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Our Week Off

Hope everyone has had a good week and weekend, for us it went by way too fast – Monday tomorrow?!

Since I have been away over a week now there is so much to catch up on, I do not know where to start.

Last Saturday I met up with Destini for the first time! She was in Calgary so we had to make the trip south to see her and her husband. So glad we did, we had an awesome lunch at The Coup Smile

2013-08-03 13.55.20

Now they just need to move here so we can see each other more Winking smile

Sunday morning we left on our road trip to Tofino. I had never been that far west before and Chad had a long, long time ago.

Day 1 we drove to Vernon which was pretty uneventful.

Day 2 we had a much shorter drive to Chilliwack – only about 4 hours. Once there we found a lake to hang out at for a few hours (Cultus Lake), then we went to a putting course – as the owner called it “mini golf on steroids”. It was just like a actual golf course but obviously all putting. It was really nice!

2013-08-05 16.37.46

2013-08-05 17.10.18

Day 3 was our ferry ride to the island. My first time on the ferry!

2013-08-06 12.26.30

Nothing too exciting, and no whale sightings Sad smile I also bought myself a fedora at the ferry terminal:


From the ferry to Tofino was ROUGH. These signs are an understatement:

2013-08-08 09.41.35

I get car sick on a good day let alone at 7 months pregnant and almost 3 hours of winding roads were no fun. Once in Tofino I started to feel better. Our accommodation in Tofino was amazing, right on the bay, and the perfect little space:



We enjoyed the sunny patio before heading for supper.


A candid photo from Chad Smile

Before supper we went to inquire on whale tours. I am scared of the water in general and no a fan of boats so when we found a place with a newer, bigger boat I was pretty happy. However, after talking to the guy we were told no whale watching for pregnant ladies…the open ocean can be too choppy I guess. But he sold us on a bear tour since its in the inlets and much calmer waters. We went for supper and then went back to book the tour and it was sold out!!! I was so disappointed, the next tour was for the day we were leaving and this place had also given us a good deal. We decided to go on a hunt for another company and finally found one that had space and was reasonably priced. The only downside – small motor boat… Eeek.

The next morning we were up bright and early for the tour at 7am. The boat was older but totally safe and I was fine the entire time just cold. I had no idea before getting Tofino but it is not a warm place and usually really foggy.

Tofino morning:


Our bear tour was great, we saw 4 black bears, including one cub, lots of bald eagles, seals and jelly fish.



The smaller boat was good since we got way closer to the animals too.

After the tour we went back to warm up – it seriously felt like November to me! Then we went for brunch. I am experiencing the whole pregnancy thing where I am starving, eat a few bites of food and I am stuffed, then an hour later repeat that all over again. Brunch took me about an hour to eat because of this!

We decided to check out a few of the beaches in the afternoon, however the fog was still around and it made for a cold beach day!



After a while the fog had not lifted so we made our way back to Tofino, but first we stopped at a place for gelato, all this for $5:

2013-08-07 14.53.15

Lavender honey and Pistachio. So, so good! We also spotted the famous Tacofino food truck there and decided to come back later for supper.

Back in Tofino the sun was out and we enjoyed some sun tanning on the balcony:


2013-08-07 15.36.42

That might the only time I am a bikini this pregnancy, summer is going too fast!

Our taco (we had the tuna one) was our vote for best meal while on the trip.

2013-08-07 18.48.49

It had ginger, seasweed salad, tuna and other great things. A must visit if you are in Tofino, thanks to Amber for the suggestion Smile

That night it was semi clear to get some sunset photos:


Not too bad, but the fog started to creep in again. Boo.

Thursday morning we had breakfast at the apartment, then stopped at a coffee place for coffee:

2013-08-08 08.44.28

Totally reminded me of Cool Beans at home.

The rest of Thursday and Friday were fairly uneventful, spent most if the day travelling, almost missed our ferry (we were 3 minutes late for reservation) but snuck on thankfully, stopped at a fruit stand where Chad got to feed the goats:

2013-08-09 10.20.57


The trip home seemed to take forever but we finally got back home Friday evening.

Overall we had a good week, it went too fast and were happy to see Tofino and the island. However, next time we might fly out there Smile

Be back tomorrow with our Mud Hero and weekend recap!


Anyone else been to Tofino, thoughts?

What is your ideal vacation?

I like to be busy, I do prefer warmer destinations, and I like to move around lots to see as much as we can – probably why we’ve done the all inclusive thing. I do have my favorite relax spots such as Phoenix though too!

