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Long Weekend Recap

And just like that our little staycation is over and it is August. Craziness. We had a great long weekend and I took way too many photos…


We took a mini trip to a zoo that is only 30 minutes away, Discovery Wildlife Zoo. I love this zoo, there is so much space and all the animals seem to be out and about more. This was probably our best trip yet, we got there right when it opened so it was not busy at all and all the animals were out and close to the fences.

Screenshot_20160729-141625 Screenshot_20160729-141322 IMG_20160729_111742 IMG_20160729_111157 20160729_141814 20160729_141537 20160729_141443 20160729_141411 20160730_210049

Avery was only disappointed she could not pet the bears and wolves – believe me if she could she would! That girl has zero fear.


She is also climbing obsessed these days:


After we grabbed Vietnamese food for lunch then headed back home.

It was a hot afternoon so after naps we set up the pool and enjoyed some cold beverages in the yard.

IMG_20160729_154427 20160730_210332

Since long weekends are all about indulging (am I right?!) we went to the video store after supper to rent movies and got ice cream there – brilliant to sell ice cream there! Avery got a princess movie and we got Dirty Grandpa – great for some good laughs, not child friendly 😉


A farmers market trip was a very successful trip since I found someone to build me new garden boxes!! I know I could do it on my own but these days some things are worth paying for. After we grabbed groceries and headed home.

After naps we decided to take a trip down to Bower Ponds, at first we planned to bike down but I did not trust the clouds so we drove. We played on the playground, Avery insisted she needed a hot dog, checked out the pollinator area and well played Pokemon 😉

20160730_151915 IMG_20160730_161828 IMG_20160730_162510 20160730_151425


Later we helped my brother move, and of course it poured rain right as we did so then we checked out their new place and headed home. Once the girls were in bed we played some Scrabble and stayed up too late doing so.


I had the worst letters the entire time…


15km run to start our day:


I thought we were having bad luck with the running selfie but then realized my phone was doing burst shots so I had a ton of photos. Oops.

I finally got back in the brunch game with cinnamon waffles and peach compote from the BC peaches my inlaws brought us.


Chad wanted to get our shed built so I took the girls downtown to a street performers festival (Centrefest) with my Mom, then my brother and girlfriend met us there too.


Avery loved this gymnastics area, made me wish the classes worked for us (only during the day, parented and I cannot bring Chloe):


Then Avery spotted a girl with her face painted and that was her next mission, $9 later this was one happy girl.

20160731_165157 IMG_20160731_164431 Our long weekend tradition is to have a fire and s’mores so once Chloe was asleep we did just that. Avery insisted on doing hers all by herself:

20160731_195851 20160731_195442


Our plan for the day involved finishing the shed, well that was Chad’s 😉 So we just hung out at home all day, my Mom came and helped for a bit too which helped a ton!

These cheeks kill me:


IMG_20160801_105800 IMG_20160801_132623

After supper we hit the park and Chloe went for her first park swing:


I swear she did not hate it!

And just like that the weekend was over!



Long Weekend Recap

Just sitting here realizing how much I LOVE long weekends, thankfully soon enough 9 months of long weekends – well, kind of 😉


Hmm…Oh yeah, after Avery was in bed I started a DIY for C’s nursery. I am trying to keep things simple with only a couple small projects this time – no dresser to refinish – woot woot!



Chad headed to the rental early to get things going there, thankfully we made good progress and am SO close to having it ready. We are both perfectionists so probably went over the top with fixes and cleaning. Anyways, Avery and I went shopping and then got groceries before coming home to attempt nap time. Spoiler alert – she did not nap – Saturdays are the worst for some odd reason.

Instead we cleaned and had lunch before going to help Chad.


Oh and of course the no nap kid fell asleep on the drive so I got Starbucks and hung out in the car for a bit.


Our afternoon was spent cleaning, Avery does so good thankfully and loves to help us.


Then there is my Mom who was helped a ton, secretly I think being pregnant helps this 😉 haha. We did not finish up until supper time so headed to Mucho Burrito for supper then raced home so we could get to the fireworks in a nearby town (Sylvan Lake).

Avery hated them – too loud she said, but then after she asked for more and told us they were Dora, Benny, Boots and cat fireworks – toddlers are SO weird.

20160213_191131 20160213_190954

Chad and I had planned to watch some TV but both were so tired and went to bed. I then woke up at 12:30am and did not get back to sleep until 3am ACK.


Valentine’s! To be honest it is not a huge holiday for us or a favourite of mine but we still always have a good day just being together.

I started my morning with Pump and a short treadmill walk. My toe has had a few mishaps lately and is kind of sore again.

Chad spoiled me with flowers:


We got Avery a few small things:


When Chad was working out Avery and I made pink waffles for brunch with strawberry sauce and honey Greek yogurt, oh and sprinkles.



