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Foodie Friday

This week we welcomed back the SUN! It also seemed to be the week of appointments


Halloween! In the morning we went to my work and Chad’s work. Avery was over the moon that she got to wear she costume all day! The best photo I got of them together…


After naps we went to the girl’s dayhome then to see my Mom at work since she worked late. We had an early supper then I headed out with the girls while Chad handed candy out. Avery was done after our block but after a quick stop at home I convinced her to do another street. I was so impressed with some of the houses in our area – they went all out!

Once we got home Avery helped hand out candy – she said she liked this more than trick or treating – I agree kid ๐Ÿ˜‰ We only had 60 kids, I thought we would have closer to 100!


I am blogging this day as a day in the life – SAHM edition next week so will skip Tuesday!


Chloe came down with congestion Tuesday night and slept until 8am – Avery too – this never happens! Anyways, it put us at a much later start to our day.

I decided to run on the treadmill and managed 5km before Chloe has enough.


I had promised Avery we would go to the museum so could not pass even though it was after 11am before we left the house. We made a quick trip there and I learnt they have crafts Wednesday mornings too! We will be going for that for sure.

20161102_114346 20161102_142756

After naps we went to our chiropractors appointments then came home and just hung out – I gave Avery the option to go to the park but she chose Playdoh instead.

I sorted through gifts that evening to decide what Avery would get for her birthday versus Christmas and worked on blog posts for next week.


We ran a few errands in the morning which included picking up Avery’s birthday gift from Chad’s Mom at the post office…



Chad took a half day at work so that I could go to a hair appointment, I thought I wanted to stay light for awhile longer but a few weeks ago decided to go back dark:


I came home to the girls napping so once they were up we went for a walk to the park since it was 19 degrees out!

20161103_163147 20161103_155850 20161103_155948 20161103_161416 20161103_163209 20161103_161201

After supper I met up with a friend’s Mom to start baby shower planning – so fun!

Okay meal planning:


Saturday –ย Pizza

Sunday –ย Chicken Pad Thai – Cooking Classy

Monday –ย Crockpot Lasagna – Gimme Some Oven

Tuesday –ย Chunky Lentil and Vegetable Soup – Budget Bytes

Wednesday –ย Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos – Belle of the Kitchen

Thursday – OUT – Avery’s birthday choice!

Friday –ย Asian Chicken Wraps with peanut sauce – Well Plated by Erin

This weekend is pretty quite, party prep, a date night and a girls night out!




Weekend Recap

Happy Halloween! I am a lover of all holidays but now that we have kids they are just that much better ๐Ÿ™‚


It was a quiet day, we had doctor appointment in the morning which went fine, then we ran a couple errands, got coffee and headed home for naps. It fell apart then when neither girl wanted to nap so instead we watched a Halloween movie ย – and took no photos!

Once Chad was home we had an early supper and my Mom, Avery and I headed to the craft sale. We took Avery as a treat and she did awesome! She coned us into a Sky necklace and a toy for Chloe – besides that we did not buy much!


Chloe had her first ever swim lesson and I am ashamed to say it was also her first time in the pool! I am just not brave enough to go alone with both girls yet. She did so good, and was the youngest by far in the class since it goes up to 24 months. The instructor was impressed she had never been in a pool before. Avery on the other hand was not happy she was not swimming too but we explained she has other classes right now so this is for Chloe.

After we went to Costco and got groceries,ย I treated Avery to ice cream since she was still not too happy about not swimming too.

After lunch and a nap for Chloe at home we left to Calgary for the evening to the Halloween event at Heritage Park. We had been years ago before kids and wanted to take Avery back.

Avery picked out her princess costume and requested her hair and makeup done.

Praticing the pricess attitude ๐Ÿ˜‰


20161029_144121 20161029_144132

She was SO proud!

We met my brother and his girlfriend there, had supper then headed to the event.

Chloe loved the paper on the table at supper:


It was a nice evening but still cold after being out for a couple hours. Avery was very brave and even went through a haunted house with us – after she broke into a weird giddy laugh – maybe from shock? or relief?

20161029_183406 20161029_202801 20161029_202201 20161029_202226 20161029_201248 20161029_185808

Around 8:30pm we called it a night and headed home – Avery did come into our room just after going to bed to say she heard a ghost but we reminded her they are pretend and just silly, not scary.


I had hoped Chloe would sleep in but she was up at 6:30am!

My run was 8km on the treadmill:

20161030_081335We ended up going out in the late morning and Avery found this at Winners and had to use birthday money for it. At first I was not for it but we never give her any of the gift money she gets and she is obsessed with Doc McStuffins and being a play doctor,


And we treated ourselves to a joint (and very early) Christmas gift:


It will help with training for our next half, as well Chad and I shared a running watch before. I knew I wanted a rectangle looking one with a wrist heart rate monitor. GPS and that synced to my phone and after looking at options and reviews the Samsung one won!

Later I ran out to pick up a huge surprise for Avery. My dayhome lady messaged me that her daughter would sell us all the Barbie stuff for $50. A remote control Corvette, a bug, Jeep, camper, and a ton of dolls and accessories. Avery asked Santa for a pink Barbie car and a Barbie so I will be giving her some of this for Christmas – do not judge ๐Ÿ˜‰

Chloe is so smiley these days!


It was such a nice day I skipped washing floors and we went for a walk so I could take Avery’s 3 year photos and Chloe’s 7 month ones. Since it was last minute their outfits were not perfect but hey that is life these days so it is perfect ๐Ÿ˜‰


Some teasters:

img_9861 img_9854

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for Halloween, doing laundry, editing photos and blogging.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Foodie Friday

It goes without saying that this week fly by again! This week we saw very little sunshine so I am hoping this weekend it comes back to see us ๐Ÿ™‚


We had a quiet day at home, only going out for a bit to meet a friend and her little girl for lunch. I wish I took some photos of her and Chloe. She is so happy and smiley and adorable! It was great to see them and go out for lunch.

