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Weekend Recap

How is it already Monday, not to mention April this week? I thought last year flew by but this year is going even faster so far. Here is what we were up to this busy weekend, note I barely took out the camera this weekend!


Is it bad that I barely remember Friday? HA. We obviously did not do much… I had a busy work day, then we snuck out early to attend a open house for a company we work with and are friends with the owner. Before we knew it, it was 5:15pm and time to get Avery!


Avery had her last swimming lesson! Chad took her so i could run errands and get groceries since we had to head out to town right after. She passed lessons, of course (I am sure every kid does!) but had a bit of a rough swim that day Chad said.

We came home to have a snack, pack up and head out. The funeral was about 2.5 hours away where Chad’s grandparents and some other family live. The drive went ok, Avery had one meltdown but I had coffee so that semi made up for it Winking smile Oh and Timbits, every road trip needs them.

Avery did okay for about 10 minutes into the service but luckily there was a side room we could sneak into where she could run around and I could still listen in, we managed to take a seat for the video tribute and last few minutes of the service. The day went as good as it could, it was nice to see everyone, even under the circumstances. There were a few laughs during the service which I knew Grandpa would have wanted.

It was a long day, after the service and luncheon we headed to his Grandma’s for a get together and supper. It was one full house, probably 50 people in their little house! We stayed till 8pm before making the drive back home.


Such beautiful views on our drive home!


Avery was up just before 7am, so we got up, had our coffee and baked this chocolate chip bread before working out. Every week I say I am taking my Sunday run outside and then I don’t. As much as I hate the treadmill, it is so easy and fast to run on it!

After our workouts I made blueberry pancakes for brunch, and took blurry photos of them…oops. But they tasted great, Avery ate two!!

Our afternoon was spent at Costco, seeing Chad’s Dad before he headed back south, having both of my brothers over to help with with school stuff, then my Mom came over to watch Avery so me and Chad could have a date night (much needed!) out.

Avery was a tad tired after not getting in her usual naps Saturday, this was taken less than a hour after her morning nap and she was attempting to go back to sleep at the back door:


Playing on Uncle’s laptop:


Our date night was a delicious supper at Heritage Ranch with the most perfect little table and view:




I am happy to say I have a short work week this week and next now! I am ready for an extra long weekend Smile


Weekend Recap

This weekend was full of good food, probably too much but that is just fine with me!


Pizza night! I made flatbread BBQ chicken pizza Smile We had a low key evening – I think I was asleep by 10pm!


We all slept in till 7:45am! Win! Our morning consisted of errands, Costco – where we found too many extras – then a couple other stops. Chad was volunteering in the afternoon so me and Avery spent the time at home playing, she had a nap, I worked on blog posts then we got ready to go swimming:


This girl had a major growth spurt November and December so all her 12 month swimsuits are too small and she is into 18 month old ones! And where did my baby go?! She looks SO grown up here!

This girl loves her stuffed animals:


And walking, some days…


I wanted to get Avery into the pool since it had been a few months since her lessons in October and we start round 3 of lessons in a few weeks. She did great and loves walking in the baby pool –> this is called forced walking since she could not crawl!

After swimming we made a little pit stop…


Like I said too much yummy food…

After supper and Avery’s bedtime we watched Bridesmaids since Popcorn Time (like Netflix) was down before calling it a night.


I think Sundays are my running days, I managed to get in 5 miles in just over 42 minutes, not too bad since I have not been running a ton! I bought a couple new pairs of capris at Costco and they were great for running:


After our workouts we headed to Heritage Ranch to have brunch with my family:


Like always it was SO good. Avery enjoyed it too, she also enjoyed running around, gone are the days where she would sit nicely…sigh.

We came home to finish some chores, start a couple Valentines Day projects and prep for Super Bowl. I made appetizers for the game Smile


I didn’t really watch the game but enjoyed the food, half time show and of course the commercials.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Father’s Day Weekend 2014

First of all, I need to wish all the Dads out there a belated Father’s Day! I think a lot of their hard work and efforts go unnoticed sometimes compared to Moms so hopefully you all got spoiled yesterday Smile

Me and Avery of course spoiled Chad. There was never a doubt in my mind that Chad would be an amazing Dad but he has been by far the best I could imagine. From day one he has always been there to help, even waking in the night, bathing Avery every night (I now have done it 3 times), playing with her, and giving me a break whether I asked for one or not. I can never thank him enough for all he does for his three girls.

