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A Party for Baby K

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We did not have any huge plans but yet another weekend of getting things done plus some relaxing.

Friday night we went to my co-worker’s house for a work party. We try and do get togethers a few times a year and this time it was in honour of Baby K. Our work potlucks are always a great time and full of way too much delicious food. After stuffing my belly more than full all my co-workers surprised us with a whole bunch of goodies for Baby K. She is one spoiled baby. Here are all the goodies:


Plus a few gift cards for Mom and Dad and a beautiful mobile which you guys will see in the nursery reveal next week…I am so, so lucky to have such great co-workers and I truly will miss them on my year off. I have already told them I will be there visiting way too much Winking smile

Saturday morning we met my Mom at the market since it ends next weekend, we did not buy anything, just some coffee and looked around. After me and Chad ran our errands, it was one of those days where you have to go to three stores for every one item on your list. Fun times. Thankfully Chad saw my grumpy hungry self coming out and got me somewhere for lunch. We finally tried the Coconut Room downtown. We both had the coconut chicken curry, me with a carrot side salad and Chad had a cornbread muffin.


Yeah I will be back there for sure.

By the time we got home it was mid afternoon and we had planned on going to the corn maze which I was not feeling like doing. Too much walking these days hurts (bad at times) so we decided to pass this year. Next year with Baby K will be way better anyways! Instead Chad decided to go golfing since we never got out this year together. I was going to stay at home but then said if he rented a cart I would go too. The weather was nice so I figured it would be a nice chance to enjoy one of the last sunny afternoons.

I love fall so much and golf courses are so pretty during this time:


I obviously hit some setting on this this photo and just realized it…

On our way home we stopped at the video store and rented a couple movies, The Croods and Star Trek Two. We watched The Croods last night and it was a good movie but the best part? The graphics, they were unbelievable. We rarely rent Blue-Ray so that is probably why it looked so much better this time.

Sunday morning started off different than usual because now I do not have my gym membership so instead I hit up our home gym and Chad went to the gym solo. Obviously people even at the gym are not used to this as a few people asked where I was. Working out at home gave me a head start on brunch. I decided to make Chad’s favorite waffles, Multigrain Blueberry and make the full batch of 24 so I could freeze some.


Our afternoon was tackling yet another to do list:

– Cleaning – including the microwave and in between the glass on the stove – turned out to be a little harder than we thought and it was a good thing my Mom was also here. We only broke one small piece in the end… but my glass is clean! Lol.

– Laundry plus another load of cloth diapers

– A couple more freezer meals – turkey lasagna and chili

– Hanging the nursery mobile and re-doing the shelves – third time is a charm right?

– Shredding a massive zucchini (my Mom actually did this) so she can bake with it for us and her.

– Putting together a few last items for the hospital bag (yesterday was ONE month till her due date!)

– And finally relaxing…

We had some chili for supper then relaxed in the evening and watched Star Trek Two. A great way to end the weekend.


What is your favorite way to use zucchini?

Anyone else take advantage of the nice weather still and get outside this weekend?

We Are Here!

Happy Tuesday everyone! We made it to Arizona safe and sound a couple days ago now.

We left home Sunday about 3:15am – way too early – made all our flights, had good layovers and got to Arizona early afternoon Sunday. Chad’s parents picked us up from the airport and we spent the rest of the day relaxing, visiting and just hanging around the house. Since we had been up at 2:30am I went to bed by 8pm – I know I am such a party animal!

Going to bed at 8pm Sunday meant at 5am on Monday I was wide awake. At first I laid in bed trying to get back asleep but when that was not happening I grabbed my laptop and book and headed downstairs for some reading before everyone else woke up.

Sunday was fairly low-key, we picked up our rental car, made a trip to Target and Trader Joe’s – serious highlights for me, laid in the sun & read, went golfing and ended the night with pizza and a hot tub. There was one downside to the day… I was getting out of the car and the door hit in me in the head and this is what happened:


Yeah those are my Prada sunglasses. I was just saying the other day how I had them for two and a half years and they do not even have a scratch on them… I am so sad. Today we are going to the mall to see if someone can fix them and if not I guess I am in the market for new ones!

Our Target trip consisted of some clothes for me (bathing suit, cardigan, tank, workout top and sports bra) and tons of Chobani for $1 each! Trader Joe’s was lots of food for the next 10 days, I feel bad eating all my in-laws food so we make sure to cover our breakfasts and lunches, then for supper we are planning out cooking for them tonight and taking them out at least once.

I picked up this salad for Trader Joe’s for lunch:


It had butternut squash, quinoa, wheatberries, red pepper, raisins, cranberries, almonds, arugula, and goat cheese. I cannot wait to re-create it at home.

A few other foodie highlights – Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Caramel Coconut (which I may have just ate at 6:30am), Luna Mint Chocolate Chip protein bars (which was my 9:30pm snack last night) and Trader Joe’s Avocado Hummus.

Now for some photos!

The backyard where I am spending too much time sun tanning and reading…


For golfing I used little girl’s clubs! My in-laws bought them for their granddaughter, but they were actually a good size for me (remember I am 5’1”) and for my first game this year my score of 55 for 9 holes was not that bad.

