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Foodie Friday

Happy Friday! I am happy to report that as this is posted I am probably still lounging in my pjs since it is a long weekend Smile 4 days off!

This week was kinda crazy, lets start back on Monday…

I did the latest Android update on my phone Sunday, and well it did some not so great updates, like messing with my alarm. Monday morning I woke up 90 minutes later than usual, somehow we managed to get ready and everything in time and were actually early to work. That night we tested my alarm a few times and it worked…Tuesday morning it did not, again. So I missed my morning workout and had to rush once again. Thankfully, I figured out from Google my problem – before if I silenced my phone the alarm still went off, now that is NOT the case. Sigh.

Tuesday afternoon I got a text from dayhome that Avery had got a paper cut that morning doing crafts but 4 hours later and 4 bandaids later it was still bleeding to the point it was dripping blood. I had no clue what to do or say, I went and got her and took her home to clean her up and see for myself, within minutes it was dripping blood again. I had a work event that I was supposed to be at and figured I could get to walk-in and to my event in time if I left right then. An hour later (and a major meltdown in the waiting room) the doctor said it is kinda normal to have paper cuts bleed like this, and since she had had cuts before that did clot it was all a-okay. I told her I felt crazy and ridiculous but just did not want to end up in the ER that night. Oh and the kicker? It stopped bleeding when we were waiting. Kids. We rushed to my event, Avery ran around while I set up, then Chad and my Mom came so I could work a little, though Avery kept all of us running!

Wednesday we had crazy winds all day to the point it blew down a portion of our fence – poor Chad has another project on his list now. Thankfully it was not a huge portion and I think it won’t be too hard to fix. Finally, yesterday Avery had a little fall and ended up with a nice goose egg above her one eye. Poor kid! And now it is Easter!! How?! Here is the meal plan for this upcoming week:

foodie friday

Saturday – Butternut Squash Risotto (Iowa Girl Eats) & lemon garlic sole

Sunday – Tuna with hummus wraps

MondaySouptacular Crockpot Soup

Tuesday – Strawberry Avocado Couscous Salad (damn delicious) & grilled chicken

Wednesday – Cheesy Mushroom and Broccoli Quinoa Casserole – Iowa Girl Eats

Thursday – BBQ chicken pizza

Friday – OUT?

This weekend we have little formal plans besides Sunday when we will do Avery’s Easter hunt and have my family over for brunch. Today we are painting our Easter eggs, tomorrow if the weather cooperates we might go to an outdoor Easter egg hunt just outside of town, we have a ton of spring cleaning to do (inside and out) and hopefully we get in some workouts and a family run as well Smile

Long Weeekend Review

hey Guys! So technically our weekend is not over yet since it is Victoria Day here today and a long weekend but I have a Mama Talk post for tomorrow so wanted to check in quickly to talk about our weekend.

Like most May long weekends we saw quite a bit of rain this weekend, but hey at least it is not snow!


Chad’s Dad came over after work to fill up his RV with water so we had a good visit and some drinks on the deck, then shortly after my Mom joined us for supper after she was off work. Me and Chad had a low key night and caught up on some TV finales.


My Mom joined us for a day trip to Edmonton. We had to make our yearly trip to the Enjoy Centre to get garden plants. Their plants are such great quality it is worth the trip up. Plus the facility has an amazing restaurant and grocery store.

We enjoyed lunch there:


Me and my Mom both had the chickpea burger and Chad had the regular burger – which he swears is  the best he has ever had.

We found some goodies at the grocery store (hippie cookies, coconut chips and more), bought a cinnamon bun from the bakery (SO good), and bought our plants:


My haul – some are from a local greenhouse too.

Next stop was a fabric store (since ours here is not good at all), then before we headed home we had to stop at our favourite coffee shop, Transcend. However, now I swear Chad makes a better latte – yup, he is pretty awesome!

Saturday night we finally watched the movie Frozen, its really cute.


In the morning Chad worked out and me and Avery made brunch (baked strawberry and chocolate chip oatmeal):


I did my “chores” and a ton of laundry before heading out after lunch to do my long run. I had 20km on my agenda and it was raining but I figured the rain and mild temps would be better than really hot so I went for it. Well, almost 19km and under 2 hours later I was done. I was really wet, but not cold at all. I also wore compression socks for the first time and they were amazing.


We got all cleaned up cause we had Chad’s (early) birthday supper with my family:


Silly Avery would not smile in the pic with me:


Chad and his birthday pie:


After supper me and my brothers decided Menchies was in order too…lets just say I was more than full after supper and my $7 bowl of fro-yo.

Not much went down Sunday night, I laid on the couch after we put Avery to bed and fell asleep by 10pm.


So far today Chad let me sleep in then we enjoyed banana chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast:


Then we went to a couple greenhouses to buy a few more garden plants and flowers and check out soil and now I need to go and plant my flowers and herbs. Hopefully the garden will be next weekend!

Not much else planned for today, maybe going out to the lake to see Chad’s Dad and Step-Mom, and some baking Smile


Foodie Friday

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a fun long weekend planned. Our forecast is not the best but I am hoping for a little sun so I can do some yard work.

This week we started swimming lessons, it is twice a week for three weeks and so much fun. I love meeting other Moms, and have the social time with other babies too. Avery loves the water too so that is a bonus.

