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Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

This weekend marked our first weekend we saw SNOW! That is right people, snow. Avery was overly excited once she realized that meant she could build a snowman, me on the other hand – I am not as excited.


The snow started to fall, I thought it would be short lived but it continued ALL weekend.

We spent the morning running errands with my Mom, then hibernated in the afternoon, baking and just keeping warm.

20161007_145153 20161007_165247

I have no idea what we did that night now!


We got groceries then made a coffee stop before going for lunch at McDonalds – Avery’s pick.


During naps I baked three pies for Thanksgiving dinner, one apple, one pumpkin with graham crust and one regular pumpkin, We still have 1.5 left if anyone wants some 😉

Avery HAD to go outside to build a snowman after naps so we did just that. Chloe and I did not last too long since the wind was cold and came inside to warm up.

img_9714 img_9702 img_9730 img_9704 img_9725 img_9720


We rented a movie, Mike & Dave’s Wedding Dates that night which was pretty funny.


I started my day with a 9km run (44 mins!) then got to work on Thanksgiving dinner with my Mom. Avery helped with the stuffing:


The rest of our day was spent cooking, eating, visiting, and cleaning!

20161009_155936 20161009_171248 20161009_174334

Funny story, my one brother and girlfriend were downstairs playing with Avery for an hour, later when they came up Avery said they were playing kitties. We asked what that was, well basically they spent an hour pretending they were cats and meowing – can we say best Uncle and Aunty ever?! Oh man.

It was 7:30pm by the time everyone left so we finished cleaning and spent the evening reading and watching baseball (Chad).


The snow was STILL falling which cancelled our plans for the day so we decided to have a quiet day and get things done at home after a busy Sunday. Morning coffee at Starbucks:


We stuck around home for naps, I got to work on our yearly MIxbook and Chloe’s baby book – I try and do it monthly so I do not get behind! After naps Chad’s Dad and Step-Mom came for a visit. I took one photo all afternoon!


And my reasons to be thankful:


Plus many, many more!

We had leftovers for supper and called it a night, I cannot believe it is almost mid October!