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Weekend Recap

Hey there! Well this was such a fun weekend, not sure I wanted it to end! Friday can sometimes overwhelm me thinking of all the things we have to do in just two days but then the weekend comes, and we get it all done and have fun time too. Lesson learned – just relax Smile

Here is what we were up to this weekend:


Why is it always so hard to think back to Friday? Oh yeah, I had a pancake craving Winking smile So we went rouge on the meal plan and had green smoothies and banana pancakes – delicious. Then we started to set up Avery’s water table, but beforehand she used it as a trampoline, or tried to:


It turned out to be an all night project for Chad!


We were up and out of the house early to get groceries and head to Avery’s hair appointment. We chopped off almost 2”! We are trying to get it to be all one length in a little bob, and avoid her having a mullet Winking smile It is getting so close to being a bob, I am too excited about this.

After her hair appointment we took her to Cool Beans for a treat and coffee for us (local people, they got new beans and WOW, you have to get there asap!).


It was so windy out, I have no idea how Avery was not blown away.

Our afternoon was spent out of town at a first birthday party. It was at a indoor play area which was craziness but Avery loved it, luckily there was a toddler area that was a little less crazy for us so we hung out there most of the time.



We planned to go over to our friend’s for drinks after by Avery fell asleep so we grabbed more coffee and headed home.

Our evening was low key and spent catching up on PVR shows.


Our usual Sunday morning, a run and workout followed by brunch, crockpot banana french toast with turkey bacon.


We finally had a nice and not windy day and took full advantage of it, we took the water table outside (it was a hit all day!), set up the deck, baked cookies, did yard work, and had my family for a BBQ.






And before I knew it it was 8pm and I was getting ready for another week.


Weekend Review

Happy chilly Monday everyone! We are back to cold temps here. But I do not care since it a few short days we will be in weather that is up to 50 degree warmer!

This weekend was pretty good except for one little thing with Miss Avery that I will share in a second.

Friday – Chad went for beers with some co-workers so once he was home home we stayed in for the night and watch Guilt Trip on Netflix.

Oh and this happened earlier in the day…


SURPRISE! I chopped my hair off, probably 6-8” and love it. I plan to go shorter but this was a mid way cut to ease into the short hair. Good bye ponytail which is how I wore my hair 98% of the time for the last 10 years- (yeah, it was getting old!).

Saturday –Morning coffee at Dose before going to the mall to return a rash guard I bought Avery since I found one I liked more, then we grabbed a few groceries to get us through a few days. Is it bad I do not remember the rest of the afternoon?

After supper I fed Avery, Chad bathed her and I got her into bed before heading out for drinks with some friends. I had lots of fun and the few hours flew by while we all caught up with each other. I left around 10:15pm as I had been up since 4:30am! Not because of Avery, just myself and insomnia…

Sunday – I planned to do a 8km run but my treadmill had other ideas and around 6km it stopped to lube the belt which takes about 45 minutes so I called my run done and did some free weights since Avery was content.

Chad came home from the gym we heated up some waffles I had made and froze for an easy brunch;


No berries left to top the waffles with Sad smile 

Miss. Avery was a bit of a grumpy bear this weekend so in the afternoon we took turns getting ready, cleaning and entertaining her.

I had a pedicure with a friend:


Which was perfect and much needed.

While I was gone Chad and Avery vacuumed…



Yup, he vacuumed with her in the Baby Bjorn, doesn’t she look impressed?

We started packing last night, I really had to try hard to pack less to make room for Avery’s stuff which is fine since I always pack way more than I need.

Now onto Miss Avery, about a week ago she decided that Chad can not put her to bed, not at night or for naps… She screams murder the second he tries. After ten minutes or so I jump in and she is quiet as soon as I take her, settles and falls asleep. Even at night when all we do is lay her in her bed, if Chad tries she screams, me – she is fine. The weird thing is that we have always shared bedtime (alternate nightly) and naps during the weekends. Chad spends plenty of bonding time with her, baths her every single night, gives her a dream feed by bottle and plays with her all the time. I am really hoping its a phase, but not sure if we should try to push the issue with her and make her deal with Chad putting her down. I feel bad for Chad more than anything. Maybe its is phase or maybe on holidays she will get better when she is with both of us 24/7 for a couple weeks, I just hope something will give!

