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Inside My (Mom) Bag…

A few months ago when I returned to work I was on the hunt for a bag that would easily transition me between work and evenings and weekends at home. No matter whether it is going to work for the day or running weekend errands with the kids I no longer can use a cute little purse.

I happened to meet up with a friend one day and saw her bag and knew it was what I had to have. While it is no longer available it is the Lululemon Yin Time bag in black. This bag is a organization freak’s dream, it has 14 different compartments for everything you might need to carry.

On a work day i am typically bringing a lunch, possibly workout/yoga clothes, my water bottle on top of the usual purse “things” so I need a large enough bag that also has a ton of organization.

Now to see what those “usual purse things” are:

Lip gloss, lip chap, lotion and hand sanitizer because lip gloss instantly makes you feel better (right?!) and the others are just necessities.

Wipes – with kids these are a must! Kid activities, you never know when you might have to wait that 5 extra minutes that in a kid’s life is hours crayons, activity books, a small toy or whatever always comes in handy.

Snacks. I always have a snack or two…or three in my purse and one is always a protein bar. With 30g of protein Premier Protein bars are the perfect snack for me to have handy in my purse at all times. As a busy Mom I do sometimes forget to eat (something I never thought would happen!) so knowing that I can keep my belly happy until I do have a meal is key. Nobody wants a hungry Momma 😉

These bars are also gluten free and come in three flavours:

My favourite is the dark chocolate mint since that combo always wins in my world! These bars are available at Costco stores throughout Canada.

Along with snacks is water, I never go anywhere without my Swell water bottle!


What is in your bag?

Disclosure: I received the Premier protein bars free of charge in exchange for this blog posts and social media shares. However, all thoughts and options are my own.

Why I Yoga

Awhile ago Becky had a post on this and asked others to play along! Though it took me a bit to get this post together that was not because I had a lack of “why”. Yoga has become a bigger part of my life this past couple of years and here is why:

1- Balance. At first this was about finding a balance with running. But after awhile this balance was about my mental/emotional well being. Yoga has taught me to listen to my body and with life getting hectic at times (especially after having Avery!) the time I spend doing yoga really has taught me to tune all the other thoughts or the day out. Right there I am creating a balance for my mental well-being.


2- Strength. I have gained a huge amount of core/upper body strength through yoga! Before I honestly would have never thought I could, but it makes me shake as much if not more as other workouts. Poses can involve every, single muscle!

3- Self Confidence. I do not consider myself athletic in any sense. I am a clumsy person so to be able to get into certain yoga poses that even a few months I would have laughed at if someone asked me to try is a huge confidence boost! It really proves mind over matter.

4 – To stop overthinking. I over think EVERYTHING you guys. So when it comes to yoga I would overthink a pose to the point it would intimidate me or I would not let my body just do its thing. But guess what? When you let go, listen to your body that is when the magic can happen.

This list could honestly go on and on. Yoga has given me so much in the past few months, and that is typically only going to one class a week. It is something I cannot wait to get Avery involved in as she grows up as well!


Finding My “Why”

Motivation is a tricky thing, because everyone’s “why” is different. I have never gave my motivation when it comes to working out too much thought but recently was inspired by ETB Fit to share with my readers more about it.

Instantly I was reminded of my one 21 Day Fix Extreme videos, where she says you have to dig deep and find your “why”, you choose to do this workout so WHY. Every time it gets me. Why I am working out?

Sticking to my goals when it comes to working out means I have a why but I really struggled to figure it out. At the end of the day it was clear to me, I workout for ME. Working out makes me feel good, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It keeps me healthy and strong for my family. That is my why, pretty simple.


But there are many other things that help me out along the way. From eating the right things, to planning the right workouts it all comes together to help me stick to my fitness goals.

When it comes to eating right, I try to eat fairly balanced most of the time and fuel my body with whole foods, healthy fats and protein to sustain my workouts. I do use  protein and have for years for post workout if I am not eating a good meal afterwards. BUT my number one tip when it comes to working out and fuelling your body? WATER WATER WATER.

I am not sure about you guys but if I am dehydrated and go to workout my strength, endurance and even mental well-being is just not there. I aim to drink 3-4L a day.

Planning my workouts (which I have talked about many times!) is also key for me. I plan at the start of each week and include a variety of workouts. This does vary if I am training for something since then I will usually have a 12 week plan. Lately I am loving all the variety in my workouts. From at home workouts (Les Mills Pump, 21 Day Fix Extreme), to yoga, running and other activities as a family I feel as if I have really found my happy place with my workouts and have a lot of fun with them.



Check out ETB Fit for a complete line of nutritional supplements that will support your fitness goals. They have supplements for your every fitness need. I especially like how well organized their site is so you can easily find what you need!  You can also check out ETB Fit for a complete line of nutritional pre-workout supplements that will support your fitness goals.


What is your “why”?

What helps you workout?