This was one of Avery’s gifts for Chad:

FD Project


Not much went on, we went to a rainy Food Truck Friday with my family:


The rest of the day me, Avery and my Mom ran errands and that night we watched The Lego movie at home.


The day started with a Farmer’s Market trip, then we ran a few errands. I had been on a pillow hunt for well, the last few years for our livingroom and bought a few Friday but had to return them all since non went with the colours. I also painted a couple of our livingroom tables from dark brown to off white and teal. They are cheap tables we have had forever so it is fun to mix it up. I found one pillow finally but still need a few more, and of course now want to switch out more things. Once I am all done I will share Smile

In the afternoon Chad and Avery napped since Avery is still getting over her cold and Chad started to get sick now too. I worked in my garden, and finished painting the tables.

After supper we rented a couple movies, got ice cream and popcorn and had a movie night at home. Yeah – our local video rental place now has ice cream – a little too awesome.

And we took ZERO photos.


We both started our day with workouts before getting ready for brunch at Heritage Ranch with our friends.

Brunch was so good as usual and I took no food photos, egg benedict, blueberry pancakes, bison sausage, eggs with cheese, hasbrowns, fruit, SO man desserts, lobster man and cheese just to name a few yummy treats we ate.


Avery enjoyed almost everything too! Here she is pouting that it is all gone Winking smile

We showed Avery the horses there (she did not care at all):


I wanted to take some photos in the afternoon so we did a little photo shoot with Avery and her balls:





In her new chair:




And with us:



After a nap we went for a walk and stopped at the playground, Avery really likes the swing now:


Chad requested an easy supper of tomato soup and grilled cheese:


No clue how we managed to eat MORE food though. But we did.

It was a great weekend, despite us all being sick filled with lots of yummy food, R&R and time enjoying the sun we had.


FIRST Road Trip!

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend Smile It was a busy one for us, but we had a good one!

Backing up to Friday…

After work Chad stopped by our favourite pizza place (Famoso) and grabbed supper to bring home, I had bought wine and cupcakes (Babycakes) the day before so we were all set for a nice Valentine’s supper at home – WAY better than going out on the actual day in my opinion.


Avery went down for her evening nap so we enjoyed supper while she slept Smile If only we ate at 5:30pm every day! Yeah right…

We finished the night watching a movie after Avery went to bed. The perfect night if you ask me.

Saturday – Chad’s grandparents, and one Aunt and Uncle live about 2.5 hours away from us and they had not yet met Avery so being that his Grandpa and Grandpa are in their mid 80’s we figured we should make the trip there. Avery had yet to be on a road trip so we were not sure how she’d do, around town she does not love her seat some days and has been known to scream from one end of town to the other (about 15 minutes).

Well this is not the best photo but this is how it went the whole way there…


She slept! For about 3 hours since we grabbed lunch quickly too.

We spent the afternoon visiting with his grandparents, one cousin and a great Uncle who turns 100 on the 24th – crazy. Chad’s cousin had a baby two days after Avery was born, he is a “little” bigger than Avery…



Here he is compared to Avery:


LOL, yeah Avery is petite…

For supper his Aunt and Uncle joined us at his grandparents. I get along great with his family so it was a good time. Avery loved meeting everyone and especially flirted with Grandpa which was really nice to see him smile a ton Smile Around 8pm we headed out to his cousin’s to spend the night there. I was semi worried since Avery usually has a bedtime routine of feed, bath, bed and at this time is was an hour after feeding and she was getting fussy… Well it was not horrible but she took awhile to settle, but was asleep for good around 9:30pm. We stayed up too late (1:00am) visiting over wine with his cousin and his girlfriend.

Sunday – Our little alarm clock woke us up at 6:50am – a tad early for me since we went to bed much later than usual. But we wanted to head home after her 10am feeding and Chad’s Aunt was hosting brunch so we got up and started to get ready. His Aunt made yummy pancakes for brunch – I certainly did NOT go hungry this weekend – then we headed back into town to say bye to Grandma and Grandpa before heading home.

Oh and his Aunt bought this cute bunny toque for Avery for next winter:


Sick of Avery photos yet?

Once again Avery slept the entire way home, waking up once we pulled up to the house – how do babies do that?