Well the countdown is on, not we are busy packing and getting stuff ready for holidays, yay!!


Moms (or anyone really) – any advice?!

Wednesday Words

So finally a post where I do not bombard you all with baby photos Winking smile Instead I will just talk your ear off…

Sorry still no workout Wednesday, but some thoughts on working out. After being fairly active for the past 5 plus years I thought for sure I would miss it on my six weeks off. But do I? Not at all. I have barely thought about it. One long day I did think that if it was warmer out and if I could go for a run it would have really made my day a lot better but that is that only time I have thought about it. But I did do something yesterday to get my motivation back… I registered for the Calgary (half) Marathon on June 1st. I could be crazy I know. I was going to run the local half marathon but got convinced to run this one since its the 50th anniversary one. In the next few weeks I will talk about my plan to get back into running Smile

Onto today. My day started at 5:30am (a little earlier than we are used to due a earlier bedtime) with a diaper change turned into a poop explosion across the room. It made me scream and wake Chad. Girl loves to pee and poop as soon as the diaper is off no matter how quick we swap the dirty and clean diaper. Fun times.

Avery decided to boycott her morning nap so I just finally got her to sleep, so far its taken me 45 minute to write this post. I am hoping this nap lasts a little… After her nap and feeding we going on a little walk to the health clinic to have her weighed. It is not because we have to but because I am curious. I am hoping she is close to 7lbs.

This morning I did a couple things, weighed myself and tried on my jeans. Yeah could have been a disaster but just not having that big belly of baby makes a person feel darn good. Well, I am pretty happy, back at my pre-pregnancy weight but that is still about 10lbs above where I am used to being. I am not wanting to loose those 10lbs but just tone up once I am back working out. And the jeans? They fit, but not the same and with my incision they might still be 10-14 days away from wearing. But good news all around.

Scratch the nap thing, both times she finally fell asleep the phone rang and woke her up. I am now that crazy Mom who has turned off the phone in hopes she falls asleep. Once asleep for a bit she won’t wake but those first 15 minutes she startles easily.

I am excited for a couple things this week, tomorrow is my Christmas party. Guess what that means? Mama is having a glass of wine. SO excited. And Friday I have a much needed hair appointment and it will be my first time away from Avery. I will admit I am not sad at all. She will be in great hands and I am excited for one whole hour away.

Stayed tuned tomorrow for a holiday type post, that is if Miss.Avery lets me get to it Winking smile

Enjoy your Wednesdays!


What is the bets Christmas party you have ever been to?

Who else is running Calgary marathon?

What A Weekend…

First of all a HUGE congratulations to Alison and Justin who welcomed their baby girl into the world yesterday! I am so, so happy for you two Smile

We had a great weekend over here Smile 

Friday after work I went and got a much needed hair cut and color. I added some highlights in red and blonde and darkened the base color, not the best photo but shows the highlights. It is different that what I am used to for sure.


It was curled for photos Saturday but did not make it over night.

Saturday morning, we ran errands, which included a much needed Costco trip before coming home to get ready to go to Calgary for our maternity photo shoot. The amazing Whitney took our photos. We were about 30 minutes out of town when I realized I left my one pair of shoes at home. Ack. I had borrowed some since my black heels are in bad shape and I was avoiding buying new ones since I only have a few weeks left of work. A quick stop at Cross Iron Mills and I got a new pair for $30, score.

We met Whitney in downtown Calgary to do some urban shots. Not only did I love her ideas but we had lots of fun with her. Even Chad felt at ease! She already has up a few teasers on her Facebook page, so you can check them out here.

After photos we decided to use up a gift card for Joey’s we had. Chad has never been a huge Joey’s fan but seeing as it was free and there was one close by we decided to head there. We started with calamari:


Our typical appetizer indulgenceSmile

Then I ordered the Baja Fish Tacos for supper… however when they came out they were not the Baja Fish Tacos but the Ahi Tuna ones. The waiter was good about correcting my order but then when I did get my fish tacos I think they rushed it too much and the fish was still gummy. I ate some of it and then pulled the fish out and ate the rest of the tacos. Sadly, Joey’s did not redeem themselves.

