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Holidays Part II

Our second week of holidays we had some not so nice days, one day it poured all day! In 8 years of going to Phoenix that was only the second day of rain we ever had there. But this allowed us to explore and find fun new things to do. I will do a post later this week on our top to dos in Phoenix! – family friendly of course 🙂

Highlights – our race (recap here), a weekend visit with my friend Priscilla, a zoo trip and Legoland!

It was a great two weeks with very little to do, we made plans on the go, and were rarely rushing around. I have always loved Phoenix and never get sick of visiting there!



I will leave this post to mainly a photo update but we are enjoying the sun in Arizona 🙂 Our days have been filled with the pool, runs, walks, margaritas and of course too many Target trips 😉

Be back next week with our race recap from the weekend!


Sun & Sand – Maui Update


We are currently enjoying the sun and sand in Maui…oh and the humidity – which is killer. I wanted to pop in and give a quick trip update!

About what I think of the humidity…


We arrived here late Monday night after a LONG day of travel. Our plane in San Francisco ended up delayed so the 1.5 hour lay over turned into 4 hours and then we sat on the plane not moving for another 2 hours… and then our flight was 5 hours. Avery was trying at time but who can blame her!

Tuesday we spent the day exploring. Our condo in Kihei is the perfect location, we are right across from a beautiful beach with ocean views from our deck. The only downside to the beach is that it is not swimming friendly for Avery or me for that matter with quite a few waves.

20150915_071504 20150915_072249

We also checked out “Big Beach” which was super windy at the time so just took some photos:

IMG_6603 IMG_6607

Wednesday morning we spent some time at the beach and then we headed out of town to the Surfing Goat Dairy Farm, Avery loves goats so we thought it was fitting. It was a pretty cool tour, and we got to sample their amazing goat cheese and truffles!



IMG_6595 20150916_140856 IMG_6637

Later that day we had the BEST fish and chips ever, at a place called Maui Fish and Chips in Kihei.


Wednesday must have been an eating day since we also had our first shaved ice!


We manged to catch the perfect sunset that night after supper:

20150916_181725 20150916_181857

Thursday morning we took our time and hung around Kihei and then after Avery had her nap we left to the  Maui Ocean Centre. A must do! It was the best aquarium I have been to!

IMG_6657 IMG_6663 IMG_6654


Avery LOVED it here as well. Which was nice since she has been out of sorts a bit not being at home in her routine.

We decided to venture further north after the aquarium and ended up in Llhaina at Whaler’s Village. I loved this area! It was a ocean front street filled with shops.


We spent some time shopping, and then decided to have supper there as well, this was our view:


I have to say I have been very impressed with all the food, service and prices here so far as well!

With the time change we have all been up early and going to bed late, oh and I caught a cold! Gah. Today we are heading out to find some new and hopefully calmer beaches!


Holiday Recap

I’m back!! We all feel rested after a week long stay in BC, though happy to be home. I took way too many photos & feel there’s so much to share with you all!

We planned this trip to go see Chad’s Mom who moved a year and a half ago out to Pentiction, BC and then the stars aligned I also joined my yoga studio on a 2 day wine & unwind retreat. The drive is just around 9 hours but with a toddler it took us just over 10 (that’s a whole other post!).

Our week was fairly low key, we spent afternoons by the pool, rented a boat on Canada Day, watched fireworks, did a little shopping and checked out a few different towns.

We had a little scare on Canada Day when Avery fell off a lounger chair backwards and hit her head on the brick patio. The fall was short, under a foot, but I took her into emergency to be on safe side. It was a very fast trip, she checked out fine and they told me to watch her for a day or so. She had no concussion symptoms and not even a bump! We feel very lucky with our little monkey!

Now I’ll let the photos do the talking:

Family selfie on route:


Chad’s Mom house:


Our first day there is rained a bit and Chad and Avery played in the rain, she was not a fan!

chad and avery rain


Avery LOVED their “kitty cat”, finally a cat she can pet, and kiss, and carry…and hug… poor kitty!


We spent a day at the beach in Pentiction, Avery loved throwing sand at Chad…toddlers.

chad and Avery beach me and A beach 20150630_105309

My little beach bum!

On Canada Day we rented a boat and spent the day cruising the Okanagan lake. It was a tad rough and windy to start out but got better, it was SO hot, 38 degrees!

