I needed something hung over the fireplace. Turned out good for a last minute thing!



The food table set-up:


The food really completed this table. It looked bare without it all. I love the banner I sewed for the front of the table. It was scrapbooking paper cut into triangles and sewed onto ribbon.


The chalk print, which I designed on the computer – I am not talented enough to actually write this nice!





The AMAZING cupcakes:




Probably my favourite project was her photo project, it was also the most time consuming because of tracing and cutting out the numbers for on the dollies.



I might never take it down Winking smile

Her special highchair for the day:


I did a “Wishes for Avery” jar where people could write messages for Avery to read one day. I decided to tie them all together with ribbon and put them into her baby book.


Avery had so much fun playing with all her boyfriends Winking smile I say this since she was the only little girl there (except one 7 year old), all my friends have boys!




She loved her special cupcake:


At first she went right for it but then stopped and it took her a bit to get into it, but she did!






And I cannot forget the balloons, they were a huge hit for all the kids! Avery loves balloons whenever she sees them so I knew I had to finally buy her some for the big day.



For favours I made a “free kitties and puppies” box, each stuffed animals had a collar on with a kid’s name on it, then I made adoption certificates for each kitty/puppy too. I think the kids really liked them!


Later on we realized we never took a family photo – of course – so did a reenactment photo:


I was super proud of how well she did all day but not surprised she is very social and loves all kids. It was a busy couple of hours with just over 40 people/kids total in the house but we all had tons of fun and would not have done it any other way!


On Your First Birthday

Today, Avery turns 1. I will not mourn today but rather celebrate how lucky we are to have been blessed one year ago, the best year of our lives and watch a tiny newborn turn into a busy little girl. A letter to Avery on her first birthday…

My Dear Avery,

Where has time gone? It seems like just yesterday that I first laid on eyes on you and felt that type of love that words cannot describe. Your puffy little face looked perfect to me in every way. first

Bringing you home felt so right, I knew you belonged here with us, we quickly adjusted to our new lives together. You made it so easy for us, you have always been a great sleeper, eater and rarely cranky.

us at home

You have always been very attentive to everything, this photo shows it all, at only 6 weeks you watched Dad read this book to you:

avery and dada

I have always said you are a Daddy’s girl as well Smile One of your favorite times of the day is bath time with your Dad every night. You love splashing, trying to drink bath water and squealing away while playing peek-a-boo behind the shower curtain.

Your love for animals grows each day, even for your crazy kitty, Scarlet.


Thankfully, Scarlet has shown to like you as well (most days).

Books are your favourite. Must be from those snowy days upon days where I would read to you all day long. You still would be happy if I read books to you all day, but only the ones you choose and you have to turn the pages.


(Up there with reading books you also LOVE to make a mess with them!)

From the start I knew you were going to be one fashionable little girl and have had so much fun dressing you, thank you for allowing me to do so Winking smile Though headbands are not your thing right now…

Leggings Trio 2

You are turning into a (fiercely) independent, goofy little girl. You are so social (taking after your mom), you love people and people love you. You will smile at everyone and love to wave and say “hi” to everyone that looks your way. Not sure shy will ever describe you!  


Knudson 2014-Family Knudson Oct 9-0019

Avery, we love you so much, thank you for making our dreams come true. Happy first birthday, and here is to year two!

Knudson 2014-Family Knudson Oct 9-0058


Looking Back…

After a few comments on the post where I posted younger me photos I decided to do a post of photos of me growing up. Luckily,. we had most of these already scanned into our computer from when Chad made our wedding video. I am keeping the words light on this post but I hope you are ready for a very picture heavy post! I

Brand spanking new, still in the hospital – September 12, 1984:


My first Christmas – about 2.5 months old with my grandparents:


A bit bigger (I am so bad at even guessing baby’s ages…):


Love my expression here:


My first professional photos!


haha, love this one too, the expression, the hair, lack of clothes…


FIRST birthday!


Playing in “Lamb’s” boxes, totally normal…


New Years 1985? Party child 😉


Looking at the above photo this must be Christmas 1985 with my Mom & Dad at my grandparents:

scan0001 (2)

Yet more professional photos… no wonder I hate them so much now- kidding Mom…


We seemed to ski a year or so, Kindergarten grad! I looked really pleased…


Looking more like me yet?!

I had a mullet, no shame, no shame… It was 1990! Christmas morning!


Little brother number 1:


Grade two school photo, I got a perm – why?!


I think this was some sort of zoo trip and I still remember that jean jacket, it was my favorite.


Plus one more, 2 little brats brothers, love this photo of us.

scan0003 (2)


Princess Halloween costume:


Grade 3 or 4, but it wasn’t Halloween, it was for a school play – my Mom made me the best clown costume!


Another year or so jump – grade 6 at West Edmonton Mall for my birthday.Like the braids?


No I blame myself for this jump – I wasn’t a photo fan throughout middle school or did not keep any of them. Summer camp, between grade 9 & 10 (I think):


Another summer camp photo, with my friend, Leslie:


Oh I have no words for this one, me and my friend, Mandy, cruising around – such a 16 year old activity!


Another photo I have no words for, safe grad 2002:


Grad 2002:



A all-time favorite photo, me and Leslie:


Grad 2002, me and Leslie:


My Mom, Me, and Grandma:


Love these girls! Besties from high school 🙂


New Years 2002, me and Chad, we had been dating for 2.5 months here: We look so young!!


Winter 2003, during a trip to the mountains to attempt snowboarding – the one and only time for me!


March 2003, first time being a bridesmaid:


Summer 2003 – our first wedding together 🙂


Our 3 year anniversary dinner (September 2005) – we lives about 3 hours apart for 9 months… which was long enough for me!


Summer 2005, houseboating in BC – we went every summer for 4 years! Always a blast. I had to show this photo because of my very blonde hair -crazy!


Summer 2006, my friend Mandy’s stagette:


High school girlfriends – same bunch from the grad photo (August 2006):


Fall 2006 in Lethbridge (where we went to University):


I could keep adding photos forever I realize but will stop here since I have not really changed much, besides my hair color/length since 2006. At least I hope I don’t look too much older 😉 I went back to search for more middle school years photos of me, and yup they are few and far between…


What was your favourite age growing up, or did you have one?

Not going to lie I would love to go back to elementary school, when there was no or little responsibilities, and summer holidays meant playing outside for 10 hours a day and eating endless Freezies!