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It has been awhile since I did a :currently” post so here we go :

Currently Reading

The Astronaut Wives Club, it is my book club book and I have to get moving on it since book club is next week. In my defense I just got it this week but so far I like it!

Currently Drinking

I never thought I would say this one but – Kombucha. I have tried some grocery store brands and was never a fan but our local Wild Brew is so good!

Currently Excited for:

Planting my garden! I missed it a lot last summer and at the end of last summer I had two raised beds built so now I need to get moving so I can plant this weekend. Avery is equally excited to tackle this project with me so we are going to have a fun summer with it.

We started our strawberries on the deck already:

Currently Obsessed with:

It is a tie here, Younique Detoxifying Mask and Lash Food. I just started using the mask but really like it so far and the eyelash enhancer is ah-amazing. I have naturally thick lashes but they are pretty darn short. In just over a month they are noticeably longer and results are over 16 weeks so I am thinking I will get great results.

Currently Wearing

This tank from The Lucky Pineapple. I mean how perfect?! I picked this up at a market a couple weeks ago after eyeing it up on Instagram for a very long time.

Photo credit: Avery

Currently Eating

All the Larabars. Enough said.


What are you currently excited for?