IMG_6099 me and A boat

A windy boat Avery boat

chad ski

Our best attempts at a family photo on Canada Day:

IMG_6145 Canada Day fam 1

Chilling by the pool with cold treats (this is the chair she fell off of):

chad and A on lounger

With me in the pool:


On a walk to a nearby “lake”:

20150702_101811 20150702_101053

Avery had a blast just running free in the yard checking out everything, and all the wildlife (deer and birds):

avery tree

It was a very relaxing trip, especially since at their house I had no cell service (haha) and I’m happy we got to visit with Chad’s mom & step dad for the week since we hadn’t seen them since the fall. Avery was pretty awesome on the trip, even though it meant long hours in the car, missed naps and hot, hot weather, we were so proud of her!

Next up, my yoga retreat weekend!


Island Holiday Recap

This is going to be a long post, so at least I warned you all…

After a week on the (Vancouver) Island we are home, the trip was pretty darn good, even better than expected. Chad’s step-sister was getting married in Comox which was the initial reason the trip and from there we decided to tack on a few extra days since we were already flying out there. We spent 3 nights in Comox at the golf resort where the wedding was and another 3 nights in downtown Victoria.

I never know how to do trip recaps, I honestly wrote out a typical recap and then re-did the entire post! It was too long and well boring Winking smile I think this way is much better…

Sights Seen:

Ocean views GALORE! Guys, I was in LOVE.

From Beacon Hill Park in Victoria:


Not a view, but Avery’s first time in the ocean!



From behind the aquarium in Sidney:




From by Spinnakers of the Victoria harbour:


Fisherman’s Wharf in Victoria – a must see! So adorable and unique. People live in these little houses! And there were seals that popped up and down in the water Smile


Buchart Gardens. I am not a huge fan of flowers really but was told to go here so we did, it was really pretty, we both enjoyed it and it was much more than flowers:






Our family holiday selfie!


Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre. The aquarium was small, but still lots of fun to see local sea “creatures”, Avery enjoyed it a lot more than we thought she would, plus the views outside of it are picture perfect.




Comox Valley Farmers Market. The best market we have been to, so many great vendors and the vibe was just very chill, I felt like I could stay there all day. The had a band playing and it just added to the whole atmosphere.

Mini Golf in Parksville, Avery had a blast! She inherited our love for the game Winking smile


Best Eats – this was tough, the food was all so good.

Ill Terrazzo in downtown Victoria. Nicole recommended this restaurant and we loved it. Such great Italian food.


Thanks Nicole!

Habit Coffee in Victoria. We found this gem just down from our hotel and went back a couple times. Perfect lattes Smile

The Sidney bakery (?), I think that was its name, regardless if you are in Sidney get there! You will want to eat it all. I had a massive ginger cookie that was the best cookie of my life.

Spinnakers, the view of the harbour was a perfect supper setting, the food was great and they had local craft beers which made Chad more than happy.

Not the best photos but this girl was so happy during supper out, she loved all the attention she got from strangers at restaurants…



hot chocolates in Comox, so many chocolates! And some of the best gelato we have had.


Best AccommodationSwans Hotel, Victoria

I cannot recommend this place enough, a good price, great location, that is walking distance to everything, a brew pub that has local craft beers, great food and it reasonably priced and awesome staff. We had a loft room which was perfect for travelling with an infant since they can go to bed at their usual time and you are not stuck sitting in a dark room (we swear by this now and had a suite in Comox too).


I saved the best for last, the wedding!

It was all held at the Crown Isle (also where we stayed), which is a beautiful golf resort. The ceremony was outside at a gazebo. The bride (sister-in-law) was stunning, loved her dress!



It was a later ceremony so after family photos I quickly fed Avery in the room before we went to the reception. Sorry, I have no photos of us together but when I get some (others took) I will share Smile

I will share the one I have, where I look like a fool trying to get Avery to smile and she was being a bugger:


Avery was a trooper for the reception, she was a tad cranky around supper (her usual bedtime) so we took turns walking her around the lobby where she was extremely pleased with all the attention she got. Let me tell you this kid is a ham and people love her, she is always waving at people and reaching out with her hands when they talk to her. Yeah – I have that kid…

We decided to try and push her to the first dance and then this happened in Chad’s arms:


She slept for over an hour in her Grandpa’s arms then Grandma took her so we could dance a bit. We called it a night around 11pm – way later than we thought we’d be able to stay up!

We had such a great holiday, on our walk back to the hotel from supper Wednesday we said we’d move there in a heartbeat if it was not for all our loved ones here. Such a beautiful city!

We were up and early yesterday morning for our trip back, and guess who we ran into at the airport, Tawnya and her family! Such a small world, I cannot wait to see them all again in a few weeks.

We had a great flight home and Avery slept the entire flight, every Mom’s hopes Smile

And that is our week on the island!

Also, there will be a Foodie Friday post later today AND I will announce the winners from the giveaway.