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Foodie Friday

Happy Friday! This week has been interesting. Lets back up to Monday. I decided to be productive and after a lovely yoga in the park session I started to paint our front door. Like anything it is never as quick as I think it will be but more on that later in a DIY post. Sneak peek:


Tuesday I wanted to finish said door BUT Mother Nature had much bigger plans. Storms do not scare me but after seeing a lot of hype on social media with scary hail I went on watch. Around 8pm I was on my deck taking these photos:


When everything went really calm and the sun came out. I thought the storm passed over us when a weird noise started. It was a high pitched whistling that Chad could hear even in the basement. But no wind and no train. I went into our basement to tell Chad and by the time I was back into the kitchen there was golf ball sized hail nailing the house. It sounded like someone was throwing baseballs at our house. I watched as our cars were both pounded L After about 10 minutes it stopped and I went out to grab some of the hail.


Our cars did not fare well. But that is why we have insurance and they are 110% driveable. Our house has only minor damage we think and again if needed we have insurance. Others had their vehicles and houses smashed WAY worse. So we are thankful.

You can see some damage here, there are these dents all over our vehicles.


That night we had another wicked storm that came through with the loudest thunder I have ever heard! And Avery? Slept through it ALL.

So that was our weekly excitement. Not much else to report this week, more door painting, and more rain.

Onto the meal plan, next week we are on a little staycation so I have more time to cook – woot woot!

foodie friday

Saturday – Mexican Three Bean Salad & chicken smokies – Belle of the Kitchen

Sunday – Out, my Mom’s birthday supper

Monday – Thai Crunchy Chicken Lettuce Wraps (we will sub out the regular wraps) – Tastes better from Scratch

Tuesday – Chicken Pesto Pasta – source – Current favourtie in our house!

Wednesday – Sweet Potato Black Bean Quinoa Bowls – Recipe Runner

Thursday – Edamame Quinoa Salad with grilled cheese – The Girl Who Ate Everything

Friday – Pizza night!

This weekend will kick off our staycation! Tomorrow I have a 10km race and there is a local parade at the same time so we will probably spend time around there. Sunday we have my Mom’s birthday supper and very little plans besides that. With the weather these days I have no idea what to expect so am playing it day by day.


Clean Eating Update

We finished our two weeks of clean eating a few days ago now so I thought I would share ore of what changes we made. The changes for us were fairly simple and not that much different. But at the same time they had a huge difference in many ways. Here is what we tried to stick to:

Avoid processed foods, and white flour/sugar. Since processed foods typically mean higher sodium, sugar and trans fat contents we tried to avoid these are much as possible. We still allowed treats with these ingredients but those were limited and ate more mindfully.

Shop the perimeter. This is something we typically do, but stuck with it even more during these two weeks. Helps to avoid temptations!

Add more veggies! My goal was to eat as much as I could every day. Salads for lunch or a large bag of raw veggies, then 3-5 veggies with supper. I find that it is much easier for us to eat more during the summer months so this was pretty easy.

Limit your alcohol. Or avoid it all together. Chad had some beers still but I had no drinks for two weeks. I have not been a huge drinker but the last 18 months I have drank more (haha). It helped that I was on medication and could not drink for part of the time!

Drink more water. This was something I challenged Chad to do more than myself. It can be such a small change with many benefits!

Limiting eating out. Eating out usually means processed foods or uncertainty of the ingredients so we tried to stay clear of eating out as much as possible. Bonus – it also saved money!

Those are the main changes we made for the past two weeks. We were not perfect, Blizzards were had, iced coffees and probably too much dark chocolate. The point of this was not perfection but to get us eating more whole food more mindfully and I think we accomplished that.


Weekend Recap

Sorry this post is late, I have had blog issues. Bare with me over the next bit until this is all sorted! If you follow me on Blog Lovin’ you might have to update your feed, since there are two and one is broken.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and spoiled the Dad in their life. We did the best to spoil ours. To be honest it is a different thing for me to celebrate the occasion the last couple of years since before I had not in a long time.


At work we had our annual BBQ, luckily the storm held out and it started raining just as we were packing it in. It also made the day fly by!

Not sure what we did Friday night now, my memory is so bad some days!


Since we cannot make it to the market the next two weekends we wanted to head down there so made our way down before 9am. Afterwards, we ran our usual errands

Our afternoon plan was to head out to a nearby town for their summer fun fest and to visit our friends that live there. Not only did Avery have a blast with the two boys (one older, one younger than her) she LOVED the petting zoo!




We were at a playground when a storm came in pretty fast and had to seek shelter while our friend ran home to get his truck. We went to their house where the kids wore themselves out running up and down the hallway.

Our evening was spent going to the park, doing a few small things around the house, making cake pops for Chad (his Father’s Day request) and planning the hallway gallery wall I am attempting to do.


Oh and I have to share our supper, which was one of my favourite recipes lately!



We all slept in until after 7am (yes, that is a sleep in for us!) and took our time relaxing for getting in our workouts. With Avery going to one nap on weekends now too it is a different schedule to get used to and we spend more time keeping her entertained since she does get a tad grumpy late morning but we keep her up until she has had an early lunch.