Since it really has been a lot of work lately and no play we let Avery choose an afternoon activity for after her nap, and she choose swimming. Just what her 32 week pregnant mother wanted to hear – HA.

So after nap time we headed to the pool.


It was busy but that was to be expected and we had fun for an hour then headed to Home Depot for a few things. Side note – Avery loves Home Depot for some reason, it was just as exciting as swimming…

I attempted a photo of Chad and Avery (for his parents), thanks A for cooperating…


Literally seconds later:


Once home we got to work on supper which was a lot easier than I thought and enjoyed a family supper followed by cupcakes my Mom bought us 🙂


After cleaning up, getting Avery to bed, and starting this post I was done and spent the rest of the night not moving far from the couch!


Monday was Family Day but we spent most of the day apart, which is why we spent Sunday together 🙂

I got in my morning workout, 3km “run” which is a run/walk now that about 21-22 minutes. Oddly, my toe hurts more walking than running… Then I followed it up by some weights.


After I was ready Chad headed off to run some errands and go to the rental house. Avery and I went for a walk to the park that is just a few minutes away and she loved it! We also saw a skating rink right there so now she wants to go skating – in reality she thinks she wants to go, but we still will try it out.

20160215_102053 20160215_102129

I see MANY hours spent here this summer with my girls 🙂

We came home, Avery had a nap and I made these delicious avocado chocolate muffins:


My brother and his girlfriend came for a visit, we chatted for a bit then they left and we went to see Chad and my Mom who were hard at work! Thank goodness for those two, now the house is ready for our tenants and we just have a few outdoor things to bring over to our house.

The rest of the day was uneventful really, some TV watching, DIY’ing for the nursery (one of two things I am doing – keeping it easy!), supper and getting ready for work.

Now I am ready for a short work week – crazy to think I only have 7 weeks left or less if my c-section is before 39 weeks!




Long Weekend Recap

So I left the recap for an extra day because lets face it there is not much to report. The wet weather meant a lot of indoor time and a pretty low key weekend!


Nothing exciting enough to report! I watched The Good Witch and a couple Big Brother episodes and called it a night.


In the morning we ran our errands so that we could get home and make the quick turn around so that our trip to Calgary was timed with nap time. The things you do as a parent 😉 We wanted to get Ikea and grab a few things, including Avery’s big girl bed which will be set up after holidays. It was pouring rain in Calgary so we took our time in Ikea and then ended up buying a tarp to cover everything up!

Avery was a trooper the entire trip!


We grabbed Famoso pizza that night and watched Pitch Perfect 2, we let Avery stay up till 8pm so she got to enjoy the movie a little too.


We were having an early birthday celebration for me that morning and meeting my family for brunch so we both got in early workouts before heading to Heritage Ranch for 10am. They decided to change it up for a while and do family style brunches versus buffets. I have to say we all really enjoyed it! There could have been more pancakes but the food was yummy, fresh and we all could sit together and have it brought to us!

Avery all ready for birthday brunch, she is obsessed with EOS lip balm…


Our afternoon consisted of hanging out inside and baking pumpkin cookies.

IMG_20150906_144518 IMG_6541

I enjoyed a bubble bath and started my new book club book, In the Unlikely Event later that evening and called it a night.


The plan to go to the Kray farm got cancelled since I figured it would be too muddy and my Mom was moving my brother so could not join. Instead we did a P90x3 workout in the morning (Beachbody on Demand!) then played around in our pjs.


During nap time we did some chores, I planned to do this post but our Internet was down and right as we got it up Avery got up!

Since the rain was gone we had to get out of the house! So we went to attempt some 22 month photos and take a walk…

Yeah photos with a 22 month old can be tough!

IMG_6570 IMG_6574

After we grabbed Avery headphones for the flight to Hawaii – MAJOR fail, she hates them and yells since she cannot hear the iPad like I knew would happen, so looks like a low volume it is!

The sun was still out when we got home so we went to the park, Avery missed it so much!!



I cannot say we did much for the rest of the day, such a quiet weekend for us!


Weekend Recap

It is a long weekend over here and the last day of our holidays but I thought I would recap our weekend so far since there is a lot to share!


We spent the afternoon at the lake with my Mom as well. It was awesome. Such a perfect day and Avery had a blast as evidence from these photos:



That night we went to a car show/cruise night downtown that comes once every few years. It is pretty cool to see our entire downtown lined with all sorts of cars. This year had the best turnout I have seen in years. We also ran into Becky and Liam there so visited (Liam shared her carrots with Avery) with them for a bit too. Photo from Becky:





We ran errands in the morning and finally got down to the market for our Humble Hummus and then Chad convinced me to get mini donuts…twist my arm.