Tuesday Notes

I worked an 11 hour day today, so I am going to keep it simple tonight so that I can be lazy 😉

1- I had a massive Strawberry Banana smoothie for breakfast with Love Grown Granola, the smoothie was awesome, the granola was awesome, together not so much, the granola got cold and too hard…

2- I passed on cake at work today. I love my sweets, but certain things like cake are just not worth it for me. Instead I gobbled down Gelato at my work event 🙂 Best sacrifice ever.

3- I have been getting heartburn way too often these days and have no idea why.

4- My favorite protein bar in officially the Luna Mint Chocolate Chip. I need to re-create these ASAP since I just ate my last one and I cannot buy them here.

5- I also had many yummy appetizers at the event tonight, like watercress and kiwi salad, spinach salad in a oyster and perogies , I made Chad come and eat too so I did not need to make supper. He now just asked me where supper is…

6- I have learned to wear flats or boots with no heel to these work events, or else I go home with achy feet. Today is was boots since it is still snowing here.

7- I slacked last night I did not do my “blog homework” so its back on the agenda for tonight…

8- Because I am not a fan of photo-less posts here is Scarlet on the weekend, enjoying the sun inside, she is a wimp and its still too cold for her to go out for longer than a minute.


9- I am going to color the below photo so that I can be entered to win a huge $238 Bernard Callebaut chocolate Easter bunny. When I win (it is not optional) I am not sure what I will do with it, maybe have a bunny eating party.


10- I love the little sayings on my newest tea, Yogi Kombucha Green Tea, today’s was “Feel great, act great and approve of yourself”. So true!



What would you do with the chocolate bunny if you won? Give it away? Eat it yourself? Share? Bake?

Like I said I will have a bunny eating party….

Winner & Gelato!

Yumm, gelato… but we will get to that exciting news in a second. Because first I have to announce the My Memories giveaway winner since I didn’t last night, sorry! Congrats Alison! I will email you with the info, and have fun!

Now for the gelato… Rewind (almost) two years ago when we went to Costa Rica (BEST holiday ever) to a friend’s wedding. After settling in and doing some exploring we came across a little gelato shop in Manuel Antonio and knew we had to try it, neither of us had ever had gelato. The first day I clearly remember my choice – coconut and mango. You know the show The Best Thing I Ever Ate? Well this is up there on my list, if not #1. So amazing, you would have thought you were eating the freshest coconut and mango, not gelato! In the next 10 days we made more visits there and it never disappointed. Then we came back home and NOWHERE has gelato here 🙁 But we have been saved a few times finding a place in a city about 90 minutes away, but the quality is not hear as good. And of course when we were in Southbeach Chad had to go to the Jersey Shore gelato place, which was good but still not Costa Rica. My only solution? Go back to Costa Rica. Sounds completely reasonable to me.

A few weeks ago I got a invite that changed my life. The local Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut was doing a grand re-opening and starting a new line of products…GELATO. And today was finally that day! I have already told the owner I will single handily keep her in the gelato business, I promise.

I had a sample of three flavors today, Cappuccino, Vanilla and Hazelnut. They were all perfect, not icey like some gelato but smooth and creamy. My favorite was the hazelnut. Also, a quick did you know…that gelato is served 10-15% F below ice cream? And because of the resulting softness, gelato’s taste is further enhanced as it melts in your mouth. I also had a very good dark chocolate passionfruit sample 🙂 It was very busy so I decided I’d go back this weekend to make a couple special purchases.

Dessert did come before supper tonight, and did also out shine supper but supper was a childhood favorite – clam chowder soup. I use the this spice mix  from Epicure, then added baby clams, baby white potatoes, carrots, celery and shrimp. Served with cornbread.

Clam Chowder

Now I think its time to plop down on the couch to let our food digest because we cannot call it night yet… we are going swimming at 9pm! Which is usually my bed time! Wish me luck!


Do you like gelato?

What time do you go to bed during the week?

Usually in bed between 9:30-10pm and asleep by 10:30pm at the very latest.

My First 32km Run!

