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Bad Blogger

So who read this post the other night? Yeah I totally forgot the PHOTOS. Frick. You can tell where my brain is this week… not here. Its been a crazy busy week, trying to wrap up work stuff before we leave and with Christmas functions. I have barely read any blogs this week, been basically MIA on Twitter and been crashing by 9pm. A crazy life I lead these days. But in t-minus 2 days I will be NYC. Sorry I had to say it one last time.

Borrowing Leigh’s idea I am going with Three Things Thursday today. Ready?


Three things I have ate this week:

1- Dove Sea Salt Caramel Chocolates from a VERY lovely friend

2- My favorite holiday tea, Candy Cane!

3- Some yummy fajitas for supper tonight:



Three exciting things that happened this week:

1- We got tickets to the Letterman Show next week. For those of you wondering, we are there Tuesday and on Live with Kelly and Michael Wednesday 🙂

2- I went to the FP Reach Conference and the keynote speaker rocked, Gary Vaynerchuk. If you are at all into marketing check him out and follow him on Twitter.

3- It has not happened yet but will tomorrow – our staff Christmas potluck lunch and office decorating day. Easily a favorite day of the year for me!


Three workouts that happened this week:

1- A 5km treadmill walk

2- A 6km treadmill walk/run – 20 minutes of running!! I am slowly getting it back 🙂

3- Number #3 has not happened yet…. like I said crazy week.


Three things I have to do before we leave – FYI there are way more than 3!

1- Get US cash.

2- Bake and send my cookies Great Food Blogger cookie swap.

3- Prep blog posts for while I am gone.


What is one exciting thing that happened this week for you?

30 days


30 days

How did this happen? I still stare at my Christmas tree every night wondering where time has gone.

We had a great weekend over here, some work, some play and even some couch time 🙂

Friday, my Mom, Chad and I went to the Taste of Red Deer dessert night, which was fun. It was less busy this year so that made us all happy. But sadly not one of the desserts I had stuck out, they were all just okay. Afterwards, we checked out the decorated trees. This was was pretty original, upside down to look like a chandelier.


One year I will buy one of the trees!

Yesterday morning my Mom and I hit up Old Navy for their sale, I bought these jeans, I am thinking they will be cute this month for the holiday season. I kept to a budget seeing as I need to save my shopping money for NYC. Next we went to Bulk Barn, which just opened here… oh my, I think I have a new favorite store! And such good prices!

In the afternoon me and Chad ran our errands before heading to Calgary. Chad decided last minute to go to a friend’s 30th birthday party there since I was already heading to Leigh’s for the Blogger Meet-up. I was VERY proud of myself, I navigated myself from downtown to Leigh’s, then back downtown to pick up Chad.

The meet-up was so fun, I love seeing my blog friends and meeting new ones. And like last meet-up, Leigh did a great job organizing it. We even did a Chinese gift exchange and I got this sign and a candy cane dish.


Thank you Leigh for hosting again!

This morning we went to the gym, we had not been since last Wednesday… eek! I opted for a 5km treadmill walk and some stretches to keep it easy. I thought I might run a bit but then go into reading my magazine and forgot.

For brunch I made french toast:


I always go back and forth on what I like more…french toast or pancakes… I think it is a tie for me. But for french toast you need to have the perfect thick bread, and today I did not have that. It was still yummy though!

This afternoon I made cookies while Chad geared up to watch Grey Cup. I may have had one too many cookies this weekend and need to detox a bit this week 😉 Tis’ the season, right?!

For supper we had Cheesy Chicken Quinoa soup, I followed Iowa Girl Eats recipe but swapped out rice for quinoa. Really yummy soup!

And my exciting news for the weekend… look what came in the mail today!

kelly conf

SO excited. I have wanted to go and see Kelly forever!

Now we (being Chad) are watching the Grey Cup while I prep a few blog posts for next week!


French toast or pancakes?

Have you ever been to Bulk Barn?

Victoria Day Happenings

I love long weekends! The extra allows for one more day of fun 🙂 It is rare that May long weekend here is great weather but this weekend was pretty darn nice.

Monday morning I woke up about 6:30am, usually I would have gone back to sleep but I had gone to bed about 10:30pm Sunday so that was my 8 hours and I got out of bed. The first couple hours I spent relaxing, reading my book (The Fame Game by Lauren Conrad), reading blogs, and prepping stuff for brunch.

Once Chad was up we headed to the gym since we missed our Sunday workout. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical. I pretty much have the same elliptical routine: 10 minutes at level 6, 1 minute at level 8, 1 minute at level 10 (repeat for 10 minutes), and another 10 minutes at level 6. It never seems to leave me not sweating so I have keep the routine. Next was upper body, which was this one but I swapped out the tricep dips for tricep extensions and added in side crunches with 20lb weights at the end while I was waiting for Chad.

The brunch menu today featured the homemade bread from last week, Applesauce Raisin Whole Wheat Bread. I had planned to use whatever was leftover for french toast since I made this bread last weekend. When I was younger my Mom always bought the “special” thick sliced bread to make french toast, so I pretty darn excited I could cut the sliced thicker than store bought bread to imitate this.

I am not sure why but the thicker slices made the french toast. The mixture I used was eggs, almond milk, vanilla, cinnamon and flaxseed. I mixed up plain Greek yogurt with maple syrup and cinnamon to put on top, along with strawberries, blueberries and of course peanut butter.


Brunch was enjoyed while watching Live with Kelly! Another reason I love long weekends, I love Kelly and am never home to watch her during the week. I am hoping we get to NYC this year and see her live 🙂


Since Chad wanted to head back to my Mom’s to do more work there I decided I would plant my garden. I bought a few plants and then did the rest by seed.



My massive tomato plant, I need Chad to dig its hole!


I planned my garden using companion gardening suggestions (where you put plants by each that like each to help them grow), and tried out a few new things this year – sweet onions, pineapple mint watercress and bok choy. Other things I planted – carrots, peas, tomatoes, basil, cilantro, chives, zucchini, beets, kale, spinach… I think that is it all! I also used the above adorable little markers I bought a couple months ago at Chapters.

This year I spent extra time and TLC prepping my garden in hopes some of the issues I had last year (too hard of soil and too many weeds) would not come back. Though gardening is a lot of work, I really enjoy it and the fresh veggies out my back door are always worth it.

The rest of the afternoon was spent baking bread (this week – Quick Honey Flax Loaf), vacuuming my car and catching up on blogs. We ended the long weekend on a high note, Chad’s early birthday supper with my family. We went to Original Joe’s, which was good but a tad noisy and there were a few drunks in there that were getting on everyone’s nerves…Here is the (almost) birthday boy:

Chad Bday supper

We were all too full and did not even have a birthday dessert! Horrible I know. I will have to make it up to Chad on Thursday, his actual birthday.

Before I go, two tings:

1- I received the professional photo I had taken at the gala I went to a couple weeks ago with my friend, Meghan and had to share. Love this photo of us 🙂

Me and Meg print from Gala

2- I finally updated my workouts page to include both the treadmill and weight routines I have posted over the past few months.


If you had a long weekend how did you spend your extra day?

Did you plant a garden this year? What is your favorite garden veggie?