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Holiday Gift Guide for Her (& Giveaways!)

With just over a month till Santa arrives I wanted to share some awesome gift ideas that just happen to be local companies that I LOVE and to make it even better I have a couple giveaways too Smile

Poppy Barley. I do not know a girl that would not love this footwear.. Based out of Edmonton they sell ethnically made custom footwear.

Just look at their Foxhunt boots:

foxhunt boot

They sell e-Gift cards which is a perfect gift idea since you will need to do all your foot measurements for these beauties. (You can read more about my Poppy Barley Pop Up Shop experience here.)

Modern B Boutique. What girl does not love jewels?! Modern B sells (very) affordable fashion jewellery for every taste. From statement necklaces to watches there is something for everyone. I am currently eyeing up the Abrielle necklace.


Not only are all the pieces very affordable but shipping is FREE in Alberta! Because we all deserve to treat ourselves Modern B is offering all my readers 15% of their purchases until November 27th, I also guarantee any girl would love to find these pieces under the tree! Use the code arunningtale at checkout to get this discount.

Urban Cowgirl Infinity Scarves. To keep warm this winter while looking fashionable infinity scarves are a must have. Ever since discovering this shop I have been in love and had to practice restraint many times. I already have three of their scarves (and one more on the way!), and Avery also has a scarf. All their fabrics are extremely soft and great quality.

I just ordered the Buffalo Plaid scarf and am patiently awaiting it:


SO perfect for the holiday season!

Barefoot Venus sells a variety of bath and body products. I have come across these products a few times now and every time I grab a new product/scent. My current favourite is the gingerly line. The lotions are not greasy and very hydrating, which is a necessity in this cold, dry weather. If you need something more heavy duty they also carry instant hand repair. Or if you are like me and LOVE your baths they carry a ton of bath products. I already know I have a few of their products coming in my stocking (thanks Mom)!

Now for the EXCITING part, both Modern B Boutique and Urban Cowgirl are giving away goodies for you guys! There will be TWO separate giveaways, and you must leave a comment for each entry.

Modern B Boutique is giving away a $25 store credit! To enter visit their website and leave a comment telling my your favourite piece. For an extra entry follow them on Instagram and leave me a comment telling me you did so (and your IG name).

Urban Cowgirl is giving away one Glasgow Plaid Infinity Scarf! To enter visit their website and leave me a comment telling me your favourite scarf. For an extra entry, like them on Facebook and leave me a comment saying you did so.

Both contests will close Tuesday, November 25th at 7pm MST and I will announce winners the next day.

Again, separate comments for each entry please, so you could have up to 4 comments.


A Little Party

So last night I had a little party, and get this forgot to take photos. What the heck?! So instead I thought I would share with you my favorite products from each of the companies. The party had products from three companies, Stella and Dot, Epicure and Mary Kay.

Let’s start with Stella and Dot and their holiday line.

I love rose gold and this bracelet for only $36 is simple and would look great layered or on its own:


I have these earnings and love them, the gold sparkle in them just gives them that extra sparkle.


While I do not wear any other rings beside my wedding rings and a birthstone ring I do love these stackable rings:


I have talked many times before about Epicure on here and why I love their products, so have to share my favorite products with you. I use Epicure products daily and here are my most used ones:

Chili Garlic Sea Salt – I love this salt, and you only need a little for a huge punch of flavor! And on popcorn its awesome!

Chili Seasoning – I use this in many things, not just chili, soups, stews, as a replacement if I run out of taco seasoning or if I want a milder seasoning.

Guacamole Dip Mix – One avocado, some chopped tomato and purple onion and you have perfect guacamole!

Red Pepper Jelly – Love this with some Havarti cheese, and crackers for a perfect appy!

And last but not least, Mary Kay. My Mom has always loved their products and recently started selling them, so while I have not tried much yet here is what is on my order list:

Timewise Complexion Perfect Skin Care Set – So being that I am getting perfect close to 30 I guess it is never to late to start using anti-aging products. I have ordered this set and hope to give it a full review after a couple months use!

Lash Primer – This promises to add volume to my lashes so I am ready to give it a try! I don’t have the longest eyelashes and am jealous of those who do so maybe this can help me out in that department 😉

Tomorrow I am off to a marketing conference out of town so hopefully I will have some stuff to share with you on that topic tomorrow for any marketing nerds out there! And after two days off from any workouts I am hoping I can squeeze in a workout tomorrow too.


Any favorite products you have from Epicure, Stella and Dot or Mary Kay?






Foodie Friday

I hope everyone’s Friday is off to a great start. Despite my morning dentist appointment and a half frozen face, mine is going great. Why? Because the sun is out! And being at home, tackling my to-do list so I can enjoy the next two days doesn’t hurt either.