2013-03-04 16.09.32

Chad and his Dad golfing:

2013-03-04 16.57.04

The course we golfed at has a senior park model community around it, we saw this model with a triple car, I mean 2 car plus a golf cart garage:

2013-03-04 17.03.17

Too funny! My in-laws have a home in this area as well that they rent out. I guess it is the perfect area for seniors since they are all from other places and retired and just want to chat and have happy hour all day long.

This morning I was up at 5:30am – still need to reset my internal alarm to at least 6:30am – so did a quick session of Yoga Meltdown before everyone else was up. I prepped overnight oats with strawberry-banana Chobani for us this morning so I am more than ready to dig into that and a cup of coffee.

I have another post prepped for tomorrow that I hope you all find fun, and I will be back in a couple day with what I have been up to. And maybe, just maybe, I will start using my actual camera and not just my phone for photos!


Where is your favorite place to shop in US?

This may sound lame but, in no order, Target, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods!

One Last Celebration

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful September weekend. The weather here has been perfect for Fall, sunny and warm but still that crisp Fall air. I love it.

Yesterday morning we headed out for our usual Saturday morning routine – coffee date, groceries and errands. We got everything done by noon so when we got home we decided it was time to clear out our garden for the year. Such a sad day every year:( But the good news? All the carrots we got!


Since I had tons of carrots and zucchini I decided to bake muffins, Whole Wheat Carrot Muffins from Martha Stewart and Chocolate Zucchini Muffins from Oh She Glows. In the midst of it all here is what my kitchen looked like:

kitchen mess

My co-worker had given me a ton of beets and while I hate the process around making them I love them. I decided that we might as well get it over and down with so I roasted them for about an hour before peeling, cutting and putting them into Ziplocs to freeze. Chad even helped me! Our secret to survive it? Wearing gloves! No pink hands here today 🙂

It was then time to clean up and head out for my birthday supper with my girlfriends. We went to a local Greek restaurant. I had such a great time and food was tasty, oh and the portions were huge! I had the vegetarian platter:


After supper our waiter asked whose birthday it was and if I wanted dessert, I declined since I had ice cream cake waiting for me at my house so instead he brought me a shot…



Thanks Heather for the photos!

Yeah it was not tasty at all. haha. Either that or I am getting weak in my old age 😉

After supper some of my friends joined me back at my house for cake and drinks. Chad bought me a awesome cake with T-Rex on it – yes, this was my request!


My friend, Meghan, did a signature drink with champagne, gingerale and blue curacao.


It was a great drink, I kept it to a couple so that I would feel okay today. It was a great night, I feel so blessed to have such a great group of girlfriends 🙂

This morning we headed to the gym just before 9am. I did 8.5km on the bike and walked for 2 km on the t-mill. Then after I did something I have not done in 7 weeks, lifted weights! Only 5lbs and just a few light upper body exercises. In the next bit I am slowly going to add back in some weights here and there but nothing heavy or strenuous and probably once a week for now.

Brunch was super special today because it contained PUMPKIN! Yes, I am just as obsessed as everyone else. Pumpkin oatmeal from my recipes.


With a side of decaf coffee of course. After brunch I read more of my current book, Chasing Harry Winston.I love it, it is so girly and light – my type of book. Then it was time to get to work. Since I had open pumpkin I made this pumpkin loaf for my work treat day Tuesday, and did my weekend cleaning laundry.

We are golfing this afternoon, might be the last game of the year! I am happy to say I got in all my rounds – so after today 12 – a record for me! Other things I still want to do today include prepping a squash Chad’s Mom gave me, buy some tickets for our NYC trip, and prep a special blog post for Tuesday…


How is your favorite way to use pumpkin?

Favorite way to eat beets? I need ideas now that I have tons!

Warmin’ Up

Well good news, we semi- escaped the heat last night with our evening golf game and it was my best 9 holes to date, finally hit 50! My goal is to have a 9 hole score in the 40’s this summer! The bad news, the mosquitoes were killer even with bug spray – which I reapplied 5-6 times.

My legs – this is without itching them too!

2012-07-09 20.11.05

And my poor back (sorry about the semi-nudity…), Chad counted 15 bites total.

2012-07-09 21.02.01 (1)

I took some antihistamine last night and this morning and the itch is basically non-existent, thank heavens. So for now I just look diseased. Haha

It was another hot day, I took this picture at lunch in my car:

temp car

31 degrees at noon! I was happy to spend the day in my AC office.

Today is Week 4, Day 3 of LiveFit which meant back & biceps. I started with a 15 minute treadmill run to warm-up. I have said this before but there is almost no way I can start a workout with a cardio warm up – it wakes me up, gets my blood flowing and energy levels up for the workout ahead. No matter what time of day it is something I have to do.