Saying So Long to Sugar…

For a bit…

I have been hinting to this post for a couple weeks now so I guess it is time I publish more on the topic. A little background…

First of all, we all have our weakness when it comes to food – mine is sugar, gummy candy, baking, chocolate – I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I like to think everything is okay in moderation, and in the past I have been able to keep my sweet tooth to this principle. However, lately that is not the case. Is it nursing Avery? Is it being home all day as opposed to at work with packed/planned snacks? Is it running? I have bounced all these things around in my head but really it comes down to one thing – I eat too much sugar and something has to change.

I am not doing this to lose weight at all. I am doing this to be healthier, so that I feel better and so I can know I am fuelling my body and Avery with the best possible nutrients. I have been very much a slave to sugar lately, hunger hits and I eat a granola bar, have a muffin, eat fruit, or sweetened Greek yogurt – all sugar laden. The more sugar I eat the more I crave it.

I recently bought the book “I Quit Sugar” in order to read more about a sugar detox, why we crave sugar and how to detox away from it. The book is a great read for anyone wanting to know more about this.  The author, Sarah Wilson, is basically sugar free all the time – a brave lady in my opinion! Something I know I could not do. But I can detox my body away from these constant cravings and hopefully come out of it being able to eat sugar in moderation.

A couple thoughts Sarah shares in the book I want to share before talking more about my plan:

– When we crave sugar, we are really craving fat. This is because fructose turns to fat so if we are not consuming enough fat we crave ways to get it, one of those being sugar/fructose. The idea here eat more (healthy) fats to combat cravings.

– Fruit is to be eliminated during this detox since it contains fructose.

– During the first part of your detox, take note of when you crave sugar, and find ways to avoid eating sugar during those times, for example, she suggests brushing your teeth, having a bath or drinking tea.

– Spices are your best friend, use them!

– Her recommended daily intake of sugar is 6-9 teaspoons, or 24-36 grams, which is not a lot, the protein bars I have been eating have 20 grams!

– Because eating sugar is a habit, it takes time to quit, therefore Sarah recommends doing it over the eight weeks.

There is TONS of more information she goes through but those above are things I want to take into consideration over my detox.

Saying that I will not be doing her 8 week detox. For one, I would need a lot more will power, not be nursing and training for a half marathon since those two things equal none stop hunger. Instead, I am taking her ideas and going to do my best at reducing my sugar intake, and the sugar I do eat will be in the form of fruit, Stevia and a weekly treat.

Some of the major changes for me:

– No flavoured lattes Sad smile Might be the hardest for me…Instead plain lattes with whole milk or coffee and cream.

– No protein bars – WAY too much sugar. I am going to look for recipes to make my own only using a little stevia, or fruit to sweeten it.

– Reduce high fructose fruits – apples, pears, bananas and mangoes are the main ones, I will still eat them but not daily. I will eat berries more since they have lower fructose content. I aim to have 2 servings of fruit a day still.

– Chocolate – urgh, I so do not want to give up dark chocolate since I have a square a day, so I am indifferent on this one right now. I feel the need to detox from this for a bit then add it back in.

– Switching from original almond milk to unsweetened almond milk.

– Switching from flavoured Greek yogurt to 2% plain Greek yogurt.

– Baking will be again in moderation, not daily and only eaten if made with Stevia.

What I will still be eating still:

– Vega protein powder, which is made with Stevia. With training I need this extra protein.

– Fruit – like I explained above.

– Bread – my bread has 0.5 grams of sugar a slice.

– A weekly treat, this will be my incentive to not give in!

As you can see this is not a true detox but I am hoping this will be enough to help my cravings and get me back on track with my sugar intake.

Oh and it will help me not eat all this:


Our Easter haul.

Wish me luck!


Any snack ideas for me?

Anyone else done a sugar detox or similar before?

I did one a few summers ago, very similar to this!

Clean UP Challenge

We are now a couple weeks into January which means the holiday indulgences have come to an end. Some of you may have started new diet plans for the new year but some of you might still be thinking of cleaning up your diet.

Becky and I are here to help! Getting your diet back on track doesn’t have to be extreme. It’s amazing how much better you feel just by cleaning it up a bit. We will be making a point to cut out sugar, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water and include more healthy fats. That’s not so bad! We want you to join our challenge!

From now until February 14, we challenge you to clean up your eats. Link up to use to join in and we will randomly draw a participant to win a prize at the end!

The rules are simple:
1) Eliminate all food with added sugars. Fruit is ok, cookies are not!
2) Eat more fruits and vegetables. Include them with every meal and snack!
3) Include more healthy fats. Avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, etc can easily be added to every meal.
4) Drink more water! Instead of drinking pop, juice, or those delicious lattes, drink an extra glass of water!

Hopefully this little challenge will help to get you back on the healthy eating train and have you feeling better! Good luck!


PS Be back later today with my usual weekend recap 🙂