20161024_152639 20161024_152449



How playtime goes these days, Chloe wants everything A has, Avery takes it away, bugs her, Chloe gets mad and repeat ๐Ÿ˜‰

That night after Chloe was in bed we let Avery stay up late and decorated/carved pumpkins.

20161024_191615 20161024_194526 20161024_200544

Best dad ever, did an Ariel pumpkin for Avery!


Yoga playground morning! Avery made a ghost that she was so proud of:


Chloe only napped an hour for her mid-day nap so she got to help me with my DIY project:


And I made her practice her crawling ๐Ÿ˜‰


I went to spin that night and got my butt kicked after not going for a couple weeks. My goal is to go weekly!


My Grandma spent the morning with us, we went to McDonalds for coffee and just visited. Nap time was spent finishing up my DIY (below) and on party prep for Avery’s party.


I made banana bread and this little one cannot even see a banana without losing it so while I baked she got her banana.


I decided to get out for a walk and it was a tad chilly – Avery hates being cold but still will not wear mitts…But we made the best of it.

screenshot_20161026-165249 screenshot_20161026-161426

Chad had a work function so my Mom joined us at Subway for supper once she was off work. Chad got home just in time for bedtime stories and that was our night.


The morning was spent watching Casper, I love that I can now share my favourite things as a kid with Avery, like watching holiday movies! Casper is probably my favourite Halloween movie up there with Practical Magic.

We all had eye appointments late morning and all passed with flying colours, Avery did so good and Chloe too!

I have been aiming to get out for at least one run a week while the weather is still good so after naps we went forย a 6km run.


We had an early supper as soon as Chad was home then headed to a local Halloween event where there was games and crafts for kids.


Onto meal planning…


Saturday – OUT

Sunday – Turkey Tacos

Monday – Grilled cheese & soup – easy for the big night!

Tuesday – Asian Garlic Noodles with shrimp – Damn Delicious

Wednesday – Greek Chicken Salad & garlic toast

Thursday –ย Chicken Noodle Casserole – Life in the Lofthouse

Friday – Chicken fingers & kale salad

This weekend Chloe starts swimming lessons (which I almost forgot about!), we are going to a Halloween event out of town and that is all!


Weekend Recap


We ordered in Chinese food with my Mom and one brother after work, then carved pumpkins:

IMG_6914 IMG_6923

2015 pumpkins, guess which one mine is ๐Ÿ˜‰



We started our first set of the next swim lessons! It went really well, Avery loves the pool and even tolerated the life jacket. After we ran our usual errands and got home much later than usual. We had my brothers come by, and then Chad’s cousin which meant Avery did NOT nap – Gah!

She is obsessed with wearing my shoes around the house:


And lining up her princesses along the fireplace:


I knew getting Avery into her costume would be a fight but it was a huge fight! I got mad and told her no candy, and within a minute she came to me with her costume. Toddlers!

Pre-trick or treating, she was still being a grump:


After one house she was pretty darn happy and loving it, knocking on the doors, saying thank you and everything.

Blurry “on the go” photos:

20151031_182025 20151031_175209

She was so happy with all her candy, we had to limit it to one pack of Smarties and one sucker before bed.


Our first time ever with time change issues (we were so spoiled until now!), A has been up by 6am most days so that meant at 5am with the time change. She outsmarted us by saying sheย had to use the potty at this time, but it was true and she used the potty. Sigh.

We spent the early morning cuddling on the couch and watching a Christmas movie (do not judge!). At 8am I finally decided to start my workout. Good news – running is going better, I just am learning to take walk breaks as needed and not pushing it!

After my workout Avery and I made cookies and did some cleaning. She loves to help me with anything and everything!


Brunch was thrown together at last minute, egg sandwiches:


Avery had a 2 hour nap (WIN!) and then we met my Grandma for coffee. The rest of our day was low key, and we did not do too much!

And then it was bed time… Avery has started to scream at bedtime (for me) a few days a week, since she has always been a great sleeper and never had a problem with going to bed this is new for us. I am baffled! All she wants is for me to lay with her, which I am not willing to do since I don’t want habits created. I am hoping it is just a phase!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



Foodie Friday

Hey everyone! It is Friday, personally I am doing a happy dance for the weekend to be here ๐Ÿ˜‰

This week was good, and I have some photos to share:


Avery came home from dayhome dressed as a ballerina and kept telling me “me pretty, look at tutu”, yup, she’s a girl ๐Ÿ˜‰

On Thursday she was supposed to wear her (tiger) costume to dayhome but hates it so wanted to be a black kitty…this is as good as it gets when I have 20 minutes to come up with something!


I finally got in for a massage this week and am hoping that helps the headaches! Fingers crossed.

Moving on to meal planning…


Saturday – Grilled cheese & soup

Sunday – Thai Peanut Chicken Quinoa Bowls – Iowa Girl Eats

Monday – Chicken & Dumplings – Skinny Ms

Tuesday – 20 Minute Healthy Chicken Burritos – Redefined Mom

Wednesday – OUT

Thursday – Dinner party with friends – menu is still TBA, but thinking lasagna…

Friday – Thai Chicken Pizza

This weekend is Halloween!! I actually love handing candy out and cannot wait to take Avery to a few houses nearby. I thought about doing something that day as well but not sure if we will or not. We also start swimming lessons Saturday morning. Besides that I have party prep to do for Avery’s party next weekend and then just seeing family I have not seen in a few weeks.