And just like that I successfully completed my longest run to date – 32km. I honestly can say I don’t think I could have dreamt of a better run! 32km is the longest run that my training plan calls for, but I think I will most likely try to run a 35km run prior to the marathon. Back to the run, when we started this morning it was 1 degree out, not too warm but I knew before we finished it could be 7 or 8 degrees out so I dressed a bit lighter. We had a new route today which kept things interesting and my only complaint on the route was all the loose gravel we ran on. But with the sun out shining almost the entire 3 hours that was the last of my worries I was just happy to finally start enjoying some Spring weather! Another positive thing about today’s run, after a few trials of different brands and flavors of gels I finally found one I love – GU Chocolate Outrage. Not only was this very tasty (just like hot fudge sauce!) it did it’s thing to boost up my energy and keep me a running. I only used one gel today and took half at the one hour mark, and the other half at the two hour mark. Also consumed was water mixed with Vega sport performance optimizer and some Jelly Belly’s (don’t judge – this was great running fuel! haha). Pre-run meal was the usual – whole wheat toast with peanut butter and a banana. I finished strong and knew I could do another 10km if needed 🙂 Success!

Backing up for a weekend recap now! Yesterday we headed to Edmonton with my Mom and brother bright an early. To start off my day I decided to whip up a new shake, and knew it had to contain some caffeine 🙂

Into the Vitamix went : one frozen banana, one cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, one scoop Allmax Allwhey chocolate protein powder and one pack of Starbucks VIA instant coffee. It was delicious!
First up- the Strathcona Farmers Market. We wandered around checking everything out, and eating the samples before finding some fun buys. We picked up some produce, organic eggs, pita bread, Chilean salsa, Souptacular bean soup, potato and green onion perogies (we sampled this and Chad said they were the best perogies he has ever had!), green onion cakes (I have heard about these and never tried them, so why not) and on our way out a grabbed a some bag of kettle corn to munch on.

Next we headed to Planet Organic, and just as we pulled up we saw a Crave cupcake store! I have never been before but heard their cupcakes are to die for so knew we had to go in. As soon as I walked in I knew what I would get – Nutty Over Chocolate, chocolate cake swirled with peanut butter cream icing – yes please. Unfortunately for all of you I remembered to take a photo of this beauty too late and this is all that was left…

From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry… or not – it was that good. Not to say I couldn’t have sunk into a deep sugar coma after this. My Mom and brother both got the Lemon Lime Twist (lemon cake swirled with a tangy green lime buttercream icing) and Chad went with a Buttercream Sandwich.

As you already know I have been slowing adding to my Planet Organic wish list for months now… Every time I would see a recipe and knew I couldn’t find a product here, onto the wish list it went. It was a very successful trip and I was able to cross off every item except one on my list! Here are some of my favorite items we left with:

Spinach and onion whole wheat pitas (actually a Farmers Market buy), Bob’s Red Mill wheat berries and raw buckwheat groats, Sunflower butter, Artisana Coconut Oil, Food Should Taste Good’s Lime tortilla chips, Liberty mango-orange 0% Greek Yogurt, Indian flavored Tempeh (will be my first time trying tempeh) and of course, my favorite Larabar – peanut butter chocolate chip. I am beyond excited for next week’s meal planning so that I can incorporate some of these items and try out recipes I have been waiting to try!

I also grabbed some flour:

Chickpea flour and whole wheat pastry flour.

Though we weren’t very hungry for lunch because of the head sized cupcakes we had all just ate we knew we needed some real food and headed off to our next destination, the Muttart conservatory. We had purchased Groupon passes which came with $12 vouchers for their cafe – Culina Cafe so that was our first stop. It was a little cafe right in the main doors of the conservatory and was quite busy!
To be honest I wanted everything on the menu… but decided I needed my carbs for my 32km run and went with the Gouda grilled cheese sandwich (maybe not my best choice…) and house salad which had cranberries, quinoa and chickpeas.
It was really good, but a tad too cheesy. I finished most of it, only leaving a quarter of the sandwich. Next we headed off to check out the exhibits. The Muttart has four pyramids each representing a different climate – Arid, Temperate, Tropical and a feature one. Each pyramid has a sign like this when you enter to explain where in the world the climate is located.
I snapped a lot of photos, so here are some highlights:
Chad and my brother:
Me and Chad:
Here is the Muttart from the outside:
Before we headed back from I wanted to stop and check Ikea and the Nike outlet store. We browsed through Ikea – love their room displays! – but left empty handed, and at the Nike store I bought a pair of running shorts for a okay price. The last stop of the day was to get gelato, though we all agreed we didn’t need any after our cupcakes we knew it might be awhile before we were back so decided to just go for it. I once again forgot to take a photo but had a scoop of biscotti and cream gelato.
Once back home I quickly assembled pizza for supper with grilled chicken breast, spinach, tomatoes, red pepper topped with mozzarella cheese served with a spinach salad.
Following supper Chad was off to a friend’s stag for the night, and I was having a couple friends over for a girls night to watch the Twilight movie – Eclipse complete with salt and vinegar chips, Real Fruit gummies, Super Nibs and Jelly Belly’s. I tried to keep the candy consumption to a minimum with my already sugar filled day and with my long run in mind!
Skipping back to this morning, after my run we made french toast and turkey bacon for brunch. I topped my two pieces with plain Greek yogurt and Saskatoon berry syrup and the other with maple syrup. And, of course on the side chocolate milk – but this time it was Kirkland organic chocolate milk (via Costco).
For the french toast I combined three eggs, a large splash of almond milk, cinnamon and vanilla. I just dumped everything in – sorry no measuring cups used here!
This afternoon was filled with a few errands, house cleaning, laundry and photo editing.
Supper was a new recipe, tuna casserole from the latest issue of Oxygen magazine. It was made with sweet potato, rice, tuna and peas. It was good but a little bland, next time I will try some of my own tweaks.

