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Sea Wheeze Training

So this totally snuck up on me! It was last week when I got my shorts that I remembered I should probably put together a training plan for the race. I cheated and am almost using the same plan as Phoenix since it worked pretty darn good for us.

Like always, I plan to follow this plan 80% of the time, summer is busy and goes by so fast that there needs to be flexibility in the plan. Lets hope this plan earns me a new PR 😉


Phoenix Half Marathon Training Plan

As you all know Chad and I are running the Phoenix half in February, it will be my 11th (I think) half and my first of three in 2017. I semi think I am over committing with 3 halfs, working full time and with two kiddos but we will see. I generally have a rule where I like to have a 10-12 week training period followed by 4+ weeks off before training again. This has helped me stay injury free and meet my race goals for over 6 years now so it works for me! But in 2017 those usual guidelines will be tight!

For Phoenix I have a pretty huge goal, I want to PR by 2 minutes and that time was set 5 years ago. The race course itself will help – being that it is very flat but I also have to step up my training game. For the past few years I really just go out and run and loosely follow a plan. Which is fine but it has not got me any PRs, I run a half in anywhere from 1:50-1:54 depending on conditions and that is comfortable for me. I know I have more in me to be a little uncomfortable and just have to put in that little extra work and remind myself of that.

This training plan will do just that. It is based on the book 80/20 Running and well, the plan scares me. The basis of the book is that you should run 80% of your runs below your ventilatory threshold (the point between low and medium intensity or zones 1-2) and 20% above (zones 3-5). Whereas most runners do more 50/50 – I know I am guilty of this! One the biggest reasons we do this is because we are task orientated so want to get things done ASAP and this becomes a habit and most of us run more than 50% of our runs too fast.  This leads to burnout and does not allow us to perform as well as we might if we just slowed down.

Th book goes into great deal on the research and history done behind 80/20 running as well as things like “brain fitness” and how your goal should be to minimize any other brain activity during your runs. One example they used was people trying to change their natural strides and how this uses too much brain energy and takes away from your end performance. Makes complete sense to me! Anyways, I could type forever on this book since it has a ton of information in it but if you are interested in learning more I highly recommend reading the book, it also has complete training plans for 5km to a full marathon in it.

Without adieu here is my (Chad will use this plan but slightly adapted) training plan. It does also break by 3 days of running I like to stick to but I feel this is necessary to take my running to the next levels. My goal is to follow this plan 80% and hopefully see that PR in February! View the PDF larger here since the one below is tiny – phx-half-plan.

half-1 half-2




Canada Day Recap & Workout Wednesday

How was everyone’s Canada Day? I always feel like it is officially summer after Canada Day Smile We had a great day, it was low key and relaxing.

Our little family all dressed up in our Canada gear (I only had red on though):




After our morning workouts I used the Kodiak Powercakes mix to make waffles, they turned out great – love this mix even more now.


After brunch we ran some errands, grabbed slurpees and headed home for Avery’s nap, but window and she ended up napping in the car – boo! I hate car naps because the only last while we are in the moving car so rarely long enough, and she never seems rested ever – side rant!

We wanted to set up her pool again for her so decided to set it up right away before she was ready for a real nap. She had a lot of fun for about 30 minutes Winking smile




Thankfully she played herself out and afterwards had a 2.5 hour nap! Me and Chad enjoyed drinks on the deck while soaking up the sun.

Our Canada Day tradition is always going to Sylvan Lake for the fireworks. They never disappoint so it is worth the 10 minute drive. We were there quite early so grabbed ice cream and hung out on the beach:


At this point it was already an hour past her bedtime but she was being SO good! About an hour later, shortly after 9pm, Avery started to get grumpy so I put her in the stroller and took a 5 minute walk and she was out. She slept all the way till 11pm when the fireworks started.

We enjoyed the beautiful views before the fireworks:


Can you believe this photo is from Chad’s phone and UNEDITED.

And the fireworks:


There was a smiley face and star one! But I missed them with the camera. It was a late night, we were home around midnight. Avery was a trooper and went straight to bed when we got home Smile

Now, finally onto this week’s workouts:

This week I was week 1 of training for the Lethbridge Half, nothing too different but I am back running 3, sometimes 4 days a week till race day now. Here is this week’s plan:

Sunday – 6 miles

Monday – Yoga Meltdown and Abs

Tuesday – 500m x 6 speed work at 4:30km/min pace and Strength circuit

Wednesday – Focus T25 Cardio

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 5 miles – stroller run

Saturday – Rest

I made a plan for training too, something to loosely follow since we already know that flexibility is key these days. From Calgary I did learn that I might need a tad more miles on my legs before race day so do have myself running 4 days a week some weeks IF I can swing it.