This morning I woke up just after 6am, and decided to relax for a bit by taking a bubble bath and reading more Gossip Girl. After half a banana and vanilla ginger energy ball, I headed to the gym. I did a easy 30 minutes on the elliptical – 10 minutes on level 6, then 10 on level 8, and another 10 on level 6. Enough to make me sweat. Then I did the typical lower body workout, but today I tried a new machine – something that usually intimidates me – the Smith machine. I have no idea why I felt that way about it, but after today I think I will use it more for squats.

I prepped breakfast last night so that I could save time this morning – raw buckwheat porridge from Oh She Glows.  After a quick taste last night I was not too sure about it, it had quite the chalky texture but I decided to let it chill overnight and still try it this morning. Well, I am not sure if it was the toppings or what but it tastes WAY better this morning. I topped it with Greek yogurt, peanut butter, granola, half a banana and strawberries. While eating breaky I caught up on some blog reading and was enjoying a low key morning until I realized I had 20 minutes before I had to leave to my appointment! Oops.

My appointment went just fine, I think I might have a tad more pain this time (last time there was none) but nothing ice cream and Motrin can’t fix 😉

I just finished next week’s meal plan, we are super busy next week so you will see a lot more easy meals on the agenda.

Saturday – Grilled chicken burgers with avocado & grilled veggies – both on the BBQ!

Sunday – Quinoa Chipotle bowl

Monday – Grilled cheese sandwiches (with pesto, spinach and tomato) & salad

Tuesday – Work event, nothing planned…

Wednesday – Chicken with roasted asparagus and sundried tomato (from Fitnessista) with Israeli couscous

Thursday – Grilled tuna wraps & a super exciting event… stay tuned!

Friday – Pesto pasta with roasted tomatoes and spinach

I had a request to share the bread recipe from last week, so here it is. It is from a recipe book called 300 best Canadian bread machine recipes.

Whole Wheat Flaxseed Bread

One loaf (we got about 12 slices from it)

1.25 cups water

1/4 cup skim milk powder

1.25t salt

1T brown sugar

2T extra virgin olive oil

3 cups whole wheat flour

1/2 cup flaxseed (not ground)

1t instant yeast

We have a Black and Decker bread machine and after Googling the order of ingredients it said wet first, then dry and yeast last. So I followed that and it seemed to work fine. Also, make sure to use the whole wheat cycle on your bread machine.

Since Chad wasn’t home this morning to take my outfit photo, I am just going to highlight my new jewellery from Stella & Dot:



Carrie Bangles and the Adina Necklace. LOVE both pieces. I

I bought a few pieces from their new Summer line and as I wear them will make sure to share them with you 🙂

Other plans for today – empty dishwasher, prep a couple blog posts, get supper prepped, go for a walk, and as long as I feel up for it – going to a movie tonight.


What is your favorite type of jewellery, rings, earnings, necklaces…?

Earnings for sure!

DIY Jewelry Holder

As promised here is the DIY project I made on Sunday!

I first saw this idea on Pinterest and knew right away it had to be made, a Shadow Box Jewelery Holder. As someone who is often frustrated digging through my current jewelery box to find matching earnings or untangling necklaces I knew this would solve a few frustrations.

First thing, first – the supplies:

– A shadow box frame – In my case I cheaped out and bought deep picture frames from Wal-Mart for $5
– 3/4″ hooks

– Scrapbooking paper

– Glue stick
– Drill
– And in my case, spray paint


If you are like me and cheap out – your first step would be to spray paint the frames and/or hooks the color you want them.

Please note that yes, I did get paint all over the deck – and Chad is making me sand it off 🙁 This is not the first time this has happened, we mysteriously have brown and red paint spots on the deck as well…

1- Take apart the frame and measure the back of your frame so that you know what size to cut your paper. Cut the paper to this size and use a glue stick to glue it onto the frame back.

2- Decide the placement of your hooks – you can use a ruler to do this if you want to be accurate and make sure the hooks are evenly spaced. Use the end of the hook to mark where you want the holes. Make sure to think of what type of jewelry you are using the holder for – necklaces, bracelets, earnings as that will help you decided where you want the hooks to be.

3- Using a drill (I used the second smallest attachment) drill into the marked spots.

4- Take your hooks and screws them into the drilled holes.

5- Reassemble your frame (without the glass) and VOILA, you have yourself a Jewelery Holder.

I made two, and I am very happy with how they turned out. I still want to make one more using a larger shadow box so that my longer necklaces can fit in it. But the above ones work great for shorter necklaces, earnings and bracelets.

I also liked using frames that had the options of being a stand alone frame or one you hang on the wall. I had Chad hang mine in our walk in closet on the wall.

How do you organize your jewelry? 
Before I used an old tea box that had separate compartments, which I thought was smart but like I said I could never never find matching earnings and my necklaces were always tangled so this is a much better solutions for me!