Sunday… where to start? It was a get stuff done day. It started with a gym trip, pumpkin oatmeal for brunch:


With a latte made by Chad for National Coffee Day.

Then it was chores time, we were pretty wiped by the end of the day but managed to tackle a long to do list:

– Baking – made pumpkin cookies and muffins:


– House chores/cleaning and laundry

– Put out fall decor

– Clear out garden, flower pots etc.

– Clean and vacuum out cars

– Install car seat

– Three loads of laundry

– Make homemade soup and cornbread muffins for supper

The garden alone took Chad 3 hours! I am so thankful he did it for me, I am not sure I could have done it!

I guess you could say I am in the nesting phase but then again I am always a tad OCD about house work etc Winking smile


What is your favorite and least favorite chore to do?

Favorite – Dusting, least favorite – vacuuming – which is probably why I only do it once a year, the rest its Chad’s duty.

Sun + Friends = FUN!

Happy Canada Day everyone! I hope everyone has had a safe and fun long weekend. The weather here has been awesome – maybe even too hot for me. I have always loved the heat but even being 5 months pregnant makes all the difference and the heat gets too me really easy. I cannot imagine being very pregnant in the summer so hats off to you girls that have been or are. I would be begging for AC by now.

Let’s talk about our weekend over here…

Friday after work I chopped off about 5” of my hair. It feels great…


Sorry only photo I have of it. I love my hair longer but cut it for a few reasons – it needed it, for the past 3-4 years its only had trims, and two it was getting to be a lot and since I never wear it down who cares how long it is.

Since I wanted to escape the heat we went to see a movie after supper, we saw The Internship which we both thought was pretty funny, not sure its a must see in theatres but good for some laughs.

Saturday started off with a morning market trip with my Mom and Chad, then some errands (nothing too exciting), checked out a petting zoo that was set up as part of our centennial weekend:

petting zoo

I love all the little animals!

Then we spent two hours weeding the garden, then relaxed before heading out to my friend’s cabin at the lake for a concert and BBQ. The concert and BBQ was so much fun! My friends hosted the party for their friends and as a thank you to the neighbours for welcoming them into the community since they just bought their cabin there this summer. I loved being with my friends, their kids (which are all adorable and so funny) at the lake – so much fun and sun Smile 

2013-06-29 17.08.29

A storm did roll in the evening so we continued our get together inside.

2013-06-29 17.08.10

Yesterday we hit the gym in the morning which left me very sweaty – again heat, being pregnant and doing cardio in a stuffy gym = lots of sweat.  Brunch was easy – pancakes! But still a favorite of mine.


I topped mine with the usual – plain Greek yogurt, strawberries, almond butter and maple syrup.

After we cleaned up, I got ready and did my house chores my Mom came over so we could start operation nursery dresser…. well after a couple hours of sanding by hand and only two drawers done we decided we needed to get her sander to speed up the process.


The green is not easy to sand off. I think we will sand it as good as we can and call it good. Since we are painted I do not think there is a need to sand down to the wood. Hopefully this month we can get it finished!

I was pretty tired after being outside in the heat sanding and had a headache so I laid down for a bit before my Mom came back with my one brother for a BBQ. We had turkey wieners, burgers, Caesar salad, veggies and for dessert Epicure chocolate pudding with berries.

After supper I still had my nasty headache so we took it easy and watched Big Brother then the season premiere of Dexter. After Dexter at 10pm we decided to go check out our water tower since all this weekend it was being lit as part of our Centennial celebrations. We braved the mosquitos for a few photos:


I am sure it looked even better in the pitch black!

One thing I am still bummed about is our River of Light… it was supposed to happen last night too but due to the flooding it was cancelled – anyways check it out here. It would have been so cool!

One last important piece of business… the giveaway winner . Congrats to Jessica! Jessica – if you can shoot me a email we can go from there Smile

Be back tomorrow with our Canada Day recap. Make it a safe one everyone!


What is your favorite animal?

Favorite weather to run in?