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2016: Talking Goals

So I am not one for setting goals for myself often these days. I find it just adds to my (crazy) type A personality 😉 Anyways, being that 2016 is a big year for us I wanted to take some time to write down a few goals of mine for the year.

1 – Be realistic. Two kids will be a big deal (for us). I feel like my entry into motherhood with Avery went almost too easy and well hauling around one kid is peanuts compared to two. I need to remind myself of this after baby #2 comes so that I am not so hard on myself. I will do the same thing I did after Avery and had one small “to do” a day, from a simple walk to the park or organizing a closet it helped me feel productive.

2 – Give both kids individual attention. Chad and I have talked a lot about this, and want to make sure both kids get their one on one attention with us both. It could be just Avery and I going grocery shopping, just one on one time to help the transition for us all. Same goes with Baby C, I want to be able to take some classes with her just like I did with Avery so I will need to figure out how that can work for us.

3 – Get out of the house daily. I think on my year off with Avery we stayed home for a total of two days, and that was because we had no car and it was a blizzard outside! Welcoming Baby C in the spring will be nice since to go for a walk or getting out of the house will be much easier. I go stir crazy VERY easy so this is a must for me.

4 – Run a half marathon. I almost said two, but looked at goal #1 😉 I am aiming for a fall race since that gives me a solid three months of training. Running is my “thing” and I know I am a better mother/wife/friend/person when it is in my life so this goal is very important to me.

5 – Monthly (out of the house) dates with Chad. We have slacked on these lately. They maybe happen every other month or monthly but involve other people, Christmas parties, parties etc. But I want us to recommit to the one on one monthly dates again. This is especially important after we welcome Baby C into our lives.

There they are! They are not in any order of importance and all hold equal for me, like I said looking into this year we have a lot of big changes headed our way!



Workout Wednesday

For the first time in 6 months I am not training for a race, and to be honest I am feeling lost when it comes to working out already. But at the same time I was SO done with long runs and need to tone up. Proof of this is after my half on Saturday my obliques were the sorest part of my body!

I am also heading back to work in 6 weeks and know I will have to workout before work in the morning so want my workouts to be short and sweet. And even right now, Avery’s nap are just over an hour, so a 30 minute workout is ideal for me. Saying that here are my workouts for the week:

Sunday – REST

Monday – Yoga Inferno – Workout 2

Tuesday – Focus T25 Alpha Cardio

Wednesday – 6km treadmill run

Thursday – REST

Friday – 5km treadmill run & weights circuit

Saturday – REST

I really enjoyed this race season, adding two more halfs to my list and do plan to do another half next year (or maybe two) but want to try at least one new race…but nothing too far!


Race ideas?

Birthday and Race Weekend Recap

First off let me say that after this weekend I feel very lucky to have such great family and friends. Not only did I have an awesome 30th birthday which I celebrated a couple times over the weekend I also ran my 7th half marathon!


Chad took the day off and woke up to treat me to my favourite fast food (and guilty pleasure) breakfast…McDonalds! Egg McMuffin, coffee and a hashbrown Smile Avery and Chad got me “Avery bucks”:


Good for a new phone, case and charger (which I got last week) and a spa treatment, now to decided what to get done, I am thinking a massage.

After lunch we hit the road to Lethbridge. Since Avery does not love long car rides (or any) we made a pit stop in Calgary to stretch our legs and give her a carseat break. She did really good and slept most of the way!

We got into Lethbridge, I grabbed my race package and then I freaked out a little…I had not run over 16km in 4 weeks and was running 21km the next day.

Tawnya and her husband were not only gracious enough to host a carb loading supper for us girls running but also let us stay over night at their house so we did not have to get a hotel. They are an awesome little family Smile Now if only we lived closer!

The night was filled with yummy food, wine and it was really nice to chat to everyone and get to know them more. I feel like I know some of the girls so well from reading their blogs but nothing compared to actual conversation. Tawnya even got us birthday girls cupcakes:


Tawnya, Kaella, me and Becky all are September babies!

And a group shoot:


Such a fun night to end my birthday!


I woke up around 6:30am, got ready, we had breakfast and headed to the race. It was pretty chilly out (2 degrees) and I had one packed a tank top and t-shirt so layered both and hoped I’d be warm enough. Before I knew it we were at the start line and ready to run! I asked Kaella if she wanted to run together and thankfully she said yes. I did not have a huge goal in mind for this race and thought maybe we could get her a PR (we came VERY close!). The race flew by! I probably talked WAY too much but Kaella assured me it was okay (she was probably just being nice) and before I knew it we only had a few km’s left. I LOVED running with this girl, she is so sweet, and such a inspiration – she has ran five halfs in a year and ran one just SIX days before! I really wanted her to PR but we missed it by seconds, coming in at 1:54:42. I know that if I did not run with her I would have taken it easier and not have done as good. So thank you Kaella!