The rest of Sunday was spent going to the mall looking for a long sleeved rash guard top  for Avery (only one I can find is $30 at Gap), getting groceries, having roasted chickpea tacos for supper and helping my Mom figure out some stuff on her laptop. Oh and Avery had a complete meltdown at my Mom’s – lesson learned, do not let her skip her evening power nap. She even refused to eat!

Monday – I started my day off with a 8km run – longest run to date. It felt so good, especially with a little too much food and sweets over the past few days oh and since we were headed out for more food shortly…

We had brunch with my family at Heritage Ranch for Family Day (stat holiday here) and my Grandma’s birthday. Sadly, my one brother had to leave to work and could not join us Sad smile


Great Grandma and Avery.

The food was amazing as usual, bison sausage, blueberry pancakes, eggs florentine benedict, bread pudding, hashbrowns to name a few things Winking smile

Yeah and no photos I ate it all too quick!

We caught up on chores in the afternoon, and I ran out to (once again) search for a rash guard top for Avery since she is too young for sunscreen for our trip. I had searched everywhere and could only find the one piece suits or the tops in 12 months and up. Makes no sense to me to have them for kids 12 months and up since they can wear sunscreen when babies under 6 months cannot but that is just a side rant Winking smile Today I finally thought “what about Babies R Us?” and sure enough I found one for $13! Perfect. There was also a super cute one I loved at Gap but for $30 I could not justify it when she’ll wear it for a couple weeks.

Supper was a super yummy salad, I started to follow a recipe then went and added my own stuff and it turned out awesome. Kale in a red wine vinegar, evoo, agave and lemon juice dressing. Then I cooked chicken in the same dressing, added strawberries, oranges, avocado, red onion and feta. There was supposed to be candied pecans too but I burnt those…


I ended the night finishing this post, paying bills and catching up on laundry. And one last photo just so everyone knows we still have a cat Winking smile Her favorite place to lay, on Chad:



Blogger Supper & Birthday Brunch

Another beautiful September weekend done. With temps in the high 20s (again) I am kind of sad we are not taking advantage of these extra summer days but the heat is zero fun for me right now.

Saturday morning started with a market trip with my Mom and Chad. Only one month left till it is over so I am hoping to make it once more at least.

After me and Chad ran a ton of errands, one big one was clearing off our list at Babies R Us and buying anything we had left to get, you already saw in the Baby K post my favorite purchase. Then there was a quick Target stop, Home Depot, Winners, lunch at Big Bend Market (best sandwiches ever) and groceries.

There was a lady in the line beside us that had a $300 grocery bill! Ack. I guess because there is only two of us and we shop weekly I am used to seeing our bills at $40-60 a week, unless it is Costco. How often do you go to the grocery store?

After we got home I worked in the nursery more, did a few more final touches, Chad put together the stroller and then it was time for me to head to Calgary.


And I finally found my black and brown riding boots! I have been looking for at least a year for a pair that fit good. Usually they are always way too big in the legs. $150 at Winners:


Leigh planned a girls supper in Calgary and I was so happy to be able to go and see Alison, Leigh, Becky (and adorable Liam) and Nicole. Sadly, Jen and Leslie were sick and could not join.

We had a great supper at Earls, and Leigh, Alison and Nicole spoiled Baby K. This little girl is too lucky I tell you.

Some of the goodies:


Alison’s very talented Mom made these hats! Soo cute.


Sunday was an early gym trip since we had brunch reservations at 11am at Heritage Ranch with my family for my birthday. I LOVE brunch and the last time we were at Heritage Ranch for brunch was Mother’s Day 2012.

Like usual everything was so good, which also meant we all ate WAY too much. I also forgot to take any photos. Total fail I know.

Since our anniversary is this week as well my Grandma gave us our gift, a crystal candy dish. Crystal is the modern gift for anniversaries. Very thoughtful of her!

On my way to Calgary on Saturday I got my first ever rock chip Sad smile Luckily is was off to the side but still something we wanted fixed ASAP so it did not spread. $35 and it looks pretty darn good. It was a little spa day for the SUV, she also got a car wash and new wipers.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning, doing laundry, baking granola bars and sweet potato chili – starting some prepping for when baby arrives.

Another crazy week is ahead of me at work so I am excited for it to be a four day work week and then on the weekend we can head to Canmore.


What is your favorite brunch food?

Do you get the traditional anniversary gifts?

My Grandma gives us one every year, paper was the first, linen was the second and crystal was the third.