Now it is time for some foam rolling, more stretching and TV watching with the hubby! I am planning on a early bed time tonight, it was a busy weekend, and a even busier week ahead!

Weekend Plans!

Lame title? Maybe but it sums up today’s post! We have what I would consider a busy but very fun weekend ahead of us!

This morning I hit the gym bright and early to run 11km before 6:30am. It wasn’t easy and my body fought every step. But it was worth it to free up my evening to spend with some of my very bestest (yes this is a word in Lindsey land) friends. After the gym I had a huge bowl of cereal, again who am I? I don’t eat cereal. It contained two cups of Multi-grain Cheerios, a sliced banana, three sliced strawberries and a cup on unsweetened Almond Breeze vanilla almond milk. Yes it was huge and no it didn’t fill me up for long, two hours later I had my morning snack, and I large green tea (Higgins & Burke) from McDonald’s (this is my favorite green tea!). I read Angela’s blog – Oh She Glows this morning and it hit my why when I eat these massive bowls of cereal I feel stuffed after my that only last a couple hours before the tummy is whining for me – lack of protein! Duh! I don’t use dairy milk and therefore that breakfast very low on the protein scale I am sure. Angela made up her own cereal (that sounds delicious!) and one thing she added was a scoop of protein. So my plan for the next massive cereal bowl I devour – less Cheerios and a scoop of protein, to balance it out a bit!

Sorry I got off topic there… Where were we?! Right, my weekend plans!

Tonight after work we are first stopping at out photographer’s house to proof our wedding album! Then home for some food, and off to my friend’s house to hang out. I have been friends with these two girls for 19 years and 12 years, they are great girls and I am so lucky to be able to call them my best friends. Though we do not see each other near enough! One has a adorable son who is 17 months and the other is expecting baby number one this June! SO excited to spend time with them both tonight 🙂

Tomorrow we are heading for a day trip to Edmonton with my family! It has been a long awaited trip – here is the game plan (yes, I plan everything all the time) – Strathcona Farmers Market (fell in love last summer, it is a year round market), Planet Organic (where I live we have no Trader Joes or Whole Foods so this is a good as it gets!), Muttart Conservatory (click here for more info) – here we will be using our first Groupon! Then I want to hit up a few outlet shops and stop for gelato before we head back home.

I have been waiting for this Planet Organic trip for months now and have started quite the list of items I am hoping to find, here are some of them: coconut oil, Zevia pop, sunflower butter, Larabars, energy gels, raw buckwheat groats, chickpea flour, kale, wheat berries, tempeh, whole wheat pasty flour and Earth Balance. Some of those items can be bought here too but I just want to check them all out. They also have a great bakery and I plan on grabbing a few treats from there too!

Once back home, Chad heads off to a friends Stag so I took advantage of having the house to myself and planned a mini girls night! Complete with candy, chips, popcorn and the Twilight movies 🙂 Which if you don’t know I am obsessed with the books and movies. Sadly, because of my recent tummy problems and linking it too much sugars I will be only having minimal candy in preparation for Sunday’s 32km run!

Sunday as you guessed it will be a lazy day after my run, there will be some brunch, some cleaning, prepping for the week and hopefully some laying around with Chad 🙂

I will be back Sunday with a full recap of out weekend adventures!