11 Week Half Marathon Training Plan


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6


Week 1

6 miles

6 x 500m at 5km pace &



Easy run – 4 miles

Focus T25


Week 2

7 miles

30 min tempo run & strength


Easy – 4.5 miles

Focus T25

3 miles


Week 3

8 miles

6 x 500m & strength


Easy – 5 miles

Focus T25


Week 4

7 miles at race pace

35 min tempo & strength


Easy – 5 miles

Focus T25

4 miles


Week 5

9 miles

7x500m & strength


Easy – 5.5 miles

Focus T25


Week 6

10 miles

40 min tempo


Easy – 6 miles

Focus T25



Week 7

11 miles

8x500m & strength


Easy – 6 miles

Focus T25


Week 8

10 miles at race pace

40 min tempo run


Easy – 7 miles

Focus T25


Week 9

9 miles

9x500m & strength


Easy – 7 miles

Focus T25

3 miles


Week 10

12 miles

45 min tempo


Easy – 6 miles

Focus T25



Week 11

6 miles



Easy – 4 miles




Since this is turning into one long post I will leave it at that.


Fireworks fan?

YES! We are also going to GlobalFest again this year and bought VIP tickets to it.

How did you celebrate Canada Day?

Workout Wednesday

Happy sunny Wednesday! Seriously guys, you have no idea how much happier sun makes people – well, you probably do but everyone seems to happy the past few days.

Yesterday was beautiful, plus 16! We took a nice walk and spent time on the deck playing with Scarlet. Speaking of walks we have gone on one every day for 4 days now, and I love it! I plan to get in at least 4 walks a week.



Toes were more fun than looking at Mom with the camera…And she is the in the “eat everything” phase.


This week marked a jump in km’s in my training. I can already feel it in my legs from the long run Sunday. I must get foam rolling more.

Here are this week’s workouts:

Sunday – 14km Run (treadmill) & 4km walk with Chad and Avery

Monday – 4km Speed Run, stretching & 4km walk with Avery

Tuesday – Mom & Baby Yoga & 4km walk with Avery

Wednesday – 7-8km Run

Thursday – Focus T25 Total Body workout

Friday – 10km Run – The plan right now is for this to be outside with the BOB Smile

Saturday – REST

Do you know what tomorrow is? Avery’s 5 month birthday! How?! Yeah I still do not know…*tear*


Anyone else getting outside to enjoy this weather and workout?

Half Marathon Training Plan 2014

To be honest I have no clue if this plan is going to work out for me, after all I have never trained with a baby! I took that lifestyle change into consideration when I was looking at past training plans I did and made some changes there. I also did NOT want to run 5 days a week and am not really able to incorporate cross training in to the extent I did when I had a gym membership.  I also wanted to keep yoga in my plan one day a week as well as some strength workouts (free weights or workout DVDs). I called one column “weekend’” since I am not sure what day will work the best right now but will do long runs Saturday or Sunday weekly.

So with all that in mind here is what I came up with for my 10 week half marathon training plan on June 1st in Calgary.

  Weekend Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Week 1 Long run – 8km Speed run – 4km (S1) 3×2 Yoga Easy run – 6km & Strength Strength REST
Week 2 Long – 10km Speed – 5km (S1) 3X2 Yoga Easy – 7km Steady – 6km & Strength REST
Week 3 Long – 12km REST Yoga Easy – 10km Strength Speed – 6km (S1) 3×1
Week 4 Long – 14km Speed – 6km (S2) 3X1 & Strength Yoga Easy – 10km REST Steady  – 8km
Week 5 Long – 14km Speed – 8km (S2) 4×1 Yoga Easy – 10km REST Hills-  4km & Strength
Week 6 Long – 16km Speed – 6km (S3) 4×2 Yoga REST Easy – 10km Steady – 8km
Week 7 Long – 18km REST Strength REST Easy – 12km Speed – 6km (S2) 5×1
Week 8 Long – 16km Speed – 8km (S3) 5×2 REST Easy 12km Strength Steady – 10km
Week 9 Long – 20km REST Speed – 6km (S2) 5×1 Strength/Yoga REST Easy – 14km
Week 10 Long – 18km REST/Yoga Speed – 6km (S3) 6×2 Easy – 12km REST Hills – 6km & Strength
Week 11 – Taper Week Long – 12km REST Yoga Easy – 7km REST Easy – 6km


Long run goal pace is 5:30 mins/km

Speed runs – Believe it or not but I have never really done planned speed runs with a certain pace, I would just do a shorter fast run and leave it at that and it worked. This time I do want to work on sticking to more of a plan since I need to work on my speed. Goal pace for speed runs is between 4:15 (S3) 4:30 (S2) 4:45 (S1) mins/km – I will work up to the 4:15, then run the intervals above (example 3×2 is 3 mins at the speed pace followed by a 2 min recovery).

Easy runs will be ran around a 5:30-5:45 mins/km pace.

Steady runs will be ran around 5:00-5:15 mins/km pace.

Hills… yeah another thing I have never trained for! I always figured if I ran outside I would do enough hills for most races. I also had a long run group I ran with and we did do some hills there. This time around I will do a few hills runs but not overly focused on it.

These are all estimates and goal paces, if I cannot get to these paces I will not worry about it, and change as needed.

Since I cannot really plan exactly what days I will do each workout I have not specified days above. As I get into training I might get into a good groove but for now I will play it by ear. Sometimes day 1 might not followed by day 2 etc…

I am NO expert on training plans, but used my past experiences of what works for me plus balancing being a new Mom, then consulted a few plans I found online to create this plan. I will track what I actually do as well and update as necessary in my weekly workout posts.

And with that – wish me luck!