What else is new? We are still working on baby led weaning, Avery is doing great and I have a post planned for next week on it more. Chad bought himself an early birthday gift…a new TRUCK. We went back and forth for awhile on what to get or if to get anything new. Chad researches everything for so long too which always prolongs the process. I am not a huge truck fan but it is really nice, we got a great deal and the utility of a truck will be really nice to have.

This weekend our plans include a trip to Edmonton, a long run (20km for me), and an early birthday supper for Chad with my family.

Onto meal planning…

Saturday – Out in Edmonton

Sunday – Birthday supper out

Monday – Tilapia & Asparagus and Potato Salad (Oh She Glows)

Tuesday – Pizza Muffins & Kale Salad

Wednesday – Spicy Chicken Quesadilla

Thursday – Crockpot Lasagna

Friday – Mmm Sauce with Quinoa and homemade Chicken Fingers

Sorry no photos for today but on Monday I promise some!

Oh and someone forgot to say when yesterday’s giveaway closes… how about MAY 22 at 5pm MST, then I will announce the winner a week from today.


Long Weekend Snapshots

It was a great long weekend, we had little plans, made major headway on the nursery, and enjoyed a very nice weekend to end summer. I will keep words to a minimum in the post and share some photos of our weekend:

I busted out my first can of pumpkin of the season and made pumpkin bread, this loaf is already half gone!

2013-08-31 16.09.02

Nursery progress was made! Shelves in niche are done and the dresser is 98% done – just need to wait a couple weeks to do last coat of semi-gloss to seal it.

2013-09-01 19.51.01


Me, Becky and my Mom walked a 5km walk/run in the Chocolate Chase. It was a great race with lots of chocolate goodies – frozen chocolate banana before and chocolates and chocolate covered pretzels afterwards. Chad joined us after for the pancake breakfast.

Me and my Mom:

2013-09-01 10.30.01

We went out to Sylvan Lake for their fireworks, which were really good and check out this awesome sunset:


2013-09-01 21.42.02

And we enjoyed pumpkin for the second time this weekend and had pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast yesterday.


That photo reminds me I really need to use my Canon camera more and phone camera less.

In other news I also finally found skinny black maternity pants for work! Yes this was a huge thing for me, I have only looked for a pair for 6 months and being that fall is almost here I was in desperate need of maternity dress pants – I only had leggings before.


What was the highlight of your long weekend?

Ever done a chocolate race before?

Sun + Friends = FUN!

Happy Canada Day everyone! I hope everyone has had a safe and fun long weekend. The weather here has been awesome – maybe even too hot for me. I have always loved the heat but even being 5 months pregnant makes all the difference and the heat gets too me really easy. I cannot imagine being very pregnant in the summer so hats off to you girls that have been or are. I would be begging for AC by now.

Let’s talk about our weekend over here…

Friday after work I chopped off about 5” of my hair. It feels great…


Sorry only photo I have of it. I love my hair longer but cut it for a few reasons – it needed it, for the past 3-4 years its only had trims, and two it was getting to be a lot and since I never wear it down who cares how long it is.

Since I wanted to escape the heat we went to see a movie after supper, we saw The Internship which we both thought was pretty funny, not sure its a must see in theatres but good for some laughs.

Saturday started off with a morning market trip with my Mom and Chad, then some errands (nothing too exciting), checked out a petting zoo that was set up as part of our centennial weekend:

petting zoo

I love all the little animals!

Then we spent two hours weeding the garden, then relaxed before heading out to my friend’s cabin at the lake for a concert and BBQ. The concert and BBQ was so much fun! My friends hosted the party for their friends and as a thank you to the neighbours for welcoming them into the community since they just bought their cabin there this summer. I loved being with my friends, their kids (which are all adorable and so funny) at the lake – so much fun and sun Smile 

2013-06-29 17.08.29

A storm did roll in the evening so we continued our get together inside.

2013-06-29 17.08.10

Yesterday we hit the gym in the morning which left me very sweaty – again heat, being pregnant and doing cardio in a stuffy gym = lots of sweat.  Brunch was easy – pancakes! But still a favorite of mine.


I topped mine with the usual – plain Greek yogurt, strawberries, almond butter and maple syrup.

After we cleaned up, I got ready and did my house chores my Mom came over so we could start operation nursery dresser…. well after a couple hours of sanding by hand and only two drawers done we decided we needed to get her sander to speed up the process.


The green is not easy to sand off. I think we will sand it as good as we can and call it good. Since we are painted I do not think there is a need to sand down to the wood. Hopefully this month we can get it finished!

I was pretty tired after being outside in the heat sanding and had a headache so I laid down for a bit before my Mom came back with my one brother for a BBQ. We had turkey wieners, burgers, Caesar salad, veggies and for dessert Epicure chocolate pudding with berries.

After supper I still had my nasty headache so we took it easy and watched Big Brother then the season premiere of Dexter. After Dexter at 10pm we decided to go check out our water tower since all this weekend it was being lit as part of our Centennial celebrations. We braved the mosquitos for a few photos:


I am sure it looked even better in the pitch black!

One thing I am still bummed about is our River of Light… it was supposed to happen last night too but due to the flooding it was cancelled – anyways check it out here. It would have been so cool!

One last important piece of business… the giveaway winner . Congrats to Jessica! Jessica – if you can shoot me a email we can go from there Smile

Be back tomorrow with our Canada Day recap. Make it a safe one everyone!


What is your favorite animal?

Favorite weather to run in?