This race taught me a lot. It taught me that racing and running is not always about how often you run, how far you run or what your PR is but it is about a community of people that rally around each other no matter what. Saturday there were girls running anywhere from 5km-21km and each and every one of them had reasons to be very proud of themselves. Running and blogging have brought people into my life that I am forever going to be thankful for and all these girls are part of that group.


As for a race recap, I do recommend this run, it is small, a great route with a good mix of road and trails. No big hills but smaller rolling ones, the course itself reminded me a lot of the marathon we have here in Red Deer. The volunteers were awesome and there was tons and the route was very well marked, you had no opportunity to go the wrong way. Post race they had food, coffee and chocolate milk (also a bonus!) and even some draw prizes!

Since the start and finish were at different points we caught a shuttle back to the start line then headed back to Tawnya’s to clean up before brunch. Because yummy food after any race is a must! Brunch was delicious and we left stuffed, even Avery managed to eat 1.5 pancakes! Girl loves her food.

Our drive home was not too eventful, Avery slept for the first hour, we stopped at Tim Hortons and the last 30 minutes or so Avery was not too happy. 30 minutes in a car with an unhappy baby feels like hours!

Our evening was low key, Booster Juice was our supper, we unpacked, did laundry and hung out on the couch most of the evening which was perfect.


Our little alarm clock woke us up just before 7am, Chad grabbed her and brought her into our bed so we could stay in there a tad longer, it worked for 20 minutes then Avery was ready to get up for real.

I made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast:


I think pancakes are Avery’’s favourite, she ate a whole one again! Plus yogurt and fruit.

Since I was not working out like usual Chad went to the gym and me and Avery stayed home and played before she went for her morning nap.

My girls:



Neither were into looking at me apparently.

Our afternoon was jam packed with a Costco (where we bought Avery’s Santa gift!) and grocery trip, house chores, and more laundry and a baby who was too cool for an afternoon nap (she did finally go down for an hour).

Later we got ready again to to head out and meet my family for a belated birthday supper. I picked Browns Socialhouse since Chad had not been there and the couple times I have its been good. Since Avery goes to bed around 7pm we got for early suppers now but they are the BEST. Since it is not the supper rush yet you get fast service. Oh and my (crazy) Grandma made me cake and brought it into the restaurant (she did ask) for us to eat…thank you Grandma Winking smile

Thank you to all my family and friends who made this a great 30th birthday weekend! I cannot wait to celebrate again in a couple weeks when we have a belated party.


Half Marathon Training with a BABY!

As most of you know I recently completed my first post partum half marathon which I started training for around 4 months post partum and ran at almost 7 months post partum. I know many people have told me that it was crazy but I went at it with a different outlook, made training flexible and it was a great way for me to feel like myself again.

Disclosure this post is part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program that I am taking part in over the next bit.

Training for any race is no easy task, no matter what the distance. It takes time and commitment, two things that when you have a infant (or kids for that matter) cane be hard to come by. So I wanted to share a few of my tips of how I was able to train for a half marathon while being a new Mom and not loosing my mind Winking smile And actually gaining sanity from it!

#1 – Set a plan but be realistic and flexible

Make sure you follow a plan, whether it is one you do on or own or if it a pre-done one, it will help you to make sure you are well trained and prepared for race day. IF this is your first race I definitely recommend following one someone else has done. You can find lots here, plans vary depending on your running experience and goal time.  Another option is working with a personal trainer to make a plan that will work for you. If you have a GoodLife Fitness location in your city, they offer a personal training service that will do just that.

However, with a baby every day is different, some days you might get a wonderful 3 hour nap where you can get in a good run/workout and then the next you might get no time to workout so make sure you keep that in mind and be flexible. If you miss a run one day that is okay, try and get it in another day. This is where flexibility is key.

Being realistic with your plan with also help you have a successful training period. Don’t pick out a plan that has you running 5-6 days a week. Not only will this commitment stress you out it will most likely be very hard to stick to it with babe. Everyone is different but I made a plan that had me running 3 days a week, long runs on the weekend when Chad was home and one other day of cardio, all which was easily doable with being home during the week with Avery.

#2 – Schedule workouts/runs during nap times or when your spouse is home

One way to make sure you get in your workouts is doing them during nap times. If your baby has a regular nap schedule this will be a lot easier (in many more ways than just this!) so pick a nap and commit to doing your workout then. I did mine during Avery’s first nap of the day which was usually 90-120 minutes after she woke up. Because Chad goes to the gym in the evenings I do my workouts during the day, but if your spouse is home in the evenings and you have the time it is also a great time to get in your workout. Long runs typically take at least an hour which will be hard to do with baby so schedule these when you have extra help. I did all mine on Sundays when Chad was home with Avery.