Here was today’s workout, 3 sets of 12 of:

Hammer Strength Pulldown – 50lbs

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown – 40lbs

Seated Narrow Grip Cable Pulls – 20lbs

T-Bar Row – 25lbs

Back Extensions

Barbell Curl – 20lbs

Incline Dumbbell Curl – 10lbs

Alternate Hammer Curl – 16lbs

My favorite move of the day goes to the Seated Narrow Grip Cable Pulls 🙂  One thing I am loving about LiveFit is that not only has it gotten me out of my comfort zone (I now do most of my workouts in the main area not the ladies only area) but also I have learned so many new exercises. I was very bad at getting stuck in a routine and rut before.

Supper was easy… it involved Annie’s Mac & Cheese and then some veggies I cooked up – onion, peppers and spinach.

Mix it all together and top with freshly chopped cherry tomatoes and you got a decent supper:


To make sure we get our muscles recovered for tomorrow’s workout protein shakes on the side. I simply blended half a frozen banana, Vega vanilla protein and almond milk for my shake which to me is just like dessert.

I think we are off to escape downstairs from the heat now, maybe my new guilty pleasure TV show will be on… don’t judge me here, Pawn Stars. But in a couple days my TV void will be filled because Big Brother starts!


Do you have to do a cardio warm-up?

Fireworks, Friends & Fun

The last 24 hours were busy! But in a good way, and we finished off our (extra) long weekend in just the right ways.

Backing up to yesterday – Canada Day. After supper we picked up my Mom and went on a mission to find Screamers (soft serve vanilla ice cream and slush). I had a serious craving, odd since I have never had one. But Chad has one every time we go to Calgary Zoo and I somehow got one stuck in my head yesterday. We had no idea where to find one locally but thanks to Tweeps we got a answer and were not disappointed. They had my top 3 slush flavors to choose from – Coke, banana and root beer. It was a tough decision but I choose banana.


It started to rain a bit on our way out to the lake but that did not stop us, we were ready with umbrellas, rain coats and blankets. Our first stop – the candy store, I picked up my favorite gummy penguins, dark chocolate mint M&Ms and maple candies. We also went into a another store (Nomads) to check out the clothing, I really liked a super soft Billabong hoodie but it was not in my size. I was also kind of looking for new, fun sunglasses, I love my current ones but they are more fancy, and thought I’d spend $30 or so on a cheaper pair. But then Chad pointed out a pair for $100, I tried them on and instantly loved them…urgh, twist my arm 😉 Chad is being blamed for this one!

Here I am sporting the new glasses:

me sunglasses

After we enjoyed the quiet beach for a couple hours, and I had some fun on Instagram:

Chad sylvan

sunset sylvan

I never really thought about it in the past, but we are very lucky to live within 20 minutes of not one, but two beautiful lakes 🙂

Just before 11pm the fireworks started and after a few photos my phone died 🙁


They were great fireworks as usual! I thought the rain had kept away most of the crowds until our walk back to the car afterwards… it was busy, lots of people partying, made me feel extra old to be going home to bed. haha

We had today off since Canada Day fell on a Sunday and had a fairly busy day. It started with sleeping in till 7am, then a gym trip – legs day… It was new legs workout for today, 3 sets of 12, except the single leg deadlifts – we did 10 sets.

Leg Extensions – 40lbs

Wide Stance Barbell Squat (bar only)

Walking Barbell Lunge – 20lbs

Single-Leg Dumbbell Deadlift – 8lbs

Lying Leg Curls – 30lbs

Seated Calf Raise – 45lbs

Standing Calf Raise – 100lbs

The workout did not seem that hard but fast forward 10 hours to now, and I am dead tired. I also ran 3km as a warm up on the treadmill in my Merrell’s.

Once home I made a mini brunch I had seen on Oh She Glows – toasted english muffins with peanut butter, sliced banana, and homemade chia blueberry jam.


So easy, and a great combo. The jam was very tasty and not too sweet like most jam. We rounded off brunch with green smoothies – spinach, vanilla protein, almond milk, frozen blueberries, half a frozen banana, flax and water.

On the agenda for the afternoon was my friend’s son’s first birthday at the lake and then golfing. Since there was the chance of rain we packed up our rain coats and umbrella and headed out.

Well no rain came, and there was plenty of sun which means both me and Chad are a tad red now.

A few birthday party photos:




Cutest kid ever. We bought him some clothes and TOMS.

After the party wrapped up we headed out to the golf course. Before we even started I knew it would not be a great game for me. My legs were starting to get tired and I was just not feeling like golfing. I managed to last all 9 holes, only skipping hole 8 for a break. But lesson learned – legs day and walking 9 holes of golf do not mix too well.

For supper I wanted something light and summery and decided on the Fruit & Grain Salad from Iowa Girl Eats. I made a few changes based on what we had – no cantaloupe, or green onions, and added a diced beach, avocado and cucumber. A great salad indeed.


On the side, cottage cheese. I have been really wanting it lately but Chad OD’d on it a few years ago and is not the biggest fan any more.

We ate supper while watching last night’s True Blood episode. After I had to peel myself off the couch to write this post and finish laundry.

I am pooped now and am truly debating going to bed at 8pm.


What did you do for Canada Day? Or for my American friends – what are your plans for July 4th?