She helped me finish Chad’s cake pops (no photo, they tasted great but were not pretty with a toddler helping!), then we made Chad blueberry waffles for brunch.



For Father’s Day Chad did not want a lot, and since it was just his birthday we had to be creative and made him a card with “coupons”, then dayhome made him an awesome mug!


After a nap, we headed to my Mom’s to visit, then back home to get ready for supper. Chad’s Dad and Step-Mom joined us for a BBQ. Avery loved all the attention, and despite being tired behaved really well.

Not going to lie, this one nap this has me nervous, I know charts say 18 months is about the time kids go to one nap but I still am on the fence and think she needs more. I am a huge sleep advocate and never want her short on sleep since it is how the grow and develop! Anyways, it is what it is and we will make the best of it. Holidays next week will hopefully play out okay, and one nap does give us a lot more flexibility.



A little “currently” update on life right now:


Reading Mosquitoland. It is our book club book this month and so far it is just okay. I like the story but not so much the writing, it is hard for me to follow and I lose interest easily.


I am also reading this book:


My Mom found it for $1 and it is awesome. I loved the baby version and this is giving me a lot of great toddler “tips”!

Listening to – I mainly listen to the radio and love the song “Cheerleader”, on the flip side I am not listening to Maroon 5’s song, “This Summer’s Going to Hurt Like a…” – cannot stand it! I also listen to Songza at work and love the “soft pop” playlist.

Eating –  ALL the fruits and veggies! Since we are in the middle of a two week clean eating binge we have pretty much eliminated sugars, some carbs and are sticking to whole foods.

Guilty Pleasure – Of course there has to be come kind of saving grace with our little challenge, so I am having a piece of dark chocolate most days:


Watching – Nothing, can you believe it? I cannot. BUT Big Brother starts on the 24th!

Current (toe) Nail Colour – Bright pink , which screams summer to me!


Drink – Going also with the clean eating thing, ALL the water. I add lemon juice and a bit of Stevia if I get really sick of plain ol’ water.

Excited for – Holidays! We are going to see Chad’s Mom in southern BC this month AND I am going on a 3 day yoga retreat nearby. I cannot wait!

Wanting – I have been on a hunt for brighter summer bag, but had no luck. I really do not even know where to look, I want to keep it affordable since chances are it will be a one season type of bag. Suggestions?

Work Out – I am back doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme (with some running) for the next few weeks. I LOVE this program, the workouts are fast and dirty and make you work! Even better news? They are on sale this month, and my girl, Alison can hook you up (she has details in that link).


Wearing – A lot of dresses. I have way too many summer dresses, still over 20 probably after my huge purge. Anyways, here are some current favs:




What are you currently…Excited for? Wanting?

Foodie Friday

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a good week. We FINALLY got some rain and even a good thunderstorm. Anyone else love summer storms? I do!

This week…Monday we spoiled Miss.A and got her a “bike”, if you follow me on Instagram you saw this already:

avery on bike

We looked at a few options for her lately but nothing really was looking like it would work until we saw this. It was not cheap but it also coverts into a small scooter and a larger one so in theory it should be usable for a few more years at least. Her short little legs can reach the ground, it is stable, not too heavy and she does not have to pedal. Perfection!

Tuesday I had my dental surgery. A few years ago I had a tooth pulled due to an incident, then between being pregnant & maternity leave I put off having it replaced. The procedure takes a few months but the first part (putting in the implant) is now done. If anyone has had this done you will know it is not a fun procedure! Luckily I had almost no pain after the freezing was out and have not had to take pain medication.

Wednesday and Thursday was low key, we had a couple storms in the evenings so did not do much. I ran on the treadmill last night with NO foot pain! Thank goodness for chiropractors, I went Monday to find out my ankle was badly out, causing all my foot pain. Geesh.

I may have placed another Old Navy order…Avery’s new shirt, this suits her perfectly!

messy hair

Chad and I were talking the other day and decided to really put some effort into eating very well the nest couple of weeks. We both agreed we do eat well for our meals but our snacks, drinking and treats are getting a tad out of control some days. We figure if we start by a two week commitment we can kick start some better habits for summer.

You will see this in the below meal plan, lots of veggies, no processed foods, lean protein, limited carbs (only whole grains), and limited cheese. Other “rules”: no liquor, no cookies, muffins, cake etc, no cereal (Chad!), reduced sugar intake. We will allow ourselves a cheat each week as well.

foodie friday

Here is week one of suppers for our clean eating challenge:

Saturday – Black Bean Mexican Soup – Eat Clean cookbook

Sunday – Coconut Chickpea Sweet Potato & Chickpea Stew – one ingredient chef

Monday – Roasted Balsamic Veggies with Chicken Kabobs

Tuesday – Citrus Chicken Quinoa Salad – Sally’s Baking Addiction

Wednesday – Kale & Edamame Salad and grilled lemon garlic sole

Thursday – Turkey bugers (no bun) with Chopped Greek Chickpea Salad – the garden grazer

Friday – Shrimp, Artichoke, Feta Pasta (brown rice pasta) – food n’ focus

Wish us luck! Or even better, join us Smile I will be posting more meal ideas and progress etc as well.

Not too much on the go this weekend, a birthday party, visiting my Grandma and hopefully tackling a couple DIY projects.