#4 – If #3 does not work, include your baby in your workouts

Not everyone has the flexibility of having your spouse around or of a baby that likes to nap, and we all have those nap protest days! Often those days are also fussy days and I found a great way to get in a workout those days and help with your stress was to include baby in your workouts. It can be doing your run with the baby in a jogging stroller (we love our BOB Revolution SE), attending a Mom & Baby Yoga or simply having the baby beside you while doing a home workout. Yoga is a great workout to include in your plan to make sure you keep your flexibility as well as strengthen your core.

Avery napping in Mom & Baby Yoga:



Above – bundled up for a Spring training run

Also, many gyms offer child minding which is another great way to get in your workout with baby kinda in tow Winking smileIf you are a GoodLife Fitness member some of their clubs offer child minding so make sure to see if yours does.

#5 – Listen to your body

This is so, so important. You have recently had a baby, before that you carried that baby for 9+ months so jumping into anything too soon or too much will be a shock on your body. If you are tired or sore, take a day or two off, maybe go for a walk, or do some light yoga to stretch out. A happy, healthy Mom is the best thing for baby Smile

#6 – Have fun

If you are not enjoying the training for the most part, it might not be the time to train for a race. You should enjoy the running most days. Since running & training is not for everyone this is okay! I really enjoy most runs, especially the ones outside when the weather is nice and I am really enjoying my runs with Avery in the stroller. If I did not love running I know I would not be training for races.

A beautiful view from one of my runs:


My friend and I after my first post baby half marathon:



Any other training tips for training with a baby or kids?

Calgary Half Marathon Recap

Well it is official, my first post baby race is in the books Smile So bittersweet.

As you know already from my weekend recap, I got in plenty of carb (and food) loading the day before the race. This is KEY for me, if not my legs are so heavy. The night before the race I laid out all my gear:


It was not till after this when I was in bed talking to Chad that it hit me – I am running 21.1km tomorrow!. Duh. But here is the thing a few years ago I ran a lot, 50 plus km a week so it became second nature to me and for a few half’s I never even really trained for. I just ran them and they were easy-ish for me usually. Fast forward a few years, I had to scale back/quit running to get pregnant, ran a little when I was pregnant and just started running again in February this year. This race was a big deal to me. It was also my chance to prove to myself I could still do this. This race felt totally different than any others going in.

Race morning my trusty little alarm clock woke up just after 5am to eat, I fed her, laid her in bed with Chad and got ready. I had my normal pre-race breakfast of a PB&J sandwich, a banana, coffee and water. A little after 6am I headed down to the hotel lobby to meet up with friends and make our race to the race.

It was about a 10 minute walk there, we got there, hit the bathroom, snapped some pics and got into our corral. It was self seeding and my friend and I went to the back of corral A. We also ran into Kaella there!

My friend (hi, Heather!) and I decided to run together. I knew for me this was a great idea to keep up my motivation and not allow myself to take it too easy – something I was afraid I would do. I wanted to push myself a bit.

Anyways, the first km’s we got into a groove, then we kept a steady pace of between 5:00-5:30 mins/km for the most part. I have not looked at the break down on my Garmin but from what I saw this is where we stayed. Heather had more of a plan in mind than me when it came to pace so I just made sure to stick with her.

The route was really great, lots of spectators, entertainment and different scenery. Some of the pavement was uneven to run on but nothing too bad. The race was on the road which was nice since there was also plenty of room to get around people etc.

I felt really good between 4 and 14km. Just after that we turned around and were running into the sun which got to me a tad. The heat right on me always is tough for me. Then a few km’s later we got back into some shade and I felt better. At this point mentally I was playing games with myself and had to repeat “one foot in front of another to myself” to keep going. I knew Heather had a goal time in mind (sub 1:50) so she wanted to speed up to make sure she got in under that. She took off in front of me around 18km and I settled into a pace of 5:10 mins/km to finish the race. Then in the last km I realized maybe I wanted a sub 1:50 race too and sped up to 4:40 km/min. I was going all out and felt it! I hit the finish line, grabbed a water and chugged it instantly. I got my medal and realized I did not see my time, my watch read 1:51 and 21.2km.

I found Heather, we made our way through everything, got post race pics done and then went to get some food. The post race food was okay, juice boxes, fruit and chips. Personally I like to see chocolate milk and carbs but that is okay. After that we found Chad and Avery and hung out for awhile outside while catching up with all the others that I knew that ran.

Okay and now for my time…


Not too shabby, I would have loved to pushed through and got sub 1:50 BUT I know I gave this race my everything. I honestly can say I did not have that extra 30 seconds in me! I am so happy with my time and proud of myself.


Pics top left – Me and Heather post race, my medal and race bib, Bottom left – Me pre-race coffee and my official stats!

So, any future races? Of course! I need to run more, so that the races are easier again and I do want to PR in the near future (current PR is 1:47-1:48ish) and I all need to do so is practice and time.

Overall, this was an awesome race for me and a great event! Full weekend recap coming tomorrow Smile