Chad was going out camping for the for the night so he packed up and headed out around lunch. My Mom came over since we had a mini road trip day planned. We really did not know where we would end up but wanted to take advantage of the day to just do as we please. It was such an awesome day with my Mom and Avery!

First up was Olds to check out this book store.


It was so cute inside as well. A ton of used books for great prices. Of course only Avery got books, 3 for under $3. We checked out a few more shops but Avery was being a tad crazy so we decided to go search for food. Once in the car Avery had a meltdown and then passed out so we decided to head out of town.

Next up we headed to Bentley for their farmers market and to go to our favourite little shop there. We bought some baking and the best spring rolls, for a small town market it is hopping!

It was close to supper time so we decided to fplinally check out a cafe in another town we had heard a ton about, Carvella Cafe. This did not disappoint, locals go now! So adorable, great food and the atmosphere could not be any better.




My Mom promised Avery ice cream so we decided to head out to the lake for ice cream but made a detour home first to get my brother. Then had ice cream on the beach to end our day:


I think by 7pm I was ready for bed! I spent the night getting blog stuff done and waking up 10x since I do not sleep well alone.


Avery has slept so good our entire week off, sleeping till after 7am every day! I was up just before 7am so I had time to eat breakfast and make coffee before getting her up.

I did some cleaning and came out to find Avery pushing all her stuffed animals around in the laundry basket and then she put them all under the stools and went and hung out there.

By 8:30am I realized it was gong to be a hot day and we had to get out for a run. It was not an easy run, we had to take a different route (thanks to a sidewalk closure on a busy street with NO detour – smart planning…), it was getting hot and Avery was fussy. But in just over an hour we got in 11km.


Funniest story, I was showering at home and Avery was watching TV on our bed, next thing I knew I heard her say “Mommy, shower” and she was in the shower with me, clothes and all! She has never even been in a shower! Crazy kid.

We spent the morning doing laundry and baking banana bread before it was nap time.

Chad came home around lunch then we headed out to Heritage Ranch to see the horses, and go to the playground.




Our only family selfie of the weekend…


And Avery would not look – I blame the horses!

After we headed to some friend’s house who have a brand new puppy. Guess who was in heaven?? And her latest obsession is wearing her hat backwards.


By this time we were all done and tired – and I was sick of the sun – imagine that! We spent the rest of our Sunday inside watching a movie and then Big Brother.


Long Weekend Recap

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekends, we sure have even though the it rained (and snowed!) Saturday.


I had the day off work to prep and have our garage sale. The day started off with a craft (for Father’s Day) and a sink bath. Of course Avery did not want to leave the sink so that turned into a 30 minute activity itself.



My Mom, Avery and I spent the rest of the day getting everything ready and had the garage sale set up late afternoon. Avery loved running around the yard checking everything out.


We called it quits around 8:30pm and of course still had people show up after.


We woke up to rain and the forecast looked like it would rain all day so we postponed the garage sale day 2 until Sunday. We spent the morning going to the market (and getting really wet) and running errands.

In the afternoon I went with my Mom to get all our garden plants and flowers and am hoping to plant them all today. We spent the rest of the rainy afternoon hanging out at home staying dry.


PS Out of 100 photos taken this day there are maybe 5 not blurry ones!

Chad and I had a movie gift card that was about to expire so decided to go to see the new Avengers movie. We had my Mom over for supper then she stayed with Avery while we went to the movie. Thanks Mom! The theatre was SO busy, I spent 30 minutes in line for popcorn! The movie was good, but nothing special. Once I got home I made up new garage sale signs and then went to bed for my early wake up call…


So I kind of forgot this in my Friday post but I had a race yesterday! It was my first official 10km race. I have ran 10km fun runs but that is all. I was up at 6am to get ready and leave by 7am since the race started at 7:45am.

I took no pre-race photos, no race photos and nothing after – HA, great blogger, right? And since I will do a race recap Wednesday I will leave race happenings until then, maybe they will have photos by then so I can get one up.

After the race we headed home where my Mom was already setting up the garage sale. The rest of the day was spent doing just that. Avery did so good all day but was really tired and had a 2 hour morning nap and 90 minutes in the afternoon.

My view all afternoon:


She was so amazed by the ladybug she found:


She kept running around the yard yelling “buggy”. Too funny.

She is also currently obsessed with money, and loved “counting” it all afterwards.


We have started giving her quarters for her owl bank for helping us with chores, which is too fun to watch her be so excited that not only can she help us but also get money for it. The plan is to create a goal chart so she can see her saving progress. I know we are THOSE parents, for now.

Nothing else to report for the day/weekend, between the race, garage sale and normal weekend happenings we kept busy. Today, my plan is to plant my garden and flowers since it is supposed to be nice out. Here is what I will be planting, after photos to come!



How was your weekend?